Friday, 2015-08-07

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Nokiuslets see if oppo is back06:01
tathhustephg: pls. :D06:10
stephgtathhu it's a tradition ;)06:13
tathhugotta remember that06:14
locusfgah, made coffee, just without the coffee in the pan06:17
locusfgot a mutteripannu, which apparently means "nut pancake" according to google06:18
stephg*slow clap for locusf*06:20
tathhuGotta make moar coffee, been up for like 5 hours, ribs06:22
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sledgeslocusf: that sounds Finglish:))07:34
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piggzlo sledges, * .... checking in from Rhodes :)08:05
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sledgespiggz: greekings! (scrn)08:06
sledges(first i read without "in" in it:)))08:06
piggzsledges: not sure my internet connection will support syncing GB's of repos!08:13
sledgesthat's a shame :/ but you could do some preps - for 12.1 you need to go modular, and best is to train on your old repos08:16
sledgespiggz: ^08:16
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sledgesnh1402: alin: could you check if you can reproduce the same touch freeze: ?10:01
alinsledges: the instructions are confused10:04
alinsledges: Start swiping up and in mid-swipe10:04
alinsledges: got it10:05
alinsledges: indeed reproduces the issue10:05
alinspiiroin: ^^^^10:05
spiiroinalin: thanks for the heads up10:06
alinspiiroin: for non english speaker the instructiosn shall read... swipe up... and keep the finger on screen and then lock the screen10:07
alinspiiroin: any debug issue10:08
alinrestarting mce does not sort the issue10:09
spiiroinalin: it might be old lipstick bug vs too new mce, trying to find stuff10:09
sledgesalin: side swipes still work?10:11
spiiroinalin: good to know, if mce restart does not cure it - something indeed goes wrong at ui side (due to mce/lipstick, but still narrows it down)10:11
alinspiiroin: yap locking the screen during sweep locks it10:12
alinsledges: yes10:12
alinspiiroin: let us try restart lipstick10:12
spiiroinalin: so app does not get touch, but global gestures still work?10:12
alinspiiroin: yes10:13
alinspiiroin: no touch10:13
alinspiiroin: I remember was some way to record the touch events10:13
spiiroinalin: no touch at all, or side swipes still work?10:13
spiiroinalin: do nto restart lipstick yet10:13
spiiroinalin: does "evdev_trace  -t" show touch events?10:14
alinspiiroin: i do not10:14
alinsledges:   Process: 862 ExecStart=/system/bin/battery_monitor (code=exited, status=203/EXEC)10:14
alinspiiroin: yes10:14
spiiroinalin: ok, that narrows it down again a bit ...10:14
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spiiroin(mce does not block input, but input processing is whacked)10:15
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alinsledges: bash: /system/bin/battery_monitor: No such file or directory10:16
sledgesalin: unrelated10:17
alinsledges: yes I know... but thought we do multitasking10:17
sledgeswe do? :D10:17
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alinsledges: yap... spiiroin is busy fixing it... so we overlap more work10:18
alinsledges: this battery crap need to be build by dhd or is some android merdre?10:18
sledgesalin: it was a long-winded sarcasm that sailfishos does multitasking, in a way ;)10:18
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alinsledges: so we need a newer base?10:19
sledgesthis is not causing any issues, we'll worry about when big elephants are hunted, for this battery monitor is too much to investigate for 0 gain when fixed10:20
alinsledges: ok... sensors and gps then10:21
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alinsledges: or we move to asop and we fix it there?10:21
sledgesif we're out of ideas, aosp it is10:22
sledgesalin: you are on 1.1.7 right?10:24
sledgesalin: rpm -q lipstick10:24
alinsledges: ye10:24
alinsledges: lipstick-qt5-
alinsledges: lipstick is the close source thing10:27
sledgesalin: is not10:27
sledgesis anyone here with jolla phone on 1.1.7 early preview?10:27
sledges*early access :p10:28
alinsledges: but then which bit is the close source one?10:28
alinsledges: I will get you one for you10:28
sledgesalin: lipstick-jolla-home10:28
alinsledges: I see...10:28
alinsledges: Stskeepz now that we have a proof of concept geoclue... can you release the jolla one?10:29
sledgesalin: jolla one is not releasable, licencing issues10:30
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alinsledges: I know was some discussion about making it possible iirc10:30
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alinsledges: anyhow now I understood bmw&friends bought the business10:31
sledgesalin: out of resources10:31
sledgesalin: can you reproduce touch lock on 1.1.7 jolla phone?10:31
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lardmanHi all, is there any useful way to debug why my newly flashed Xperia Pro is stuck on the boot splash screen - I can see the RNDIS connection, is a connection brought up by default and if so what IP does it use?10:42
* lardman wonders if he has a Linux machine somewhere at work to look at the contents of the uSD card10:43
sledgeslardman: hi, telnet (port either 23 or 2323 depending which state it's stuck)10:43
lardmansledges: cool, will give it a go10:43
mal-lardman: is it just stuck or does it reboot continously?10:43
lardmannah, just stuck10:44
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lardmanok, so port 23 worked10:45
mal-lardman: I have some ideas what could cause that, but let's see what the logs say first10:45
lardmantelnet output here:
lardmaninit.log here:
lardmanI see a couple of segfault messages10:47
mal-lardman: check the content of /target/data10:48
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lardmanmal-: nothing there10:49
lardmanor rather empty, that dir is there10:49
mal-lardman: your sailfish partition is missing10:49
