Thursday, 2024-05-23

Mister_Magistermal: could you check one thing for me? did jolla yeet qt5-qtsysteminfo in 4.6? if yes, why and what's the replacement00:14
Mister_Magisterah nvm confirmed it myself00:35
Mister_Magisterthanks jolla for breaking my apps for apparently no other reason than to break my apps, you did it again00:36
piggz[m]i also get a break due to missing systeminfo :/09:07
piggz[m]my task-switcher app09:07
malMister_Magister: piggz[m]: how do you use that systeminfo?09:34
malI mean what info do you get from it09:34
henklipstick using 12% Mem according to `top`, 4G VIRT. normal?09:36
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piggz[m]mal: seems just for checking the sfos version
piggz[m]heh, could have used that for the version check in chum gui!09:56
ViGeI'm not sure if comparing version numbers with QHostAddress::toIPv4Address() is genius or insane. Maybe both.10:02
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piggz[m]yeah, i have no idea where that comes from .... i think that code may have come from someone elses project ... the other-half daemon maybe?10:03
piggz[m]clever if you think about it :D10:04
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Ketoiirc there is QVersion or something like that10:14
ViGeIt probably didn't exist back in the day10:15
Ketobut you might want to fix that now, as the version probably won't be always 4 segments10:19
ViGeAnd also, some segments might have number larger than 25510:19
Ketoyes, specially in devel the build count often goes beyond that10:20
Ketofairly sure that os version segments will stay as integers only, but would not count on that either if you have the option :)10:24
Ketothough the QVersionNumber seems to be limited to 3 segments of numbers10:31
Ketonot sure if it parses strings with more segments and ignores the rest10:33
ViGeFrom the documentation: "The QVersionNumber class contains a version number with an arbitrary number of segments"10:38
Ketoyeah, but everything else is around the maj.min.mic format10:40
ViGeYou can still get the fourth segment with segmentAt(3)10:42
poetasterpiggz[m], I'm just testing and realized that installs in chum gui are now individual pkgs. When did that happen. And how :)11:34
piggz[m]wasnt that fixed in 4.5?11:38
poetastercould be, I was just a bit happily surprised that I didn't have to drop to the cli (switching to testing).11:42
poetasterthe last six months have been a blur.11:42
poetasterViGe, I actually went through with it: I've had some sales there and directly. Still scare the hell out of me.11:43
ViGepoetaster: nice! :-D11:49
poetasterViGe, see how many returns I get :)11:52
poetasterViGe, it's fun though.11:53
poetasteranyone know why someone would ask for an arm7 rpm when I've just noarched something. Why would arch matter to them?11:54
ViGeperhaps that someone doesn't realize what noarch means11:55
poetasterthat is what I thought. But I didn't want to be rude.11:55
rubdosnot to be confused with noaarch12:12
rubdossorry I should keep this on topic.12:12
piggz[m]ViGe:  i dont even use that checkSailfishVersion code :)12:41
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panephros, so after all it seems that late sfos versions introduced a limit to the bruteforce attempts to unlock the bootloader14:18
pasadly not working :/14:18
panot tragic since that battery is now also swollen and i cant find the replacement i had saved14:19
paah shit found the replacement 😢14:40
nephrospa: well that's a good thing in principle about the bruteforce disabler.15:54
nephrosbut yes sucks for second-hand owners or people with bad memory.15:54
pai was told long ago that there was, in principle, a tool called UMT QcFire that was supposed to be able to break that.. but never seen that thing in the wild15:55
pai would definitely not spend a penny to recover a dead phone15:56
