Wednesday, 2024-05-22

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nephrosAh, Chum is getting 4.6 I see! :)17:26
malheh, I just enabled first build like minute or two ago :D17:27
piggz[m]thats great .. means i will be able to install 4.6 on my daily17:27
nephros `osc r` told me.17:28
malpiggz[m]: is the chum able to handle the new version numbering?17:28
piggz[m]nephros: are you running that in a while(1) ?17:28
piggz[m]mal: need to check17:28
malI mean to use 4.6_aarch64 for example17:28
nephrospiggz[m]: well, were I a computer I might.17:28
nephrosChum GUI will not handle that correctly at the moment I think.17:29
malok, please fix it :)17:29
malwe probably will add compatibility symlinks though17:30
nephrosso there's some technical, and some emotional fallout from that change.17:32
malabout that comment in the issue, the existing full version is still available in ssu just like before, we just hope to make less obs builds by cutting useless parts of the version from the obs repo urls17:37
nephrosI understand and appreciate this.17:38
maland obs is a bit limited in some ways, the symlinks we used already in were made manually17:38
nephrosmal: What, no Mind2 agent yet which ust does the right thing? ;)17:39
nephrosmal: we had that issue of the chum package colliding with a new one in 4.6, which one was that I forget.17:44
maldid I forget that17:48
malyeah, forgot it :(17:50
malneed to see how to handle that17:51
nephrosWhat I can do is push a change like to chum.17:52
malwhich packages use that?17:53
malonly one package it seems17:53
nephrosAnd a pretty useless one at that :P17:54
nephrosBut there is also a colliding package put at OpenRepos.17:55
nephrosprevious discussion:
piggz[m]mal: nephros: is there a #if (sailfish_version) type code available? then i can wrap the url's in ssu.cpp to use releaseMajorMinor for >= 4.617:59
nephrospiggz[m]: you can always parse /etc/sailfish-release18:02
piggz[m]nephros: i feel like i have done this somewhere ...18:02
piggz[m]let me check amazfish18:02
malpretty sure ssu provides all needed things18:02
piggz[m]mal: so just call this method?
nephrospiggz[m]: or this?
nephrossame thing but not dbus.18:12
malyeah, grab release() the use release.section('.', 0, 1)); to get the major.minor and then add conditional here
malsomething like that18:15
malor you can make some simpler comparison using major and minor like something similar to sailfishos_version on obs18:16
malso there would be no need for string comparisons18:16
malso major = release.section('.', 0, 0)); and minor release.section('.', 1, 1)); and then release = major * 10000 + minor * 100 or whatever18:17
malpiggz[m]: nephros: ^18:18
maljust for reference those commands are the ones used for versions in this
piggz[m]chum gui isnt linking to libssu, but using the dbus interface18:21
nephrospiggz[m]: ah, I was confused by the #include ssu.h. Still, should amout to the same thing.18:24
nephrosmal: About the pcre2 situation. Assuming a user has the chum version (--> vendor==chum) installed, when updating to 4.6, will the update force a vendor change?18:28
piggz[m]zypper dup will do a vendor change iirc18:30
nephrosthat's good.18:30
malbut will version --dup18:30
malor official update way18:30
nephrosyeah because if not there's no way out :)18:30
malmaybe I need to flash some device with 4.5.0 install that app and pcre2 and test18:30
nephrosI mean maybe it's too much effort for the packages in question, but I'm interested because we might run into similar issues in the future.18:32
nephrosso this is kind of a test case to develop a method.18:33
malnephros: chum is already having issue with that package18:35
malnephros: wondering what would happen if we just replace the chum version with the official one and then disable build of it for 4.618:37
nephrosmal: That is I guess what is in master right now: Use SailfishOs upstream in
nephrosand disable build in
nephrosSo, tag that, and put into chum. fine.18:42
nephrosBut I think the vendor issue then still remains an open question.18:43
nephrosDid I understanf this right?18:43
nephrosIn fact, the tag is there, and the branch is using it.18:54
Ketovendor issue?19:04
Ketoah, right19:05
nephrosKeto: yes, will regular SFOS update initiate/override a vendor change or not.19:07
rinigusmal and piggz: but isn't chum gui fine as it is with new 4.6 releases? it is just feeding this URL ( to SSU and SSU, in my understanding, just changes `%(release)` to whatever SFOS you have. if versioning string is now just 4.6 then that should be returned by `%(release)`. or do I miss something?19:23
piggz[m]rinigus ... we need to use releaseMajorMinor afaik ?19:23
piggz[m]new variable19:23
Ketozypp config solver.dupAllowVendorChange has the default true, so it should allow vendor change on dist-upgrade. assuming the system update done through packagekit uses the same method19:23
riniguspiggz: but what does `%(release)` return then in 4.6? something else? like
Ketothe '%(release)' variable works like before and returns the full version19:26
piggz[m]thought so19:26
Ketoand I will create symlinks with the full version for the repos19:26
Ketobut at some point transition to using the releaseMajorMinor would be good19:28
piggz[m]yeah, so nothing will break right now, but better to switch19:28
rinigusKeto: (was reading, I presume that's the one). OK, so, if we start using `` for GUI compiled against SFOS version >= 4.6, we can later skip making symlinks19:28
rinigusthat way we will avoid loading pointless work on Keto19:29
rinigussorry, we would have to use releaseMajorMinor . easier19:30
piggz[m]im trying to build some code like that atm19:30
rinigusin Chum there was a macro encoding SFOS release. we could just ifdef with it19:31
piggz[m]ah ok .. i was going to do runtime check19:31
rinigusdon't do it - let's keep it simple :)19:31
piggz[m]rinigus: feel free to take it on ... i dont have a build env set up very well after  a laptop rebuild19:32
riniguspiggz: sure. not that I have an environment working either. but that's not needed - we can use OBS :)19:33
piggz[m]sure, macro is a bit simpler for that .. for a runtime check, id at least want to be sure it compiles :)19:33
piggz[m]rinigus: sure? i only see CHUMGUI_VERSION19:36
riniguspiggz: scroll to the end of
rinigussee sailfishos_version19:37
riniguspiggz: I'll be off to sleep. if you decide to skip it, I'll deal with it in the next few days19:37
piggz[m]ah ok ..19:37
attahSo the great rebuild has started?19:53
malyeah, testing chum first19:58
attahJaay :)19:58
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