Saturday, 2024-06-15

piggz[m]ViGe: ping16:55
rinigusmal and piggz: I think qtwayland compilation fails on SFOS 4.6 since `pkg-config --cflags egl` is missing -DEGL_NO_X11. According to logs at , that define is present in 4.5.x.y18:20
rinigusI think that adding -DQT_EGL_NO_X11 to qt config could fix it as well. just don't know where to add it to make it stick and be defined throughout all qt projects18:22
malrinigus: what provides that egl, mesa?18:57
piggz[m]takes us back to this commit .... but adds the question, what defines USE_X11?18:58
rinigusmal: that I didn't check. Sfos repos :)19:01
malstill odd why building qt packages works fine in internal obs19:05
rinigusIf you check header files that we have on sfos, then they still use egl no x11. Haven't checked these commits19:06
rinigusAs I'm away from PC19:06
mal4.6 has mesa 23.1.919:07
maland that commit piggz linked was in earlier version19:08
malneed to look a bit more19:11
malrinigus: that might be a qt bug
malso a fix would be to patch src/hardwareintegration/client/wayland-egl/wayland-egl.pri in qtwayland to define QT_EGL_NO_X1119:25
malpiggz[m]: do you want to do that?19:26
malas an example many places in qtbase do this
rinigusif piggz will not do it tonight, I can look into it tomorrow. saw those platforms in qtbase earlier today, probably is easy to add/fix that to qtwayland too.20:17
piggz[m]Me is walking atm ;)20:22
piggz[m]ah, here it is
malpiggz[m]: yes, that is why the patch I suggested works, it sets QT_EGL_NO_X11 which prevents that from happening21:58
piggz[m]mal: this is it in the correct branch

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