Sunday, 2024-06-23

apiratfolks, so i reinstalled sailfish on xa2, and right after it, i have this problem: my sailfish gallery doesn't see android_storage section, well there is a section, but everything in is 'empty' while it's not.14:18
apiratit looks like a permission issue.14:18
apiratbut it's weird that it happened right after reinstallation. i don't think i did much things on it to break something.14:18
b100dian[m]rinigus: piggz here's my take on the waydroid + apparmor thingie
NicoDoes anybody know if there was any mention if the 365 support is going to work with personal accounts at some point? I only found a short mention in the release announcement but my search engine foo seems to fail me on if there was any update since15:59
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pherjung[m]<Nico> "Does anybody know if there was..." <- 365? Do you mean Office 365?17:29
NicoSorry, read too many docs and forgot to spell that out at all :D17:35
piggz[m]vlagged: thanks for the PR, similar to what I was planning .... would you also like to bump the the version to the latest tag and test that?18:43
b100dian[m]piggz: you mean the spec version? ok 1.3.4=>1.3.5 But I don't understand the last part "to the latest tag" (being 1.3.3+git3) .. Can you expand that?18:57
b100dian[m]Oh, 1.3.4 is the upstream version. you mean bump the upstream submodule I guess19:00
b100dian[m]on it19:02
enderfun: I reinstalled SailfishOS on my 10 III (because Android apps were unusable as support kept crashing), and I installed Android 13 before SfOS. This fixed echo cancellation on calls, and the notification LED isn't constantly green any more, but now Android apps can't scan QR codes (and break camera for other Android apps if I try)…19:44
piggz[m]vlagged: yeah, upstream is 1.4.something now i think, might be worth an update20:14
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b100dian[m]Hmm I need to copy a file from opt/waydroid/dbus called id.waydro.Container.conf to /etc/dbus-1/system.d or /usr/share/dbus-1/systemd according to and I would link it - but linking doesn't work.21:25
b100dian[m]Is there anything special about dbus and linking configuration files?21:25

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