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sledges#startmeeting Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 11th March 202108:00
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ExTechOpGood Morning!08:00
sledges#info Meeting information and agenda can be found here:08:00
sledgesI am the meeting's chairperson today, and will be doing my best to keep time and order. Please, Austin, behave.08:00
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sledges#topic Brief introduction (5 min). Please prefix your name/handle with #info08:00
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sledges#info Simonas Leleiva -- privateer for Jolla08:00
ExTechOp#info Otto Mäkelä -- community08:01
rubdos[ma]#info Ruben De Smet -- community08:01
karry#info Lukáš Karas - community, developer08:01
ViGe_#info Ville Nummela -- sailor@Jolla08:01
santhoshm#info Santhosh Manikandan - community08:02
flypig#info David Llewellyn-Jones - sailor@jolla08:02
xylobol[m]#info Daniel Vinci -- community, probable future developer08:02
abranson_#info Andrew Branson - sailor @ Jolla08:02
UKSteveE#info SteveE Uk user08:02
Setok#info Krisroffer Lawson -- user, ex founder of Solu & CEO & attractive.ai08:03
sledgeswelcome one and all, nice to see new nicknames!08:03
sledgeshmm thigg is not around (yet they promised to show up this time for the repetition of the topic)08:05
jpetrell#info Joona Petrell - Sailor@Jolla08:05
sledgeswe'd like to hear his thought first hand, so will swap the order of topics, Setok you're next :)08:05
sledges#topic Status of Sailfish X (10 min -- asked by Setok)08:06
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sledges#info <Setok> No new device support has been announced in well over a year with currently supported devices ageing and mostly unavailable in shops. Jolla’s main page does not link to Sailfish X. Is it now considered to be in maintenance mode or is the plan still to develop it (for e.g. Xperia 10 ii)?08:06
sledges#info <Jolla> Sailfish X is alive and well. We also noticed Jolla’s main page lacks link to Sailfish X, we are planning to add one there soon.08:06
sledges#info <Jolla> Regarding Xperia 10 II, we’re looking into broadening the supported Sailfish OS hardware selection and into enabling this product to the officially supported products.08:07
sledges#info <Jolla> However, please bear in mind that for now we can’t promise any schedule for it and should you choose to obtain this hardware it shall be your decision at risk. Thank you keeping this clear in mind!08:07
SetokIs Sailfish X still of strategic interest for Jolla, so it will continue to be developed in the future?08:07
sledgesfor now we're doing as much as we can to better the experience of current devices: please look forward to a nice fix addressing random reboots on Xperia 10 in the next release \o/08:09
* rubdos[ma] reacts with a 🎉 emoji08:09
rubdos[ma]Any future for non-Sony devices, is there any discussion on that?08:11
SetokThat's good to hear. Perhaps you can share some info about the current state of Xperia 10 II (or any other device), is it actively being developed (I understand the time isn't known) or just something that you are exploring?08:11
rubdos[ma](Probably a far fetched question at this point...)08:11
ExTechOpI was just going to ask, are there any details of future hardware support that could be released?08:11
xylobol[m]<rubdos[ma] "Any future for non-Sony devices,"> I've been thinking of attempting a port to the Pixel 4, although that obviously wouldn't be official08:11
ApBBBSetok they are fixing the camera and sorting the other bugs. you can see it happening in various git branches08:11
SetokApBBB: yeah I can see that. Though it was stated this might be just Android 10 support work. I'd be keen to hear if Sailfish X is actively being developed for future decices or more of a backburner type of thing08:13
Setok(I understand the real business may be in Sailfish business partners, rather than Sailfish X, so X might be more of an internal hobby)08:14
jpetrellthe need for Sailfish X hasn't gone away. while we don't develop devices like Jolla 1 ourselves anymore, we need to have developer devices available for community, customer evaluations, internal development, etc.08:14
Setok(Good also to hear X will gain a link from the front page, showing it's at least of some importance :) )08:15
xylobol[m]speaking of the links, could do with some more information on it08:15
xylobol[m]doesn't link to support or Sailfish X08:16
jpetrellyeah true08:16
