Friday, 2013-03-01

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aethelkkari, taallahan on paljon finskeja04:32
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StskeepsElleo: add some more cpu cores to the VM and fps should go up06:13
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Tekk_I just grabbed the 32 bit sdk on debian sid, and when I try to run a dummy qtquick project it complains that the VM isn't running, even though I already launched it via the "would you like to launch the vm?" dialog07:34
Tekk_I can ssh into it fine as well07:34
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JonniTekk_: have you read the known issues page and tried the tricks in there?07:36
Jonniie have new enough virtualbox installed, etc?07:37
Tekk_hmm, virtualbox may be old actually07:38
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Tekk_it's still debian after all07:38
dm8tbrI suspect you might want to use a binary build from oracle07:39
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Tekk_nothing on the issues page about this07:40
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StskeepsTekk_: is your debian sid 32-bit too?07:41
JonniTekk_:  says you need 4.1.18 or higher07:41
Tekk_yep, and I have debian's 4.1.1807:42
Tekk_with at least patches from 2013, looking at the copyright notice07:42
JonniTekk_: then there are those few things to try, ie nameserver tweak and clearing the config, if there were old mer sdk installed07:43
Tekk_no, fresh install of the sdk07:43
JonniTekk_: so you didnt have qtcreator installed on that machine before?07:43
Tekk_I'm generally more of a gtk person07:44
JonniTekk_: and ssh works both in port 2222 and 2223 virtual machines?07:45
Tekk_2222 worked, didn't try 222307:46
Tekk_where would all the configs be kept for qtcreator that could conflict? Want to be absolutely sure that it just didn't wedge itself into my backups somewhere. just in .config or does it spread tentacles all over?07:47
JonniTekk_: when I had problems I just exited qtcreator and did rm -rf ~/.config/MerProject; and then started creator again07:48
Jonnithat clears up the configs07:48
Jonniand you should try 2223 since that is the emulator07:48
Tekk_okay, ran that and starting up qtcreator again07:48
Tekk_okay. 2223 actually is refused07:50
JonniTekk_: and you have that second virtual machine up and running?07:51
Tekk_a second virtual machine?07:51
Tekk_I only have one virtualbox instance up07:51
Tekk_do I actually need 2 sailfish instances running?07:52
JonniTekk_: left bottom corner has two buttons, one for the sdk (compiler env) port 2223, and second button for emulator (port 2223)07:52
Jonnicompiler env 2222 even07:52
Jonniyou need to start them both07:52
Nicd-you have to start both? :O07:52
Nicd-well that was my problem last night then07:52
Tekk_I was just clicking on run and running the virtual machine when it asked if I wanted to07:53
Nicd-qtcreator should start them both then, it just talks about one VM07:53
Jonniwell normally it does start them both, but on some envs there might be problems07:54
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Jonniand if it still complains about virtual machine not running when you have started both, then you use left-crtl+F2 and do "echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf" inside the emulator, that should fix the running detection timeout.07:55
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Tekk_Jonni: pass on the emulator? presumably user root08:00
JonniTekk_: root / nemo08:01
Tekk_virtualbox is having too much fun pushing me into swap for firefox to start quickly :/08:01
Jonnileft-ctrl+F1 brings back the UI from the console.08:02
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Tekk_nope, same issue as before08:03
Tekk_"Virtual machine 'SailfishOS Emulator' is not running"08:03
