Sunday, 2024-06-09

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piggz[m]mal: keto: is latest on obs 4.6 yet?11:25
piggz[m]mal: where is the pcre2 package?12:26
malpiggz[m]: what do you mean? there is one in sfos now, chum had one before14:19
piggz[m]<mal> "piggz: what do you mean? there..." <- odd, a build on obs doesnt find it....14:43
piggz[m]mal: nevermind, i re-ordered the projects like you said and its started to build14:45
malnephros: rinigus: any plans to merge the cmake PRs?15:05
rinigusmal: yes, I was planning to do it this weekend. but mostly run out of time. was thinking to bump qt5 as well, maybe it will resolve qtwayland compilation issue on SFOS 4.6 automagically15:06
malstill odd why those build failures happen and why those don't happen in internal obs15:17
piggz[m]mal: keto: obs out of space again already?
Ketopiggz[m]: no, the small build instances have 4G disk space. if your build needs more (as it seems to need) you need to add a _constrainsts file, so that it puts the build always on the bigger instances16:59
piggz[m]ah yes ... not needed it on that build before, must have just gone past it17:00
malthere is some variation sometimes in how much space is needed17:04
attahI'm sure i have asked before, but please humor me once again - what makes us be stuck at V4L2 API < 5.0?17:14
attahah... simply the kernel version17:16
piggz[m]attah: no issue on pinephones :)17:20
attah...ting up the PPP17:26
piggz[m]attah: doing a new kernel for the PPP which should fix the camera not working after sleep/resume ... its quite a major improvmenet!17:27
attah(Bootloader still hates me)17:27
attahpiggz[m]: Can i update the PPP; and how am i supposed to know?17:42
piggz[m]regular zypper ref/dup will tell you...17:42
piggz[m]kernel isnt built just yet, but there will be updates for you17:42
attahBut like SFOS version?17:45
piggz[m]you can update the pp/ppp to whater is latest you have access to, as there are no versioned releases17:45
attahOh joy... zypper ref + zypper dup has bricked my PPP18:10
attahSome firstboot text output on the splashscreen (home partition exists...)... doesn't feel fatal, but then it is stuck18:12
attahI'll revisit when i find my debug cable18:16
piggz[m]did you up-rev to 4.6?18:19
piggz[m]maybe that instruction would have been a good idea18:19
attahyou said revisions weren't a thing18:20
piggz[m]i guess all the latest packages are built against 4.618:20
attahI'm getting mixed messages here18:20
piggz[m]or ar they .. let me check18:20
piggz[m]yeah they are ... i wonder if thats now nescessary18:21
piggz[m]shame zypper didnt find something it couldnt resolve18:21
attahWell, nothing more than some -tools package i had installed myself18:22
attahpiggz[m]: So, again please, what should i have done - and how should i have known?18:25
piggz[m]maybe you should have... (full message at <>)18:25
piggz[m]providing you have signed the device into EA/CBeta18:26
piggz[m]it might still be fixable with cable?18:26
piggz[m]i wonder where its got stuck18:26
attah"System is booting up. Unprivileged users are not permitted to log in yet. Please come back later. For technical details, see pam_nologin(8)."18:35
attah(and login stuff was the first output at 115200)18:37

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