rubdos[m]Anyone ever started building a client for ?17:07
rubdos[m](or an alternative?)17:07
poetasterrubdos[m], you already have your ideal body. And hair. :)17:08
rubdos[m]That's very kind of you :)17:08
rubdos[m]I do work out for mental health reasons though :'-)17:08
rubdos[m]and I enjoy microoptimizing things17:09
poetasterAh, I solder in the basement or play drums in the basement for mental health. What's left of it.17:09
rubdos[m]playing drums is on the wishlist17:09
rubdos[m]I'll first need a basement that's larger than 1m² though17:09
poetasterA basement is of consequence! 2 drum kits, a vintage rhodes and enough space for solder gear, laser cutten, foo. But, "m out of town.17:10
rubdos[m]Ha the wger app uses flutter :D17:10
rubdos[m]That's a cool basement. I need to stash my soldering stuff away after having used it17:11
poetastererrrghgh. flutter. ah, async declarations everywhere, indicating it's an intrinsic and you should never need to declare it. stupid language.17:11
rubdos[m]Well, flutter as in "apparently 4.6 supports flutter"-flutter17:12
rubdos[m]Or so I heard17:12
rubdos[m]ie. I don't have to make anything myself.17:12
poetasterrubdos[m], hmmm. flutter is so full of anti-patterns it gives me hives.17:12
poetasterrubdos[m], ah, on the other hand, flutter is good, flutter is great. less work for me.17:12
rubdos[m]Well, it only gives me hives if I hhave to read the source17:12
rubdos[m]So, join the club and start working out! :D17:13
poetasterheh. I have an 11 year old child. I work out.17:13
poetasterToday, after finally getting to some refactoring, I stopped short of the whole 9 yards, and just said, ah, keep the datastructure and abuse the network.17:14
rubdos[m]Hehehe, I can only imagine.17:14
poetasterI feel guilty, but the network is fast :)17:14
rubdos[m]I mean the wger-user club17:15
rubdos[m]just to be clear17:15
poetasterrubdos[m], are you getting a commision!????17:15
rubdos[m]No, I have a flyer17:15
rubdos[m]got it from FOSDEM17:15
poetasterwait a moment. you have tenure! you don't need to train. :)17:15
rubdos[m]Just caught my eye, because my head is doing everything it can to distract itself from the task at hand.17:15
poetasterYou need a basement. Ok, and an online shop keeps you on focus.17:16
rubdos[m]... you're getting a commision on that shop? ;-)17:16
poetasterwell, it's actually ok. the shops take 6.5+ points but they do generate traffic. without me having to go begging :) which I should. I deserve it :)17:17
poetasterrubdos[m], your fave music is somewhere on the black metal end of things, or?17:17
rubdos[m]it is, yes!17:18
rubdos[m]... when did I share that?17:18
poetasterah, fossdem?17:18
rubdos[m]FOSDEM it'll be!17:18
poetasterI will endevour to make a track with my 'buddha machine' squeeze boxes. Squeeze the buddha, make him scream. I think I have some metal in there ....17:19
poetasterblack metal.17:19
poetasterheh. Better yet, I'll build you a mini black (dark, death) metal machine that DOES NOT REQUIRE space. But blows the speakers on the bass end.17:20
poetaster(laughs like maniac)17:21
poetasterrubdos[m], favourite band?17:23
rubdos[m]Depends on the time of the day17:24
rubdos[m]Meshuggah is really really neat imo, but that's not black17:25
rubdos[m]black-ish: Cult of Luna17:25
poetasterthat is yiddish dark metal ?17:25
rubdos[m]Meshuggah?  Technical death, I think.17:26
rubdos[m]CoL is shoegaze17:26
poetasteron it17:26
rubdos[m]You got me curious now17:27
rubdos[m]I have basically no clue what you're saying at this point 🙃17:27
poetasterI'm building musical toys. I also play those toys. I play all kinds of music. Including hard fast dutch techno and grindcore, and a bit of metal.17:28
poetaster'They move below' 2.32 intro and BAM. nice.17:29
poetastermeshuggah I'd categorize as dark math metal.17:30
rubdos[m]wger seems to be quite complicated :(17:30
