Tuesday, 2024-06-11

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rinigusmal, piggz, nephros: qt 5.15.14 is now rolling out at chum:testing. let's see how it goes. that one did not have cmake patches as its using qmake19:06
riniguswith %cmake_ PR: is it supposed to work in SFOS 4.5 as well? do we have that macro defined somewhere? sorry if I missed something obvious19:07
rinigusalso qtwebengine I can build using "native build" docker. but that would require other qt packages to be ready at chum19:13
malrinigus: hmm, I did ask that it would be added to some macro package in chum but I don't see any PR, either here https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/kf5/blob/main/macros.kf5 or some other place19:19
malconditionally so it won't break anything19:19
rinigusOK, that means it is not ready yet ...19:20
malrinigus: https://github.com/nephros/kf5/commits/cmake-compat-macros/19:20
malnephros: ping19:21
retvis there a way to disable wifi during sleep (and use mobile data then) and reenable on wakeup?19:41
retvit seems it would save battery while keeping the device online all the time19:42
pherjung[m]there is the app situations20:57
retvok, thanks21:15

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