Friday, 2024-04-26

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nephrosThaodan: you were right some while ago about python dependency hell!13:44
nephrosThis is what is apparently needed to update yt-dlp to current version:.
b100dian[m]Isn't that "language package manager" dependency hell common to [perl|python|ruby|javascript|rust|..] and their [ppm|pip|gems|npm|cargo|..]?21:17
b100dian[m]which is often overstepping or mismatching with [rpm|deb|tgz|...] and their corresponding [yum|zypper|dnf|apt|pacman|..] oh well21:17
b100dian[m]chum should know ;)21:18
b100dian[m]maybe those package managers should be left as is but wrapped in checkinstall-like packages :-S21:26
nephroscurrent python is extra annoying as the move from to pyproject introduced(?) like fifteen different "builders"22:11
nephrosb100dian[m]: latex is missing from the list :)22:13
nephrosoh and go/crate of course22:14
nephrosall distros have their issues with these, but it's doubly annoying with offline build machines.22:16

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