Tuesday, 2024-05-21

rubdos[m]was to be expected x2s07:24
poetasterheh, I charge my 5volt stuff directly from the inverter attached solar panel (charging a 4KW hour lipo stack).08:22
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nitanmarcelHello. I have a question. Is OnePlus 6T still supported? I see a GitHub repository but wasn't updated since 202209:30
x2srubdos[m]: was it really? And for some reason I have no problem paying 50 EUR per year for it, but a monthly subscription is too much09:54
x2salso I need an invoice, with VAT, only then I can have it as business expense09:55
rubdos[m]<x2s> "Ruben De Smet: was it really..." <- Maybe they can make it a yearly subscription too, I'm sure they can figure those things out10:11
rubdos[m]<x2s> "also I need an invoice, with VAT..." <- I'd really urge them to fix those things.10:12
rubdos[m]Those are easy for them to implement and make life of the users easier10:12
rubdosIt was to be expected because it was already on the forum that they considered it10:13
x2sI really wonder how they do this when it comes to the law. Technically I probably could force them to10:24
rubdosThey could say they only sell b2c I suppose10:29
x2sthey still have to write a proper invoice with VAT here.10:45
x2sand while talking about this my 10 V arrived.10:50
rubdos[m]writing the invoice, sure, but they don't have to put your VAT number on there if they don't want to sell to a business11:08
rubdos[m](I think)11:08
rubdos[m](you get to pick your customer, right?11:08
x2sOh, it's not about the VAT number. As a business I can just go anywhere and buy stuff and enter them in the books11:12
x2sThey have to write their VAT number on the invoice. That's all.11:13
rubdos[m]But to get the VAT refunded, it needs to mention your own in Belgium at least...11:24
x2sinteresting. Here it doesn't.11:26
x2swell, maybe for international purchases11:27
x2snot sure how the inner EU-payment is handled here. Laws and regulations everywhere. (tbh until someone checks the books, you can write a lot of stuff in them ;)11:28
entil.fi conducts sting operations but there are so many small businesses that the probability of being stung is pretty small11:30
entilbut the most important thing here is a vat id for the seller, then you can do the reverse vat song and dance11:31
entilbtw are the sailfish rpm repositories open enough that someone can browse them in a browser?11:31
x2sor you just book the VAT as loss.11:34
poetasterx2s, I'm ยง 19 UStG so it's just a loss :-( but, we'll see next year. just started.12:38
x2sLooking at my revenue this year, I'm not sure if I can keep it up much longer12:46
poetasterx2s, I've just started, so it'll take me a while to get a feel for it. It's a bit dicey, and eating all my sfos time at the moment :-(12:47
Ketoregardin VAT, you do get a VAT invoice from Fastspring which is our current payment handler... and the check-out also has VAT exemption option if you provide your VAT ID there12:49
rubdos[m]That sounds good enough. I suppose for businesses they'd rather have a yearly/quarterly invoice though, instead of the monthly stuff.  Probably also slightly easier to handle for Jolla12:51
x2soh yes, please do yearly.12:54
Ketoyes, we will consider different payment period options12:54
x2sI hate having to post an invoice for such small amounts (? Is that the correct translation for adding some invoice into the book keeping software?)12:58
x2sI'm selecting my providers for e.g. servers on that basis. Hetzner e.g. does only monthly and it's so annoying I went to someone else.12:59
x2spoetaster: btw I wish you good luck with your business. You are starting in a very hard time.13:13
poetasterx2s, thank you! I hope you are able to turn the corner. I've certainly had some up's'n'downs!13:32
poetasteranyone who's interested in electronic musical toy like objects: https://poetaster.org/ that's the start of it. I was thinking of doing an SFOS special, but haven't had the time.13:33