mal-lardman: did you partition the sdcard according to instructions? does /data contain anything?10:50
lardman /data is also empty10:50
lardmanI think I followed the instructions - one FAT32 partition of 4GB, the remainer of the 32GB card as an ext4 partition10:51
mal-lardman: did you remember to flash both cm11 and sailfish zips10:51
lardmanI assume the sailfish zip extracts to the 2nd partition?10:52
lardmanwithout any input from me that is10:52
lardmanit took quite a while for that part, so I assumed it had done something10:53
mal-yes, it always uses /dev/mmcblk0p210:53
mal-lardman: what does mount command tell, is /dev/mmcblk0p2 mounted?10:53
alinspiiroin: ping me if you need more debug help10:53
alinspiiroin: I shall be available till 4pm bst today... then away all the weekend10:54
spiiroinalin: will do, thanks10:54
mal-lardman: when you checked the content of /data did you use ls -a10:54
alinmal-: on your port did you notice the sensors going mad?10:54
mal-alin: how?10:55
lardmanmal-: yes, nothing there. Interestingly ls -rtla produces a segfault10:55
alinmal-: by seeing sensors related crap taking a lot of cpu10:55
mal-alin: no such problems10:55
lardmans/nothing there/nothing there other than "." and ".." as expected10:55
mal-lardman: go back to recovery and reinstall sailfish zip, make sure it's installed properly10:55
lardmanwill do10:56
alinsledges: do you think the issue may be too new dhd compared with the old cm we use?10:56
sledgesalin: huh?10:56
sledgeswe build dhd from cm10:56
sledgesor you mean underlying .zip ?10:56
sledgesi don't think so because same combo been used since early this year10:57
alinsledges: yes the zip10:57
sledgesand sensors went nuts only since 1.1.610:57
alinsledges: strange...10:57
alinnooo... ubuntu got the wpa2/enterprise....10:57
alinnow question connman proxy11:00
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lardmanmal-: Got slightly further this time, I now need to login on port 232311:17
lardmanbut still stuck on splash screen, screen switches on and off now mind you11:20
lardmanendless "binder: 735:735 transaction failed 29189, size 0-0" in dmesg11:21
mal-lardman: did you format the /system before flashing cm11?11:25
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lardmanmal-: probably not11:25
lardmanI'll start again, and follow the instructions!11:25
mal-lardman: does journalctl -a tell anything?11:25
mal-lardman: you do not need to reflash everything, just format /system from recovery and reflash cm1111:26
lardmanyes rather a lot11:26
mal-lardman: what does it say?11:26
lardmanthis repeatedly at the end:11:27
lardmanJul 25 23:37:31 Jolla ofonod[614]: connect_rild: Connecting 0x1b79a00 to rild...11:27
lardmanJul 25 23:37:31 Jolla ofonod[614]: create_ril: can't connect to RILD: Connection refused (111)11:27
lardmanJul 25 23:37:31 Jolla wait-session-to-start[711]: In wait loop (5)11:27
sledgesalin_: try mce-1.51.311:27
lardmanThis might also be relevant:11:28
lardmanJul 25 23:37:28 Jolla systemd[1]: Failed to start droid-hal-init.11:28
lardmanJul 25 23:37:28 Jolla systemd[1]: Unit droid-hal-init.service entered failed state.11:28
sledgesalin_: and tell me if we loose on anything which is newer than 1.51.3 (:common provides quite latest one)11:28
mal-lardman: ok, that droid-hal-init would suggest that /system is not ok11:28
lardmanmal-: I'll do a cache clear, system reset, then reinstall both zips and then report back11:29
lardmandoes that sound reasonable?11:29
* lardman should learn to actually follow instructions!11:29
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mal-lardman: it should be enough format system (I also do it for /data and /cache just in case) and then reinstall cm11, no need to reinstall sailfish, although it won't hurt11:30
lardmanHmm, I don't have a SIM card in, I guess that shouldn't matter?11:30
mal-lardman: does not matter11:31
mal-but if you have something important in /data then it's maybe not necessary to format that11:31
lardmanno, it's an old phone11:31
mal-ok, then format /system, /data and /cache11:32
mal-lardman: maybe I should rewrite the instructions to be more clear11:34
lardmanmal-: it's my fault, usually when messing around with Android images one doesn't need to format things unless it won't boot11:35
lardmancertainly that's my experience (of not following instructions) ;)11:35
lardmanso I probably just ignored that bit11:36
lardmanThe fact my 1 year old was trying to play drums on the laptop kb at the same time was a side issue11:36
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mal-lardman: I think usually reformatting should not be needed, I just have had some problems with that earlier, so it may not be the problem11:41
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lardmanok, back to logging in on port 2323, splashscreen only but screen can be switched on/off11:51
lardmanjournalctl -a output here:
vakkovsledges: is the accelerometer working for you in 1.1.711:54
lardmandmesg output here:
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mal-lardman: seems that there is still problems with droid-hal-init12:08
mal-lardman: check the content of /system12:08
lardmanmal-: what would you like me to check, there is stuff in there12:09
sledgesvakkov: ask alin12:10
sledgesi'd think that yes12:10
mal-lardman: ok, then it should be ok, check what mount says12:10
vakkovwhen i rotate the screen it doesnt rotate the image :(12:10
vakkovthe orientation is not changing12:10
vakkovvibration is weird; gps gives seg fault :D12:10
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lardmanmal-: mount output:
vakkovBUT the ui doesn't seem to freeze :P12:11
mal-lardman: that looks ok12:14
sledgesvakkov: did you provide sensors configs?12:15
mal-hmm, what could cause droid-hal-init to fail12:15
vakkovsledges; that is something new :P and the ui freezed btw12:16
