Saturday, 2013-03-02

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fk_lxwhen a Page is popped from the stack (users go back) is there a possibility to run some function every time it happens?00:24
fk_lxI'm looking for sth like onPop slot00:25
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rcgone question wrt menus and list views09:43
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rcghow would i realize the general menu in a very long list view09:43
rcgpush up/down menus only work at the very top/bottom, right?09:43
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fk_lxrcg: maybe some extra elements that would allow you to go back quickly to top and end of the list?09:53
fk_lxrcg: or like in many social networks clients - some kind of sliding thing on right?09:54
fk_lxrcg: just loose thoughts :-)09:54
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rcgfk_lx, that could be an option. but i am not sure if that fits all my use cases. don't know if i (or the user) wants to scroll completely to the top/bottom, e.g., to just add a new entry to some contacts list10:03
fk_lxrcg: yeah I understand what you mean - some kind of list view scrolling freezing allowing to access top and bottom menu10:04
rcgimagine a contacts list with 100+ entries.. having to scroll completely to the top/bottom could become tedious10:04
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rcgotoh, wrt the sliding thing on the right, i think that's what the sectionscroller does10:05
fk_lxrcg: I don't know if that would do the work, but have you tried listview not filling whole screen, and leaving some unused space on top/bottom in order to have access to top and bottom menu ?10:06
fk_lxbtw. does anyone knows how to show backNavigation (stack visualization on) when there is only initial page on stack?10:06
fk_lxlbt: cześć10:07
rcgmorning lbt10:07
lbtrcg I think the menu handling in long lists is poor - complain on the devel list :)10:07
lbtOTOH long lists are poor ui anyway10:07
rcgfk_lx, you mean like placing the listview in a flickable, attach the menus to the flickable and put the listview inside the flickable with a little empty space above and below10:08
fk_lxlbt: do you have idea how to show that backNavigation when there is only one page on stack?10:08
rcglbt, roger that, will do :)10:08
fk_lxrcg: yeah10:08
rcglbt, btw. one use case of a long list is a contacts or todo list.. also my password list in meepasswords tends to get quite long :)10:09
boumacmilanHI every body im getting the error "Could not connect to host: Timeout waiting for reply from server i tried the solution in execute the commande echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf10:09
lbtyeah - I'm thinking of "all timezones for all cities in the world" ... thanks nokia!10:09
lbtfk_lx: explain the backNavigation thing - why would you see a back button with no back destination ?10:10
lbtboumacmilan: hmm10:10
rcglbt, to subscribe to the list i just send an empty email to right?10:10
fk_lxlbt: because if I do pushExtra() then I do not see the page that is on top of the stack10:11
lbtyes - do you not follow my tweets :D10:11
lbtfk_lx: tbh I barely used the Silica bits10:11
fk_lxlbt: when I do at least one push() then I see all pushExtra() pages also10:11
rcglbt, i do :) guess where i have that e-mail address from ;)10:11
lbtrcg: :)10:11
lbtboumacmilan: so.... some simple diags first10:11
lbttools->options->Devices then test10:12
rcgand to correct myself, it's: :)10:12
lbttools->options->Mer then test connection10:12
lbtoh yeah , I get that wrong too :)10:12
boumacmilanlbt: sorry  i didn't understand :)10:13
fk_lxlbt: what Silica Components guru/master from Jolla would you recommend?10:13
lbtboumacmilan: in the SDK (QtCreator), follow those menu options10:13
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boumacmilanlbt: this a capture of the teste connection with Mer and the Devices10:20
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lbtwhat distro ?10:22
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lbtboumacmilan: can you also pastebin the output from an ssh connection from the commandline10:24
boumacmilanlbt: sorry how can i do it?10:25
lbtand the ssh command is in
lbtssh -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa root@localhost -p 2222   for the SDK VM10:26
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boumacmilanlbt: thanks :)10:38
lbtok - do the test buttons work now10:38
lbtI'm concerned that it wasn't "easy" ... it should be10:39
boumacmilanlbt: no same problem :s10:40
lbtwhen you login from the command line - does it take a few seconds to get to the prompt ?10:41
boumacmilanyes ,10:42
lbtOK .. hmm10:43
lbtin the SDKVM - ping google.com10:43
boumacmilanyes it ping :s10:44
lbtcat /etc/resolv.conf10:46
lbtis it one line saying10:46
boumacmilanit says nameserver
lbtOK, do :      echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf10:47
lbtthen try tools->options->Mer then test connection10:47
boumacmilanthanks the connecton succes with Mer10:50
boumacmilanbut not with the device10:50
lbtlets do something different for the device ... for fun :)10:50
boumacmilanok :)10:50
lbtssh -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa root@localhost -p 222310:50