poetasterpiggz[m], I had just posted the link and it made me think ... you any idea why oom killer kicks in on the GS5/volla22 (https://poetaster.org/keep/ for instance) but ont on the 10iii?13:35
poetasterpiggz[m], the page DOES have a lot of <video> and <audio> elements, but, as I say, oom killer does not hit it on the xperia 10iii. I tried removing .mozzila but not helpful.13:36
x2spoetaster: looking forward to the Look Mom No Computer review. ;)13:57
x2salso you might want to make the images on your website a bit smaller. Firefox goes nuts here, when loading the pages :D13:58
poetasterx2s, I've already scaled em once and recompressed, but I can probably scale them by 1/2 again. I'm just having a hard time keeping up with stuff like build docs. But there I have to redo most of the photos anyway.14:01
poetasterx2s. thanks for looking!14:01
poetasterx2s, most rescaled by 50%. there are some really odd ones. wonder how I managed that!14:06
poetasterjeez. I get what I deserve. I had full resolution images up (8000x4000). jeez.14:31
poetasterbut I also needed to remove most of the videos. https://poetaster.org/keep-media/ crashes the jolla browser on GS5 (but it's fine on the 10iii).15:03
poetasterAh reminds me of squeezing jpegs in the 1990s to convince people the wWW wasn't lame.15:03
mala lot of websites are ridiculously bloated15:09
malit keeps getting worse all the time15:09
piggz[m]poetaster:  you need some animated microsoft wordart to go along with those massive jpegs15:16
poetasterpiggz[m], got the jpegs down. do you think I should get rid of the demo art javascript (r=Math.random;for(i=k=214;i--;x.strokeRect(k*X,k*Y,i/t,k/t))X=r(Y=r()*6)*9,h=k*S(S(Y*.3)%C(p=S(q=6-X/3)*q+3)),x.strokeStyle=R(q*q,p*p,h*Y))15:18
piggz[m]oh my ... why not add in some flash application too?15:19
poetasterheh, the javascript doesn't crash the browser. now that's strange.15:19
poetasterI was thinking of SMIL, not flash. smil has proper hypertext support and runs in ie 6.15:20
poetasterHmmm. I've tried to add attributes to the videos to stop them preloading, but it does not work consistantly. hmmm.15:22
nephrosHi, mybe that's old news, but is this new? https://github.com/sfos-archive15:24
poetasterpiggz[m], heh. doesn't crash in landscape. you sneeky guy, you. now I can slip in some flash.15:25
poetasternephros, I believe that's old but still maintained.15:25
poetasternephros, sorry, wrong link15:25
nephrosBecause it looks like it contains some of the "he that's open source now, oops sorry, gone again" repositories. In fact, all of the latest commits in the repos are BSD-(re) licensing ones.15:27
poetasternephros, looks that way.15:28
nephrosExcept they are not the latest versions.15:35
nephrose.g. sailfish-svg2png is v0.4.1 on Sauna, latest tag on github is 0.3.615:36
poetasterpiggz[m], preload="metadata" on video seems to fix the issue. shrug.15:37
poetasterpiggz[m], nope it does not. but with the preload attributes, works fine in angelfish. good enough.16:21
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nephrosAnyone know whether python-imaging (PIL/pillow) supports webp in SFOS 4.5/4.6?17:48
malnephros: looks like that is not enabled, maybe it should be enabled, what use case do you have in mind?18:37
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nephrosmal: while working on this https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/introducing-mhordekai-an-ai-image-generation-app/1871319:37
nephrosI want to use python (because of the nice pyontherside) to convert images from and to WebP.19:38
nephrosbecause for this API, both submitted images must be WebP, and generated images are always WebP.19:38
nephrosFor now I work around by running ffmpeg instead for conversion.19:39
nephrosI think @poetaster does the same for Imageworks19:39
nephrosit is not a biggie for my use case because my python is like five lines.19:41
nephrosstill it probably would make sense to enable it (and bump pillow as well).19:41
malyeah, I'll create a task about that to internal bugzilla20:19
poetaster+1 webp in PIL.20:30
poetastermal, thanks!20:31
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