Friday, 2024-06-07

attahb100dian[m]: Separate card number, linked up in the backend - much like Apple/Google pay06:24
attahTechnically we could do it - but good luck getting someone to pay for approval and sit with the liability06:25
attahBut i don't particularly want my card in my phone (breakage, battery, theft...), and this is much better anyway06:29
b100dian[m]I didn't know that's how it works for A/G pay, thanks for explaining attah . I was confused by the fact that this ring is offline and the Pay apps could use the fact that they're online (maybe they don't)08:22
*** rdr_ is now known as rdr10:02
piggz[m]mal: qtbase is using that old define in places
malpiggz[m]: but still USE_X11 needs to be set by something to get that error11:09
piggz[m]yeah i get that :)11:09
attahb100dian[m]: beyond extra tracking and replacing pin requirement with e.g. biometry, being apps isn't actually the key part of those12:12
rinigusmal: is that USE_X11 some EGL internal define?16:28
piggz[m]rinigus: not that I can tell ... afaict its designed to be externally set, but I cant find where21:14
piggz[m]ive grepped mesa, qtbase and qtwayland21:14

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