Sunday, 2015-08-09

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maikooolthe performance inpact should be minimal00:12
maikooolprobably best not to worry about that and compilcate things even more00:12
maikooolof course you're free to try, but as far as i know it's not been tested that way00:12
maikooolmaybe others have, you should ask here again tomorrow00:13
maikooolah, i see you're also an arch user00:18
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Thaodanhow you saw?00:28
Thaodancause of my github? :D00:29
Thaodanbtw time to update a aur package00:29
tathhuI would be running arch if I just could find a working way to disable mouse acc :P00:29
maikooolisn't that desktop dependant?00:30
tathhuDunno :D I've been trying to find solution "this" long but no, lol00:30
tathhuBut I got my laptop for arch :P00:30
maikoooli have no issues with acceleration00:30
maikooolbut i'm not running a full DE00:31
maikoooljust awesome00:31
tathhuYeah, i've trying to disable it on counter-strike :D dunno what Ubuntu does differently but itjustworksTM00:31
tathhuGotta bing more :300:32
ThaodanIm using kf5 and kde sc 4 before no issues00:32
maikooolits arch00:32
maikooolthere's a wiki page for everything ;)00:32
maikooolbut most DE's should provide those settings in some kind of settings manager00:33
Thaodanargh git rejectets push even its up to date00:34
tathhuThaodan: is 5.4 already out? :P00:34
Thaodannope, but using some -git stuff cause of kdepim-git00:34
maikooolkde5 looks quite nice00:36
maikooolwasn't a fan of the ton of visual effects in kde400:37
maikooolseems that's toned down a bit which is nice00:37
maikoooloh well, never gonna leave my tiling wm anyway00:37
ThaodanI just liked the glas effect like in sailfish00:37
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Thaodanah would that be nice to just install sailfish like any rom that would be nice00:44
tathhuPort it first, then you can x)00:45
Thaodanport is not that problem maik already done the most parts the only thing I mostly need to do is copy paste :D00:53
Thaodando you got the modem running?00:53
maikooolonce you have your repositories set up properly, the local_manifest and droid-hal-device repo's, you can use sfa-mer for autobuilding00:53
maikooolnot on the z3c, it has some wheird quirk00:53
maikooolmaybe the z3 is easier00:53
maikooolmost device modems 'just work'00:54
maikooolbut i'm pretty sure if yours doesnt and we find a fix for the z3c it'll be easy to port to the z300:54
Thaodanwhich quirk?00:54
maikooolneeds somekind of special daemon00:55
maikooolsomeone's looking into that00:55
maikoooljust the android rild isnt enough it seems00:55
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Thaodandeamon for what?00:56
maikooolradio interface daemon00:56
maikooolthat communicates with the modem hardware00:56
Thaodanhm why should be that different on the z3ß00:56
maikooolthe z3c is the first i know of that has issues with this00:57
maikooolwe dont know yet what this daemon is called00:57
maikooolit's something beside the default rild00:57
maikooolsince android core is open source, vendors and qualcomm use closed source binaries to activate certain pieces of hardware00:57
maikooolthey are loaded during android boot, but since sailfish has it's own bootsystem (systemd, like arch and fedora and others) those are not always magically activated00:58
* Thaodan reminds me of the blob song!00:59
maikoooli just haven't had the time recently to play around with my z3c, otherwise it would probably already be solved00:59
Thaodanmaybe I can give you a list which deamons run on my z300:59
maikoooli already have a list of daemons that run on the z3c01:00
maikooolstill working on that01:00
maikooolbut you're very welcome to post a list01:00
maikooolwe think it's hidden in the bootimage or initrd01:00
maikooolinstead of usual /system/bin01:00
Thaodanis a ps ax as root enough?01:01
maikooolshould be01:01
maikooolsadly i need to be able to be called for work reasons, so i cant play with my z3c atm :(01:02
maikooolall my other devices are not in a good enough state to be carried around all day01:02
maikooolbut you should probably focus on getting something on screen first, that's mostly the hardest part01:02
maikooolalso, i'm off for the time being, if you have any further questions or run into issues, just leave them here and leave your irc connection on, i'll check back tomorrow to answer if someone else hasn't01:03
Thaodanmaikoool: this is my process list01:04
ThaodanI updated droid-hal-device01:05
maikooolif you run into compile issues with make hybris-hal, you should try to replace some of the android repos like in this manifest:
maikoooldroid-hal-device looks good, but you should edit  droid-hal-shinano.spec and replace the device names with yours01:08
maikooolalso you can check if the input/event0 device referenced in  device-sony-shinano-configs/var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf01:09
maikooolis the correct one by cat /dev/input/event0 and tapping on screen01:09
Thaodanargh wrote to wrong file -.-01:09
maikooolsee if that generates output01:09
maikooolrinse and repeat event[0-x] until you find one that responds to screen tapping01:10