sledgesvakkov: ui freeze - edges swipes still work?12:16
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vakkovsledges: well, notifications dont appear now so i guess no12:17
vakkovsledges: it has always freezed on the lock screen for me so far12:17
sledgesprobably due to sensors (proximity being among) not working12:18
sledgestry that config12:18
lardmanmal-: Is it waiting for something, which doesn't happen before it's asked to stop, so it's killed: droid-hal-init.service stopping timed out (2). Killing.12:20
lardmanusb-moded.service also times out12:20
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vakkovsledges: is there a sensor config template12:22
sledgesvakkov: nexus5 is template, has all sensors :p12:23
mal-lardman: it's stuck doing something in droid-hal-init, not quite sure what12:23
vakkovsledges: well it seems to work so far :P :D12:24
mal-lardman: can't think of anything else than that /system is not ok12:26
lardmanmal-: has successfully created /dev/.coldboot_done12:27
mal-lardman: which version of cm11 did you install? the one mentioned in instructions 2015051112:27
mal-lardman: where is that line in logs?12:29
sledgesvakkov: what?12:29
lardmanmal-: I was going from the service file ( to the shell script it calls (
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lardmanlooking to see if it's failed to do something somewhere along the lines12:30
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lardmanno idea if those are the actual files that are used mind you, I'll have to setup the buildsystem12:31
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:31
locusfsledges: lbt: xda devcon this year? With shirts: ?12:31
mal-lardman: if I remember correctly /sbin/droid-hal-init is just a normal init program12:32
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lardmanmal-: I see a comment here about a race condition between that and /system being mounted, but it looks like /system has already been mounted here12:33
lardmanhere even
mal-lardman: yes, in logs it seems to be mounted ok12:33
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off12:34
Maximilianhello porters, thank you for your continued support trying to port sailfishos to other devices. I write this using my Nexus 4.12:34
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mal-lardman: when installing the zips, both were successfully installed without any errors?12:37
lardmanyes, no errors12:37
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lardmanmal-: do you have equivalent logs for your device for comparison?12:41
mal-lardman: just rebooted so should have, just a moment12:41
lardmanhmm, interesting: droid-hal-init.service: main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV12:42
lardmanperhaps interesting anyway12:42
* lardman pops out quickly to buy a sandwich, back in 512:44
mal-lardman: and
*** electrolux_off is now known as electrolux12:47
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alinvakkov: yap12:51
alinvakkov: gives numbers when you move the phone12:52
alinvakkov: ther eis this app messwerk pretty handy to test it12:52
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alinnh1402: Nokius any of you jolla phone with 1.1.7?12:52
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:52
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dr_gogeta86hi guys13:09
lardmanmal-: interesting, it's now booted13:10
lardmanmal-: I wonder if it was something to do with having the usb cable plugged in - I noticed that in my log I had "usb-moded.service operation timed out."13:11
mal-lardman: could be13:11
mal-although I haven't had problems with cable being connected13:11
lardmanmal-: I'll see if I can reproduce once I've set it up13:12
mal-lardman: you can setup jolla account if you want, it works now13:12
lardmanmal-: coll will do, I'll need one for the tablet when it arrives anyway13:12
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*** taaeem <taaeem!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:13
stephgalin: my firstone is about to be factory reset but I need to back it up first13:13
mal-lardman: but I little note regarding that, it causes a little problems with store currently as some programs are preinstalled and the it tries to install them, but no errors actually, it just takes a while13:13
stephgalin: how long can you wait?13:13
* taaeem maybe buys a OnePlus One if the port is good enough13:14
alinstephg: I have a train in the afternoon by 4 I leave the office13:15
alinstephg: but sledges and spiiroin will be here I suspect13:15
alinand they are interested13:15
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stephgI have work to do this afternoon so can't really back the phone up before you catch your train13:16
sledgesalin: stephg: we are now more interested in trying mce-1.51.3, on nexus513:18
sledgeskind of getting somewhere:)13:18
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!4dfee49d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:18
alinsledges: that shall be simple13:18
alinsledges: alll we need is a tag13:19
Mister_Magisterhi people its again me :) I have question about sailfish. When i run >9 apps i see only 9 and i cannot see other13:20
stephgMister_Magister: they're running but they're off the bottom of the screen13:20
Mister_Magisterhow to get to them13:21
beidlhello hello!13:22
WntMister_Magister: you can either "re-launch" the app from it's icon or intall this patch: " Unlimited multitasking"13:22
Mister_Magisterok thanks13:22
Wntre-launching will just bring the app to the top of running apps list13:22
Mister_Magisterpatches are bad or good?13:22
mal-that reminds me, I still haven't figured why on my port I never see more than 4 apps13:22
Mister_Magistermal-: xD13:23
alinsledges: what do you mean expect nfc?13:24
alinsledges: nfc is working we do not have any application using it13:24
alinsledges: or any person knowing how to programme it..13:24
