Monday, 2024-04-29

Thaodannephros: oh that looks like quite a list. Personally I'm glad that more modern python packaging is very easy. SUSE's macros make it so updating or adding a new module takes a few minutes.16:39
Thaodanyou can generate spec files from pypi16:39
nephrosThaodan: would you have an example of the suse approach? Righ now I'm using the pyproject macros from redhat you out on chum.21:29
nephroswhich works mostly.21:30
nephrosbut I suspect it makes more deps reuired than strictly necessary.21:30
Thaodannephros:  these suse macros are mostly similar but also allow for parallel packaging of e.g. python311 and python312 modules in one packages. Suse also has py2pac which generates a spec file. It should work on Sailfish OS if you remove the python_files macro.21:32
Thaodanmost of the packaging is very similar21:34
Thaodane.g. here is suse's python rpm macros21:34
Thaodanglad to help21:50
ThaodanI have to look into packaging the python rpm macros pro properly21:50
Thaodanwhat I noticed is that obs services allow updating packages almost automatically. I've been updating tree-sitter-grammars, each grammar took me like 15s because the spec file is update and the changelog is generate by the obs service.22:11

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