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Jonniso you logged into 2223 and did that echo?08:03
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Jonniwell then Im running out of ideas, if your ssh works fast to both 2223 and 2222 ports then its not the nameserver08:05
Jonniif ssh login would take some seconds then its usually because of the nameserver08:05
Tekk_no, it's really fast08:05
Tekk_actually I can't log into 222308:06
Tekk_via ssh08:06
Tekk_refuses my connection08:06
Tekk_due to bad key08:07
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Jonniand you havent tweaked the memory settings in emulator?08:08
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tekkdroidthat was w the same key as 2222, so i was specifying the right key i think08:10
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JonniTekk_: you could try deploying the key again in tools-options-devices menu08:12
Tekk_Jonni: no, I haven't tweaked memory settings yet08:15
Tekk_redeploying the key gives me the error that it couldn't establish contact w/ the servre08:16
JonniTekk_: and you now have both virtual machines up and running and you can use console on those?08:17
JonniTekk_: you can always copypaste the keys manually from the console, and check if networking and ssh is running in the emulator08:17
Tekk_networking is running, just restarted ssh so that should be running08:18
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Jonniand components gallery from emulator is working?08:18
Jonniand you have under 2GB ram assigned to the emulator? there is feature that if there is more than 2GB assigned to emulator that ssh stops working.08:19
Tekk_there's my problem08:19
Tekk_authorized key is all messed up08:19
Tekk_I don't even think that "ssh-dss" is a thing...08:19
Tekk_even updating my ssh key didn't seem to work08:22
Tekk_and systemctl definitely shows ssh running08:22
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lbthey Tekk_09:00
lbtso what does Tools->options->Devices then Test show?09:00
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thpanyone else having dns problems resolving
Stskeepsworks for me09:08
fk_lxhere also works09:08
Nicd-one guy in #jollamobile complained it wasn't working for him09:09
lbtgoogle seems to not know itat
lbtit only has 1 response at
lbtnm - that's normal - thinking of releases09:09
thpyup, i'm using
lbtgoogle is broke - use something reliable09:10
* lbt runs :D09:10
thpit's usually more reliable than my ISP's dns (and definitely more memorable ;)09:10
lbtkidding - told IT about it09:11
thpok, indeed removing makes it work again here. still, would be nice to get it fixed for google dns users ;)09:11
lbtdig @  works09:11
fk_lxlbt: it's on purpose, Google already is afraid of Sailfish :-P09:12
lbtOK ... gotta go - bbiab (1h-ish)09:12
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pyksyto me it looks like two of the five dns servers for are missing the record09:22
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lbthey niqt10:36
niqtSome pages can not be reached, example
niqthi lbt10:39
pyksymaybe it's the dns issue10:41
aslaniDNS problems it seems10:41
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niwebercan reach that page here10:41
pyksyniqt: hit refresh until it loads :)10:41
aslanidig sailfishos.org10:42
aslanino anwser section10:42
lbtit looks like we have a DNS issue10:42
pyksytwo out of five dns servers not working10:43
lbtpyksy: for releases or plain sailfishos.org10:44
lbtah, different pastie10:44
lbtwe're looking into it10:45
pyksylbt: yeah, i'd guess that the problem affects the whole domain10:45
lbtwhat's odd is that 2/5 slaves went bad - typical that google uses one of them10:46
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lbtwe think the DNS fix is in place11:10