alinI was able to open and do a write with a success returned13:24
beidlfinally got some time to put my dirty fingers on the oneplus one port13:26
sledgesalin: when did i mention nfc?:))13:27
sledgesahoydl beidl!13:27
Mister_Magistersailfish is strange. i cannot get ram usage over 50% (i have 2GB) :D13:27
alinsledges: in the post13:27
sledgesbeidl: no pressure, not13:27
alinsledges: the one from blog13:27
sledgesalin: link?13:28
Mister_Magisterhi sledges13:28
*** beidl_ <beidl_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:28
alinsledges: and everything except NFC is working on Nexus 5 running Sailfish OS13:28
sledgesalin: i'm not the author of that post ;)13:28
locusfbeidl: o/13:28
alinyou shared it13:29
sledgesalin: doesn't mean i share 100% verified materials :D13:29
sledgesalin: also, nfc has no apps, so how can one say it works?13:29
sledgesalin: how does jolla phone use nfc except for tohkbd?13:29
alinsledges: I wrote a small app that opens the sensor13:29
alinsledges: success13:30
sledgesalin: ok, then write that to the comments of the post \o/13:30
alinsledges: write some merdre in it... success...13:30
sledgeshi Mister_Magister :)13:30
alinsledges: and closes it too13:30
alinwith success13:30
*** beidl <beidl!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)13:30
*** beidl_ is now known as beidl13:30
beidlok something is screwing around with my connection again13:31
sledgesalin: maybe Simo (the author) knows what other nfs uses work on sailfish, ping him, i'm out of this area :p13:31
sledgesbeidl: probably someone doesn't like bacon with sailfish13:31
alinsledges: about mce13:31
alinbeidl: bacon and fish... not really kosher...13:32
alinbeidl: no abrahamic religion will have that13:32
beidlmy new slogan should be: beidl, taking your tastebuds to new hights, since 199213:32
alinsledges: is there a tag?13:32
locusfbeidl: :D13:32
sledgesalin: yehs13:32
alinsledges: for mce to generate a new package and install it13:32
sledges(the h was non intentional, honest)13:32
locusfsledges: you sure, its friday anyways :)13:33
beidlI'm now at building hybris but for some reason the sys/auxv.h header can't be found. shouldn't that be provided by glibc(-devel)?13:33
*** just486 <just486!b9215105@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:33
sledgeslocusf: yea to step on some borderline politics:))13:33
mal-beidl: if you are trying to use the latest libhybris git source then you need 1.1.7 target13:33
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:34
sledgesbeidl: libhybris too new?
sledgeswe just found a Stskeepz's glitch ;)13:35
sledgesthat line shouldn't have been inside that commit:)13:35
mal-sledges: ?13:36
sledgesmal-: it's an aosp5 commit13:36
sledgesthat include should be for some gcc48 commit or summin13:36
*** Maximilian <Maximilian!~chatzilla@2001:1687:52dc:55b2:cca2:e79e:2c7b:c25> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:37
alinsledges: mce heaers?13:37
sledgesalin: same13:37
alinsledges: same as in master or same as in 1.51.313:39
sledgessame as in :common13:39
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!4dfee49d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)13:39
MaximilianHi again, I would like to use my Nexus 4 as my main device for some days, is there any possibility to copy the contents of at least contacts and call history from my Jolla phone to the N4?13:40
stephgN4 running sfos?13:40
stephgif so, there is a backup applet in settings13:40
ahoneybuntoo many missing things for my to use my N4 as a daily driver13:41
ahoneybunI also have a OnePlus One so...13:41
stephgthat creates a git backup (in /home/nemo/.vault) that you can then copy over to the other device and restore13:41
mal-does bluetooth sync work on n4?13:41
Maximilianstephg: Yep, N4 running SailfishOS13:41
*** just486 <just486!b9215105@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)13:42
Maximilianmal-: Let's try...13:42
*** just486 <just486!b9215105@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:42
stephgsettings > backup13:42
stephghave a look13:42
stephg(on either device)13:42
mal-backup is another option13:42
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)13:42
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:42
ahoneybunany uptodate tutorial for flashing the N413:43
ahoneybundid it move from CM 10.1.3?13:44
mal-not sure if bluetooth sync syncs anything else than contacts13:44
locusfit doesn't13:44
sledgesahoneybun: it didn't, gpu problems on newer CMs13:44
ahoneybunso old tutorials still wor?13:44
*** Maximilian_ <Maximilian_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:44
*** piggz_ <piggz_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:44
sledgesahoneybun: yes, the link from Maximilian_13:45
mal-has anyone used bluetooth sync between jolla phone and a ported phone?13:45
*** taaeem <taaeem!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)13:45
ahoneybunthanks sledges and Maximilian13:45
vakkovsledges: the volume keys seem to be reversed13:45
sledgesmal-: nope, i use google contacts13:45
*** Maximilian <Maximilian!~chatzilla@2001:1687:52dc:55b2:cca2:e79e:2c7b:c25> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)13:46
piggz_this holiday poolside coding is working a treat ... just implemented a JS engine in Kexi13:46
* ahoneybun downloads everything13:46
nh1402alin: I have a nexus 5 with 1.1.7 (alpha13), don't have a Jolla phone13:47
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)13:47
*** Maximilian_ <Maximilian_!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)13:47
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:47
* lardman wishes he'd not donated his old Nexus 7 to his wife, the screen on the Xperia Pro is rather small13:48
beidlaaaaaand it's building, really was using the wrong target13:49
nh1402<nh1402> alin: I have a nexus 5 with 1.1.7 (alpha13), don't have a Jolla phone13:49