Setokjpetrell: that's good to hear. I've been looking to get back into Sailfish (have a Jolla 1), but would probably only want to jump onto a shiny new Xperia 10ii (or similar newer device) which are now available at good prices :D08:17
xylobol[m]I was recently able to get an XA2 Ultra for around $100 used on eBay, thing's a trooper08:17
xylobol[m]been thinking of getting a 10ii for if/when SFX is released for it08:18
UKSteveEjpetrell: so if Sailfish X is just for development devive use, evaluations and internal development does that mean you are not focussing on consumers who just want to use Sailfish?08:18
ApBBBthose phones are not the best fit for sailfish :/08:18
ExTechOpxylobol[m] I also use a XA2 Ultra, I chose it because of the battery size :-)08:19
SetokFor Jolla folks I do want to say it's great there is a 3rd option which hopefully will grow. iPhones are fine for what they are, but I really can't get along with Android... got a stash of Android phones as travel phones and I would prefer to switch to something else :P Always enjoyed SF more08:19
xylobol[m]<ExTechOp "xylobol I also use a XA2 Ultra, "> yeah I love the thing, particularly the SD card slot (put a 256GB SD card in there, enough to carry my entire FLAC library with me)08:19
flypigNice to hear Setok; I share your feelings :)08:20
abranson_It's the only one of the three that actually lets you own your phone ;)08:21
SetokPerhaps that ties into UKSteveE's concern: are you still hoping to get new consumers onto SF as well, or just developer types?08:21
ApBBByou cant have general consumers at the curent state of SFOS. (app etc). it is more targeted at the more techy users08:23
jpetrellUKSteveE: yes, the business focus is not on consumer side but more towards corporate customers. but the good thing is that both want security, smooth connectivity, good browser, etc. and many of us are both personal and work phone users08:23
xylobol[m]both also want VoLTE ;)08:23
SetokIt's a valid question because while I get the privacy/hackability stuff on SF, it's actually the unique UX which interests me most :) It's much nicer to use than Android08:24
ApBBBfor most the cool UI matters little if he cant use the apps they need08:25
UKSteveEApBBB: but the current state of SF is, what, seven years in development and you're saying its still nit usable? ?08:25
sledgesSetok: community porters can already build a (limited) image for x10ii and other android10 phones, and here's the status:
ApBBBUKSteveE depends on what you want to do with it.08:26
ApBBBis for me that i don't use facebook insta or other stuff like that its perfectly usable. all i miss is a matrix client08:26
ApBBBbut i am not the typical smartphone user08:26
ExTechOpApBBB I doubt any of us are :-/08:27
ApBBBie if you cant run the companion app for you new gadget (which you can on android or ios) the phone is useless08:27
SetokApBBB: sure, which is why Android support is key, and hopefully an ever evolving Jolla store. Some users are willing to lose some apps for an overall better experience. For many usecases the basic set of apps are enough (I have one friend who just uses a SF Sony with no hacking and only 1-2 Android apps)08:27
xylobol[m]Alien Dalvik has been managing to hold me over as far as Matrix and Instagram go but I'd like native clients that work with the SFOS UX08:27
Setok2nd phone use cases are also easily covered by a basic set of apps08:28
Setoksledges: thanks, yeah, I saw that. That's probably what got most people excited :)08:28
UKSteveEi ApBBB True, I use it everyday, but not as my maon phone as there are too many bits that don't work properly. but its not yet good enough to use as an only phone.08:28
sledgesSetok: just answering on adaptation status then:)08:28
ViGe_ApBBB: That's why you only buy gadgets which are have Sailfish companion apps :-P08:28
sledgeslet's move to the next topic, as much as we wait for thigg, they're not showing up, so we'll just slide through08:29
SetokOK, thanks for taking the extra time on this08:29
sledgesgood talk!08:29
ApBBBViGe_ that will save me quite a few euro :P08:29
sledges#topic QtMediaPlayer, change audiosspeed with pitch compensation (10 min -- asked by thigg)08:29
*** sailbot changes topic to "QtMediaPlayer, change audiosspeed with pitch compensation (10 min -- asked by thigg) (Meeting topic: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 11th March 2021)"08:29
sledges#info <thigg> When playing audiobooks or podcasts people like to change the playback speed. Currently the mediaplayer allows adjusting the speed but it has no pitch compensation. Thus the speakers are pitched higher/lower. Gstreamer has plugins that can be put into the pipeline which do this, but the gstreamer pipeline is only modifyable after QT5.12.08:29
