Saturday, 2024-05-18

retvcan ofono-ril-plugin and ofono-ril-binder-plugin be replaced with ofono-binder-plugin? or there are modem specific and if the device needs the RIL plugins, it won't work with ofono-binder-plugin?06:48
retvs/there are/these are/06:48
retvthe README in the ofono-binder-plugin sources says "This plugin is a replacement for ofono-ril-plugin."07:01
retvbut maybe it is not, since the RIL plugin is still used07:01
retvgrepping the IRC logs for this channel suggests that it indeed is supposed to work08:09
retvbut when I replaced either {ofono-ril-plugin and ofono-ril-binder-plugin} or {just ofono-ril-binder-plugin} with ofono-binder-plugin, there was no indication that it even initialized, maybe except ofono claiming it loaded the plugin in ofono -n -ddd08:11
retvand of course no network service - even the related options disappeared from settings menu08:12
T42_<elros34> depends on android version: ofono-ril-plugin is for very old devices08:58
retvit is xperia 10 and it probably had android 9 as recommended09:01
retvbut afaik there is android 10 available as well09:01
retvso would the ofono-binder-plugin have chance to work if updated to android 10?09:02
T42_<elros34> you want to update whole adaptation to android 10?I guess it's not enough to flash some binaries from android 1009:08
T42_<elros34> but iIRC  for some official xperia but don't remember which one some people have tried to update stock android and this fixed some lcd/mic issues09:09
retvif I have to I probably could try, but it is gradually starting to not be worth it09:28
T42_<elros34> most important question: what do you want to achieve?09:29
retvit was just that there is again some bug in USSD implementation which makes sending USSD responses fail with "Operation already in progress"09:30
retvso it is impossible to navigate USSD choice menus09:31
T42_<elros34> getting ofono logs and pinging ofono maintainer about it might be easier then09:31
retvand also I wanted to test if applying similar changes that were done for xperia 10 II would enable volte09:32
retvbecause it seems that it was just one ofono plugin after all09:32
retvboth of the problems are certainly not the main priority of sailfish os because the xperia 10 is indeed starting to age09:34
retvso I wouldm09:34
retv'y expect the fixes soon, especially the volte09:34
T42_<elros34> certainly upgrading plugin would not enable volte, there is more code to handle it09:34
T42_<elros34> some closed source09:35
T42_<elros34> but who knows:
retvmaybe closed source. but still available on the xperia 10 II repos09:36
retvthey are aarch64, though09:36
retv(xperia 10 and xperia 10 kernel are aarch64 as well, but the sailfishos userspace is armv7 for some reason)09:37
retvand the plugin mentioned is 30kB elf file09:40
retvso probably just some binding and not much logic09:42
retvsince there is the 64bit library available11:01
retvmaybe using 64-bit ofono + all 64 bit dependencies as a form of an "isolated" (dynamic linker-wise) system / "container" could work11:04
retvand allow to use the plugin as-is11:05
T42_<A_T_R> defaultuser@MAXPROM1 ~]$ waydroid session start11:08
T42_<A_T_R> [16:37:35] XDG Session is not "wayland"11:08
T42_<A_T_R> [16:37:37] Failed to start Clipboard manager service, check logs11:08
T42_<A_T_R> wayyydroid log
T42_<A_T_R> how to change this11:45
T42_<A_T_R> ```11:45
T42_<A_T_R> Android vibration service is disabled in Sailfish and needs to be enabled for Waydroid```11:45
T42_<b100dian> That's if you eagerly disbled in your adaptation all unused services, through disabled_services.rc11:48
T42_<A_T_R> ?11:50
T42_<b100dian> Yes, so you should have sone vibr in process list running, nothing to do11:51
T42_<b100dian> So for waydroid did you start the container as root and the session as user? Maybe using the systemctl services11:52
T42_<A_T_R> but on running sfos system i see that vibrator disabled at /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/disabled_services.rc11:53
T42_<b100dian> Ah, must be from then11:55
T42_<b100dian> comment that line, and  but am not sure that this is why it doesn't start. Also svc command maybe start the service (or setprop ctl.start <name>) or just reboot11:56
T42_<A_T_R> i am trying this /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/disabled_services.rc now11:57
T42_<A_T_R> i am trying this now (edited)11:58
T42_<b100dian> ok11:58
T42_<A_T_R> i am trying this now (edited)11:58
T42_<b100dian> what about /var/lib/waydroid/lxc/waydroid/config_nodes , does it have the correct binder intefaces?11:58
T42_<b100dian> Ok, you have the puddlejumper ones, does those exist in /dev ?12:07
T42_<A_T_R> after enable vibration i get the waydroid boot sound but not booted to container12:08
T42_<A_T_R> yes /dev/puddlejumper exist12:09
T42_<b100dian> Ok, then you were on the right track with the vibrator12:09
T42_<A_T_R> still no GUI12:24
T42_<b100dian> Yeah, am not an expert here. I have very finicky starting gui on A11 also, just restart container, restart session, show full gui again.12:36
T42_<A_T_R> Thanks for your time ,12:49
T42_<elros34> do you get anything more meaningful in waydroid logcat?12:54
T42_<Promethilaus> has anyone on her managed to get the sony xperia 5 ii and 1 ii port by thaodan booted on their device?13:10
T42_<A_T_R> @ elros - waydroid log
T42_<A_T_R> how to remove waydroid ?17:21
T42_<elros34> this log is quiet small, basically 4ms17:29
T42_<A_T_R> [defaultuser@MAXPROM1 ~]$ sudo waydroid logcat17:29
T42_<A_T_R> Password:17:29
T42_<A_T_R> [22:59:39] WayDroid container is STOPPED17:29
T42_<A_T_R> [defaultuser@MAXPROM1 ~]$17:29
T42_<elros34> I don't know waydroid  but I bet it's same drill as for porting so you want proper log then restart services and get logs as soon as possible17:31
T42_<elros34> if container failed then figure out why or maybe it's just timeout because of your previous attempts17:31

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