alinnh1402: ok...13:49
alinsledges: mce downgraded the issue is still there...13:49
alinsledges: I see a statefs mce13:50
alinsledges: no idea if that is the issue13:50
sledgesalin: i shouldn't ask if you rebooted surely :")13:51
mal-lardman: yes, it's a little smallish13:51
alinsledges: restarted mce13:53
alinsledges: rebooted the phone13:53
alinsledges: and you are on something13:53
alinsledges: nope froze again13:54
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:54
beidldoes sensorfw still exist at github/mer-hybris?13:55
alinbeidl: y13:55
alinsledges: ok... so on 1.51.3 we still have lock...13:55
sledgesbeidl: n13:56
sledgesit has his home under mer-packages13:56
sledgesalin: ok thanks, at least we have a scenario to reproduce, and tell people not to touch phone when display is going off13:57
sledgesfor now13:57
sledgesnh1402: so can it be you have touch frozen during the call when your ear touches the display but then proximity sensors kicks in?13:57
sledgesi think that should also be noticeable on jolla phone, unless proximity sensor is more worked out there13:58
alinsledges: yap13:58
*** piggz_ <piggz_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)13:58
alinsledges: and the "good" side is that is reproducible on jolla13:58
alinsledges: the bad part is that is fixed in 1.1.913:59
alinsledges: so... is kind of...13:59
alinwhat about sensors?13:59
sledgesalin: you know whom to ask13:59
alinsledges: lpotter?14:00
alinsledges: he avoids me like plaque...14:00
alinsledges: phd... is on holiday? I think I know how to reproduce the usb moded lease issue14:00
*** piggz <piggz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)14:00
sledgesalin: if zypper dup overwrites lease issue, try version --dup instead14:01
sledgesand we'll get to the bottom of that once and for all14:01
sledgesbecause otherwise it should be same problem on jolla phone (if jolla phone supports usb tethering yet, i don't hinkso)14:02
lardmanmal-: does your screen rotate when the kb is out? Mine doesn't, which reminds me of the N950 :) also, does your kb @ produce a [ (iirc)?14:06
alinsledges: nope... it gives too many leases... and gets over the 10 allocated14:07
alinsledges: I do not know but I think not since I seen an app about14:08
alinsledges: mce is back to 1.58.1 makes no difference14:09
alinsince makes no diffrence14:09
ahoneybunnow the factory image for 4.2.2 does not work for me14:12
ahoneybunN4 might be broken USB wise...14:14
sledgesahoneybun: what happened?14:15
ahoneybunI get this: FAILED (data transfer failure (Protocol error)14:15
ahoneybunswitched cables, usb ports on my machine14:15
ahoneybun5.1.1 failes too14:16
sledgesahoneybun: but phone is not bricked?14:18
ahoneybunno clue14:18
ahoneybunwas on Ubuntu Touch before14:18
mal-lardman: it does rotate if I have a program open that rotates like messaging app14:19
mal-lardman: keyboard layout if wrong, it's listed in the known issues14:19
ahoneybunno way it would boot all the way since it got to flashing system one time14:19
sledgesahoneybun: can you boot your n4?14:19
lardmanmal-: cool14:19
ahoneybunno way all the way14:20
sledgeshave you tried?14:20
ahoneybunit wrote to the system14:20
sledgesso it's bricked? :(14:20
ahoneybuntrying no14:20
ahoneybunlooks like its stuck on Google logo14:20
mal-lardman: I have next version of sailfish already on my phone and I'm trying to see if I can fix layout problem in that14:20
mal-lardman: there is a way to manually change the layout to correct one14:20
*** lepanen <lepanen!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)14:22
lardmanmal-: great14:23
mal-lardman: which region layout do you have on your device?14:24
mal-lardman: so this ?14:25
*** lepanen <lepanen!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:26
sledgesahoneybun: what to do :|14:26
*** ernesti_ <ernesti_!~ernesti@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)14:26
*** CarlosMazieri <CarlosMazieri!> has quit IRC (Quit: using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12)14:26
ahoneybunI've tried all that14:26
sledgesahoneybun: try to do factory reset if possible to get into bootloader/recovery/fastboot?14:27
ahoneybunI'm in the bootloader14:27
ahoneybunit took my recovery away14:28
mal-lardman: I can prepare a layout file for you later today if you want14:28
lardmanmal-: That would be great, thanks14:28
ahoneybunI was on Ubuntu Touch so had a modifited CWM14:28
sledgesahoneybun: can your bootloader factory reset?14:30
sledgesyou say you no longer have cwm in recovery?..14:30
ahoneybunno ./ took that away14:30
sledgesahoneybun: so can be hw problem then?14:32
ahoneybunI'm redownloading the factory images14:33
ahoneybunmaybe a bad download14:33
ahoneybunI've never had a issue with it before though14:33
*** electrolux is now known as electrolux_off14:33
*** Maximilian_^_^ <Maximilian_^_^!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:38
lardmanHow do automatic time updates occur - where does the info come from?14:42
lardmanmy phone seems to now think I'm in Finland, after correctly guessing that I was in the UK14:42
*** alin <alin!~alin@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)14:42
mal-not sure if that is still present14:44
ahoneybunsame issue sledges14:45
lardmanmal-: thanks, seems like it may well be the issue, though it did adopt UK time for a while14:45
mal-lardman: it might depend whether you have wifi on or not14:49
sledgesahoneybun: you can download stock cwm, and just flash it:14:50
sledgesfastboot flash recovery cwm...img14:50
sledgesif that fails14:50
sledgesthen do14:50
sledgesfastboot boot cwm...img14:50
sledgesat least it will be able to wipe things14:50
lardmanmal-: wifi on, no SIM14:51
ahoneybunsledges: I rebooted my computer and now it worked14:55
Maximilian_^_^Does USB connection to PC work on the Nexus 4 for anybody else?14:55