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lbt8.8.4.4 now gives the right answer (after failing for a while)11:10
pyksylbt: seems to be working now11:10
lbt8.8.8.8 still ignores us :/11:10
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rcgElleo, i see you are hacking on Ogre3D :)11:50
Elleorcg: yep :)11:50
rcgdo you have interest in putting your work on cobs@meego?11:50
* rcg is Wonko@tmo btw ;)11:50
Elleorcg: yeah, don't worry that's going to be my next step now that I have everything building in a rough and ready way :)11:51
StskeepsElleo: pretty good demo, btw11:51
rcgElleo, cool :)11:51
ElleoStskeeps: thanks :), I'll play with adding more cores to the VM tonight too11:51
Stskeepsllvmpipe scales with threads, so11:52
rcgElleo, you might ping me if you need some help with packaging etc. ;)11:52
Elleorcg: thanks, I'll see how it goes, I'm more familiar with debian packaging than rpm stuff but I've managed to hack together a few packages okay so far11:52
rcgroger that :)11:56
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niqthere screenshots of my first sailfishos App13:00
Sfiet_Konstantinniqt: yeah, seen them13:00
Sfiet_Konstantinpretty pretty13:01
Sfiet_Konstantinexcept that don't abuse of buttons13:01
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat about putting a clickable entry for birthday ?13:01
Sfiet_Konstantinand margins for the "result"13:01
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Sfiet_Konstantinanchors.leftMargin: theme.paddingMedium (or paddingLarge, paddingSmall)13:02
sledgesniqt, good stuff :) the first child of Sailfish :)13:04
niqtSfiet_Konstantin yes, yes, in the next version I will do as you say. In this I was curious to see how long it takes to porting13:04
niqtsledges :) is of sailfish, I've already had three13:05
Sfiet_Konstantinniqt: port, dunno, but I have written from scratch a mini tool to change some gconf keys13:06
Sfiet_Konstantintook me 40 min13:06
Sfiet_Konstantinand I was not totally awake (lack of sleep)13:06
Sfiet_Konstantinso ...13:06
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niqtSfiet_Konstantin i read your blog about sailfish gui, you have raised important questions13:12
Sfiet_Konstantinit is not finised yet13:16
Sfiet_KonstantinI need more photos to perform more analysis13:17
spider-marioSfiet_Konstantin: is gconf used on Sailfish?13:19
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Sfiet_Konstantinspider-mario: yes, why ?13:20
spider-mariojust out of curiosity. :p13:20
spider-mariowhat is it used for?13:20
Sfiet_Konstantinfor storing settings ...13:21
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, theme, background, like on harmattan as well IIRC13:21
spider-mariook. :)13:21
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jstaniek_QFridgehi, I am wondering, can I login into the sailfish simulator vbox instance? I don't know the login/pwd14:20
Jonnijstaniek_QFridge: root / nemo14:21
jstaniek_QFridgeJonni: thanks, and how to get into the login prompt of the simulator?14:22
Jonnijstaniek_QFridge: left-crtl + F214:24
Jonniright-crtl even14:24
Jonniand right-ctrl + F1 goes back to UI14:25
fk_lxjstaniek_QFridge: or you can ssh on port 222314:25
sledgesssh'ing says err:(public key)14:27
fk_lxsledges: hmm, I don't have this problem :-)14:29
jstaniek_QFridgefk_lx: no public key here too14:31
sledgesprobably 'cause you're on the clean(er) machine :) I got old Mer SDK, +old sdk VM, now sailfish as well :)14:31
jstaniek_QFridgeI basically have no mer-qt-creator-key14:31
jstaniek_QFridgeor mer-qt-creator-rsa14:31
Jonnijstaniek_QFridge: ssh -p2223 -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa root@localhost14:32
* sledges just tried that14:32
Jonnijstaniek_QFridge: if you dont have the key, then tools->options->mer to create the key14:32
sledgesthp solved this btw:14:32
sledgesworks: `SSH_AUTH_SOCK= ssh -P 2223 root@localhost`14:33
