Monday, 2024-05-20

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rubdosMicrophone seems a bit damaged, signal-to-noise is really low.  The Pebble cuts off the transcription early because of low SNR.  Ordered a fancy Pebble Time Steel on Ebay.10:27
rubdosThe rest of the pipeline seems to work though.10:27
attahC2 hype!15:47
xenial-userreference device going forward, aparently16:03
xenial-userfor sfos 5.016:12
attahPreoder complete!16:32
xenial-userno risk besides the voucher value, as I read the shop info16:39
xenial-usergood presentation16:46
Mister_Magistermal: sami just dropped on livestream that GPL is no longer limitation when it comes to Qt update so except the insane amount of work that needs to be done to port all the hacks, is update doable?16:51
rubdosThere was this community effort for 5.12, I suppose that's the first one to get upstream17:20
Mister_Magistercommunity efforts are kinda worthless cause they don't include silica17:24
Mister_Magisterwhich is the biggest issue when it comes to qt update17:24
Mister_Magistersilica and gstdroid17:24
malI don't know what was mentioned in the livestream, I didn't watch it17:27
Mister_Magisterhence i'm tellin u xd19:01
pherjung[m]Related to the Qt upgrade, I don't get something19:02
pherjung[m]If I understand correctly, since Qt 5.6 either your code is GPLv3 or you buy a licence to use another licence then GPLv319:03
pherjung[m]I'm not sur to get it19:04
attahThere is no 2/3 difference19:04
attahin that regard19:04
attah*L*GPL means you can still link proprietary code to it, as long as the LGPL code itself can be updated/redone/whatever19:05
pherjung[m]wait? Qt uses LGPL?19:05
attahVersion 3 adds writing about hindering the user in doing so, where locked bootloaders (without giving the) etc would qualify19:06
attahMost of it, yes19:06
attahSome high-dollar stuff is strict GPL(-or-commercial)19:06
pherjung[m]ok, but how did Jolla solved the issue with the licence?19:06
pherjung[m]s/the/Qt/, s/licence/upgrade/19:07
attahI don't think anything about the upgrade itself is solved19:07
attahIt was just a statement that GPL3 is not an issue anymore19:07
pherjung[m]I'm lost19:08
attahPresumably locking the user out of their phone is no longer something the feel like they want as a sales-point to licensees19:08
attahYour pre-seded question is the correct one - the seded version make all more fuzzy19:08
attahI'm not a lawyer and all that, but Sailfish X and GPL3 compliance has never been an issue - only the licensability implications has19:10
attahPresumably Reeder was not interested in locking users out of their phones, and the attractiveness was reevaluated19:12
pherjung[m]aaaah, so this licence story has nothing to do with Qt?19:14
attahQt switched from LGPL2 to LGPL3 at the 5.6/5.7 step, so Qt is just one of a long line of packages with this problem19:19
attahAnd one of few remaining ones held back (as opposed to replaced)19:19
rubdosI bet there'll be 5.12 or even Qt6 in SFOS 5 ;-)19:49
attahThat would indeed be cool19:52
attahIf you had said that last week, i'd been doubting you... but with all the good news today, why not?19:53
rubdosI think I said it before on the Jolla event in Brussels in Februari20:00
x2sugh. subscription model for 10 V?22:09

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