Sunday, 2024-05-26

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direc85[m]Can anyone check/enable/disable call knocking with Sauna?12:21
direc85[m]I have X10III and Elisa/FI and I can't do it...12:22
pherjung[m]what do you mean with call knocking?14:41
direc85[m]Settings, Apps, Phone, SIM1, .....17:31
direc85[m]It just loads and loads, never finishes.17:31
direc85[m]Call waiting. Now it loaded but there's an error when changing it...17:36
direc85[m][D] unknown:0 - No default route set, services: 6... (full message at <>)17:37
direc85[m]Command: devel-su -p jolla-settings17:38
malok, need to check that tomorrow20:49
maldirec85[m]: anythin in journal log when that happens?20:51
direc85[m]Hmm, I'll check21:04
pherjung[m]<direc85[m]> "It just loads and loads, never..." <- It works as expected on my side21:05
pherjung[m]* my side with a SIM card provided by Digitec in Switzerland21:06
malpherjung[m]: which device?21:10
pherjung[m]sorry, I forgot to mention it. x10-221:10
pherjung[m]* it. x10-2 on
malok, I need to check something in IRadio 1.5 interface tomorrow, that is the main difference in the telephony adaptation on those devices, x10iii uses 1.5 while x10ii uses 1.2 (x10iii used to use 1.3 also before we enabled 5g)21:11
maldirec85[m]: also if you want to verify my suspicion already you can change this to 1.2, reboot and then test again
direc85[m]"CW query error 44"21:22
direc85[m]And some ofonod imsradio updates21:23
malI can verify that issue on one of my devices which also uses 1.5 interface21:26
malI see the same error in journal21:26
malseems to still happen even with 1.2 interface21:28
direc85[m]"one of" hehe :)21:32
direc85[m]Yeah, still happens with 1.221:32
direc85[m]I'll make a bug report post on forum, as those can be important to some people.21:33
direc85[m]Reverting to 1.5...21:33
direc85[m]Actually, with 1.2 I get pairs of:21:34
direc85[m]CW query error 4421:34
direc85[m]CW set succeeded, but query failed!21:35
malok, that error is invalid arguments, need to debug those21:36
malthat call is from 1.0 interface so can't be because of 1.5 interface21:36
malI might have found the bug21:37
malhmm, no21:37
malbut since that method only has one parameter there really is not that many ways it can break, I'll add some debug printing tomorrow to see what is happening21:39
direc85[m]Bug posted. Now, good night!21:50
meolicHello. I am asking for account on Sailfish OS OBS.21:54
meolicThis is in the documentation: "If you are not using the Sailfish OS OBS yet, you shall obtain an account there by contacting the user lbt on the IRC channel #sailfishos."21:56
malmeolic: Keto is handling those now21:57
malKeto: can you handle that^21:58
maljust mentioning it's after midnight here in finland so most likely you have to wait until tomorrow21:59
meolicThank you for the info. I will ask again during the more appropriate time.22:02

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