Thursday, 2024-04-25

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ExTechOpnephros So, how does one manually install that before it is made available on Chum?10:03
nephroswhich arch would you like to test on?10:03
nephrosssu ar mosh-testing && pkcon refresh && pkcon install mosh10:06
nephros^^^^ for aarch6410:06
ExTechOpSony Xperia 10III is aarch64, isn't it?10:06
ExTechOpPulls in quite a lot of other stuff, mostly perl. That's at least a language I know.10:09
nephrosI gues it's perl, perl(Socket), and protobuf.10:10
ExTechOpSeems to work, I can connect my home server :-D10:10
nephrosThat is cool. I also just now added the mosh-server package. It installs a firewall rule for incoming ports 60000:61000 on wifi.10:11
nephrosWhich is possibly a bit of a security issue on hotel wifis and such.10:12
nephros... but developer mode does the same for ssh, and *that* is actually listeing on the port and launching a daemon.10:14
ExTechOpFun way these things work together: I first came in via cabled connection from my desktop computer, then connected to my home server via mosh. Home server didn't ask for a password,10:14
ExTechOpsince the connection back from my desktop had ssh-agent running, and that took care of authentication. When I logged in from Terminal from the phone, home server did ask for a password.10:14
ExTechOpAlso, I've now disconnected the cable, my connection switched over to the wifi, I then disabled wifi, the connection back home went over the phone network.10:16
ExTechOpIt does seem to work. Thanks!10:17
nephrosNo problem, was something to do while listening in to a boring meeting. (Not the SFOS one.)10:18
nephrosI have submitted to chum:testing now.10:19
nephrosYou probably shoud do 'ssu rr mosh-testing' to remove that repo again, as it will go away in a while.10:20
ExTechOpIs it okay to post the instructions you gave on the SFOS forum thread, or will the repo go away very quickly?10:22
nephrosNot a problem at all I'll do aport.10:30
nephrosOh too late ;)10:30
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