Saturday, 2024-04-06

piggz[m]attah: might be interesting to write a gui app to interrogate/set volte config09:14
attahpiggz[m]: You are not wrong... but there are other things that takes similar hackery too, and for me it seems to have just worked(tm)09:22
piggz[m]ditto, just worked here ... tempted to try an PG PP too, it has a different fw09:23
piggz[m]maybe others would have to change the profile for their carrier09:24
attahi'm not particularly keen on opening the floodgates for "why doesn't it work for me?" questions09:24
attahi wish i knew what even goes into such a profile09:25
piggz[m]youre the network guy :)09:25
attahOne layer below that usually09:26
attahFor my fellow swederps:
attahOther colors are slightly higher price13:22
attahNot that support is confirmed, but still (:13:23
rubdosDo we have something like Gammastep/redshift nowadays for Sailfish?21:32
pherjung[m]like nightish?22:32

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