rubdos[m]I damn love "They move below"17:30
poetastergood track.17:31
rubdos[m]Currently my favorite track I'd say17:31
rubdos[m]Okay if you do that I'm totally down17:31
poetasterIt's a challenge. But I'll give it a shot. Building shit you have to aspire to make something good with it. Otherwise it's just product.17:32
poetasterSadly, I'm a nerd, so I often make really nerdey music :) sigh.17:32
rubdos[m]Meshuggah is hella nerdy17:32
poetastercounting along.17:32
rubdos[m]Have a listen to Dancers to a discordant system. It name is apt for the song.17:32
rubdos[m]I'm also a die-hard Gojira fan fwiw.17:33
poetasterHeh. I'm a Carnatic music system of south India nerd :) And Ottoman empire percussion system nerd.17:35
poetasterBut, I'd go to a meshuggah concert, for sure.17:35
rubdos[m]I've been to a Meshuggah concert last summer17:35
rubdos[m]and I'd go again17:36
rubdos[m]Gojira and right after Meshuggah.  That evening was very very nice17:36
poetasterAh, it's a challenge. Gotta kick guitar ass. Hard work :)17:37
poetaster(listening to cog).17:37
poetasterall bass in the drums and crush compresso guitars. No problem. Sample and reduce to 8 bits. Filter through broken capacitors. bingo.17:39
poetasterprobably take me a year :)17:39
rubdos[m]wger doesn't allow you to just throw in the exercises you did. It needs a plan before you can enter data. I don't like that.17:39
rubdos[m]a year17:40
rubdos[m]Do keep me posted17:40
poetasternah, next weak. gotta write a text. I also sang in a grindcore band. long ago. but....17:40
rubdos[m]Do you usually do estimates with a factor 50? :P17:42
rubdos[m]Anyhow, do keep me posted17:42
rubdos[m]This sounds exciting17:42
rubdos[m]and I know at least one person that will be jealous of an auto Meshuggah drum kit.17:43
poetasterah, it's just a lark. And I revise my estimates so often that a wall street banker would die of confusion.17:43
rubdos[m]Or whatever music toy you're producing that even vaguely involves Meshuggah.17:43
poetaster'auto Meshuggah drum kit'. hmmmm.17:43
rubdos[m]... Occupy Wallstreet calls for you.17:43
poetasterNah, I'll use a lot of distinct toys all competing to survive to make something Meshuggah like. Or, make an 'audo Meshuggah drum kit'. Though the latter sounds far fetched.17:44
poetaster(Demiurge, 2021)17:45
rubdos[m]You're going through the good ones17:45
rubdos[m]I like "all competing to survive to make something Meshuggah-like"17:45
poetasteryeah, that's the way.17:45
rubdos[m]Meshuggah, live, is a wall of sound that doesn't stop for 50 minutes.  I still don't understand how they are able to start their concert with a perfect first note.  They opened with "Broken Cog"17:46
poetasterah, they studied motor head :)17:46
rubdos[m]They definitely studied17:47
poetastersomething for me to study!17:49
riniguspiggz and mal : chum gui 4.6 version handling fix PR at ; corresponding builds linked in PR18:02
maldoes that sailfishos_version really work in c++ code?18:09
malwhat defines it like that?18:10
rinigusmal: oops, I should define it in cmake and spec. rusty...18:18
poetasterrubdos[m], refrain 'the hours will pass, the years will pass, Flowers on our scorched earth' lifted from myriam gendron's french original18:18
rubdos[m]does not ring a bell18:23
rubdos[m]what Meshuggah song's that from?18:23
rubdos[m]Should we move to #sailfish-offtopic btw? :'-)18:23
poetasterrubdos[m], she is a 'singer songwriter' who writes dirges :)18:23
poetasternot even close to metal. but her lyrics often go deep dark. that's all.18:24
rubdos[m]love clockworks18:31
poetasterrubdos[m], this is where I was in 1998 (sthlm)18:31
rubdos[m] I'm still on lastfm18:32
rubdos[m]I read that as "I used to use lastfm in 1998"18:42
rubdos[m]That's a major brainfart18:43
rinigusmal: should be ok now18:43