Maximilian_^_^I can't connect the phone to the windows PC using the same cable I would use for my Jolla phone...14:55
Maximilian_^_^And how come my Nexus 4 has plenty of options in the USB menu and my Jolla only has four.14:57
Maximilian_^_^The NExus 4 has mass storage, internet sharing and developper mode...14:58
mal-Maximilian_^_^: which ones are you trying to use?14:59
Maximilian_^_^I will try later on my ubuntu notebook see in dmesg if something pops up.14:59
sledgesahoneybun: lol nice!15:00
ahoneybunI'm very happy lol15:00
Maximilian_^_^mal-: I tried mass storage, pc connection.15:00
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off15:00
Maximilian_^_^I think windows tried to download drivers for the nexus 4... That is the only message I saw at some point that would tell me something is wrong on the windows machine.15:01
*** gabriel9 <gabriel9!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)15:01
Maximilian_^_^Cu later.15:02
*** Maximilian_^_^ <Maximilian_^_^!> has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 39.0.3/20150806001005])15:02
ahoneybunsledges: so the last update was in June15:02
mal-mariogrip: not sure if pc connection is yet supported on n4, mass storage might have also wrong configs15:04
sledgesahoneybun: yes15:10
sledgesahoneybun: last sailfish os release was also in june ;P15:14
ahoneybundid not know15:15
sledgesjuly's release is only early access for now15:15
sledgesand nexus5 maintainer is busy porting to aosp515:15
ahoneybunso based on Lollipop15:16
ahoneybunvery happy to know they are still working hard on it15:17
sledgesit's a brilliant phone!15:17
sledgeslook at how hard sony xperia pro porter is working ;)15:17
sledgesso everyone who has a better/newer device should take example:)15:17
ahoneybunI have the OPO and would love to have Sailfish on it15:18
sledgesotherwise shame on them :Dw15:18
ahoneybunonce you use newer hardware it is hard to go back15:18
ahoneybunthe N4 is a great device15:18
ahoneybunI got to use a Jolla phone a week ago (was in Spain)15:18
sledgesand until you don't have better hardware - you port what you have ;)15:18
ahoneybunit was nice15:18
ahoneybunok now my N4 is rebooting into Sailfish15:19
lardmansledges: hey don't knock the old Xperia Pro, it has a kb ;)15:36
lardmanand a small screen.....15:36
sledgeslardman: i'm praising it, not knocking;) old but gold!15:37
sledgesolden but golden %)15:37
lardmanI know :)15:37
mal-hmm, looks like 1.1.7 might have broken my temporary keyboard layout hack15:38
* lardman does wonder why Sony decides to have all the funny curves and shiny silver trim though15:38
sledgesto look like iphone?15:38
lardmandunno, just makes it look like a toy phone to me15:39
lardmankind of thing my daughters would get with a Peppa Pig magazine15:39
sledgesdoes iphone look a toy to you ooi?:)15:39
* lardman makes note to self, keep faux toy phone away from 1 yo15:39
lardmansledges: not sure I've ever actually seen one tbh15:40
*** just486 <just486!b9215105@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)15:40
sledgeshave you seen a new sony irl?15:41
sledgesi watched only advert, the one with flash for front camera :D15:41
lardmanI guess it looked like the iPod Touch15:41
lardmanmy wife had one of those, far fewer random cuves everywhere and less plasticy feeling afaicr15:41
lardmansledges: what's the irl?15:42
locusfin real life15:43
lardmanah, doh15:43
lardmansledges: no, though I understand they've gone the other way to flat hard edges, which would suit me better15:43
lardmanoh I've seen an iPhone 6, sorry thought you were talking about the original one15:43
sledgescould barely tell15:44
lardmanXperia Pro is more like a well used bar of soap in shape15:44
lardmanthey did deign to give us a flat screen, but not much else ;)15:44
sledges18:38  * lardman does wonder why Sony decides to have all the funny curves and shiny silver trim though15:44
lardmanbut hey I bought one :)15:45
sledgesi thought you were talking about last one ^ :)15:45
lardmanapologies, crossed wires :)15:45
sledgesBarb Dwyre :)15:45
Stskeepzit's a lardman15:46
lardmanhey Stskeepz :)15:47
lardmanI awake from my hibernation from time to time ;)15:47
lardmanThought I should get myself setup for the arrival of a tablet15:48
lardmanthough unfortunately I fear it will miss my weeks off at the end of the month, but hey15:48
sledgesyou know the guy? ;)15:53
Stskeepzlardman i know from maemo.org15:55
lardmanI had more time and fewer children (0) back then15:56
sledgesgood ole times :)15:56
sledges(not knocking;))15:56
lardmanyeah, I was just saying that about good old times to X-Fade15:56
locusfI remember when Mer was still a Maemo alternate OS on N8x016:02
sledgesmer wasn't even a pink dream of my at that time:)16:05
locusfits just 8 years ago :)16:17
locusfnot too long16:17
lardmanmal-: are your adaptation0-iyokan- changes available somewhere online?16:23
sledgesi was too busy with openmoko back then:)16:23
sledgesand trying to linux hp ipaq16:23
lardmanI started with Zaurus, so crossed paths with the Ipaq linux stuff16:24
lardmanI remember the Ipaq build cluster (though not the exact name off hand), sounds quite random now :)16:25
sledgesiirc i used openembedded16:26
sledgeswith rzr's patches for 1930h as it was a bloody variant which didn't want to boot16:26
lardmanah that was a little later then I guess16:27
sledgesyes a year or two16:28
lardmanFamiliar Linux iirc16:28
sledgesnot famliar i'm afraid :D16:28
lardmanThe skiff cluster, Google tells me, I'm not going mad16:29
sledgesgpe & opie ^_^16:30
mal-lardman: what changes do you mean?16:32
lardmanmal-: in the ks file you pull from a local repo16:32
lardmancalled adaptation0-iyokan-
mal-lardman: not yet, those are just the device specific parts of the build16:33
mal-I will add those to OBS after I fix some problems16:34
lardmancool, no rush16:34
* lardman heads for home16:35
