Thursday, 2024-04-04

attahpiggz[m]: sounds like you do know VoLTE isn't currently working - as you ask about implementation? If it is just an inability to test, surely the community can help.18:39
piggz[m]Attah: i know there is some AT command to enable it, just never tried. Im sure some could experiment, maybe you :)19:03
attahMaybe me, indeed19:03
attahI'm trying to recover from a cold, so i should get back to bed... but perhaps in the next few days19:04
attahokay, screw it... i'm testing19:08
attahwrong format sim tho19:14
attahand the bootloader still really does not like me19:15
attahSigh. Why couldn't they have said it has two slots instead of faffing with what looks like how to stack things in one?19:29
attahdo i need a sim without pin? or how do i get the pinpad up?19:31
attahnot fond of locking myself out here19:31
piggz[m]I have sim adapters all over the place19:33
attahturns out it didn't need one once i found the right slot19:33
attahbut no pin input for me apparently19:33
attah(relevant settings ask me to pull down to unlock - i get no pinpad when doing so)19:36
attahI'll be off to bed, but catch up on any advice later19:37
*** jrg_ is now known as jrg21:48

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