sledges#info <thigg> Are workarounds possible? Is it planned to add some kind of feature that allows this easily?08:30
sledges#info <Jolla> As we said last week, we have no plans to implement anything like this right now. However, maybe it's possible to modify QtMultimedia to include a suitable plugin while avoiding backporting upstream changes.08:30
xylobol[m]just to make sure that I'm understanding correctly, the reason that the Qt version hasn't been bumped in a while is licensing?08:32
flypigxylobol[m], I think that was covered in the last meeting, it's probably best to review the logs from there.08:36
sledgeslast meeting we discussed Qt versions, and it's on the roadmap but no firm schedule08:36
karryIt should be possible from c++ code, right? (building gst pipeline "manually"), what is preventing you to add small custom QML component?08:38
sledgesthat's what we also suggested last time (a plugin, for QML-only apps)08:39
sledgeslet's hope thigg will comment in the problem post08:40
abranson_Was he suggesting adding a pitch adjustment element to the pipeline? could that be something that is always there, but doesn't do much until it's set to change the pitch on seek?08:40
sledgesthanks for chipping in, karry! Let's move it to general discussion08:41
sledges#topic General Discussion (30 min)08:41
*** sailbot changes topic to "General Discussion (30 min) (Meeting topic: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 11th March 2021)"08:41
xylobol[m]any chances of an official launch of Sailfish X in the States?08:42
ApBBBsince we are in GD i have a question about future SFOS development. Has anyone looked into integratind the systemd-homed stuff and pipewire?08:42
ApBBBsystemd will probably make some things like backup, transfers to new phones etc easier and pipewire seems to solve quite a few audio issues plus video issues.08:43
ExTechOpApBBB I will admit I'm not a fan of systemd08:43
rubdos[ma]pipewire, at this point, seems to have quite some rough edges currently in my experience. But it's probably "necessary" at some point, since it's there to stay and the rough edges will be gone at a point.08:45
rubdos[ma]Would be interested to hear from Jolla on this nevertheless, because it's the same book as all the other "outdated" things.08:46
ApBBBrubdos[ma] on a desktop many use the pulse layer for compatibility and it works. (minus a few bugs here and there). on a phone it will probably be more complex08:47
xylobol[m]what issues have you had with pipewire?08:47
ApBBBidealy we would have sfos natively use pipewire but that probably need to go through Qt08:47
xylobol[m]oh, as a side note, I need to file a bug report for this, but audio on the XA2 Ultra freaks out when system audio (e.g. notification chime, keyboard noises) are played over an Android app's audio08:48
rubdos[ma]Locked up a few times on me, doesn't seem to have a memory of the preferred outputs. PulseEffects seemed to trigger some lock up too, but they all seem debuggable and fixable things.08:48
xylobol[m]I encountered this in a voice call using Jitsi Meet for Android the other day08:48
xylobol[m]some experimentation determined it to be system audio08:48
ApBBBalso pipewire also makes it easier to create screen recorder apps and whatever. we need those on SFOS08:49
flypigxylobol[m], if you can consistently reproduce, it would be good if you could put a bug report on the forum, as you say.08:50
xylobol[m]I need to do some more research to see exactly what it is, I'm not totally confident08:50
flypigThe more info you can give, the better of course.08:51
xylobol[m]for now you can """reproduce""" by installing Jitsi Meet in Alien Dalvik then trying to do other things on the phone08:51
xylobol[m]the audio will get super choppy08:51
xylobol[m]you need to switch back to Jitsi and tap around for a minute to get it back to normal08:51
xylobol[m]sometimes it works fine, it's so strange08:51
xylobol[m]I'm going to try to put together a test using other Android apps as the only Android app I use that plays audio is Jitsi08:52
sledgesxylobol[m]: does it get choppy when UI animation is happening? I had this on GoToMeeting android app when pressing menu button that slides out a side pane08:52
xylobol[m]it seems to happen either way08:52
abranson_yeah I see that on whatsapp calls too, whenever the UI overlay appears after a tap08:53
sledgesany impressions while using SFOS4 for the last weeks? :)08:56
