#sailfishos-meeting: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 26th May 2022

Meeting started by flypig at 07:00:29 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

    1. Meeting information and agenda can be found here: (flypig, 07:00:40)
    2. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-26th-may-2022/11458 (flypig, 07:00:43)

  1. Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info (flypig, 07:00:56)
    1. David Llewellyn-Jones - sailor @ jolla (flypig, 07:01:33)
    2. nephros, - Community bilge rat externimator (nephros, 07:01:39)
    3. piggz community porter/dev (piggz, 07:01:52)
    4. David Greaves - sailor and infra guy (lbt, 07:01:54)
    5. fridlmue - community (fridl, 07:02:00)
    6. attah - community, killer of trees (attah, 07:02:10)
    7. Fabio Isgrò aka @dr_gogeta86 - enthusiast (gogeta_, 07:04:07)
    8. Björn Bidar - Sailor @ Jolla (Thaodan, 07:04:08)
    9. pherjung, community (pherjung, 07:04:21)

  2. Bug roundup (10 minutes -- asked by pherjung) (flypig, 07:05:39)
    1. <pherjung> A summary of the amazing bug-herding work of the Community Bug Coordination team over the last fortnight. (flypig, 07:05:44)
    2. <Jolla> With thanks again to the amazing work of the Community Bug Coordination Team. These have been tagged as "tracked" (some just missing the tag; most have new internal bug reports): (flypig, 07:06:00)
    3. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/selection-text-in-stock-browser-on-xa2-sailfish-4-0-1-45/4674 (flypig, 07:06:10)
    4. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/qml-mediaplayer-playbackrate-not-wired-up-correctly/6165 (flypig, 07:06:13)
    5. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/unable-to-use-virtual-keyboard-in-citrix-workspace-android/7008 (flypig, 07:06:17)
    6. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/qml-label-dispays-images-with-a-blue-ish-tint/8818 (flypig, 07:06:20)
    7. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/camera-just-closing-without-any-notifications-if-no-free-space/10864 (flypig, 07:06:23)
    8. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/loss-of-static-ip-configuration-in-wifi-setting/10937 (flypig, 07:06:25)
    9. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/shift-and-control-keys-dont-work-on-bluetooth-keyboard-when-on-android/1669 (flypig, 07:06:29)
    10. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/email-sort-status-reverts-to-time/8786 (flypig, 07:06:32)
    11. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/unknown-audio-sink-device-usbaudio/11420 (flypig, 07:06:35)
    12. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/call-history-of-a-contact-shows-wrong-attributes/8916 (flypig, 07:06:38)
    13. <Jolla> These have been tagged as "fixed": (flypig, 07:06:43)
    14. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/index-for-media-files-documents-not-updating-xperia10-ii-4-1-0-23/6328 (flypig, 07:06:47)
    15. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/wrong-service-provider-settings-for-fello-sweden/11329 (flypig, 07:06:49)
    16. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/wifi-login-via-captive-portal-fails-deutsche-bahn/10147 (flypig, 07:06:52)
    17. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/error-in-documentation-for-dbus-api/10313 (flypig, 07:06:54)
    18. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/cannot-proceed-ikea-free-wifi-agreement-page-captive-portal/10417 (flypig, 07:06:57)
    19. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/4-4-ea-captive-portal-is-now-broken/10732 (flypig, 07:07:00)
    20. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/missed-call-led-notification-only-shown-once/9908 (flypig, 07:07:03)
    21. <Jolla> The team are also creating a page in the official docs to detail the process. Through the team's work there are seven bugs now marked as fixed and a further nine internal bug reports lodged. (flypig, 07:07:09)
    22. <Jolla> Great work and thank you again. (flypig, 07:07:15)

  3. OBS statistics (10 minutes -- asked by flypig) (flypig, 07:10:02)
    1. <flypig> We had a couple of actions from the last meeting. lbt and piggz offered to collect Community OBS stats and share them here. (flypig, 07:10:06)
    2. <Jolla> Since lbt had a busy fortnight he wasn't able to collect anything yet, but we did get some solid details from piggz, olf and nephros:- (flypig, 07:10:47)
    3. <Jolla> Chum contains 216 packages build for 10 releases over 3 architectures. (flypig, 07:10:56)
    4. <Jolla> The aarch64 repository contains 622 unique packages. (flypig, 07:10:59)
    5. <Jolla> 62 github repos have been created for abandoned apps and linux tools. (flypig, 07:11:03)
    6. <Jolla> The nemo:devl:hw project contains 102 device ports (of varying degrees of activity). (flypig, 07:11:07)
    7. <Jolla> Chum is used for several "critical" Sailfish packages, such as Storeman. (flypig, 07:11:11)
    8. <Jolla> There's much more detail on olf's nice summary. (flypig, 07:11:16)
    9. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/community-meeting-on-irc-26th-may-2022/11458/13 (flypig, 07:11:24)
    10. <piggz> stats have increased to 222 packages since that was written (flypig, 07:12:35)
    11. Simonas Leleiva late for the party with apologies:) (sledges, 07:15:40)
    12. <piggz> re no news is good news, if there wasa statement that said "we have no plans to decomission obs", then it might be better than the current status of, "it could go at any time after may 2022" ;) (flypig, 07:19:54)