Thaodancan I do this without installing the actual stuff so that my device runs still when I got no fully working rom?01:11
maikooolcatting /dev/input/event ?01:11
maikoooljust in android shell with su01:11
maikooollike ps ax01:11
maikooolit's the same device (kernel created, not os dependant)01:11
maikooolif none of them work, try in recovery01:12
maikooolits possible android locks them but that shouldnt be01:12
* maikoool really off now ;)01:12
maikooolalso use your favorite recovery and make a full device backup beforehand01:14
maikooolyou can use nut's xperia site to create a dualrecovery image for your current os and extract the boot.img from the resulting zip that is flashable with fastboot whicch will give you access to recovery only to revert to your backup in case stuff goes wrong01:15
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sledgeswelcome aboard Thaodan !08:14
locusfheheh forgotmto say morning here :)08:17
sledgesit's sunday :D08:21
* sledges watched Bristol baloon fest yesterday ^_^08:21
dr_gogeta86hi guys08:32
dr_gogeta86minisf and minimedia causes lipstick to doesn't start08:33
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: logs09:22
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ThaodanGood Morning guys :D11:30
Thaodanmaikoool: I already got a working recovery,11:30
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maikooolThaodan: your sony device has a recovery partition?11:54
maikooolcause if it doensn't reovery is baked into the rom11:55
maikooolwhcih means when you flash sailfish the recovery will be deleted11:55
mal-maikoool: but it's possible to integrate the recovery to sailfish kernel also, I have done that11:57
mal-I modified hybris-boot to do it automatically11:58
maikoooli have a seperate boot.img with only recovery for the time being12:00
maikoooli'll wait until you upstream these integrations :)12:00
maikoooli think we basically need custombootimg like cm does12:01
maikoooltry to import devicetree/ at top of hybris book .mk12:01
maikooolthen wrap everything in ifndef's12:01
maikooolso can override the bits it needs12:01
maikooolthen maybe even cyanogen's custombootimg in the device tree 'just works', that'd be awesome12:02
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mal-maikoool: I don't have custombootimg.mk12:05
maikooolmine basically unpacks initrd and modifies initscript for recovery and puts recovery initrd in it12:07
maikooolall inline12:07
maikooolit seems to work for cyanogenmod12:08
Thaodanmaikoool:  not really it has a recovery backet in the fota partition12:14
Thaodanbut sony made for some xperia device a usual recovery12:15
mal-maikoool: I was wrong, I do have, it was just not in any of the roots of device repos12:16
maikooolthen you're lucky ;)12:17
maikoooli'm lucky too12:17
maikooolthx man12:17
Thaodanz3 isn't inclued :p12:18
maikoooli misread that12:18
maikooolbut since you have a z3, how can you have recovery?12:18
maikooolin a seperate partition?12:18
Thaodanbut the recobery is inclued in the fota partition, the "recovery" is bootet from there12:19
maikooolhow to trigger it then?12:19
Thaodanfota partition is for ota updates usally12:19
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maikooolso that can be modified12:19
maikooolso when i press power + vol down12:19
maikooolit will boot recovery?12:20
Thaodani trigger it just like  any recovery12:20
maikooolinstead of just waiting for pc flash to connect12:20
maikoool At boot, once you feel the phone vibrate and while you see the green led burn:12:21
maikooolthat's not seperate12:21
maikooolsepreate recovery triggers before sony logo is shown12:21
maikooolthis doenst12:21
maikooolBe sure to flash Z3-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION] from after installing the ROM and before you reboot, this way you will not lose recovery!12:22
ThaodanI already flashed the recovery you meant12:23
ThaodanI gave you nearly the same link^^12:23
maikooolthat's the ticket12:25
maikooolit writes recovery to fota partition12:27
maikooolbut still needs to be loaded by android init12:27
Thaodanyes the kernel needs this12:28
maikooolso it doenst eliminate the need for customized kernel12:29
maikoooland this way i dont see any advantages compared to include recovery into the bootimg that also has the initscript to trigger it12:29
Thaodanthere's a recovery for stock kernel too12:29
Thaodanthe dual recovery12:29
maikooolwell you better backup your current boot.img before trying, cause i dont see this working without modified android init12:30
maikooolsailfish doesnt use android init so recovery wont be triggered with that installed12:31
maikooolstill doenst eliminate the need for custommkbootimg.mk12:31
Thaodandual recovery requires: If you have an unlocked bootloader and chose to keep the STOCK Sony kernel, you can also use this MOD.12:31
Thaodanso how should stock rom trigger this?12:32
maikooolthe installer rewrites android init12:32
maikooolcyanogenmod already has it in it's init so doesnt need to be rewritten12:32
maikooolthey have that to provide cyanogenmod clockwork recovery with their sony zips12:32