rubdos[ma]I like it.08:58
rubdos[ma]Most of it, at least.08:58
ExTechOpI've had a bit of issues with SFOS4 contact sync, as in, Google contacts have been missing but re-syncing has brought them back. This resembles an earlier SFOS3 bug where this happened on a regular basis, but this hasn't recurred.08:58
rubdos[ma]Some elements seem to have gone less Sailfishy (ie, buttons in the mail app, the notification bar is a bit... Androidy), but other than that I've been quite happy with it08:58
rubdos[ma]Also lost a few contacts, sadly :(08:59
xylobol[m]<sledges "any impressions while using SFOS"> I love it08:59
karrySFOS4 is nice update, it seems to me that "jailed" applications starts bit slowly, but not big deal...08:59
flypigExTechOp, I think that was expected: there were some changes that required an initial re-sync of contacts.08:59
xylobol[m]<karry "SFOS4 is nice update, it seems t"> this is pretty noticable09:00
flypigExTechOp, so hopefully shouldn't recur.09:00
UKSteveEThe OS itself is getting better slowly in 4 but the core apps not so.09:00
karry...And I have issue with account configuration:
SetokNo OS4 on Jolla 1, but the other week I went through the process of updating my Jolla 1 from 2.0 all the way to 3.4. Took me some time, but I got there! 4 looked really interesting in the pictures (tabs etc). Just waiting for a more recent device to run it on :)09:01
rubdos[ma]Oh and I love Firefox 60, it's so much faster.09:01
rubdos[ma](I even dare say so while Gabriel Margiani and I had so much time spent on getting ESR 60 to work with Whisperfish captchas...)09:01
sledgesrubdos[ma]: always need a bit of poison (Android) in any good recipe:))09:01
ApBBBslow is never good. SFOS already feels unresponsive in a way09:01
ExTechOpThe consistency of the user interface seems to still be a continuing issue, eg. the Settings / Accounts UI is still the same as it has been, where all the changes you make are immediately saved, as opposed to other places where you have to "accept" the changes you make.09:02
SetokOn a sidenote I'll say the Jolla calculator is still the best app ever. I really wish my iPhone had it :P ('digits' is a poor alternative)09:02
UKSteveEneed to concentrate also on simple system wide functionality like copy/ paste, share, etc. E.g still cant copy text from an email09:03
xylobol[m]<Setok "On a sidenote I'll say the Jolla"> chick in my engineering class yesterday was actually impressed by it09:03
Setokxylobol[m] <309:03
ExTechOpSetok It's a shame the RPNcalc app never got updated to newer SFOS :-/09:03
xylobol[m]on the other hand the guy behind me said "Sony still makes phones?!" so your mileage may vary09:03
sledgesUKSteveE: i can long press and select text in email view hmm09:04
ViGe_UKSteveE: What do you mean? Copying text from emails has been supported for quite a long time09:04
ApBBBBTW does SFOS has some kind of motion blur or something?09:05
ApBBBwhen scrolling on the browser or email?09:05
UKSteveEsledges: onlw way i can is to press repky and copy from the quoted text... drives me nuts!09:05
flypigkarry, I'd not seen your bug report before, but that's not normal behaviour. Not sure what would cause that I'm afraid.09:05
sledgesUKSteveE: which version are you on? that's very odd, WFM :09:05
UKSteveE4.0.1.48 or whatever09:06
ExTechOpWhen I went to a mobile phone repair shop to replace the battery on another phone, the guys there were intrigued by SFOS :-)09:06
ExTechOpUKStevE For me, copy from emails works.09:07
sledgesUKSteveE: it's been implemented in 3.4.0: "Text selection and copying from email messages implemented"09:07
flypigUKSteveE, does text selection work for you in the browser work?09:08
UKSteveEi can select text with s long press, but no copy button09:08
flypigIt should automatically copy when selected.09:09
sledgesUKSteveE: SFOS is a click-paste system like Linux:)09:09
UKSteveEflypig: hang on.....09:09
Setok<ExTechOp "guys there were intrigued by SFOS"> :) I think that's how the word can spread. My rekindled interest came from when the above-mentioned friend inherited his SF Sony phone and started using it. I had to grab it for a while to see how things had evolved and I was hooked again by the top menus, app view etc. It's just full of nice ideas09:09
karry@flypig I know, it seems that I am the only one with such issue... Debug packages for account library would help to investigate it, but I understand that you don't want to publish debugsource :-)09:09
UKSteveEflypig: browser, yes... i get a nice 'copief to clipboard' message...09:10
