Wednesday, 2024-06-19

riniguspiggz and mal: webengine for 4.6 is uploaded for all arch. But webkitwidgets warm to be something else. As a result, some apps are missing build deps04:52
rinigusSorry, that's concerning regular sfos apps. Not opt-qt. So, on our side, looks like transition to cmake is done04:54
rinigusUnless something is discovered, I'll push the changes to chum proper tonight04:54
piggz[m]Mal: lxc upgrade breaks halium and waydroid due to apparmor parsing in the confog files, i think when apparmor is missing from kernel?11:14
b100dian[m]I noticed the same on the telegram channel11:58
malpiggz[m]: rinigus: and others, any need to building a lot on obs? I was thinking of changing latest to 4.6 which will trigger a lot of rebuilds13:34
mallooks like release chum hasn't gotten the kf5 changes yet13:35
henkdoes anyone know of an app I could use for tracking my presence at work? i.e. where I can click a button to "checkin" and then later "checkout" and the app will just keep a log of the timestamps?13:40
malI changed latest to 4.6, OBS will be busy for rest of the day and probably even night14:15
pherjung[m]<henk> "does anyone know of an app I..." <- Not the easiest solution, but there is and searching in openrepos I found that:
piggz[m]mal: can you post example config for notch and round corners?14:31
malcutouts = [[x, y, w, h]]14:37
malrounded_corners = [[60, 60, 60], [-60, 60, 60], [60, -60, 60], [-60, -60, 60]]14:37
malin the latter those coordinates are relX, relY, radius14:38
rinigusmal: I am going to push kf updates to sfos:chum as well. but that can work without any issues in parallel to the latest update15:18
henkpherjung[m]: thanks, looks very close to what I want15:49
* piggz[m] uploaded an image: (993KiB) < >17:11

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