poetasterrubdos[m], I and attah are the only ones that really appreciate the erlang otp basics of lastfm :)18:46
poetasterattah, and I:)18:46
rubdos[m]It's erlang?18:46
rubdos[m]so that's why it still works then18:47
poetasterrubdos, it was 'first of it's kind' and did show how a proper dynamic distributed system might work. the rest was crappy caching an php hacks.18:50
poetasterI don't know if it's still erlang, though. was for a decade about.18:51
rubdos[m]that's damn interesting18:51
poetastererlang (elixir, glint) are fun, scale, allow you to explore dynamic functional foo while hotloading your modules in a gigantic distributed cluster :)18:52
poetasterswedish telephone networks in winter require resilience.18:53
Mister_Magistermal: i'm getting mac address from qnetworkinfo19:07
poetasterrubdos[m], I have a modified version of running on my pico sampler. it's running Meshuggah, atm.19:19
rubdos[m]poetaster: any way you can digitally transmit a demo?19:20
poetasteryo, working on it.19:21
direc85[m]I'm getting a lot of errors from tracker3 index command, like this:19:29
direc85[m](tracker index:21814): Tracker-WARNING **: 22:27:58.124: Could not expand XDG user directory $HOME/android_storage/Pictures19:29
direc85[m]Is that expected? AAS is on and the directory exists (ls $HOME/android_storage/Pictures)19:29
direc85[m](tracker index:21814): GLib-CRITICAL **: 22:27:58.124: g_file_test: assertion 'filename != NULL' failed19:30
poetasterrubdos[m], just cut up fucking about to get a feel for it:
rubdos[m]direc85: I typically ignore GLib errors when I see them out of habit. :D19:36
poetasterdon't be all glib.19:36
rubdos[m]poetaster: that intro has a train-leaves-the-station vibe19:36
direc85[m]That sounds about how well my train of thought is working at the moment19:37
rubdos[m]Okay some of those are REALLY on point wow19:37
direc85[m]       ngl19:37
rubdos[m]I can pick out the tracks within a fraction of a second19:37
rubdos[m]great job19:37
poetasterrubdos[m], it's a fly by. the compression and force are missinmg a bit. and I'm mashing it heavily. the firmware is mostly from zack schollz, so I'm just hacking.19:38
rubdos[m]It's lovely already19:38
rubdos[m]This honestly warrants me attaching my good cans, but can't afford taking the time atm19:39
poetasteryo. I'll work on it. It's fun.19:39
rubdos[m]I kinda have to present tomorrow in the morning and I still miss 50% of the content of my slides19:39
poetasterOnce I have a machine, I'll send you one to destroy your own speakers with :)19:39
rubdos[m]Some parts do sound like you're murdering Thomas Haake too19:39
poetasteryo, but not intentionally ! just learning the ropes.19:40
poetasterget on those slides!19:40
rubdos[m]poetaster, I still have two free inputs on my Yamaha mixer on my HS-7's ;-)19:40
rubdos[m]But I'll probably try ruining my HD6XXs first19:40
* rubdos[m] slides off19:40
rubdos[m]just trying to be punny, sorry.19:41
poetaster(now imagine screaming buddhists under that mash up. with pan pipes at 1 bits).19:41
poetaster(off to bed!)19:41
rubdos[m]yeh that sounds good19:42
rubdos[m]lovely, even.19:42
rubdos[m]Ah btw, don't send me one. Bring it to Prague, I'll come.19:42
direc85[m]QStandardPaths::StateLocation (since Qt 6.7)19:42
direc85[m]We only need 1.1 more Qt for that19:42
rubdos[m]I'm so much looking forward to nerding out in Prague with you all.19:42
rubdos[m]And I'm bringing direc85.19:42
rubdos[m]Don't know how yet.19:43
direc85[m]Qt 5.6 + 1.1 = 6.7, right?19:43
attahover one more Qt!19:43
rubdos[m]Just copy over the header file direc85 should be fine19:43
* rubdos[m] slides off a bit further.19:43
direc85[m]rubdos[m]: Not if I get there first!19:44
rubdos[m]Oh darnit!19:44
Mister_Magisterpiggz[m]: hello sir might i bother you with bluetooth debugging?19:59
poetasterfence post QT.20:16
poetasterPrague it is.20:17

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