#mer-meeting: SailfishOS, open source, collaboration 14th of April 2016

Meeting started by stephg at 13:33:02 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Happy New Year (if you're in south/south-east asia) and welcome to another SailfishOS OSS and collaboration meeting (stephg, 13:33:14)
    2. Meeting information and agenda can be found here: http://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2016-April/007037.html (stephg, 13:33:22)

  1. Brief introduction (10 minutes because everyone is late), please prefix your name/handle with #info (stephg, 13:34:00)
    1. Kimmo Lindholm, community member, TOHs, porting, etc. (kimmoli, 13:34:11)
    2. Steph Gosling, community, porter (stephg, 13:34:35)
    3. Fra, Jolla Community Italia (fravaccaro, 13:34:47)
    4. Chris Adams, privateer for Jolla, in .au so don't usually attend these meetings due to tz issues... (chriadam_, 13:34:51)
    5. Nokius, community member, porter (Nokius, 13:34:52)
    6. Vesa-Matti Hartikainen, Program Manager at Jolla (veskuh, 13:35:13)
    7. James Noori, Community Manager, at your service! (Jaymzz, 13:35:14)
    8. Lucien Xu, community (SfietKonstantinW, 13:35:15)
    9. luca247, community member (Luca247, 13:35:24)
    10. Philippe Bollard, community member (PhixGre, 13:35:52)
    11. R.Schiller, community (chem|st, 13:39:18)
    12. Pami Ketolainen, backend developer @ Jolla (pketo, 13:39:49)
    13. Simonas Leleiva hw & l10n sailor (sledges, 13:40:41)

  2. Whitelabel Jolla tablets (russh, 5 minutes) (stephg, 13:41:15)
    1. vgrade, community porter (vgrade_, 13:44:36)

  3. Whitelabel Jolla tablets (russh, 5 minutes) (stephg, 13:45:06)
    1. (from tjc): i.e. why doesn't Jolla encourage 'chinese factory' to build more Tablets (and act as reseller in Europa). Jolla can give them a SailfishOS version without license protected Software (like Alien Dalvik and Here). (stephg, 13:45:52)
    2. (from tjc) Benefits of this include - more developers will make native apps for SailfishOS (to fill the Jolla and openprepo app store). Builds the developer base, popularises SailfishOS and benefits everyone! (stephg, 13:46:10)
    3. this is the first onewhen it comes to commercial players like the chinese ODM, we need to come up with acceptable terms and in this case our priorities have been in getting a closure for the tablet preorders and for the actual licensees (stephg, 13:50:30)
    4. Dirk van Leersum, loosely associated with some jolla projects (dirkvl, 13:52:50)
    5. at the moment Jolla do need to pick up our commitmens very carefully (stephg, 13:53:15)

  4. Splitscreen multitasking (nh1402, 5 minutes) (stephg, 13:54:15)
    1. (from tjc): Is it still going to be implemented (once Jolla get more man (or female)-power of course) or is it just not going to happen anymore? (stephg, 13:54:37)
    2. Splitscreen multitasking is not in plans for the rest of 2016 (stephg, 13:56:55)
    3. if we get all the related components open sourced, splitscreen multitasking would be cool community project (stephg, 14:00:22)

  5. OS Abstraction (nh1402, 15 minutes) (stephg, 14:02:37)
    1. (from tjc): Are there any plans to provide an API to enhance the Sailfish UX more specifically for the Lockscreen adding pattern lock, fingerprint sensor, iris sensor, facial recognition, text-based password etc. (stephg, 14:02:59)
    2. (from tjc): Other areas of the OS could also be extended such as the messaging app adding text formatting (sarcasm, italics, bold, underline, strikethrough), adding telegram to the messaging app and others. Those are the only 2 that I can think of so far but I'm sure other people have more ideas. (stephg, 14:03:19)
    3. There is plan to work on device lock: adding fingerprint unlocking (stephg, 14:07:17)
    4. and that means that framework will be worked on (stephg, 14:07:29)
    5. thing to note about the lockscreen and related bits is that providing APIs and extension points for 3rd parties there is quite difficult because of security issues (stephg, 14:10:26)

  6. Official support of alternative phone hardware (Gabs5087, 10 minutes) (stephg, 14:19:40)
    1. (from tjc: Please give some official stataments about the future. Is there official support for other phone hardware (e.g. fairphone2, ...) planned? What about licensed software (here, exchange, alien dalvik) on those phones? Is there a timeline for that? (stephg, 14:19:56)
    2. Jolla store support for ported devices is on the roadmap, but due to lot of other things at the moment, it has not progressed much (stephg, 14:23:42)
    3. https://twitter.com/Fairphone/status/720257098475417600 (sledges, 14:28:57)

  7. All other business (everyone, 15 minutes) (stephg, 14:31:09)
    1. we are preparing a new release candidate for 2.0.1, and if the bug is gone and no new blockers then to community testing, and early access shortly after (stephg, 14:34:15)
    2. (from the agenda email from cybette): I leave a bit longer time for general discussions, as I noticed 2 topics "Platform Development documentation" and "Future of Jolla in the professional environment" that was discussed in the last meeting, deleted after that and re-added (but not by the original authors). So while I don't think they need to be included, there's a few extra minutes in there if needed. (stephg, 14:36:18)
    3. https://together.jolla.com/question/54157/sailfishos-open-source-collaboration-meeting-planning/ (stephg, 14:37:03)
    4. the platform development documentation is currently being overhauled and fleshed out. lbt is leading the activity, and various developers and designers are helping with content (stephg, 14:38:33)
    5. see e.g. https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Core_Areas_and_APIs (stephg, 14:39:09)
    6. https://sailfishos.org/wiki/Core_Areas_and_APIs (stephg, 14:39:18)
    7. porters are looking into BT audio, especially in cars - for some of our adopters e.g. in US it's a deal breaker not to have carkit (which is required by law in some states) (sledges, 14:42:41)
    8. also BT contact sync, on other devices (sledges, 14:42:54)
    9. one more tablet ported: samsung Galaxy tab2 (sledges, 14:43:11)
    10. https://twitter.com/AdeenShukla/status/719028543070449668 (sledges, 14:43:23)
    11. community pootle has successfully finished internal+first community tests and passed translated strings into 2.0.2 update; thanks all! now working on mass-rollout \o/ (sledges, 14:44:12)
    12. Community pootle is not yet open to everyone, but will be in very near future (stephg, 14:46:12)

  8. Wrap up, and next meeting (5 minutes) (stephg, 14:46:48)

Meeting ended at 15:00:50 UTC (full logs).

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