Thursday, 2024-05-02

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piggz[m]Keto: sorry, i made obs run out of space07:30
Ketopiggz[m]: heh, I was just about to send a PSA that it will be offline for a while as a try to cleanup the storage07:37
piggz[m]i guess i may have lots of old kernel soruce in dontbeevil project that can go07:38
Ketoyeah, older revisions will be removed07:40
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piggz[m]keto: hows the cleanup going?19:29
Ketoit is running... not sure how far done it is :)19:55
Ketocurrently just removing the stray files that are no longer referenced by any revision, and it has already cleared quite a lot of space, so that is good... probably won't need to go for the more invasive operations of pruning the revision histories20:03
Ketooh, I think it is about 60% done... so should be ready tomorrow20:21
piggz[m]plenty of time for you to slip in an upgrade too :D20:21

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