Friday, 2024-05-03

KetoOBS looks ok. I'll just run a check if there are any (new) broken sources. that will still take a while06:53
piggz[m]sailfish doesn work so well with a mouse ... is that others' experience?08:29
piggz[m]clicks done seems to register correctly eg for launching apps08:29
nephrospiggz[m]: do you know where it is defined whether a device has a physical kbd? The pinetab nicely allows for physical and vkb.15:28
nephrosgemini does not. I'd like to enable it on Gemini as well.15:29
piggz[m]with the pinetab, its related to it being physically connected15:29
piggz[m]gemini is always connected?15:30
nephrosI guess. But IIRC you can have both parallel on the tab.15:30
nephroscould be misremembering tho.15:31
piggz[m]hows the portal stuff doing?15:32
nephrospiggz[m]: main 'poc' branch is unchanged since the meeting. I did a lot of other portals in the devel branch.15:34
nephrosbut its stalled due to diminished interest from me currently.15:34
nephrosalso dbus sucks ;)15:35
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nephrospiggz[m]: oh and I started qdoccing things, at
nephrosbtw, SFOS already has a backend implementation for a Portal, albeit a nonstandard one: Tracker315:46

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