Saturday, 2015-08-08

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* ahoneybun follows sledges on G+00:51
locusfgood man to follow :)00:56
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Mister_MagisterHi everybody! I have a question. Sailfish on the Nexus 7 2nd gen is based on cm11 so why in the porting instructions is written "An ARMv7 Android device officially supported by CyanogenMod 10.1."?08:23
energycsdxMister_Magister: HADK released 29 Jan 2015, at that moment CM 10.1 used, now you can use CM 11 ASOP 4.4 AOSP 5.0 CM12 AFAIK08:26
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Mister_Magistercm12 too? cm12 working with sailfish?08:34
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mal-Mister_Magister: cm12 support is coming also08:47
Mister_Magistermal-: it is stable?08:47
mal-it's almost ready08:47
Mister_Magisterok :v08:48
Mister_Magisterbut cm11 is more stable?08:48
mal-since there is no working image of cm12 based yet I would say yet08:51
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Mister_Magistercan i port salfish if i have 32bit os? I know 64bit is required but can i on 32 bit?10:03
Mister_Magisteri mean its possible?10:03
energycsdxMister_Magister: i dont know why 64 bit is required, should be possible on 32 bit10:06
Mister_Magisterand i can have less than 4GB ram if i use big swap? #weakcomputer10:07
Mister_Magister"maybe" haha :D10:12
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sledgesMister_Magister: :)11:23
sledgesbut you can always try 32bit, as we don't build full android, moderate rate of success11:23
sledgeshave fun!:)11:23
* sledges goes back afk11:23
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piggz__sledges: hi, can you give some pointers on folder layout ... trying modlar build but i must have some things wrong...14:39
piggz__+ cd hybris14:39
piggz__/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.hN0y3z: line 35: cd: hybris: No such file or directory14:39
piggz__error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.hN0y3z (%build)14:39
piggz__i have $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris .. and ../../devel/mer-hybris14:40
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maikooolpiggz__: does the rpm folder exist?14:49
maikoooland is that the new one, so not old not-modular14:50
maikooolalso check if you have checked out the submodules14:50
maikooolgit submodule init; git submodule update in each of the tree modular repos14:50
piggz__maikoool: yes it does .. .and its the new one...14:51
maikooolbut the hybris folder does not?14:52
maikooollemme search for my modular manifest, maybe that helps14:52
piggz__maikoool: i have rpm/dhd only14:52
piggz__maikoool: the hybdris folder does exist in ANDROID_ROOT14:52
piggz__not in rpm14:52
maikoooland it's got the two modular folders in them?14:52
maikooolbtw, you just converted your existing droid-hal-device to modular?14:53
piggz__ls hybris14:53
piggz__dhd2modular  droid-configs  droid-hal-configs  droid-hal-version  droid-hal-version-ace  hybris-boot  mer-kernel-check14:53
piggz__looks to be14:53
maikoooli did that a week ago, needed target 1.1.7 to got it working :(14:53
maikooolthose folders look ok14:54
piggz__maikoool: yes ... im just in the process of trying the mdular build14:54
maikooolgive it a try with 1.1.7 sailfish target14:54
maikooolassuming you're now on 1.1.6.x14:55
maikoooli didnt got it to work on 1.1.614:55
maikooolworked on 1.1.7 the first try14:55
maikooolpm sledges if you dont have access to 1.1.7.x target14:55
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piggz__maikoool: the last release i built was!14:57
maikooolthere should be a fix to make modular work on 1.1.6.x14:57
maikoooli think if you manually checkout the submodules to the commits used in hammerhead modular repos it should work14:58
maikooolbut havent tried taht14:58
piggz__maikoool: is it just a case of setting the RELEASE var before 'dhd2modular build' ?14:58
maikooolprobably best to upgrade to 1.1.6 first (modular or not)14:58
maikoooldunno, i just upgraded to 1.1.7 and all was well ;)14:58
maikooolyou can force it manually for each of the submodules15:00
maikoooljust cd to them and do a git checkout15:00
maikooolmake a note of the current versions before doing that so you can revert15:00
maikoooli'm looking trough logs now, to see if i had the same error on 1.1.6 with modular15:01
piggz__maikoool: this is the full log
maikooolyeah first build already fails15:07
maikooolline 13715:07
piggz__its ok to not have an updater tho isnt it?15:09
piggz__old build passed with that15:09
maikoooli dont have an updater either15:09
locusfwhaa theres a script like that15:09
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maikoooldid dhd2modular make any changes that seem to refer to the updater?15:09
locusfdoes that kinda do, like, everything?15:10
maikooollocusf: you mean all pacakge building?15:10
maikooolyes dhd modular includes a script that builds all packages15:10
locusfmaikool: yeah and image15:10
maikooolnot sure if it builds image also15:10
maikooolbut it builds all rpms15:11
piggz__maikoool: ah, i set installable_zip to 015:11
piggz__i think15:11
maikooolnot sure if that's the ticket but you can always try15:11
maikoooli'm running a modular 1.1.6 build now to see if mine errors out the same15:11
locusfno image15:16
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piggz__maikoool: got past updater ... battery gonna go so i'll hit the pool!15:18
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Thaodanhas anyone experience with porting sailfish to the z3?20:09
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maikooolThaodan: the 'normal' z3, so not the compact?20:41
maikooolthere is some work done on the z3 compact, the z3 and z3 compact should share the same base, should make porting relatively easy20:42
maikooolsee the adapations wiki for progress on the z3, you can probably use a lot of the info there as a base20:42
maikooolnote that the z3c port is done with aosp5 as a base, which requires a sailfish 1.1.7 target, which is not public yet (pm sledge)20:43
