#sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 17th February 2022

Meeting started by flypig at 08:00:40 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Meeting information and agenda can be found here: (flypig, 08:00:49)
    2. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-17th-february-2022/10181 (flypig, 08:00:54)

  1. Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info (flypig, 08:01:08)
    1. Otto Mäkelä, community (ExTechOp, 08:01:12)
    2. David Llewellyn-Jones, sailor@jolla (flypig, 08:01:32)
    3. pherjung, community (pherjung, 08:01:39)
    4. attah, community (attah, 08:01:45)
    5. Ville Nummela, Sailor@Jolla (ViGe, 08:02:07)
    6. fridlmue, community (fridlmue, 08:02:20)
    7. Pami Ketolainen, Sailor@Jolla (Keto, 08:02:27)
    8. Nikita/TheKit, Sailor@Jolla :) (TheKit[m], 08:05:27)

  2. Calculation of minimum SFOS version in Store/Harbour (15 min -- asked by attah) (flypig, 08:06:51)
    1. <attah> Continued from the discussion on the forum. (flypig, 08:07:00)
    2. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/apps-that-havent-been-ported-to-aarch64-store/7331/67?u=attah (flypig, 08:07:04)
    3. <attah> Adding aarch64 packages limits the minimum SFOS version to 3.4 for the other architectures too. (flypig, 08:07:11)
    4. <attah> Ideally the minimum versions should be specific to each architecture determined by applying whatever magic to the individual packages. (flypig, 08:07:16)
    5. <attah> From last time the question was brought up it sounded like that was hard to do with the current Harbour architecture. (flypig, 08:07:21)
    6. <attah> So i would like to ask if it is possible to not count the aarch64 package in current checks - since getting 3.4 as minimum version is just as wrong as 2.0 anyway. (flypig, 08:07:28)
    7. <attah> Many nice apps are missing for aarch64 due to this. (flypig, 08:07:32)
    8. <Jolla> Thank you for raising this attah. There's been a lot of earlier discussion about this internally, and it was useful to be prompted again to review it. (flypig, 08:08:27)
    9. <Jolla> The Hourbour Masters have taken another look at the backend Store code, and have found a way to accommodate all of the requirements. (flypig, 08:08:34)
    10. <Jolla> The changes have been deployed, so you can now already upload aarch64 binaries without blocking armv7hl binaries with support for Sailfish OS releases earlier than 3.4.0. (flypig, 08:08:40)
    11. <Jolla> If you run into any difficulties with the version detection, please let us know. (flypig, 08:08:47)
    12. <Jolla> This is also a good opportunity to remind users that only the latest Sailfish OS release (4.3.0 as of today) is supported and receives updates from Jolla. (flypig, 08:08:52)
    13. <Jolla> Older releases may be vulnerable to security issues which have been fixed in the latest release. (flypig, 08:08:55)

  3. Small/low screen mode for the longphones (15 min -- asked by attah) (flypig, 08:19:57)
    1. <attah> Continued from the discussion on the forum. (flypig, 08:20:01)
    2. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/small-screen-or-double-screen-for-the-long-models/6310?u=attah (flypig, 08:20:05)
    3. <attah> Would it be possible to get a cropped display mode on the longphones? 16:9 would be especially relevant and should work out of the box with apps and UI. (flypig, 08:20:10)
    4. <attah> Use-cases include better one-handed usability, producing screenshots in the correct aspect ratio for Harbour, and adapting to possible future video output (Xperia 10 III). (flypig, 08:20:14)
    5. <Jolla> Good idea, although we cannot really give roadmap promises for such new features. (flypig, 08:20:34)
    6. <Jolla> Technically it is definitely possible, although it would require changes to closed-source UI packages like the homescreen so e.g. external contribution is not really possible. (flypig, 08:20:40)
    7. <Jolla> When working with the feature phone proof-of-concept we have had versions of the homescreen draw the system UI and apps in a smaller area (and e.g. with a virtual phone keypad below). (flypig, 08:20:46)
    8. <Jolla> Productisation naturally requires a different level of effort, e.g. to do this in an architecturally maintainable way. (flypig, 08:20:51)
    9. https://github.com/mer-hybris/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin/pull/93 (flypig, 08:22:55)

