#sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 9th September 2021

Meeting started by sledges at 07:00:08 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Meeting information and agenda can be found here: (sledges, 07:00:15)
    2. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-9th-september-2021/7768 (sledges, 07:00:19)

  1. Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info (sledges, 07:00:35)
    1. Simonas Leleiva -- privateer for Jolla (sledges, 07:00:59)
    2. Nico, community (Nico, 07:01:03)
    3. Ville Nummela - sailor@Jolla (ViGe, 07:01:05)
    4. Björn Bidar - sailor @ Jolla (Thaodan, 07:01:10)
    5. Rolf Eike Beer - community (Dakon, 07:01:19)
    6. Joona Petrell - sailor @ Jolla (jpetrell, 07:01:21)
    7. Otto Mäkelä - community (ExTechOp, 07:01:21)
    8. Dimitar Dobrev - community (ddobrev, 07:01:57)
    9. meegouser, Community (meegouser, 07:02:07)
    10. fridlmue - community (fridl, 07:03:36)
    11. David Greaves - sailor @ Jolla (lbt, 07:04:38)
    12. David Llewellyn-Jones - sailor @ Jolla (flypig, 07:05:26)

  2. Is mpris usage [API] going to be allowed in the official store soon? (referencing podqast) (5 min -- asked by thigg) (sledges, 07:06:13)
    1. <Jolla> MPRIS API is being maturized for inclusion in the official API selection, but the target release is not yet certain. If you are technical you can follow the progress in Github even help provide review feedback to get it matured faster. (sledges, 07:06:34)
    2. https://github.com/sailfishos/qtmpris/pull/1 (sledges, 07:06:46)

  3. "Always on" option (5 min -- asked by bfd_fr) (sledges, 07:09:05)
    1. <bfd_fr> Some applications require the device to stay always on, not going into dark mode and lock screen, especially GPS/routing applications. Is it possible to add an "always on" button in the top menu? (sledges, 07:09:15)
    2. <Jolla> Community correctly answered that apps should take care of that themselves (and it already works fine in App Support like Google Maps), for native apps use: (sledges, 07:09:59)
    3. https://sailfishos.org/develop/docs/nemo-qml-plugins-keepalive/ (sledges, 07:10:05)
    4. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-19th-august-2021/7534/7 (sledges, 07:10:16)
    5. Damien Caliste, community (dcaliste, 07:11:53)

  4. Xperia 10 II headset microphone (5 min -- asked by bfd_fr) (sledges, 07:15:09)
    1. <bfd_fr> On Xperia 10ii, the current OS version mentions that it is no possible to use a headset with a microphone on the jack connector. This is a huge annoyance, could you please fix is soon? Alternatively or additionally, can we connect a headset with microphone on the USB-C plug? (sledges, 07:15:15)
    2. <Jolla> Headset's microphone is fixed in the next SFOS release (4.2.0) (sledges, 07:15:27)

  5. Is there a list of officially supported Bluetooth devices? (10 min -- asked by bfd_fr) (sledges, 07:25:54)
    1. <Jolla> There are no officially supported Bluetooth devices, but there could be a wiki page where supported devices were documented. The support varies between devices (e.g. due to the adaptation version differences between old and new devices) so the support page should probably form a table instead of a list. (sledges, 07:26:54)

  6. Support for easily installing Google Play Services (20 min -- asked by ddobrev) (sledges, 07:38:52)
    1. <ddobrev> Unfortunately, many applications depend on Google Play Services. Even if we as individual users don't particularly like such, they're often forced upon us by others. This is why it's crucial that Sailfish supports them. I'm aware of the legal obstructions, but I have some thoughts that I think can lead to a both safe and useful solution. (sledges, 07:39:06)
    2. <Jolla> There are hooks to a script when starting App Support to e.g. add extra mounts to /system partition, however we would strongly discourage using GMS as that defeats the purpose of using Sailfish OS. Naturally, we cannot provide further extensions to facilitate this. We encourage to use MicroG: (sledges, 07:39:24)
    3. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/alternative-to-google-services-and-signature-spoofing/1728 (sledges, 07:39:44)
    4. <Jolla> P. S.: there have been notions that Google Maps cannot run without GMS or MicroG. That is not true: Google Maps runs just fine without Google Play Services and without MicroG, as opposed to this video (which is still very useful for installing MicroG): (sledges, 07:39:56)
    5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K05m3EJJ9A (sledges, 07:40:04)
    6. https://www.genymotion.com/ (ddobrev, 07:54:52)
    7. ddobrev's proposal to Jolla, in case MicroG is unsatifactory (sledges, 07:55:59)
    8. <ddobrev> Add whatever infrastructue is necessary beneath so that we have the equivalent of drag-dropping the package in Genymotion. (sledges, 07:56:03)
    9. https://www.genymotion.com (sledges, 07:56:14)

  7. JTAG access to Jolla1 storage (5 min -- asked by Dakon) (sledges, 08:02:15)
    1. <Dakon> as my initial attempt did not result in any useful information (sledges, 08:03:05)
    2. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-24th-june-2021/6707/10 (sledges, 08:03:10)
    3. <Dakon> here a more detailed question: please tell me which connectors allow JTAG access to the internal storage of a Jolla 1, and which adapter/settings/etc. is needed to download the eMMC contents. (sledges, 08:03:17)
    4. <Jolla> Jolla 1 support has been discontinued. The problem is that we really shouldn't spend any time on products that are out of support as we have enough work in supporting the fleet of devices we continue to push out software for, and the new ones we want to bring out. (sledges, 08:03:31)
    5. <Jolla> For example in this case a competent engineer would be digging the relevant bits of the specs and that requires effort that is instead needed on their other developments. (sledges, 08:03:42)
    6. <Jolla> We also can't just share or publish the whole specs as they may be under NDA, and at minimum we would need to dig out relevant docs and have legal check on if we can share them or not. (sledges, 08:03:52)
    7. <Jolla> At some point of product's life manufacturer will have to cut the product out of support and that's what we have done with Jolla 1. That unfortunately means that we will not be spending effort to find answers to difficult questions and as these are very detailed questions near to HW, we can't unfortunately now provide you with satisfactory answers. (sledges, 08:04:08)

  8. VoLTE update (5 min -- asked by marxistvegan) (sledges, 08:17:23)
    1. <marxistvegan> It has been discussed that VoLTE is in the works, just want to get an update on the development. (sledges, 08:17:26)
    2. <Jolla> We are progressing slowly, but there is no news to share at this point. Stay tuned. (sledges, 08:17:31)

  9. General discussion (15 min) (sledges, 08:21:41)
    1. https://twitter.com/JollaHQ/status/1435882933991219204 (sledges, 08:32:50)
    2. https://github.com/sailfishos/sailfish-browser/pull/905 (sledges, 08:35:11)
    3. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/vpn-credentials-lost-when-switching-networks/6307/2 (sledges, 08:36:18)
    4. slow browser tabs: (sledges, 08:36:30)
    5. https://matrix.neko.dev/_matrix/media/r0/download/neko.dev/gvEaWkiDlNTvtUPPAbMrCKJt (sledges, 08:36:32)
    6. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/4-2-0-19-browser-tabs-page-opens-very-slowly-with-hundreds-of-tabs/7859 (sledges, 08:37:22)

  10. Next meeting time and date (5 min) (sledges, 08:43:56)
    1. Next meeting will be held on Thursday 30th September 2021 at 7:00am UTC: 2021-09-30T07Z (sledges, 08:50:43)

Meeting ended at 08:50:51 UTC (full logs).

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