Sunday, 2024-05-19

retvwhere is the "binder-list" tool available?00:24
retvit worked02:17
retvaarch64 ofono + plugins on xperia 10 (armv7hl userspace)02:18
retvand now ussd work no problem02:18
retvchroot ofono-aarch64/sysroot /usr/sbin/ofonod [options]02:19
retvand in ofono-aarch64/sysroot I have unpacked all the libraries, that ofono and the plugins need, and the ofono and plugins itself02:20
retvand bind mounted dev, proc, sys, var/run02:20
retvok, so the network registration works, and I've seen it registered on 4G, albeit it doesn't want to stay on 4G (on the ril plugin it was 4G most of the time), 3G and also 2G04:17
retvthe status bar in sailfish doesn't show the network mode now04:17
retvvolte doesn't work, but that is understandable, since I've done nothing with the mbn files and also have no idea what I should do about them, since the layout is different than in xperia 10 II (no /vendor/oem)04:19
retvis there a way to upgrade all the radio related stuff from whatever talks to binder to modem firmware, without rebuilding the sailfishos?04:20
retvthere is AOSP 11 driver set from sony for the device, for newer kernel and it seems that there are much newer radio libraries here06:19
retvI wonder why it hasn't been updated in sailfish06:20
T42_<elros34> So you run 64bit ofono in chroot on 32bit system on 64bit kernel?:P Answer to latest question is probably simple: upgrading adaptation takes a lot of time, needs to be tested and brings new issues10:24
TofeHi there19:28
TofeI'm trying to get ofono working properly on a mainline device for LuneOS, using latest ofono 2.7 and its qmimodem; it almost works (no calls yet), but maybe someone here worked on that topic too?19:29
malwhich kind of devices?19:32
TofeCurrently the Xiaomi Note 5 (rosy), which is a msm895319:33
TofeThere are plenty of commits these last months for qmimodem, it seems quite alive19:34
malare you using the fork by piggz or just clean ofono?19:34
malI have a separate local branch of piggz's fork I have used for qcom mainline testing19:42
Tofejust a clean ofono19:51
TofeI'm not sure how to create the rmnet_data nodes, though19:52
TofeI'm using things like "ip link add link rmnet_ipa0 name rmnet_data0 type rmnet mux_id 1" but I don't really know what I'm doing19:53
malyeah, that mobile data is issue for me also20:02
malI haven't yet figure out the correct way to do it20:03
TofeCurrently I'm just creating 3 rmnet_data nodes linked to rmnet_ipa0; that's enough to make qmimodem work a bit, but I guess the nodes should be configured somehow20:08
Tofe(and of course I'm configuring qrtr before starting ofono, too)20:09
T42_<adampigg> mal: does your fork have any extra changes?20:43
malyes, I had some test code I tried for the mobile data but it didn't work21:09

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