rubdos[ma]karry, you need to hold quite a long time on a word before it gets selected, like 3 or 5 seconds or so.09:10
rubdos[ma](wrong nick, should've been UKSteveE )09:11
UKSteveEmaybe its just tge message thats missing in email si i assimed it didnt work09:11
UKSteveEok, just tried in does work but no message to confirm09:13
ApBBBBTW the text selection on the email is not the most precise thing. its a bit hit or miss09:13
ExTechOpSo it's a bit like traditional X mouse copy-paste09:13
flypigkarry, that definitely needs to be looked at. It may be that you're just missing a package/file or something, but it'll need deeper investigation.09:14
sledgesthat or maybe tempt karry into "NDA is the way" just like Damien Caliste is doing:)09:14
sledgesfor contribs on closed source code09:14
flypigYeah, if karry's up for that, it would make it easier.09:15
sledgesokeydo! let's wrap up, thanks for your insightsfos4!09:16
sledges#topic Next meeting time and date (5 min)09:16
*** sailbot changes topic to "Next meeting time and date (5 min) (Meeting topic: Sailfish OS, open source, collaboration -- 11th March 2021)"09:16
sledgesProposing Thursday 25th March at 8am UTC09:16
karry@sledges I have no problem with it (if conditions are sane :-) )09:16
UKSteveEbits of sailfish like this are very non-intuitive as it works so differently to other mainstream phone os's. if you guys hadnt have told me about copy/paste, how would i have known? probably just gone on thinking it didnt work...09:16
flypigUKSteveE, I think this has always been the way SF worked, but it's understandable with email, since it didn't work like this for a long time.09:18
sledgeskarry: awesome! shoot me your contact info (via forum if you're ok with that)09:18
sledgesUKSteveE: it shows "copied to clipboard" message in email as well, so something's fishy:)09:19
ExTechOpsledges This time would work09:19
xylobol[m]these times are painful as an american09:19
xylobol[m]it's 2:30AM here in Denver09:19
xylobol[m] * it's 2:30AM here in Denver, Colorado09:20
sledgesExTechOp: great!09:20
flypigYou are truly dedicated!09:20
sledgesxylobol[m]: ouch sorry, we try to cater Australia as our sailor chriadam is often around:)09:20
sledgescan't brace the whole earth sadly:]09:20
xylobol[m]paging srxl09:20
sledges#info Next meeting will be held on Thursday 25th March 2021 at 8:00am UTC:  2021-03-25T08Z09:20
sledgesthank you all! true dedication from across the pond, indeed:)09:21
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SetokThanks! I'm thiiiis close to clicking 'buy' on a Sony Xperia 10ii that's in my shopping cart at a cheap price. Pity it's the black one. The white one might be more interesting as it brings back memories of my Jolla 1 with white back :)09:22
rubdos[ma]I'd like an orange 10 ii please.09:22
Mister_MagisterSetok: don't do it09:22
rubdos[ma]Poppy Red gang rise!09:22
SetokMister_Magister: why not?09:23
Mister_Magisterunofficial ports gang09:23
Setokrubdos[ma] heh, orange would also be pretty fitting :)09:23
sledgeshi srxl09:23
xylobol[m]I recently got a Jolla 1 and all Other Halfs new in a box09:24
xylobol[m] * I recently got a Jolla 1 and all Other Halfs new in box09:24
xylobol[m]super cool little device09:24
srxlxylobol's been showing me a bit of sfos stuff lately, figure i might try my hand out at a port09:24
xylobol[m]I'm 18, wasn't able to get a 1 when it first came out09:24
SetokMister_Magister: I'd keep it wrapped in box until an official port was out. If none arrives then too bad, but can then pass it to someone09:25
xylobol[m]also really wanted the tablet lol09:25
Mister_MagisterSetok: unofficial ports gang09:25
Mister_Magisterstability gang09:25
Setokxylobol[m]: when I dug out my Jolla 1 after years of sitting in a box, I was surprised to find it booted up fine and went through all the upgrades with only one small problem at 3.409:25
xylobol[m]still waiting for an official Maps app09:26
SetokIt doesn't seem to be fetching new emails though for some reason09:26
Mister_Magisterthere 's official maps app but it su… is bad09:26
Mister_Magisteruse puremaps09:26
Mister_Magistersupport your devs09:27
xylobol[m]yeah the issue with puremaps is that the search options are euro-centric09:27
*** ChanServ changes topic to "Next meeting will be held on Thursday 25th of March 2021 at 8:00am UTC. Topics can be made/read here:"09:27
xylobol[m]if I already know the address I use puremaps09:27
xylobol[m]if not I use HERE WeGo in Alien Dalvik09:27
xylobol[m]I've put "dunkin donuts" into pure maps search and it found one in Belgium for me09:27
