Friday, 2024-04-05

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direc85[m] links to which doesn't exist - should that be instead?12:03
malwell the migration happened so long ago that probably nobody should be using that nemomobile one anymore12:10
maland the main page of that github project says "Most of these repositories have been merged to"12:11
direc85[m]Googling for nemo-qml-plugin-contacts gives nemomobile first, API docs second and sailfishos repo third, that's how I ran into it.12:16
malhmm, ok12:25
pvuorelathese projects have been moved around a few times already, was the first step. there's a similar notice in multiple repositories in nemomobile.12:35
piggz[m]plasma mobile is looking nice these days
attahA bit too "Android" for mu taste... but sure14:57
malquite huge top menu14:58
attahWas SIM PIN input supposed to work on PPP BTW?14:58
piggz[m]attah: dunno .. i think people do complain about that, i dont have a pin set, never have!15:06
attahInteresting. I always had it set - and SIMs here are always delivered with one set, so at the very least one input is needed.15:07
piggz[m]attah:turn it off, and turn it back on later after testing :) ... i looked at the volte docs, and tempted to try myself .. also, would be good to debug the ofono/sim pin issue15:08
attahIt would.. though i am reluctant to do that with my actual SIM15:10
malpiggz[m]: do think testing on pp would work the same? I could set pin for my prepaid15:11
piggz[m]Pp and ppp should be same15:11
malprobably need to update my pp first15:12
malif I find it15:12
attahAlready before i did anything the PPP supposedly stayed on 4G while i called my voicemail15:15
attah"If both rows have "1" then the voice call is being carried over VoLTE." > In a call i get 4 rows, one of which with a 0 in the 4th position.15:19
attahThe IMS setting seems enabled already for me... so unless you see a reason for me to really distrust the RAT indicator, i'd say i have VoLTE OOTB on the PPP15:22
attahBut it seems i don't have mobile data at all - greyed out... so hmm15:29
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piggz[m]attah: i would tend to agree .. i _think_ my calls were also using volte18:57
piggz[m][root@PinePhonePro defaultuser]# echo "AT+CLCC" | atinout - /dev/EG25.AT -... (full message at <>)18:58
attahpiggz[m]: You should be able to check with a speedtest during the call19:01
attah3G HSPA won't do much more than 20-30Mbps iirc19:02
attah100+ is easily 4G LTE19:02
piggz[m]well, thats a little inconclusive .. im not in a city, so signal is low19:04
piggz[m]my speed is <1mbps but that could be expected19:04
attahAnd rural LTE often has half the bandwidth19:04
piggz[m]it says it stayed on 4g19:05
attahAlso when not in a call?19:05
attahhmm, ok. Inconclusive but promising19:06
piggz[m]i need to research about those CLCC AT commands19:08
malattah: what happens if you select different preference from settings?19:10
maldoes it change from lte to something else?19:10
attahyes it does19:11
piggz[m]attah: mal  this command also says i stay on LTE during a call19:12
piggz[m]+QNWINFO: "FDD LTE","23420","LTE BAND 20",617519:12
piggz[m]i guess i can also test by turning off ims19:15
attahAt least if it makes a difference i'd call it confirmation19:15
piggz[m]that was also a bit inconclusive ... everything looked the same!19:20
attahand you remembered the modem reboot?19:21
piggz[m]0 means auto, 2 means disable19:24
attahgotta love those tri-state booleans19:25
piggz[m]with that, i cant make/receive calls....19:28
piggz[m]AT+CLCC shows only one line,19:28
attahIf you force 3G, can you call then?19:30
piggz[m]yes i can19:32
attahIt is the network that is supposed to demote you, so very possible that it could fail - especially if you just proved VoLTE-capable19:32
piggz[m]i hope that hasnt broken calls on my other phone! :D19:32
piggz[m]but, ive been doing this a lot and it keeps working19:33
attahSo looking like it is indeed VoLTE... buit not 100% conclusive19:33
piggz[m]so should be ok19:33
attahNetworks are pretty good with separation of phone and account19:33
piggz[m]everything suggests its volte, at least according to the output of the ar commands and the wikis/forums19:33
attahindeed, strong suggestions everywhere19:34
piggz[m]you able to test anything?19:34
piggz[m]also, my network is ThreeUK, which i found a forum post saying the default auto profile on the PP worked with19:35
attahWere - what i posted. Would i be - umm, sure?19:35
piggz[m]ah yes, your CLCC was the same as mine right?19:36
attahi'll see if i can trigger a CSFB19:38
piggz[m]whats a csfb19:38
attahCircuit-Switched FallBack - being thrown over to a legacy voice session19:39
attahI don't think the modem reboot works for me. I.e. don't see a loss of connectivity and i still call over LTE just fine19:44
piggz[m]same, i rebooted the phone each time19:46
attahwohoo! I fell back to 2G with that19:48
piggz[m]what did you do?19:53
piggz[m]def no 2g here to fall back to19:53
attahAT+QCFG="ims",2 and reboot19:54
piggz[m]ah ok19:54
attahThe network has a choice of kicking you to 2G or 3G19:54
piggz[m]i might switch my ofono blog to a volte blog tonight19:54
piggz[m]and if volte gets turned off, and no ports can use volte from jolla, at least the PP will work! :D19:55
piggz[m]not volte, 3g19:55
attah2g will outlive it in most places, but same concept19:56
attahpiggz[m]: still on the tail end of that fever... so bed is imminent - do you need anything more from me for blogging purposes?20:00
piggz[m]erm, no ... did you do anything with your PIN?20:01
attahturned it off20:01
piggz[m]thats something to investigate20:06

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