lbtshould work eventually10:51
boumacmilanit works
lbtthen copy and paste this command:    sed -i 's^.*UseDNS.*^UseDNS no^' /etc/ssh/sshd_config10:52
boumacmilanthaaanks lbt the connection works with the Device10:54
boumacmilanbut still can't compil10:54
boumacmilan:-1: erreur : Warning: File `Makefile' has modification time 1.2 s in the future10:54
lbtjust to check .... copy paste this command:    grep DNS /etc/ssh/sshd_config10:55
lbtshould say: UseDNS no   on a line by itself with no # comment character10:55
lbtin the emulator ssh session10:55
boumacmilanyes it says UseDNS no10:55
lbtnot seen the time issue for a long while - thought that was fixed ... let me check10:56
boumacmilanok :)10:56
lbtand keep trying - it should go. but if the modification time problem comes back, let me know10:56
boumacmilanlbt, thanks for your help :)11:00
lbtboumacmilan: no probs - glad the NoDNS worked - that helps me do a proper fix11:02
lbtboumacmilan: what distro do you use?11:02
lbtubuntu 12.10 ?11:02
boumacmilanyes ubuntu 12.1011:05
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Powerful_Alwhat's the name of the11:30
Powerful_Alprogress spinner11:30
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thpPowerful_Al: ProgressCircle11:52
thpit's not documented, but you can find it by looking at the components gallery and then looking it up in /usr/share/silicacomponentgallery/pages/11:53
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thpor alternatively via: find /usr/lib/qt4/imports/Sailfish/Silica/11:53
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lbthi sardini12:09
Powerful_Althp: Thanks12:17
fk_lxStskeeps: nice :-)12:18
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* kontio wonders how to put a 23" display into the pocked ;-) 12:21
lbtfold it up ?12:32
VDVsxone can just use the apps from the covers, good enough :D12:36
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sardiniI wonder hos are classified app in the Launcher? alphabetical? by themes? by history? personally I prefer by theme. We have the choice?12:49
sardinihos how12:49
Elleowhat's the correct way to install new packages in to the SDK target?13:25
Elleoand ideally how should I be adding new repos to the target too?13:26
YanielAFAIK packages can be installed via the SDK control panel13:31
Yanieland probably zypper works too13:33
Elleoah, didn't notice the control panel stuff13:33
Yanielso for the first way start up the SDK VM, then go to SailfishOS (left side of qtcreator)13:34
Elleoand using zypper failed when I was chroot'd in to the sdk target inside the vm13:34
kontioif you add -devel packages with zypper make sure you sync in the control panel, otherwise qtc might not notice the new headers...13:34
Yanieltargets->manage->install the packages you want13:34
Elleoany ideas how I can add another repo to the target?13:37
Elleosimply adding it to /host_targets/SailfishOS-i486-x86/etc/zypp/repos.d doesn't seem to have worked13:37
Yanieldid you sync in qtc?13:38
Elleoyeah and that seems to have deleted it, so I guess I need to put it wherever qtc is syncing from13:39
lbtsardini: I don't have an answer for that - I suspect we'll know more at beta SDK release13:41
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lbtElleo: package installation in the SDK VM is complex13:41
lbtyou need to install to the target, not the VM13:42
Elleolbt: yeah, that's what I'm trying to do13:42
lbteg if we had an x86 target and an ARM target13:42
lbtOK, good13:42
Elleobut at the moment I'm struggling to get it to even accept my .repo file13:42
lbtso the targets live in /srv/mer/targets in the emulator13:42
Elleooh, I was looking in host_targets13:43
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lbt(long story - that was supposed to be directly shared to QtC via shared folders but we had issues ... we rsync to host_targets/ for now - hence the 'sync' button in the Control Center)13:43
Elleoah, okay13:44
lbt(issues: performance, symbolic links, hard links, Windows/OSX)13:44
Elleohmm, its trying to refresh from my repo now but it claims the metadata is invalid :/13:44
Yanielmaybe known_issues material?13:45
Elleothe repo works fine when used with the device vm though13:45
Elleoand its just the autogenerated .repo file from OBS13:45
Elleoit had gpgcheck set to on13:47
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juju_des_highlanHi everyone13:52
lbthi juju_des_highlan13:53
lbtElleo: /me makes a note to support some kind of 'add repo' too13:53
Elleolbt: cool, that'd make life much easier :)13:53
Elleoseems to be working now though13:53
Elleojust seeing if the package will install from the control panel13:53
lbtif we have any webapp javascript guys... the control center needs some tlc13:54
lbtI'd like to see the bottom text update area be more ajaxy13:54
juju_des_highlanjust have a question about SDK release, can someone help me?13:54
lbtjuju_des_highlan: sure - just ask13:54
juju_des_highlanI know Windows and Mac OS releases are planified for the next version13:55
juju_des_highlanbut do you know about when?13:55
lbtno, sorry, we don't have a date yet13:55
juju_des_highlanAt the moment I need to use a virtual machine13:55
juju_des_highlanbut not very convenient13:56
