Tuesday, 2024-06-18

riniguspiggz: thank you! Sure, will add the tags and trigger me builds04:39
poetasterrinigus, piggz, I'm still responsible for a couple of opt-kf5 packages on obs and wondered if I need to implement nephros macros or somesuch?17:32
piggz[m]which ones?17:34
poetasteropt-kf5-kcompletion, opt-kf5-kcrash, opt-kf5-kquickimageeditor (the last is not building)17:34
piggz[m]i think I did most of htem, but please check17:35
poetasterah, ok, I'll have a look.17:36
poetasterpiggz[m], are you able to run angelfish on a volla?17:36
piggz[m]4.5 or 4.6?17:37
poetaster4.5 ... is there 4.6 for the volla22 and co?17:37
piggz[m]not yet, but yes on 4.5 it works17:37
poetasterhmmm. I starts, but even loading plain html pages, it just freezes. And there is lots of scratch / disk free. Lots of ram. it's a bit of a mystery.17:38
poetasterpiggz[m], you did merge the nephros changes into https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/kquickimageeditor but it's not building17:39
poetasterpiggz[m], make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.17:40
piggz[m]that build is still using make_build, not cmake_buid17:43
piggz[m]needs a tag17:44
poetasterok, I'm not entirely sure what's taken place there other than that nephros built something :)17:45
riniguspiggz: I will go through the failing builds and add that cmake_build magic17:53
poetasterrinigus, thanks!17:53
rinigusre 4.6 angelfish: qtwebengine should be ready soon17:53
poetasterrinigus, what's the diff with 4.5/4.6 re angelfish?17:54
rinigusqtwebengine has to be built on my PC for all supported platforms. just takes time17:54
poetasterah, got it.17:55
piggz[m]back ... lets see how we're doing....19:47
malit seems the macros change probably broke some packages19:59
rinigusmal: it did. so, I am fixing the packages now. few apps are remaining, but that's for me for tonight. piggz , if you wish, you could take over :)20:03
piggz[m]lets see whats left....20:03
piggz[m]elisa working (and updated to final kde5 version)20:48
piggz[m]mal: rinigus 4.5 looks healthy now21:21
piggz[m]mal: what happened to qt5webkitwidgets in 4.6?21:22
malpiggz[m]: https://build.sailfishos.org/package/show/sailfishos:chum:testing/qtwebengine no arm and aaarch64 tag.gz for 4.622:04
malpiggz[m]: or did you mean something else?22:11
piggz[m]no, i think that was it..22:12

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