Saturday, 2024-04-27

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nephroswhat's wrong with the meson deps in one repo only? example:
paso still no solution for bricked jolla1 after latest update that has forgotten device PWD? Jolla support said service provider that used to fix this went bankrupt..17:53
nephrospa: I wonder, could the code be brute forced by script maybe? Or will it hard-brick if tried?19:07
nephrosOh, it seems someone did that:
paoh thanks, checking19:15
pawow lovely, will give this one a shot!19:15
pathank you!19:15
pabtw is jolla1 still usable? or is that version of sfos too old now?19:16
pa(i have it bricked for something like 4 years, right when the last update rolled out)19:16
nephrossomeone on the Forums just recently asked that. You have to install some stuff like newer openssl and certs most likely.19:23
nephrosand AD is ancient, so not many current apps there.19:23
nephrosplus, the old Browser.19:24
nephrosApart from that I guess its fine.19:24
panephros, you mean on the device?19:27
paor install that where?19:28
paaah ok nvm19:28
pai got it19:28
paok, so i need to manually update some system pieces19:28
nephrosyeah. follow Olfs guides, hes good at old versions.19:48
b100dian[m]Wow I didn't expect latex, TIL:)20:17
nephrosb100dian[m]: dont know who was first, tex or perl, but it's cpan/ctan. these repositories basically invented the problem.22:53

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