lardmanthanks for your help mal- (and the image!)16:35
lardmannice chatting all, have a nice weekend16:35
*** lardman is now known as lardman|away16:35
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:44
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)17:01
*** iKozzz <iKozzz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:02
rss351A couple weeks ago, I saw that there was some discussion about porting sailfish to the sony z3c17:04
rss351Is there any update?  Is there anything I can do to help?17:04
*** iKozzz <iKozzz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)17:07
sledgesmaikoool: ^17:09
maikooolno updates afaik17:09
maikoooli wasnt able to get modem to work17:09
maikoooland needed it as daily driver so no progress17:10
maikooolif you have the time you could give it a spin, but you need access to 1.1.7 target17:10
maikooolgive me a pm if you have17:10
sledgesmaikoool: you could still announce that you boot to UI17:11
maikooolit boots to ui17:11
sledgesthat's perfect milestone for those who want a modemless tablet17:11
sledgespublicly :P17:11
maikoool1.1.7 is not public yet?17:11
sledgesscreenshot etc17:11
sledgesis not, but you'd call developers17:12
sledgesnot users17:12
sledgesto help17:12
sledgesjust like we're doing with nexus517:12
locusfI've got a photo of z3c17:12
locusfrunning sfos17:12
sledgesbut when porting process halts, noone knows about that;)17:12
maikoooland here is the manifest i used:
maikooolgood point17:13
maikoooli'll add the z3c to adaptation page with a link to manifest and some comments17:13
maikooolwould that be a good solution?17:13
rss351Cool, thanks!17:13
locusfmaikoool: sounds good17:14
sledgesmaikoool: sure, we've always had troubles in this channel telling that poring halted due to technical debt17:14
sledgesso the rest of the world was thinking that we're actively at it17:15
sledgeslike oneplus one for example17:15
maikooolyeah i've been busy with actual work lately, unfortunately17:15
sledgesa photo and a tweet would really help to get more hands on17:15
sledgesmaikoool: well anything that prevents porting of going ahead17:15
sledgesand each of us should follow the hit by a bus theory :D17:16
maikoooli assumed we needed to keep it quiet a bit since 1.1.7 is not public yet17:18
locusfmaikoool: whats your twitter handle?17:18
maikoooland aosp5 based ports need 1.1.717:18
maikooolnot sure17:18
rss351I have on my Jolla phone17:19
maikooolyou need the scratchbox target for it17:19
sledges1.1.7 is not public, but it's out for early access17:19
sledgesand that can be dealt when there's a porter coming along17:20
sledges(the target bit)17:20
rss351ah, and we can't get access to that?17:20
sledgesupon individual request17:20
sledgesas 1.1.7 is already on OBS e.g.17:20
maikooollocusf: twitter handle is @maikelwever17:20
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:20
maikoooldont use it a lot17:20
sledgesmaikoool: sorry to have confused you, we keep quiet about public release of ready port images for 1.1.717:21
sledgesbecause sfos 1.1.7 is not public17:21
sledgesbut developers for porting can already use it, once they come to this channel, they discover17:21
locusfmaikoool: thanks :)17:23
sledgesi was thinking yesteday we should add new column to adaptation called "Active porter". if blank - please take!17:24
maikooolplease also sort the table alphabetically17:24
maikooolor split it into multiple tables per device vendor or somethine17:25
sledgesthat table has been once already sorted alphabetically17:25
maikooolit looks like a mass right now17:25
sledgescouldn't we just add sorting headers?17:25
sledgesas wiki's extension17:25
maikooolmediawiki can do that?17:25
sledgeswikipedia does it since long time17:25
sledgeslocusf: maikoool: so shall we add comment that extra pair of hands welcome to look into getting GSM modem up?17:28
locusfsledges: yes17:29
maikooolDIT right? :)17:29
locusfyeah :)17:29
*** lol__ <lol__!5b995535@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:34
sledgeslocusf: maikoool: DIT: (done it together :D)17:35
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:36
locusfsledges: metric ton of thanks :)17:36
sledgeslet's see who joins17:36
sledgeslol__ already has :D17:36
maikooolvery cool17:36
maikoooliirc Ford_Prefect also had interest in the z3c17:36
*** lol__ <lol__!5b995535@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Client Quit)17:37
sledgesscared them :D17:39
maikooollocusf: i've added the z3c to the adaptation page, with a wiki link to a new page with some helpful links and stuff:
locusfmaikoool: thanks :)17:43
locusfaw man, still no z170 ws board17:45
locusfgotta wait for the 64GB build17:45
maikooolso rss351: when you recieved the 1.1.7 scratchbox target, and want to help porting, there are notes here:
locusfz2 and z1c also in pipeline17:48
maikoooland i still need to finish xperia sp, just dont have the time atm17:49
maikooolthere was somebody here that flashed it, that was very cool17:49
maikoooliirc a friend has an old z1 (non compact) lying around, i'll ask him if i can borrow/ruin it so we cover the entire xperia Z range, that'd be cool17:50
maikooolholy *** , i've never used my twitter account and now i have 10 email notifcations from them in 5 minutes :P17:51
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locusfmaikoool: :)17:54
sledgesmaikoool: if you could enter a bug about gsm problem17:56
sledgesthat may even be quicker, someone with knowledge could just point to a fix, without replicating anything17:56
sledges(low chance but you never know :))17:56
maikooolthere some kind of special sony daemon that is the problem as far as i could work out17:57
maikooolso very low chance17:57
maikooolmy other sony doenst have that, rild worked out of the box17:57
sledgesah can be something under /sbin/17:57
maikooolsame with the wheird wifi fix, needs asome kind of ta partition daemon or something17:58
