Tuesday, 2024-03-26

electro575hi all12:17
electro575i want to test sailfishos on sony Xperia X or fairephone 4. What device is more simple to test sailfishOS ?12:17
pherjung[m]Xperia X12:55
electro575okey, thk12:58
electro575what's the main market for sailfishOS ?12:59
pherjung[m]That's a good question13:12
electro575hummm ? :)13:19
electro575openrepo ?13:20
el_hi, is there anybody here from fernschreiber devs? I found some critical bug. I have some old a.txt file downloaded previously or created manually. When somebody sends me a different a.txt file fernschreiber doesn't download new one but instead allows me to open old one13:35
malel_: maybe report it here https://github.com/Wunderfitz/harbour-fernschreiber/issues13:40
malor check if it has already been reported by someone else13:41
el_maybe I should13:44
malor if you use telegram check the telegram channel mentioned in that link13:48
el_thx this is good idea, I didn't notice it13:52
nephrosI guess it is this: https://github.com/Wunderfitz/harbour-fernschreiber/blob/master/src/tdlibwrapper.cpp#L169317:23
nephrosIf the file exists, and the user wants to open, the old one is opened.17:23
nephrosOtherwise, the downloaded file is not copied17:37
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