Yanieljuju_des_highlan: I have a dualboot13:56
lbtyou can compile QtCreator yourself13:56
juju_des_highlanthanks for the answer anyway13:56
lbtwe just don't have installers13:56
Elleo <-- success :)13:56
ElleoYaniel, lbt: thanks for the help :)13:56
juju_des_highlanyes I thought about it  too13:56
Elleonow to see if I can get ogre rendering into a qml item...13:57
YanielI sense a certain interest in game development on sailfish coming... :)13:57
juju_des_highlanthx for your hlep so13:57
lbtjuju_des_highlan: np - sorry it wasn't more 'now' :D13:57
juju_des_highlanI will have a look13:58
Yanieljuju_des_highlan: if disk space is an issue you could consider using a live cd/usb stick13:58
lbtjuju_des_highlan: don't forget a big part of sailfish is community - we open up the source so people can try building on their own (but you do need to be a pretty good developer)13:58
juju_des_highlanno, just kind of lazy about repartionning my disks :p13:58
juju_des_highlanbut I probably will13:59
Yanielthe only annoyance I have atm is that I have to load the vboxdrv kernel module manually13:59
lbtYaniel: where?13:59
lbtin the VM or on your host?13:59
Yanielarch linux14:00
lbtah, good - that's your distro's fault then ;)14:00
juju_des_highlanI use Chakra on my other laptop14:00
juju_des_highlansame problem14:00
YanielI think that is just a matter of adding it to some config file14:00
Yanieljust haven't bothered to figure out which14:00
juju_des_highlanwith systemd the way changed14:00
juju_des_highlannever looked for it neither14:01
juju_des_highlananyway thanks guys and see you14:01
juju_des_highlanI'll be back as said Terminator :p14:01
lbtYaniel: /etc/modprobe.d/ ?14:01
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thpwhat's the replacement for Harmattan's InfoBanner {} QML Component? can't find anything of similar name in Silica14:02
veskuhthp, I don't think we have one yet (work ongoing)14:02
thpveskuh: so it's known that this is missing or should i send an e-mail to devel@?14:03
veskuhthp, its known, but email can't hurt :)14:04
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lbtthp: add zsh to Mer:Tools via cobs and it will be available in emulator/sdk15:13
lbtbasically package it (using gitpkg ideally) and get me to include it15:14
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thplbt: ok, will have a look next week15:18
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vgradelbt: ping15:52
lbthey vgrade15:52
vgradeI#m trying to add my expc as a device to the sdk15:53
lbtport issues?15:53
vgradewell I add all the data required ports, password, ip.  It goes away and tells me all is well15:55
vgradebut after closing that dialog, the port has defauted to 65535 and further attemps to test the connection fail15:56
lbtyeah - heard that one15:56
lbtbug in the code - we had to drop device support15:57
lbtso it's untested code path15:57
vgradeno probs15:57
lbtto fix you need to build qtcreator15:57
vgradegreat work by the way15:57
vgradeinstalled very well here15:57
lbtdid you fix the rotation issue15:58
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lbtdisabled cursor?15:58
vgradeand the scaling and a tweak to mesa15:59
vgradecursor, not yet. assuming the same env var as for nemo15:59
lbtas root /var/lib/environment/nemo/60-e­mul-ui.conf ... add -nocursor in the OPTIONS line (or remove the line entirely)15:59
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lbtI posted it to the 23" video :)15:59
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dmytropHi, does anybody knows why cyrillic font looks bold?16:14
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Stskeepsscreenshots please16:18
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dmytrophow to create horizontal list view?16:56
fk_lxdmytrop: btw. I think it would be good to report the problem with highlighted cyrillic font to sailfish-devel mailing list:17:00
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vgradehad a look at a couple of nemo apps, all are very quick scrolling, even pinch zoon is very responsive19:00
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TidyKoalaI'm trying to install the Sailfish OS SDK19:28
TidyKoalaBut when it comes to choose the directory where to install, it crashes19:28
TidyKoalaI'm on elementary OS ( based on Ubuntu). Does somebody have an idea where the problem comes?19:29
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crevetor_hey guys. In QML do you know how to do something like Repeater { model: whatever Item { id: model.identifier }}19:34
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crevetor_sorry about that19:36
crevetor_it doesn't evaluta model.identifier but instead thinks it's the name of the id19:37
lbtTidyKoala: can you provide more details19:47
Stskeeps nice way of using pulley19:49
TidyKoalalbt : I have downloaded the SDK and I launched it with the terminal. It requires VirtualBox, so i installed it before via the Ubuntu Software Center.19:50
TidyKoalaI can see the normal installation program19:51
TidyKoalawhen it ask to choose the directory where to install, I clik on next and then the system freezes19:51
TidyKoalaafter a few minutes I manage to move the mouse slowly trying19:52