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Thaodanmaikoool: yes I mean this22:12
Thaodanso i need to pm sledge or what?22:13
maikooolif you don't have a 1.1.7 target22:13
maikooolcause aosp5 needs 1.1.7 target22:13
Thaodanthe z3 has the exact same code for the lower parts22:13
Thaodanon the screen is diffrent22:13
maikooolyou can probably follow most of the instructions for the z3c but remove the 'aries' repository, because thats the z3c specifics22:13
maikooolalso you need to create your own droid-hal-device for it22:14
maikoooluse mer-hybris/android branch hybris-aosp-5.1.0_r5, try to find a AOSP rom that is (very) close to 5.1.0_r5 as well to flash first22:14
maikooolsledges: can you give Thaodan the 1.1.7 target so he can try out aosp5 based porting on his Z3?22:17
maikooolit can take a while to get a response since it's weekend22:17
maikooolyou can already start porting, until you need to build rpms (the sb2 and or mb2 commands) you don't have to have an active target22:18
maikooolgetting the android bits to compile and setting up environment probably takes a while22:19
maikoooland you need to get the vendor zip from sony (google: sony aosp building) and remove the vendor/sony/kernel folder after unzipping to trigger kernel building22:19
maikooolotherwise it will use the prebuilt kernel22:19
Thaodanmaikoool: cant I just try to use the compact one?22:29
Thaodanthe hardware is the same22:29
maikooolyes, but you need to create new droid-hal-device entry22:30
maikoooland remove the aries repository (that's the z3c specifics)22:30
maikooolsee the hadk on creating new droid-hal-device erpo22:30
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Thaodanand for the you I need to build android or what?22:49
maikooolno, sailfish uses parts of android22:53
maikooolbuilding those is the first step22:53
maikooolthen next is packaging that into sailfish rpm's and building some sailfish packages, that step uses the target22:54
maikooolfinal step is combining those rpm's with the sailfish target into a installable zip, that also needs the target22:54
maikooolyou can get an aosp image from fxpblog.co22:54
maikooolbut if you're feeling adventurous you can also build aosp yourself, it's just a long wait22:55
maikooolbuilding the few bits from android needed by sailfish is nothing compared to building full aosp22:56
maikoooljust read the hadk porting to a new device chapter, and stop at setting up a scratchbox2 target, that's where you need the 1.1.7 target22:56
maikooolthen when sledges gives that to you, you can continue22:56
maikoooloh, if the z3 has stable cyanogenmod 11, you can also base your port off that22:57
maikooolyou dont need 1.1.7 for that, just follow the hadk22:57
Thaodanhm okay sounds hard22:57
maikooolbut that does mean you cant use the z3c work since that's aosp based22:58
maikoooli must admit, it's a bit daunting at first22:58
Thaodanwouldn'r be bettter to use asop 5 instead of cm 11?22:58
maikooolyes, since that has official sony support22:58
Thaodanthe cpu power is not that issue22:58
maikooolbut aosp5 is not finalized yet, cm11 based ports are pretty stable22:59
Thaodanthe problem is the time I need to setup the stuff22:59
Thaodanasop runned pretty stable for me on my z322:59
Thaodanthe 5 version22:59
Thaodancm 11 wasn't never really used as far I know22:59
maikoooli mean the sailfish based ones, not aosp itself22:59
maikooolwell, as i said, just follow the hadk pdf guide until you hit setting up a scratchbox2 target23:00
maikooolstart at the porting to a new device chapter and follow the links to other chapters when stated23:00
maikooolcloning the aosp/cm tree with repo sync takes up most of the time, so when sledges comes back you already have a lot of the waiting done23:01
maikooolreplace hybris-10.1 with hybris-aosp-5.1.0_r523:01
maikoooljust give it a shot, and when you get stuck, come back here and pastebin logs if applicable23:02
maikooolbasically, sailfish uses android binaries and libraries to talk with the hardware since that is not open source23:03
maikooolthat's why you need a aosp/cm base23:03
maikoooland have matching aosp installed before flashing sailfish23:03
Thaodanok hm not so easy as I thought23:03
maikooolif you have an older device lying around that already has a port, you could build that to get a feel for the process, but porting a new device is much more rewarding23:03
maikooolit will get easier after a while, when all the terminology rings more bells and you get a feel for the process23:04
maikooolit took me a while as well23:04
maikooolon more 'normal' times there are more people around here, and we're all happy to help you (myself included)23:05
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maikooolnot sure where you live but it's 1am on a sunday for most people here, that's why it's a bit quiet23:06
ThaodanI life in Germany, same time here^^23:08
tathhu2am \o/23:11
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Thaodanwhats the code name of the sony z3?23:21
maikooolshinano iirc23:26
maikooolnot sure23:26
maikooolrefer to the sony aosp kernel building guide23:26
maikooolthat has a list23:26
Thaodan is the repo you ment?23:28
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maikoooli have a fork of that for the z3c23:37
maikooolso you can see the changes needed23:37
maikooolit's on a branch23:37
maikooolbut just using that and follwoing the hadk's add-new-device script will do nicely23:38
maikooolwhen you run into issues later you can compare the two and copy changes23:38
maikooolso dont worry about it for the time being, just follow the hadk :)23:38
Thaodanwhy I need to run this in mersdk to build the android stuff23:44
ThaodanA I see you're not that far away from me :D23:45
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maikooolthe mersdk ubu chroot is just there to make sure the environment is right for android building23:52
Thaodanis it possible to run the chroot inside my system for performance?23:54

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