Thursday, 2024-06-06

malnephros: could you squash the commits in that extra-cmake-modules PR, of course those could be also squashed during merging10:43
rubdos[m]Hope it doesn't come across like spam, but for those interested:
attahrubdos[m]: Excellent spam!14:03
attahpoetaster: This is my "if i forget":
attahAlso giving machines the finger seems reasonable...16:46
poetasterrubdos[m], when you pass, I'll make you a propper death (black, math) metal track.17:45
poetasterattah, that is a very strange idea. just when you thought that gold was no longer in fashion. it's like a bunch of alchemists trying to sell the mint on a new rare metal.17:47
poetasterrubdos[m], sorry I can't be there to celebrate :)17:48
poetasterheh, giving machines the finger does indeed have a ring to it!17:55
poetasteryeah, I'm just trying to figure out the use case :) maybe for obsessive compulsive shoppers who like to go OUT to shop?17:55
attahNo apps, no batteries to run out, no screens to crack, and very limited theft appeal17:56
attahBuses here takes contactless, so that's neat17:56
attahand it generally saves me pulling up the wallet17:56
poetasterI belong to the 'avoid shopping' crowd, so I'm probably off the radar.17:57
poetasterI was at fossdem in Brussels where they do contactless on the public transportation.17:57
attahonly proper use-case i guess i going swimming somewhere that is a bit iffy security wise, and/or getting icecream while in swimwear17:57
poetasterI really like swimming. But the lakes not far. There is a gas station on the way! But I usually just bring something. Having kids means being prepared. Or living with regret.18:00
makrolonwow, that ring is cool. too bad my bank does not support it18:10
rinigusnephros: are you done with the PRs? looks like it...18:19
rinigus%cmake... ones. will squash e-c-m one on merge, as far as I understood18:20
poetasterrinigus, that was all those kde libs that nephros switched to cmake, or?18:38
poetasterrinigus, I didn't check the details, but it looked like a good (tm) idea to me.18:39
rinigusquestion was whether all is ready, so I can go and accept them all. and then deal with qt5/kf5 version bumps before we start looking into qt618:45
rinigusmal: for some reason EGL imports X11 in SFOS 4.6. See
rinigussame compiles in SFOS 4.519:17
mallet's see19:20
malquite strange19:32
piggz[m]Seen that elsewhere im sure19:33
malwondering what has changed19:33
b100dian[m]attah: how does that work? cloning the card? Why couldn't `nfcd` do it then :P?21:32
piggz[m]rinigus: mal i think its an i486 issue, is here too
malpiggz[m]: still it's only in 4.622:13
malpiggz[m]: but qtwayland fails for all archs22:20
piggz[m]mal: looking at
maldo we have that new mesa?22:21
mal22.3.0 or newer has that22:21
piggz[m]23.1.9 is installed in that failing build22:22
malit seems 4.6 has 23.1.922:22
piggz[m]4.5 is 21.1.622:24
malso why does it fail if x11 needs to be enabled specifically22:24
piggz[m]so, there is a this change...22:25
piggz[m]no ... cant be that22:26

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