sledgesjstaniek_QFridge, ^14:33
jstaniek_QFridgeah, works now, thanks14:33
fk_lxjstaniek_QFridge: what solution did help you?14:34
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jstaniek_QFridgefunny, is the wallpaper compiled-in within /usr/lib/ ?15:08
jstaniek_QFridgereplacing wallpaper.jpg doesn't work :)15:09
jstaniek_QFridgefk_lx: ssh -p2223 -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa root@localhost15:09
jstaniek_QFridgeworks for 2222 to15:09
Stskeepsnot compiled in, we're not tizen15:09
jstaniek_QFridgeI am slowly realizing that ;)15:10
jstaniek_QFridgeI replaced /usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/images/wallpaper.jpg and rebooted but the default background is still there :)15:11
Stskeepsi don't think that's the one15:12
sledgesexamine all of them files under /usr/share/themes/*15:12
Stskeepsgconf's rather the place15:12
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jstaniek_QFridgeha, removing /usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/images does not break the os; and I found no other files like these15:19
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veskuhthemedaemon caches stuff, after reboot OS may be quite funky.15:21
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thpnow that it's all swipey, i'm missing an option to "re-push" a page on the stack (after swiping right to go to the previous page, I might want to swipe left on the parent page to "recover" the page i just closed. i guess that's not how it works, right? ;)15:25
veskuhYep, its not a browser, but I know the feeling.15:27
fk_lxI think it was already discussed in one of the previews, so there is no possibility right now15:27
veskuhWell, as a developer you can do it, but I do not think it is design intent of the platform.15:27
fk_lxveskuh: as a developer you can do a lot, but the question is whether it will be consistent with the platform's UI philosophy15:30
fk_lxveskuh: I just realized I've said the same thing :-)15:33
* fk_lx is repeater15:33
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valdur55Some newbie question: how can i save file with vi ?16:16
Stskeepsesc and :w , enter16:16
valdur55Oh yes... write :D16:17
situI remember reading somewhere, first test for Unix newbie  "Try to exit vi without shuting down your system" :P16:22
Yanielgoogle is your friend :)16:22
valdur55RTFM! :)  man vi doesn't talk about vi commands and :h wasn't implemented.16:23
valdur55And IRC was next idea :)16:24
*** cle has joined #sailfishos16:26
sardinibefore, I thought that 'bitchx' was some porn stuff ...16:28
*** ibins has quit IRC16:29
*** cle has quit IRC16:32
valdur55Jee. ROOTFS-i annab kohalikus masinas muuta16:32
ali1234my first computer lab at uni had "how to quit VI" posters16:36
valdur55Omg! Wrong channel16:38
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:48
*** stefan1984 has joined #sailfishos16:51
Yanielsounds like estonian16:58
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos16:59
valdur55Yep! That's right!17:00
sledgeshello bro :)17:04
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos17:05
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*** lizardo_ is now known as lizardo17:53
ElleoStskeeps: I followed your advice and upped the processor count, now I'm getting around 40 fps for that demo :)17:56
Elleothe mesa llvm stuff is really impressive17:57
Stskeepsnot bad17:57
Stskeepsand i even had to disable AVX and some other stuff17:57
Stskeepsbecause of virtualbox bug17:58
*** xvilka has joined #sailfishos18:00
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*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos19:06
Tekk_to "what does tools/options/devices/tests show"?: SSH connection failure: Server rejected key19:07
Tekk_lbt: ^19:07
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos19:08
