Monday, 2024-05-13

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sskrasmaybe it's not the most appropriate topic, but found a comparison of AOSP distributions, the community based ones:
sskrasit would be nice if SailfishOS was included there :)09:43
malbut sailfish is not aosp09:49
sskrasstill a lot of entries could be filled (and would make some positive PR for SailfishOS, IMO:)09:54
sskrasinclusion of postmarketOS would be useful too09:56
attahWhile a comparison would be useful, it would be very misleading to include outright under a "Android ROMs" heading16:22
attahYou know it's bad when some random github page is considered more PR than normal16:22
Solrac[m]Maan are there any work arounds for PulseAudio breaking in a blink of an eye?18:31
Solrac[m]Restarting my phone 10-20 minutes at a time to get audio working so I can make calls killing this for me.18:32
x2sbreaking how?18:52
x2salso you could try systemctl --user restart pulseaudio18:53
Solrac[m]x2s: Oh I've doing `pulseaudio -k` very frequently... And sometimes the terminal just doesn't respond.18:54
attahI have the sometimes when i travel. Pulse is just stone dead.18:56
attahSupposedly some know what the restart incantation is... but given how little success i have had with taht even on the desktop, i went for restart18:57
attahUrgent calls in that situation is no fun18:59
Solrac[m]<x2s> "breaking how?" <- Audio stops playing, video lagging is an indicator. But sometimes, microphone stops working too.19:00
Solrac[m]attah: thats pretty much my situation19:00
Solrac[m]today on my first restart, I called twice, and then audio died, no apps opened besides Messages and Phone19:01
attahI'm fortunate to not have it happen around where i live19:02
attahI travel very little, and i'd still say a good 15/20 occurrences has been when away from home19:03
malSolrac[m]: which device?19:13
Solrac[m]10 III19:15
malanything in logs when that happens?19:15
Solrac[m]No? How does one even get logs for this?19:16
Solrac[m]And its seemingly random, a common occurrence is with alarms, other times its just no apps and sudden breakage19:17
maleasiest is to connect to the device via ssh and then as root (using devel-su) output of "journalctl -b --no-pager"19:22

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