Friday, 2024-06-14

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apiratmal, i am here and able to be near the computer and concentrate on this now.11:54
apirati don't know how to enter recovery.11:54
apiratit asks for disk decription password11:55
apiratthen it tries to boot and it fails and it tries and it fails.11:55
apiratok so it means to enter fastboot mode and flash a recovery image?11:56
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apirati spent 2 hours trying to enter fastboot mode on xa2: changed cables, connected via usb hub or directly. no blue led. when pressing volume up, and inserting the cable. :/13:23
malthat is odd13:27
malnothing happens when you have device turned off, then connect usb cable while pressing the volume up button?13:29
apiratthe led lights up for a blink of the time.13:29
apirathm, i have another xa2 with lineage, no luck with it as well. but i have installed both of them, just years ago.13:29
maldoes anything happen if you use volume down, it should boot to another mode, just wondering, it's not helpful for this13:30
maljust to be sure, you keep the volume up button pressed for a while after connecting usb cable?13:31
apiratlet me try13:31
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apirati am in fastboot, the blue led doesn't light up, but i did fastboot devices and fastboot getvar all, and even got the exact xperia model.14:19
apiratfastboot flash recovery hybris-recovery.img14:20
apirattells me14:20
apiratFAILED (remote: 'No such partition.')14:20
apiratif i flash via then everything will be erased?14:21
apirator i will have my /home intact?14:21
apiratmal, sorry for pinging you, what do you think?14:29
apirati can flash everything, but will /home stay?14:29
apiratok, maybe that's for the better. flashing.14:30
Ketoapirat: probably too late now, but home will be erased15:05
malapirat: that recovery should have gone to boot partition, sorry for not seeing you message16:28
malyou should not have been in that much hurry16:28
malto reinstall everything16:28
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