crevetorGuys, do you already have a maps plugin for the qml map element ?19:10
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:12
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Nicd-SDK works \o/19:45
Nicd-thanks lbt and others :)19:45
Nicd-I just had to manually start the emulator VM19:46
*** Morpog_ has quit IRC19:46
Tekk_Nicd-: lucky :)19:49
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #sailfishos20:01
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lbtTekk_: ping21:02
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:02
Tekk_lbt: pong21:03
Tekk_sorry, I don't log out of irc when I sleep :)21:04
lbtme neither21:04
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC21:04
lbtso ... want to look at your ssh problem? or are you asleep ?21:04
Tekk_did you see my reply?21:04
Tekk_no, I'm not asleep at all21:04
lbtyep, saw that - OK...21:04
lbtso it's kinda odd that ssh works for 1 VM and not the other21:05
Tekk_it's really weird. even after going in and manually allowing password ssh login when I try to ssh manually it refuses me on pubkey21:05
Tekk_maybe I just got a bad vdi download21:05
lbttoo specific21:05
*** mr0wl has quit IRC21:05
lbtso it's the emulator that's the problem?21:05
lbtand it fails from the QtC21:06
Tekk_yes, fails from qtc and ssh via xterm21:06
lbtTools->options->Mer ... Test connection21:06
lbtthat works?21:06
*** mr0wl has joined #sailfishos21:06
Tekk_yes, I can connect to the mer device fine21:06
Tekk_both via qtc and manual ssh21:07
*** mr0wl has quit IRC21:07
lbtah, right - there is something in the way the VMs have been built which is not quite what I expected to see21:08
Tekk_well by default the authorized_keys file had a weird key in sailfish21:09
lbtthat's what's odd21:09
Tekk_ssh-dss and then some key which definitely didin't match up with the ones I knew21:09
lbtmy design had the same ssh/{root,nemo,mersdk}/authorized_keys shared to both VMs21:09
lbtlooks like the implementation has $VM/ssh/{root,nemo,mersdk}/authorized_keys21:10
lbtso if it works on one, it can break on the other21:10
Tekk_yes, both of the VMs have the right keys now21:10
Tekk_I manually synced21:11
*** fk_lx has quit IRC21:11
lbthow so ?21:11
lbthow did you manually sync?21:11
*** mr0wl has joined #sailfishos21:12
lbtTools->options->devices .... Deploy Public Key may help21:12
*** mr0wl has quit IRC21:12
*** mr0wl has joined #sailfishos21:13
Tekk_I wgetted the key21:13
Tekk_deploy public key doesn't work because you need to ssh in to deploy it. already tried that21:13
lbtFYI - sshd on the VMs is configured to look in /etc/ssh/authorized_keys/$user21:14
lbtso it should not need to ssh in to deploy21:14
lbtthat dir is a shared folder mountpoint21:14
lbt~/SailfishOS/emulator/ssh/ is mounted on /etc/ssh/authorized_keys21:15
lbtso what happens when you do Tools->options->devices .... Deploy Public Key21:15
Tekk_it says bad ssh key21:16
Tekk_let me rerun to double check that21:16
Tekk_connection failed:server rejected key21:17
lbtso I See21:18
lbtthat's .... a bug21:19
Tekk_I would say so21:19
lbtso lets see about manual solution21:19
lbtin Tools->options->devices21:19
lbtPrivate key file - should be mer-qt-creator-rsa in ~/.ssh/ yes?21:20
lbt~/.ssh/ ~/SailfishOS/emulator/ssh/nemo/authorized_keyscp21:21
lbtcp ~/.ssh/ ~/SailfishOS/emulator/ssh/nemo/authorized_keys21:21
lbtthen 'Test'21:21
lbtfor root:    cp ~/.ssh/ ~/SailfishOS/emulator/ssh/root/authorized_keys21:22
Tekk_okay, the keys are matching up..21:23
Tekk_and same problem21:23
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos21:24
lbtOK, I broke mine and did that to re-fix - highly odd21:25
lbtdiff ~/SailfishOS/emulator/ssh/nemo/authorized_keys ~/SailfishOS/mersdk/ssh/mersdk/authorized_keys21:26
lbtshould be the same21:26
lbtcan you console login to the emulator as root and 'reboot'21:27