sledgeswhich doesn't make it to /system17:58
sledgesbut hides in android initrd17:58
maikooolyeah, i noticed a binary17:58
maikooolwhen making recovery only image17:58
maikooolcouldn't find it anywhere though17:58
maikooolthat's probably it, but was a while ago, details are vague17:58
rss351In the z3c manifest, it points to libhybris-10.1.  Is that compatible with ASOP 5.1, or is there an 11 or 12 branch for libhybris?17:59
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)17:59
maikooolyes it's compatible18:00
maikooolyou need do need to use mer-hybris/android aosp branch though18:00
rss351And the ASOP sources are based on the ones from sony?18:00
rss351Oh, ok18:00
maikooolsony's aosp is android aosp18:00
maikooolso yes18:00
maikooolhybris-aosp-5.1.0_r5 the branch is called iirc18:01
maikoooland those names in the manifest will go away when switching to modular eventually18:01
rss351Will I need the binaries from sony?18:02
* sledges afks18:04
maikoooli thought i made some more notes but no clue where they are now18:05
rss351and ASOP replaces CM, so there is no need to build or flash CM?18:05
maikooolno cm anywhere, all is aosp based18:06
maikooolso just ignore that when hadk mentions it18:06
maikooolafter unzipping the sony binaries, you need to remove vendor/sony/kernel IIRC18:06
maikooolto trigger kernel building18:06
maikooolalso: feel free to fork+PR if needed, i'll merge anything ;)18:07
maikoooloh btw rss351: i ran stock aosp with root and recovery before trying sailfish, used TWRP to make a full backup of my device beforehand, using the recovery boot.img that has twrp in it you can flash a backup back18:11
maikoooluseful if you need your phone back in working state18:11
maikoooltwrp basically does a dd afaik, so everything will be restored, including bootimage18:12
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rss351maikool:  I haven't touched my z3c yet, so I'll be sure to backup before flashing anything new.18:35
rss351BTW, did wifi and the modem work in ASOP?18:36
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~nh1402@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:36
rss351maybe there is a clue to the modem in ASOP or CM?18:36
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maikooolto be fair, i didnt test aosp :P19:04
maikoooli did partly fix wifi by running some kind of special daemon19:05
maikooolbut saved wifi config isnt loaded properly19:05
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ahoneybunI can't seem to have more then 4 apps on screen20:48
ahoneybunI have 6 running but only 4 show unless I go to close one20:48
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius20:54
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ahoneybunwow I'm really thinking of moving now21:03
ahoneybuna awesome IRC client21:03
sledgesahoneybun: known bug about 4 apps21:22
sledgesport needs love :)21:22
ahoneybunalso bluetooth connects21:23
sledgesrss351: samsung galaxy s3 had /sbin/cbd binary in their android's initrd, which was loading firmware for modem. sailfish has own initrd, and such things fall between cracks21:24
sledgesrss351: analysing /init*.rc files might gives clues to existence of such binaries21:25
ahoneybunbrowser crashes when loading youtube21:25
sledgesand ofc rebooting to main android (aosp or cm) and checking the behaviour there, comparing logcat outputs. you can quickly reboot (on nexus devices) to underlying cm via fastboot boot boot.img (this file from; but sony may have different ways to fastboot things, not so trivial4~21:26
sledgesrss351: logcat equivalent for sailfishos is hiding under /usr/libexec/....21:26
sledgesahoneybun: yep, that's lack of >=cm1121:26
ahoneybunoh ok21:27
sledgesso not that rosy there, all thanks to GPU stack significant changes in behaviour later on21:27
ahoneybunboth deal breakers21:27
ahoneybunim thinking getting a nexus 5 now21:28
ahoneybunmore then thinking really21:29
ahoneybunjust need to get the money21:29
sledgesoh finally getting some rogue comments :D we're famous!21:30
sledgesahoneybun: YTPlayer from Store by tworaz should do for youtube, try21:36
* sledges goodnights21:36
rss351sledge:  I will poke around the android initrd.  Thanks!21:37
tworazsledges, ahoneybun there is also another option21:40
ahoneybunsledges: i get no audio though21:40
ahoneybunwith or without the speaker21:40
tworazsledges, ahoneybun: I'm really close getting my new chromium port for sailfish released21:41
tworazsledges, ahoneybun: youtube works nicely in chromium :)21:41
tworazsledges, ahoneybun: the only trick is you need home2 for it to work properly21:42
Nokiuslocusf mal- nice :P21:49
ahoneybunso it is failing to mount21:51
ahoneybunon my computer21:51
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tworazahoneybun: home2 is the new UI for 2.021:54
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)21:55
ahoneybuntworaz: a whole new UI or refinements?21:55
tworazahoneybun: well it's not really the UI part I need for chromium21:56
ahoneybunyea I meant 2.0 in general21:56
ahoneybunI don't kknow much21:56
ahoneybunbeen out of the loop for a bit21:56
tworazahoneybun: new lipstick can combine output of two different QWindows into one21:57
ahoneybunplus doesn't help that I live in the wrong country for Sailfish21:57
tworazahoneybun: This way we can render web content and browser UI into two dedicated hardware surfaces21:57
tworazahoneybun: and use hw compositor to blend them together21:57
ahoneybunvery technoical21:57
ahoneybun*wrong spelling21:57
tworazwithout it you end up with two windows on your home screen21:58
tworazit works, but it's not very usable21:58
ahoneybunvery bad21:58
tworazthe good part is this trick with two windows allows us to speed browser rendering quite a bit21:59
tworazwe use it already for new sailfish-browser21:59
ahoneybunwhich is nice22:03
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