maikooolmal-: do you think it's possible to modify sailfish bootimg creation process to accomodate for ?12:33
maikooolprobably solves the issue for all applicable sony devices12:33
maikooolmaybe even more if there are more devices out thare with strange bootlaoders12:33
maikoooland would that be easy to implement?12:34
maikooolcould someone that has never written makefiles at all do it (me for example)? :)12:34
mal-maikoool: there is a little problem with that, in the target name is hardcoded12:35
mal-which means it will always create boot.img12:36
maikooolits a bit ugly can cant we just rewrite those to hybris-boot.img?12:36
maikooolthat's the one for my device12:38
maikooolstuff needs to be modified anyway since it overwrites initscript12:38
maikooolThaodan: your droid-hal-device repo seems to be msising patterns, see this commit for everything that should be added:
maikooolalso: how's the build going, no troubles so far, have you already got an 1.1.7 target?12:45
Thaodanmope didn't got the target12:47
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mal-maikoool: it's possible13:04
mal-maikoool: that is quite similar to that of my device, I don't have elf on my device13:10
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Thaodanmaikoool:  added patterns13:18
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piggz__lo *13:24
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piggz_sledges: ping14:10
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piggzlooks like the dhd2modular build script isnt working ... .fails on building first package, libhybris, becuase the libhybris .spec file assumes it is being run from libhbris/lihybris, and 'cd's into hybris' but dhd2modular is only in $MER_ROOT/devel/mer-hybris14:48
piggzsledges: ^14:48
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piggz_next, libhybris fails to build due to not finding sys/auxv.h .... which exists in the android build dirs under prebuilts/15:22
pingtuxHey, I tried multiple times to install Sailfish OS on my Nexus 5 (via MultiROM) but it's always stuck at the google screen after installing. MultiROM log doesn't show any errors. Any hints how I can debug the problem? (telnet isn't possible, there's no usb interface)15:23
piggz_and in android/droid/bionic/libc/include/sys/auxv.h15:24
minimecpingtux: Well... I don't have a hint, but I can confirm that alpha12 is running following this guide...
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minimecpingtux: This is with stock android as primary ROM. I did not do the latest update (until now) for this stock android primary rom.15:27
piggz_do i need an android-headers package installed in mer sdk?15:28
pingtuxminimec: Hmmm... I currently have stock android installed as primary rom as well. I tried to install alpha9, i'll try again with alpha1215:36
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iKozzzi've got ringtone playing from earphone on my N5 =)15:51
iKozzzany ideas how to collect useful logs?15:51
sledgesiKozzz: it like this by design iirc :D15:52
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sledgesiKozzz: you plug earphones in, means you intend not to let any sound out of your phone15:53
sledgesunless you mean earphone=earpiece, not earphone=headphone15:54
iKozzzi plugged nothing, this is the case15:54
sledgesiKozzz: are you sure? never saw such thing15:55
sledgesmaybe it's just not loud enough? where from does it play when you preview the ringtone through settings app?15:55
iKozzzit started to act like this just now15:55
iKozzzi tried to reproduce and cucceed15:56
sledgesiKozzz: anything you did with music?15:56
sledgesi think jusa_ suggests to get logs from pactl, check logs of this channel following that keyword ;)15:57
iKozzzhm.... maybe yes - started Media App. Play track. Pause track. Lock phone15:57
sledgesiKozzz: bug pls ^_^15:59
iKozzzsledges: good catch! I closed media app and ringrone switched back to speaker16:00
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sledgesiKozzz: but you said you can repro?16:01
iKozzznot anymore(((16:02
iKozzzi could before i closed Media App16:02
iKozzzsledges: what info could i collect to inspect this case?16:05
sledgesiKozzz: 18:57 < sledges> i think jusa_ suggests to get logs from pactl, check logs of this channel following that keyword ;)16:06
sledgesfirst you'd have to reproduce it ofc16:06
pingtuxminimec: My problem seems to be device encryption. Totally forgot that16:07
minimecpingtux: Oh.. I see.16:09
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jusa_hrm.. audio from earpiece, I've now seen/heard it a couple of times from different people (haven't seen myself) so it's definitely a bug..16:33
iKozzz...trying to reproduce16:34
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piggz_sledges: thx for the link ..... whats with the libhybris incorrect dir to cd into?18:29
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alinsledges: ping20:45
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alinsledges: replied to the bug... I can reproduce it easily21:24
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beidlI wonder what I might be missing in my oneplus one build...
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