*** covox has quit IRC21:29
lbtand try ssh and the 'Test' button21:29
*** covox has joined #sailfishos21:30
Tekk_ssh still broke21:30
Tekk_test still broken21:31
*** junglizer has left #sailfishos21:31
lbtdoes the Emulator just have 512Mb RAM ?21:31
lbtMachine->system->Motherboard on the emulator window21:32
lbtcan you pastie ssh -v -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa root@localhost -p 222321:34
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:34
JonniTekk_: and you have tried unsetting SSH_AUTH_SOCK I assume?21:35
Tekk_Jonni: no actually. never even heard of it21:35
Tekk_env var?21:35
lbtok -thought I saw that tried in the backlog21:36
Tekk_Jonni: not the problem21:36
lbtthere's no agent issues mentioned21:36
*** mr0wl has quit IRC21:39
*** mr0wl has joined #sailfishos21:40
lbt"Roaming not allowed by server"  ?21:40
lbtnope - I get that too21:41
lbtwhole hog: now pastie ssh -vvv -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa root@localhost -p 222321:42
Jonnihave you checked that files in .ssh dir are chmod 600'ed?21:43
lbtshouldn't matter:   StrictModes no21:43
lbtso can you login to emulator using console as root21:52
Tekk_but not using ssh21:52
lbtok - login to console then21:53
lbtand we'll check some stuff in there21:53
Tekk_alright then21:56
Tekk_logged in21:57
lbtas root ls -RlaF /etc/ssh/authorized_keys21:57
lbtyou can't cut/paste21:57
lbtyou have files in there called ?21:58
Tekk_which I put in manually before21:59
lbtthey should not be there21:59
lbtok - back to your host console21:59
lbtcp ~/.ssh/ ~/SailfishOS/emulator/ssh/nemo/authorized_keys21:59
lbtthat cp includes a rename22:00
lbtnow check that shows up in the VM with the ls -RlaF22:00
lbtthen try the 'Test' button and ssh (as nemo@)22:00
Tekk_doesn't show up22:01
lbtrun a 'mount' in the VM22:01
lbtyou should have :                       none on /etc/ssh/authorized_keys type vboxsf (rw,nodev,relatime)22:02
lbtas an entry22:02
Tekk_no it doesn't22:02
Tekk_I think we found the problem22:02
lbtextremely odd - since this works for SDK VM22:03
Tekk_it was in the shared disks22:03
Tekk_but it wasn't on auto-mount22:03
Tekk_added that and rebooted22:03
Tekk_maybe it works now22:03
lbtthat'll break for sure22:04
lbtit will treat it as removable media22:04
lbtso untick auto-mount22:05
lbtthen reboot again22:05
lbtthen login to console22:05
lbtthen mount -tvboxsf -o"rw,exec,uid=0,gid=0,dev,fmode=555,dmode=555"  ssh /etc/ssh/authorized_keys22:05
lbtand check dmesg22:05
Tekk_nope, that's not it22:07
Tekk_okay, test works now22:07
Tekk_the "that's not it" was to what I thought might have been the root cause22:07
lbtso - works now - but manually needed mounting22:08
Tekk_no, it works automatically now22:09
Tekk_added it to fstab :P22:09
Tekk_mission accomplished it seems. thanks22:09
lbtwell, kinda22:10
lbtbut you're up :)22:10
Tekk_how so?22:10
lbtthere's a systemd service that mounts it22:10
lbtI wonder why it fails22:10
lbtif you can ssh in then:   systemctl status etc-ssh-authorized_keys.mount22:10
lbtand check "journalctl" too22:11
lbtI would like to make sure it's not a Debian think22:11
lbtI'm running a very similar setup to you (and I care about making Debian hosts work :) )22:11
Tekk_it's loaded22:11
Tekk_and it says active and mounted(no surprise there)22:12
lbtyeah - maybe remove from fstab22:12
lbtand reboot22:12
lbt(comment fstab for easy fix)22:12
Tekk_hold on22:12
Tekk_I just want one thing to run properly before I break this again :P22:12
Tekk_how is that even possible22:13
Tekk_test is fine, running complains that the emulator isn't running O.o22:13
*** mbouksim_ has joined #sailfishos22:14
lbtdoes a manual ssh respond instantly ?22:14
lbtOK - so not slow DNS22:14
lbtdid you cp the root authkey22:14
Tekk_I assume so, since I can ssh in as root22:15
lbtand the nemo one ?22:15
Tekk_and as nemo22:15