SetokI used the official Maps app to navigate around London. It's a bit funky but I remember it working09:27
xylobol[m]"ah yes let me just take the trans-atlantic ferry real quick"09:27
* Mister_Magister anger09:28
Setokxylobol[m]: if I hit 'Feeling Hungry' in the Tesla it keeps selecting some random restaurant in Dublin :P (I'm in the Helsinki region). One day, once Corona is over, I'm just going to go 'f*ck it' and follow it's suggestion :)09:29
xylobol[m]pure maps is excellent if you already know the address you're going to09:29
SetokWould be a nice roadtrip09:29
Setok'Went to Dublin for a burger'09:29
xylobol[m]<Setok "xylobol: if I hit 'Feeling Hungr"> jolla's home turf09:29
xylobol[m]also pure maps doesn't make the annoying dinging noise like here does so that's already a major bonus09:30
xylobol[m]given everybody in colorado goes 25kmh faster than what the sign says to09:30
Setokxylobol[m]: yup. One of my previous companies, Holvi, did a promotion competition where you could win a Jolla 1. Knew Marc Dillon back then. A lot has happened since09:31
xylobol[m]how is Sailfish doing in Finland?09:32
xylobol[m]I've always imagined it got a head start there09:32
karry@xylobol[m] Did you tried OSM Scout? :-) What is your usecase for map? Navigation? Hiking?09:32
xylobol[m]<karry "@xylobol[m] Did you tried OSM Sc"> I installed OSM Scout but I'm not strictly sure if Pure Maps is using it - my primary use case is car navigation09:32
Setokxylobol[m]: it got a lot of media attention in the early days with the Jolla 1, and probably there are still quite good memories of it and community members. But it's definitely a very niche OS here too. Tech enthusiasts might like it09:33
SetokI always wonder why Jolla hasn't managed to hook up with Nokia (HMD) to get SF there as a pre-installed option. It would be a very natural match and with a bit of publicity there would be real interest here. But perhaps they've tried and it didn't work out09:35
xylobol[m]yeah I've been thinking of trying to port to my 6.1 now that there's a (very sketchy) bootloader unlock09:35
karry@xylobol[m] I don't mean "OSM Scout server", but just "OSM Scout", it is standalone map application :-)09:35
xylobol[m]though I'd like to try to port to my Pixel 4 more09:35
xylobol[m]<karry "@xylobol[m] I don't mean "OSM Sc"> oh, let me look at it09:35
xylobol[m]it seems quite odd that nobody has tried to port to any Pixel device yet09:37
SetokI never forgave Nokia for dropping the N9. It was by far the coolest phone Nokia had released in eons. They could make up for that by bringing out a SF one today :)09:38
xylobol[m]the way Microsoft took over Nokia could legit be a TV show09:38
Setokxylobol[m]: Pixels are open devices, aren't they? So yeah, surprised if nobody has given it a shot09:38
SetokI've never seen a company drop so fast as Nokia. Broke all the business textbook rules about products launches, customers, pride etc. Americans don't often understand how big Nokia was worldwide. Management's inability to recognise where the world was going is just astounding09:41
xylobol[m]karry should I be using the Harbour or OpenRepos version of OSM Scout?09:42
xylobol[m]grabbed it from OpenRepos but search doesn't seem to be working09:42
xylobol[m]okay I downloaded an offline map and it's working now09:44
xylobol[m]it's making some interesting routing choices but at least it stays within the continent09:48
xylobol[m]so it's a winner09:48
xylobol[m]<Setok "xylobol: Pixels are open devices"> yes, mainline kernels10:11
ExTechOpSailfish should really try to get Nokia/HMD to support SailFish for their devices, should be easy enough with them being mostly generic Android hardware.11:25
ExTechOp*Jolla should...11:26
rinigusI don't see what's wrong with Sony. they are developing and supporting OpenDevices AOSP variant for years and have been paying for it. so, it makes sense to use it. as for nokia, I don't see them having anything like it in terms of supporting open source development11:29
rinigusExTechOp: ^11:29
ExTechOpHere in Finland, people still have a soft spot for Nokia phones, and Android does cost actual money to sell out:
ExTechOp(I didn11:32
ExTechOp't ask for Sony to be dropped)11:32
SetokNokia phones are also pretty good value for what they are. If I could stand Android I would probably have a Nokia11:49
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* xylobol[m] uploaded an image: (73KiB) < >15:08
xylobol[m]at this point I'm going to be pulling all-nighters for this15:08

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