Monday, 2024-07-01

svuorelaTomGodden[m]: yep.06:34
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makrolonis there any assesment yet on how worried should we be about the ssh vulnerability disclosed today?
entil[22:31] < TomGodden[m]> entil: what did you do?11:59
entilTomGodden[m]: seems like "SUCCESS!" but I didn't really flashboot anything except to get into rescue mode (not sure if that answers the question)11:59
entilon a broad level those 6 steps sound reasonable, but "get internet working" and "get zypper (et al) on the phone" are simplifying things a bit12:01
svuorelayep. Success.12:02
svuorelaand yep. 'get zypper' is really a simplification.12:02
svuorelaand getting a 4.5 recovery is also not 'just' that.12:02
svuorela"Get internet working" is within 'doable' if you know around your linux. but the two other bits is just a bit harder.12:03
TomGodden[m]<entil> "on a broad level those 6 steps..." <- just tried to compile down your trial-and-error to a small overview :P12:10
entilyeah, live-posting makes for good mental notes while doing it but a fairly crappy howto guide12:28
entilwith the side-effect that nothing is remembered afterwords because of the note-taking12:28
svuorelaThe combination of TomGodden[m]'s guide and that-person-somethnig-with-m and the person-with-n in the forum made it work for me12:37
rubdos[m]Seems like fairly many people had troubles with upgrading to 4.6...12:39
svuorelabut all of them I saw was harbour-callrecorder to kind of blame for it12:39
rubdos[m]blaming an installed user space application... I'd say that that shouldn't brake an OS upgrade12:41
rubdos[m]but at least there's some common factor, then12:41
TomGodden[m]fwiw, I didn't have callrecorder installed12:42
svuorelarubdos[m]: at least for me, there was a postinstall/remove/.. script that failed and then the upgrade stopped mid way in a inconsistent state.12:43
rubdos[m]ugh, scary stuff12:45
svuorelabut that's kind of a thing with the package managers. If they end up in a failure state, you need hands on things to get it working12:45
svuorelawhat makes it harder on a phone is that .. you can't just switch to a tty and rerun the failed steps.12:46
svuorelaALso the way the packagekit stuff is done in sailfish it requires several services (for logging in to jolla store and more) running to actually fully do the upgrade12:46
svuorelaI did create a zendesk thingie with some of my findings, issues and recommendations of the simple things. But having the recovery boot able to also interact with the 'protected' repositories would be very very nice.12:51
rubdos[m]Yes indeed... We sometimes take the live-usb a bit too much for granted on x8612:52
pherjung[m]svuorela: Maybe this could be documented in the official documentation12:53
svuorelapherjung[m]: the steps I did hopefully shouldn't be 'officially' documented12:54
svuorelabut rather be used as a basis for what fixes jollaboys should do ...12:54
svuorelathe steps which involved getting people in here to send me rpm files and manually extracting files from them copying them into the rootfs.12:55
svuorelano way.12:55
svuorela(I paid for my rpm files with code reviews ...)12:57
pherjung[m]<svuorela> "pherjung: the steps I did..." <- Or perhaps list them in a thread on the forum, it's easier to find them13:07
pherjung[m]and may give some hints13:07
pherjung[m]If someone understand French, I wrote with another Sailfish user an article about Sailfish:
pherjung[m]There are some incoherent comments and I'm trying to fix them and documenting my answers13:08
pherjung[m]An user says Jolla promises to enable paid application on the official store, has that been once the case? On I never read something like that. Perhaps on TJC. Has someone an idea?13:09
rubdos[m]<svuorela> "(I paid for my rpm files with..." <- Pinky promise I never intentionally modified them.13:16
rubdos[m]<pherjung[m]> "If someone understand French..." <- > <> If someone understand French, I wrote with another Sailfish user an article about Sailfish: (full message at <>)13:16
rubdos[m]<pherjung[m]> "An user says Jolla promises to..." <- There has been discussion in a user meeting13:16
rubdos[m]let's see if I can find it13:16
pherjung[m]yes, but a discussion is not a promise13:16
pherjung[m]there were discussion about open-sourcing the VoLTE code13:17
pherjung[m]rubdos[m]: no, don't need to lose your time with that13:17
rubdos[m]"07:23:14 <rainemak> ilpianista, I've been thinking in different context some sort of a contributor of a month kind of reward"13:17
rubdos[m]sorry too late :)13:18
pherjung[m]oh, that a nice found13:18
rubdos[m]not lost time ;p13:18
rubdos[m]I'll go on patching libsignal-service now.13:18
svuorelapherjung[m]: it was more or less
rubdos[m]<pherjung[m]> "If someone understand French..." <- > <> If someone understand French, I wrote with another Sailfish user an article about Sailfish: (full message at <>)13:42
pherjung[m]not really, only if you want to comment13:54
pherjung[m]ok, it was the wrong link13:54
pherjung[m]Ruben De Smet:
piggz[m]poetaster: gs290 in devel is updated with working notch/corners and 4.621:01

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