lbtyea - test works22:15
lbt*cough* just try again ?22:15
mbouksim_hi every body im new to linux i want to start developing for jolla but im getting this error with any project22:15
mbouksim_Connection Error. 'Timeout waiting for reply from server.'22:15
mbouksim_22:11:51: Le processus "/home/mbouksim/SailfishOS/share/qtcreator/MerProject/mer-sdk-tools/MerSDK/SailfishOS-i486-x86/qmake" s'est terminé avec le code 1.22:15
mbouksim_Error while building/deploying project mediagallery (kit: MerSDK-SailfishOS-i486-x86)22:15
mbouksim_Lors de l'exécution de l'étape "qmake"22:15
lbtmbouksim_: please use pastie service22:15
Tekk_lbt: I have an idea22:16
lbtmbouksim_: also : ... I think you have the If deployment fails with: "Could not connect to host: Timeout waiting for reply from server."   problem22:16
fk_lxwho is responsible for documentation on ?22:20
lbtfk_lx: guess :D22:20
fk_lxlbt! :-)22:20
lbtwell, some of it22:20
Jonnisome sailors22:21
fk_lxlbt: ok I will send you spelling errors once I found more - for now I found only one22:21
fk_lx*I've founded22:21
lbtfk_lx: ty22:22
Tekk_okay, so the emulator works now22:23
Tekk_but it's decided to never clear the screen :/22:23
mbouksim_lbt, thanks for your answer i think its my pb :) i tried to login on the with root/nemo but it dosn't work :s22:23
lbtTekk_: lets class this one as closed - if you ever feel like wiping/reinstalling then yell (a really clean wipe needs some extra deleting)22:24
fk_lxlbt: I will tell you one funny thing about "ty" (thank you)22:24
Tekk_hey, what's my gesture for closing the current app out?22:24
Tekk_I want to see if it's just this hello that's not blanking the screen or the emulator as a whole22:24
fk_lxlbt: in Polish "ty" means "you", so it's always confusing for me :-)22:25
lbtTekk_: read the page - useful stuff on ther22:26
lbtmbouksim_: OK - so...22:26
lbtmbouksim_: did you get a console login?22:26
fk_lxthp: regarding your tweet -> wasn't Mer cool all the time? ;-)22:26
mbouksim_lbt, yes with ctrl+F222:27
lbtok - so login as root with passwd nemo?22:28
mbouksim_lbt, it gives me login incorrect22:29
*** jukkaeklund has joined #sailfishos22:30
lbtmbouksim_: just to make sure - that's on the emulator?  Mine says :     SailfishEmul login:    in the console22:30
lbtnot     SailfishSDK login:22:31
mbouksim_lbt, sorry i was on the SailfishSDK :$22:32
lbtnp - easy mistake22:32
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC22:35
mbouksim_lbt, sorry onther question how to get back to the emulator :D??22:35
Tekk_okay, I'm not crazy. you do "close" by pushing to the side22:35
lbtright-ctrl + f1 ... good question!22:35
Tekk_so my emulator ust isn't drawing right22:36
lbtTekk_: more  'minimise'22:36
lbtmbouksim_: updated webpage to add that = thanks22:37
lbtTekk_: can you screenshot it?22:37
mbouksim_lbt, sorry i didn't unnderstand  (sorry for my bad english)22:38
Tekk_lbt: that'd be a bit of a waste. It doesn't draw the background so that's black, and then it doesn't refresh so you see everything that has ever been drawn22:38
lbtmbouksim_: I added a comment to so it is clearer how to get back to the emulator :)22:39
lbtTekk_: can you run the 'components' app ?22:40
lbtthe propelloe22:40
lbtand see if that works properly22:40
mbouksim_lbt, ok thanks for your  help :)22:40
Tekk_not at this second. in a marvel vs capcom match22:40
*** b0unc3 has quit IRC22:41
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos22:41
Tekk_oh, it seems like the issue is temporary22:42
Tekk_as long as I do a drag on the home screen it works22:42
Tekk_before I run anything22:42
lbtI wonder if you're just seeing the powersave screenblanking22:43
*** Pat_o has quit IRC22:54
*** b0unc3 has joined #sailfishos22:54
*** rcg has quit IRC23:35
*** spider-mario has quit IRC23:38
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