Monday, 2024-06-24

rinigusvlagged and piggz : maybe we should start by adding a patch to waydroid and later deal with the update of submodule. not to mix the issues :)06:26
riniguslooks like we also miss tag 1.3.4 in packaging repo06:26
rinigusvlagged: as for bump in version, just add +git1 in rpm spec06:27
Ketorinigus: can I remove and symlink also from nemo:testing:hw:common06:47
rinigusKeto: I don't know what it brings. I guess that would require us all to point our repos to generic 4.6 as a dependency for OBS builds, right? no idea how many projects have set as a dependency. probably not too many and we can always change the projects if needed06:52
rinigusKeto: probably it is a good time to do that symlinks - if something breaks now, we would still remember as it is all fresh in the memory :)06:52
rinigusso, let's go for it06:54
Ketorinigus: it also has sailfishos_4.6.0.11 and sailfishos_4.6 repos, without the arch, what are those?07:04
rinigusKeto: good question! Looks like an old convention for arm 32 bit (see repos with earlier versions). No idea if anyone is still using it. maybe this should be broken (dropped) and let's see who will come out complaining07:07
Ketono projects were using those07:08
rinigusKeto: then it would make sense to just drop them. we just risk with some port using it for updates. but then we would know soon07:21
Ketorinigus: yeah, I removed them and added the symlinks07:58
rinigusKeto: thank you!08:02
malKeto: rinigus: that arch for common repo was added to community-adaptation back in 2021 so any device updated since then uses arch
rinigusmal: so, we don't have to keep it anymore in. should be fine without it08:29
b100dian[m]rinigus: Agreed, it would take me at least one more day to figure out 1.4.2 packaging. I've bumped the spec version now10:43
b100dian[m]Ok, made a separate PR#32 for waydroid 1.4.2 update - this is stacked against the apparmor one11:32
TomGodden[m]My Xperia 10 stopped working after the update. It said it was unable to update. Now when I try to run it, I can enter the decryption code, but after that I don't see anything, except for "No apps running" that pops up sometimes.... (full message at <>)12:04
rinigusvlagged: I'll merge and start the builds in chum:testing12:15
b100dian[m]Thank you12:15
rinigusThank you :)12:15
rubdosentil: you had some troubles after the 4.6 upgrade, no?  Any chance you have pointers for TomGodden[m] ?12:40
rinigusvlagged: looks like it is working. I'll push it to the main chum12:59
entilTomGodden[m]: I don't have the forum link on me, and this may be contingent on having the dev ssh access turned on, but I was able to go in despite the black screen and fix things from within14:58
entilTomGodden[m]: I did need some leaked zypper rpms too, which I didn't have, as they don't come up with the phone, but by "leaked" I mean that I got copies I could have probably dug out of an sdk installation if I'd had an sdk installation to dig from14:59
entilTomGodden[m]: that's roughly the thread15:02
entilTomGodden[m]: you'll need to set up some internet-forwarding magic as well, but it's all there15:02
entilTomGodden[m]: make sure you reserve some time for this, because admittedly I had to work from the very ground up and it took the better part of a day, I'm sure it's not gonna be trivial even if skimming the thread for pointers15:03
entilTomGodden[m]: but what I can't really remember is why the ssh bit was so important, because it was possible (I seem to recall) to get a rescue shell, so why didn't I just use that, or did I15:04
entiltoo busy to get into it myself anymore, gotta go, hope any of this helps15:04
rubdos[m]didn't you use rescue mode to get telnet, entil ?15:05
TomGodden[m]Sadly I don't seem to be able to connect via SSH via USB, and my phone is not connecting to wifi either. I've been attempting all day long to get into the recovery mode, but  the fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img does not work afaict... it reboots it, but I don't get the "attach a USB" message. Instead I think it crashes and then just does a normal boot.15:10
malTomGodden[m]: what attach USB message are you talking about15:36
TomGodden[m]“RECOVERY: Connect USB cable and open telnet to address”15:57
TomGodden[m]according to
entilrubdos[m]: maybe I just switched over to ssh at some point because it was easier, I really can't remember16:01
malTomGodden[m]: ok, do you happen to have older recovery image available?16:01
entilor maybe I couldn't get networking to work over the rescue usb telnet16:01
TomGodden[m]mal: I do not, was hoping someone could point me to them since they're not on the store page.16:01
entilbut then again I know I got it eventually... guesses of my memories of one busy day a month ago aren't gonna be worth more than what's on the forum and maybe the help articles :D16:02
rubdosin theroy, alsa-based recording "should" work on Sailfish, right?  Asking for a friend.16:56
Ketowe talked today about making the older images available, regarding the broken recovery, and I'll try to make the images available soon17:11
KetoTomGodden[m]: just a moment, I'll throw the Xperia 10 image somewhere for you17:13
rubdosCan't even get `arecord` to work, so I'm going to take this as a "no" :D17:35
rubdosKeto: I've DM'd "" to TomGodden[m]. Still had that around, for some reason. That's the correct one, right?17:36
Ketodepends on the device model... or maybe not... I'm not sure if those have some difference on that level17:38
Ketobut all the iNNNN images are now temporarily here
KetoI'll try to come up with a more permanent solution during this week17:42
rubdosI think it's the same phone, but I'm not 100% sure17:42
TomGodden[m]Thank you, these images work :)17:54
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b100dian[m]I sense a porting opportunity

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