Saturday, 2024-05-11

apiratfolks, i don't know what is the reason, maybe because i accidentally removed my home files and dirs, except those that start with a dot, or maybe because of recent update, but now from android apps i cannot see sailfish photos.10:52
apiratwell imagine i take photos and those are visible in sailfish gallery but not in android gallery.10:52
apiratthere are photos on sdcard, which i can see from android apps, btw.10:53
apiratbut those that i take and that are in sailfish home, i cannot.10:53
attahSo you have recreated the standard directories there?10:55
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pherjung[m]Install Utilities from Jolla Store and build your tracker database again12:51
apiratattah: they were recreated by sailfish ui or something, i guess. automatically.14:08
apiratpherjung[m]: i think utilities are now in main sailfish? anyway i have them in settings and i rebuilt tracker db, it didn't help me.14:09

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