Wednesday, 2024-03-27

direc85[m]Speaking of taskwarrior:
direc85[m]Okay after some head-scratching, a word of warning: Taskwarrior 3.0.0 doesn't support taskd any longer, and taskchampion-sync-server is not yet ready for prime time just yet (or at least the documentation is lagging behind):
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piggzpoetaster: you only just found my marathon ofono blog? :D21:57
b100dian[m]Looking at my timeline poetaster skipped a week or more of opening tooter:)21:59
b100dian[m]piggz: any advice on getting Amazfish not to buzz the watch at 0:00 when using this calendar powered weather service?
poetasterpiggz, yeah, I've been really bloody busy ;) I'm trying to start a hardware development business based on silly musical toys. analog and digital...22:02
piggzb100dian[m]: erm....22:04
poetasterb100dian[m], I need to do some tooter work. sigh.22:04
piggzjust use tokodon ;)22:04
piggzb100dian[m]: does your watch support timed notifications?22:05
poetastertokodon is ugly. I tried it, and it's good that it's there, but it's ugly. tooter is a bit flake city, but much nicer to use.22:05
poetastergood night, guys.22:05
b100dian[m]piggz: original GTR22:06
piggzb100dian[m]: you could send a PR that doesnt do a notification if the event is not set to notify :)22:07
pherjung[m]poetaster: I really appreciate the bug which you can't pull older toots22:08
pherjung[m]really useful once you get hypnotized by all these stuff22:08
b100dian[m]piggz: was afraid I missed scrolling in another setting window. Will add to my to-do list. Especially since daylight saving will be changing in a couple of days here, maybe I add some logs there too - there's one switch that doesn't work (I don't remember which - I think flying to the easterner timezone doesn't)22:13
piggzb100dian[m]: or you gould use the built-in weather on the watch, and a proper app on the phone22:18
b100dian[m]Yes, I'm aware :)22:27

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