Sunday, 2024-06-16

rinigusmal and piggz: I have added option SPEC (
rinigusLooked into qtwayland sources and couldn't find a place where it would have propagated into pkg-config/cmake config files for compiled version. so, adding it to SPEC seemed as good06:52
riniguswhich means that we may have to add this DEFINE to other packages that are building from qtwayland . which, I presume, is not many packages (compositors?)06:53
piggz[m]Rinigus: thats what i was wondering last night. Could ot be added to the qtbase mkspec for linux-g++ maybe ?07:34
riniguspiggz: question is whether there is any greater use in it. if the issue is resolved by adding define in spec, maybe it is sufficient. as it allows to keep upstream without patches07:39
piggz[m]Ok lets do that07:45
rinigusKeto: looks like OBS is struggling for some reason (storage?). mimic has a hard time and gets stuck in obscure locations (
malhave you tried forcing big worker for it?11:00
rinigusmal: no, I didn't. will try.11:59
malrinigus: seemed to build now13:10
rinigusmal: was waiting till it gets all green :) .13:10
rinigusmal: I will look into reseting meta for all opt-qt/kde packages (as in to handle it with the script (
rinigusits pain to edit this all manually13:14
rinigus... and right now I remembered how it works. so, better fix it too13:15
riniguspiggz: changes in opt-qt5 handling scripts submitted via . please review. already tested on testing. will run on release as well.14:34
riniguspiggz and mal: qt5 and kf5 updates are pushed to chum proper as well now. I haven't looked into cmake error on 4.6 (yet). new qtwebengine for 4.6: building it. 4.5 is ready18:29
piggz[m]rinigus: i think ECM needs the %cmake_build stuff18:34
riniguspiggz: do you want to look into it? :)18:35
piggz[m]rinigus: can do ... the macro is already done isnt it?18:35
riniguspiggz: it was somewhere in nephros repos. mal has found it, but it wasn't submitted as PR yet18:36
rinigus(see log of this channel)18:36
piggz[m]i guess i can fork macros and ecm to my home, make the change and test it on obs testing18:58
piggz[m]rinigus: builds on 4.5 and 4.620:29
malso probably the rest can be merged also?20:37
piggz[m]i need to send those properly as PRs ... i changed the service to point at my home20:39
piggz[m]but yes, probably will work now20:39
piggz[m]rinigus: 2 PRs opened ... when happy, just need to figure out way to repeat for all other kde packages, and figure out tags21:04
malpiggz[m]: well there was already PR for
malonly the macro PR was missing, all other packages have PRs waiting21:08
piggz[m]thats easier then21:09
malthe macro PR looked ok to me21:10
piggz[m]ok, ill merge21:25

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