  4. Duplex Telegram bridge for #saiilfishos-meeting (5 mins -- asked by flypig) (flypig, 08:40:37)
    1. <flypig> During the last meeting we discussed how we could improve the community meetings. (flypig, 08:40:47)
    2. <flypig> A nice suggestion from pherjung was to make full participation possible via Thaodan's Telegram bridge, which is currently read-only. (flypig, 08:40:53)
    3. https://irclogs.sailfishos.org/meetings/sailfishos-meeting/2022/sailfishos-meeting.2022-02-03-08.00.log.html#l-24 (flypig, 08:40:59)
    4. https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFcbasJX67Fu-aGxxQ (flypig, 08:41:02)
    5. <flypig> We said we'd look into it, and this will be our chance to give an update. (flypig, 08:41:07)
    6. https://irclogs.sailfishos.org/meetings/sailfishos-meeting/2022/sailfishos-meeting.2022-02-03-08.00.log.html#l-74 (flypig, 08:41:13)
    7. <Jolla> We looked further into what's needed to provide full-duplex support for Thaodan's Telegram bridge. (flypig, 08:41:30)
    8. <Jolla> We concluded that meetbot would need updating to interpret the <user> prefixes sent by the bridge. (flypig, 08:41:35)
    9. <Jolla> Since the user assigned to the bridge can change, we've not yet decided how to tackle the issue of impersonation. (flypig, 08:41:41)
    10. <Jolla> We plan to look at this further in the coming weeks and try to get something sorted by the end of May. (flypig, 08:41:47)
    11. <Jolla> Either way, we'll set a deadline to give a further update at the 31st March meeting. (flypig, 08:41:52)
    12. <Jolla> The meetbot code is open source python, so if anyone from the community wants to help with the update, let us know. (flypig, 08:41:56)
    13. https://github.com/emonty/meetbot (flypig, 08:41:59)
    14. Meetbot runs Limnoria, the initial idea is to see if a event filter plugin can be implemented that does some conversion on the messages coming from the bridge. (flypig, 08:47:31)
    15. https://limnoria.net/ (flypig, 08:47:38)
    16. Jolla's meetbout source is https://github.com/keto/meetbot (flypig, 08:48:26)
    17. https://github.com/keto/meetbot (flypig, 08:48:32)
    18. Ask Keto for more info if you'd like to help. (flypig, 08:50:23)
    19. pherjung will create a topic on the forum about the IRC-Telegram bridge update. (flypig, 08:52:43)

  5. General discussion (20 min) (flypig, 08:52:56)
    1. PSA from piggz: chum for version finished building overnight (flypig, 08:54:26)
    2. pherjung created a topic for discussion of the Telegram-IRC bridge update (flypig, 09:05:17)
    3. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/update-meetbot-to-provide-full-duplex-support-between-telegram-and-irc/10331 (flypig, 09:05:20)
    4. List of open PRs to all sailfishos (organization) projects (flypig, 09:14:23)
    5. https://github.com/pulls?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Apr+user%3Asailfishos (flypig, 09:14:25)
    6. List of PRs that recently got merged (flypig, 09:15:14)
    7. https://github.com/pulls?q=is%3Aclosed+is%3Apr+user%3Asailfishos+ (flypig, 09:15:16)

  6. Next meeting time and date (5 min) (flypig, 09:17:30)
    1. Next meeting will be held on Thursday 3rd March 2022 at 08:00am UTC: 2022-03-03T0800Z (flypig, 09:19:00)

Meeting ended at 09:19:11 UTC (full logs).

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  2. attah (40)
  3. pherjung (12)
  4. Keto (12)
  5. piggz (11)
  6. ExTechOp (6)
  7. ViGe (6)
  8. fridlmue (6)
  9. TheKit[m] (6)
  10. Thaodan (4)
  11. sailbot (2)

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