Tuesday, 2024-06-04

nephrospiggz[m]: your there?11:26
x2s.oO( well, I bought the Xperia V early, because I hoped to make some good video shots with it of something. But either I'm too stupid and don't know how to use a camera or the camera is just shitty )11:47
piggz[m]attah: i am now12:45
nephrospiggz[m]: my ping was just about extra-cmake-modules/pull/1 but you already saw it :)14:10
malnephros: afaik the issue is that __cmake_in_source_build which causes issues with the cmake macros14:17
malwhen doing "undefine __cmake_in_source_build" but using %make_build and %make_install is not compatible14:20
nephrosmal: yea that's what I found.14:31
nephrosWHat we can do is switch everything to %cmake_build/install.14:31
nephrosBut SFOS 4.5 doesn't have the updated cmake which ships the macros.14:32
nephros... and almost all the existing opt-qt and opt-kf5 specs are doing the mkdir build;pushd build;cmake..;popd dance.14:34
piggz[m]so, we need to update all the .specs and add #if sfos >= 4600 ... cmake_build :D14:45
malpiggz[m]: or make your own conditional cmake macros into macros.kf5 ?14:48
maland then update all spec files to use proper macros?14:49
mala lot of work of course14:49
piggz[m]yeah ... but seems like might be the right solution?14:49
nephrospiggz[m]: mal: please see https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/extra-cmake-modules/pull/1#issuecomment-214761931214:51
nephrosthat does work, and is more or less that.14:51
malyeah but no need to have new package14:52
nephrosI also think it's the way to go, that waty we're close to upstream cmake and upstrem kf5 correct?14:52
piggz[m]nephros: how about adding that in here https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/kf5/blob/main/macros.kf5 and making the .specs just use %cmake_build ?14:53
malpackages should move to cmake_build and cmake_install14:53
maland macros.kf5 is a good place for compat macros14:53
nephrosagreed. about the migration. Where to put the macros I leave that to the chum/qt5.15 gurus ;)14:54
nephrosa separate package would make it easier for no-KF5 cmake users to benefit.14:55
piggz[m]guru is a bit of a stretch!14:55
malnephros: but other packages probably don't have "undefine __cmake_in_source_build"14:55
piggz[m]anyway, qt 6.7 is the next goal!14:56
nephrosma: that's true. They also none of the cmake rpm macros.14:56
piggz[m]so .... solution is, update kf5 macros package with required macros for <= 4.5 .. then update _all_ the kf5 .specs ?14:59
piggz[m]rinigus: ^^15:00
piggz[m]be worth also updating to latest kf5 libs on the way?15:00
malyeah, easier if all use same15:01
nephrosI can help with the specs if you like.15:01
malquite easy but repetitive work15:01
nephrosYes. Chance to spend time writing a tool to do it. Which will take more time than the actual work, but is the "proper" solution.15:02
piggz[m]rinigus has a script somewhere which does the upstream updates ....15:02
piggz[m]probably best he runs that15:03
piggz[m].specs probably just hand-ball fwiw15:03
nephrospiggz[m]: yeah, but a script is not easy to get right help with the pushe;cmake;popd stuff, because different options to cmake15:03
nephrosHasn't Qt moved from qmake to cmake? Does it make sense to do the compat macros in sailfishos-chum/qt5/blob/main/macros.qt5 instead?15:11
piggz[m]erm only qt6 has gone to cmake15:21
nephrosah ok.15:23
nephrosI just looked at qt5keychain and that uses cmake. but that may be an outlier/exception.15:25
nephrosmy script found ~25 spec files to update. not too bad.17:00
rinigusevening! I would try to update all qt5/kf5 to the latest versions and would use the scripts for it. mal has been handling OBS builds in manual manner - those should also go back to automatic, I think.17:17
rinigusas for %cmake - maybe we shouldn't care super much about 4.5? like in 1/2 year from now?17:18
rinigusqt6 is going to be "fun"17:18
nephrosrinigus: I have most?some? of the specs done. I guess this change is useful for 4.6 anyway right?17:32
nephrosI mean going from make_build to cmake_build.17:33
rinigusnephros: in that case we would need still to support 4.5 and would need that macro somewhere17:36
rinigusOK, you finish changes first and then I'll start the updates. otherwise we would get into conflict about it (maybe)17:37
nephrosrinigus: as you like. diffs are not complex.17:39
nephroswould you like lots of PRs, or a tarball , or a set of diffs?17:40
rinigusnephros: just easier to work when I know that its all in my hands :)17:41
rinigusnone :) . lots of PRs is easiest for me. if you have time to make them17:41
nephrosJust to be clear - I don't insist on going this route. if there's another way you prefer, fine.17:43
rinigusnephros: no problem, its good to make SPEC cleaner17:45
malrinigus: anyway, updating to use cmake_build and cmake_install and we can fix 4.5 in the macros later would make sense17:46
rinigusmal: sure.17:47
nephrosgotta say, I love unix shell. 25 repos forked, branched, committed, pushed. In two minutes. On my fucking mobile phone.17:51
piggz[m]nephros: do you have a test build in your home obs, with the macro changes and maybe 1 or 2 packages, to see it all working?17:55
nephrospiggz[m]: yes. its linked from the comment url I gave above. just a moment.17:59
nephrosin this version the compat macros are in the spec.18:00
nephrosI can add some more to test.18:02
nephrosI guess angelfish is the crown jewel.18:08
piggz[m]im rather a fan of elisa and tokodon18:14
piggz[m]used daily18:14
piggz[m]ill update them after the libs are done18:15
nephrosOk PRs submitted, I hope they're ok.18:18
malnephros: fix that https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/extra-cmake-modules/pull/1/files also18:21
malto use the macros18:21
nephroson it18:24
nephrosok , done, compiled.18:32
malnephros: I still think the macros in that PR should be in the kf5 package instead18:36
nephrosmal: you mean drop them from the PR branch? yea.18:48
nephrospiggz[m]: well I tried adding elisa and tokodon to that testing repo.19:35
nephrosBut dep on kio pulls in basically all of the others - I'm gonna stop here, should suffice as a PoC19:35
malnephros: maybe do the macro fix if you want, should be mostly copy of the stuff you had already in that PR before, but please keep the formatting as it was in the cmake macros file to make comparison easier19:40
nephrosmal: Like that? should show nicely in a diff: https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/kf5/compare/main...nephros:kf5:cmake-compat-macros20:07
nephrosNot sure which parts to skip from the original...20:09
malnephros: I wonder how that works when there is %cmake macro already in cmake repo, maybe you should just add the cmake_build and cmake_install and variables needed by those21:08

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