  4. Open sourcing VoLTE implementation (10 minutes -- asked by rinigus) (flypig, 07:30:31)
    1. <rinigus> VoLTE support packages - modem_auto_config and ofono-vendor-qti-radio-plugin - have proprietary license. (flypig, 07:30:40)
    2. <rinigus> Does Jolla plan to release the code? If you do, please be specific with the time frame, as we have heard about many plans for open sourcing, but none of them worked out. (flypig, 07:30:49)
    3. <rinigus> So, without specific time frame, you may as well reply as "no, we don't have any plans and would keep it closed source". (flypig, 07:30:57)
    4. https://forum.sailfishos.org/t/beta-volte-on-the-xperia-10-iii-disabled-by-default/11492/37 (flypig, 07:31:05)
    5. <Jolla> As I hope we've been clear about, the VoLTE packages are beta and so still being worked on. (flypig, 07:31:31)
    6. <Jolla> There are questions remaining about whether we'll be able to open source the entire stack; the question depends in part on where the boundary between device-specific and generic functionality lies. (flypig, 07:31:40)
    7. <Jolla> This is an architectural question, but because the implementation is still in flux, it's not one we can answer today, nor can we put a timeframe on it. (flypig, 07:31:52)
    8. <Jolla> We'll go into a bit more detail, because there are different community members with different needs interested in this. (flypig, 07:32:01)
    9. <Jolla> The VoLTE stack is made up of multiple components. This is the current status of these components, starting from the levels closest to the metal and moving upwards towards the UI. (flypig, 07:32:09)
    10. <Jolla> 1. Hardware adaptation: Sony proprietary, we don't know of any plans for it to be made open source. (flypig, 07:32:17)
    11. <Jolla> 2. modem_auto_config: currently closed source, Jolla proprietary. (flypig, 07:32:35)
    12. <Jolla> 3. ofono-vendor-qti-radio-plugin: currently closed source, Jolla proprietary. (flypig, 07:32:41)
    13. <Jolla> 4. ofono-modem-switcher: currently closed source, Jolla proprietary, Xpeia 10 II only. (flypig, 07:32:46)
    14. <Jolla> 5. libgbinder-radio: open source (flypig, 07:32:53)
    15. https://github.com/mer-hybris/libgbinder-radio/ (flypig, 07:32:56)
    16. <Jolla> 6. ofono-binder-plugin: open source (flypig, 07:33:00)
    17. https://github.com/mer-hybris/ofono-binder-plugin (flypig, 07:33:03)
    18. <Jolla> 7. ofono: open source (flypig, 07:33:06)
    19. https://github.com/sailfishos/ofono/ (flypig, 07:33:09)
    20. <Jolla> 8. libqofono: open source (flypig, 07:33:12)
    21. https://github.com/sailfishos/libqofono (flypig, 07:33:15)
    22. <Jolla> Currently 2, 3 and 4 are closed source. These are the pieces that are likely to be device-specific, or have elements that are device-specific. These will be released in binary form to the hw:common repositories for use by porters. (flypig, 07:33:36)
    23. <Jolla> Whether these will be made open source is not yet known. Because of the early stage things are at, it still depends on many factors. (flypig, 07:33:43)
    24. <Jolla> It's worth reiterating that different devices are likely to require different implementations of some of these components. (flypig, 07:33:49)
    25. <Jolla> Finally, slava has made available an ofono-binder-plugin-ext-sample, aimed at helping developers create ofono-binder-plugin extensions for different hardware. (flypig, 07:33:58)
    26. <Jolla> However we very strongly urge porters to be patient and await the release of 2, 3 and 4 to hw:common before developing any alternative implementations. (flypig, 07:34:05)
    27. <Jolla> The timescale for the release of 2, 3 and 4 to hw:common will be after the release of VoLTE for the Xperia 10 II. (flypig, 07:34:10)
    28. <Jolla> All of this is subject to change. (flypig, 07:34:18)
    29. https://github.com/monich/ofono-binder-plugin-ext-sample (flypig, 07:34:20)
    30. Correction for point 4. ofono-modem-switcher is yet so far only used for the Xperia 10 II. (Thaodan, 07:46:35)

  5. The future (15 minutes -- asked by attah) (flypig, 07:49:07)
    1. <attah> How is the ownership situation progressing? (flypig, 07:49:13)
    2. <attah> I think i speak for the entire community when i say that i hope it gets a speedy resolution with stable and interested ownership. (flypig, 07:49:19)
    3. <attah> Similarly; is there anything you can share on the "engineering effort" that started recently? (flypig, 07:49:28)
    4. <Jolla> So far the Rostelecom representatives have resigned from the Board of directors. In addition the share arrangement discussions are at an advanced stage, the solution may be found even with domestic forces. (flypig, 07:49:44)
    5. <Jolla> We will provide more information as soon as we can. (flypig, 07:49:49)
    6. https://nlnet.nl/ (attah, 08:02:41)
    7. attah [nlnet] is a foundation, out of NL presumably, that funds open-source initiatives (flypig, 08:03:01)

  6. General discussion (15 min) (flypig, 08:05:04)
    1. https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/articles/SX669701 (Nico, 08:10:00)
    2. <Nico> [this link] is a description of how to enable VoLTE on Android on specific sony devices with a list of what devices it applies to (flypig, 08:12:23)
    3. https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/articles/SX669701 (flypig, 08:12:35)
    4. And similar info for older devices. (flypig, 08:15:21)
    5. https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/articles/SX589301 (flypig, 08:15:22)
    6. https://github.com/sailfishos-patches/patchmanager/blob/master/rpm/patchmanager.spec#L169 (nephros, 08:17:53)
    7. <nephros> [concerning sharing] in patchmanager we use a general whitelist file in /etc/firejail for stuff in /tmp (flypig, 08:18:39)

  7. Next meeting time and date (5 min) (flypig, 08:21:00)
    1. Next meeting will be held on Thursday 9th June 2022 at 07:00am UTC: 2022-06-09T0700Z (flypig, 08:22:29)

Meeting ended at 08:23:02 UTC (full logs).

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