TidyKoalaI think there is a conflict with the window manager because after then, the interface of the system doesn't work as it should19:53
TidyKoalaIn the terminal where I launched the SDK installer, I saw lot of errors. Wxwidgets I think19:54
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* lbt gets back21:07
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lbtTidyKoala: wb21:21
*** crevetor_ has quit IRC21:32
TidyKoalalbt  :)21:37
lbtso - pastebin of your errors?21:37
lbtfrom the terminal21:38
TidyKoalathe problem is, that when I provocate the problem, the system is too slow for copying the errors21:38
TidyKoalaI can send the first errors I get21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
lbtok - don't paste here21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
lbtthat's what pastebin is for21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
TidyKoala( Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed21:41
Stskeepslbt: welcome to the trenches!21:41
TidyKoalaoops, okay21:41
lbtStskeeps: ... need merbot ... and we need to arm her21:42
lbtTidyKoala: *grin*21:42
MerbotUbuntu bug 805303 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed with the default qt4 gui" [Critical,Fix released]21:44
lbtworkaround: install qtconfig-qt4 and change gui style to motif21:44
lbtalso possibly:    export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=021:46
lbtbefore running the installer21:46
TidyKoalaI just enter export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=021:48
TidyKoalaand when I begin the installation, no more problem21:49
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TidyKoalalbt : I finish the installation and I notice you if it's successful21:49
lbtTidyKoala: excellent - will add to known issues21:50
TidyKoalalbt : It seems successful, I have now QtCreator before me. Thank you!21:53
lbtexcellent - adding now21:53
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TidyKoalaNow I got a problem with VirtualBox..22:01
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TidyKoalaOkay, I stop trying to get Sailfish OS to work for today.. I've got a kernel problem with VirtualBox and nothing that I see on forums function22:27
lbtTidyKoala: OK - I'll be around tomorrow - I missed that msg before - sry22:28
lbtnb - more details help22:28
lbtif you reboot - check if your BIOS has any hardware virtualisation options you can enable22:29
TidyKoalaVirtualBox send me this :" Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)"22:30
lbtok - you may need to modprobe vboxdrv22:30
TidyKoalaThat's my problem, I think I don't have vboxdrv. I installed VirtualBox with Ubuntu software center but the commands like "sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup" are not recognized22:32
lbthmm - that's distro specific stuff - may have to do some googling for that22:32
lbtmy ubuntu 12.04 test machine installed it by default22:33
TidyKoalaon the forums, the people with Ubuntu are able to do commands with vboxdrv but I can't22:35
TidyKoalaI use elementaryOS, but usually I don't notice differences with the original Ubuntu. But I must checked that too22:36
TidyKoalaNevertheless I will try it a next time, thank you for you support22:38
lbtno prob22:38
lbtif you get stuck I'm sure we can try and help22:38
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TidyKoalaActually I'm looking at the new mobile OS who are now coming and I wish I could be a developer at least for one of these. I'm only student but I want to improve myself22:41
*** Pat_o has quit IRC22:41
*** morpog has joined #sailfishos22:44
TidyKoalaI hope one time I will be able to be useful for an open-source community. Good luck for developping Sailfish OS ;)22:46
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morpoghow can I scp to emulator from host?23:09
morpogmorpog@morpog-ubuntu:~$ scp -P 2223 Desktop/ipc/* nemo@localhost:/home/nemo/23:09
morpogPermission denied (publickey).23:09
*** crevetor_ has joined #sailfishos23:10
*** b0unc3 has joined #sailfishos23:10
fmunozsyou need to use the public key23:11
fmunozstry adding  -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa23:12
morpogthx, it works! :-)23:13
*** crevetor_ has quit IRC23:15
morpognow need to figure out how to use zypper to install rpm's, but I try googling first23:15
fmunozsrpm --install should still work23:15
fmunozsbut zypper probably have the same parameter23:15
morpogeither it worked damn fast or it failed without error23:19
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*** crevetor_ has joined #sailfishos23:33
Jonnimorpog: just use: zypper in filename.rpm23:42
*** yodawg has quit IRC23:43
morpogrpm --install did work perfectly23:43
Jonnizypper is prefered way since it also installs package depencies automaticly, where rpm just fails.23:43
morpogah ok, maybe that solves the strange behavior the app  has23:44
morpogis it normal that it doesn't verbose in emulators virtualbox terminal?23:48
morpogseems it gets dependencies, but I get an error :-(23:49
morpogCouldn't resolve host ''23:49
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos23:51
morpogDo I need to setup anything to get network access?23:56

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