Friday, 2024-03-29

direc85[m]I'm having issues with pushing backup to Nextcloud. How could I get more logs on the device side?11:59
direc85[m] This seems to be it.12:12
Thaodandirec85[m]:  if you want your journaltctl logs use journalctl -u user@10000 to limit the logs to just come from the session13:12
Thaodan`journalctl /usr/bin/msyncd` also works13:12
* direc85[m] sent a code block:
direc85[m]That bytes empty, aborting looks suspicious13:37
direc85[m]Deleting created backup file "" should also have "FILE"13:39
direc85[m]Both entering the backup page and starting the backup upload result into this on the nginx side:... (full message at <>)13:41
direc85[m]It looks like it always tries first with wrong/no credentials and the second attempt the succeeds... Could that be it?13:42
Thaodandirec85[m]: I'm not sure but for KDE that's intentional the approach here could be the same. The background is to avoid that user could accidentally try to login into the wrong address which shouldn't receive the password. So the client only sends the password if the server requests it.13:57
direc85[m]That sounds reasonable.14:06
ktuxhello, can some 1 share a instalation files for 10v?15:58
direc85[m]Ah, the Nextcloud plugin isn't open source :(16:41
direc85[m]Well at least I can setup a local NC on Apache and another on Nginx and compare the two.16:43

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