Sunday, 2024-03-24

rubdos[m]<direc85[m]> "I've been trying to get used..." <- I use that in TW for that exact siutation henk08:22
rubdos[m]<pherjung[m]> "" <- I think direc85 meant GUIs for whatever else than Sailfish, because he's said he'd like to contribute to Taak ;p08:22
henkrubdos[m]: yeah, someone recommended that in #taskwarrior too. my response was:10:20
henkthanks. but since it was on the agenda anyway and 3.0 is nearing completion, I don’t really want a third party hack for this.10:20
henkthank you (:10:20
rubdosIt's a hack indeed, and it only works half... but it's useful to me because I have two or three such quarterly things and it's rather easy to clean it up when it messes sup10:21
rubdos[m]But yeh, I understand your concern. Had no idea that TW 3 was coming soon!10:22
henkfor reference: »Taskwarrior 3.0 Nearing Completion«11:26
direc85[m]<henk> "for reference: https://taskwarri..." <- Tempting!11:50
direc85[m]Maybe I'll indeed make a few updates to Taak first though11:50
direc85[m]Is it possible to share multiple files at once? For example sending multiple pictures to Email so that they all get added as attachments? Or is it single-file only?19:04
direc85[m]The file browser accessible in Settings doesn't support multi-file-sharing either19:06
pherjung[m]sorry to bother you direc85, but had you the time to take a look on ?19:09
direc85[m]Ah, I forgot about that! Perfect timing though, I'll fix that next!19:09
pherjung[m]I owe you a chocolate :D19:10
attahdirec85[m]: If the app says it supports it. Not sure what the email app registers in that regard.19:12
direc85[m]How can I send multiple files from Gallery for example?19:12
attahI think that might have needed a patch... there should be a forum thread19:13
direc85[m]Well search later, thanks!19:14
attah(not that i have tried it)19:15
direc85[m]pherjung Updated, untested but there weren't many changes19:26
direc85[m]@attah Thanks, that works fine from Gallery to Email, so it's about advertising indeed. Time to read come source code...19:31
direc85[m] Found it!19:42

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