Sunday, 2013-03-03

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morpogbridged adapter seems to work instead of nat :-)00:03
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gujiejieanybody ?07:18
gujiejiehave anyboy?07:18
Stskeepsgood morning07:19
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dm8tbrgood moaning07:41
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devgHi, I am not able to run examples or a new empty project using sailfish SDK. Installation: Kubuntu 12.10 x86_64, 64 bit SailfishOS SDK, installed in /opt/SailfishOS with rw permissions given to current user. Error when compiling mediagallery example: "bash: line 0: cd: /opt/SailfishOS/examples/SailfishOS/mediagallery: No such file or directory." The files exist.07:51
devgany hints would be appreciated07:52
Stskeepsdevg: may be due to shared folders, can you try to install it in /home/$USER/ and see if that helps?07:56
Stskeepsalso, report this bug at the mailing list07:57
Stskeeps /home/user/SailfishOS that is07:57
devgi'll try that.. but how can shared folders be an issue07:59
Stskeepsprobably that /opt/SailfishOS isn't shared with the build VM08:03
devgumm... would symlinking to opt help in this case?08:06
devgi'll try symlinking first and then report08:07
devgsame error08:09
devginstalling in new place..08:09
devgthe maintainence tool should remove the previous settings too... as it was trying to take my older installation's build environment08:15
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lbtmorning faenil10:18
faenillbt, hey :)10:18
gujiejieogre-devel i can not find the app ,how do you install ?10:29
Yanielit is in a separate repo10:29
Yaniel(and the port is still under heavy development)10:29
Yanielyou can add the repo to the zypper repo list though10:30
Yanielbest ask the author of that port for instructions10:30
YanielElleo, that is10:30
gujiejiethinks  !10:31
gujiejieWell I try10:31
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logsemanHi there11:06
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morpogwhere do installed app go to? I can't find it, /opt is almost empty and in /usr/lib are really only the libs of the apps. Where are they located?15:35
Jonnimorpog: /opt/sdk/....15:40
morpogyeah, but nothing in there from the app I installed :(15:40
morpogapp works fine in emulator15:41
morpogdesktop entry points to a sh script in /bin15:41
morpogthat sh points to usr/lib/xulrunner-22.0a1/15:42
morpogbut there are only some :so files in there15:42
morpogI'm confused :-)15:42
Jonniwell ofcourse depends if your using wizard template or not, but its quite safe bet that its under /opt/, maybe just use find to locat them15:43
morpogls didn't list it15:44
Jonnitry "find .|grep main.qml" if your application has main.qml :)15:44
Jonni(cd /opt first ofcourse)15:45
morpognothing :(15:47
morpogtried with backward.png which is an icon in there15:47
Elleomorpog: might be a silly question but are you actually ssh'd in to the emulator (port 2223), not the build vm (port 2222)?15:49
morpogI just copied all icons and sounds from it, so I'm sure ;)15:50
Elleois it a package you built via the SDK or something that already existed?15:51
morpogI got them from here, they were built for MER:15:52
Jonnimorpog: you can always add qDebug() << QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath().toLatin1().data(); if nothing else helps :)15:52
morpogembedlite-components, libqtmozembed, qmlmozbrowser and xulrunner15:53
Elleofrom a quick glance it looks like those won't be installing to /opt15:54
Elleowhich one are you particularly interested in?15:54
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Jonnimorpog: /usr/bin/qmlMozEmbedTest15:57
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Jonni(if you do rpm -qpl for the package you can see the filelist)15:57
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morpogjonny, that the binary to start it, but not the folder with all it's files :(15:59
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Jonnimorpog: that is all its file, rpm package only has that file :)16:00
morpogerm, ok strange16:00
morpogill check the other rpm files16:00
Jonnimorpog: or you mean the qrc resources that are embedded inside the binary :)16:00
Elleomorpog: the file was just setting an environment variable to /usr/lib/xulrunner-22.0a1/ prior to running qmlMozEmbedTest16:00
morpogoh noes, so all the files are embedded?16:01
Elleoif you want the QML it'd be easiest to grab the source16:01
morpogis tehre python 2.7 for sailfishos?16:01
Jonnimorpog: most likely they are. I do have qrc extractor which can extract all the qrc files from any qml binary though :)16:02
morpogbecause you cannot compile it anymore on harmattan without python 2.716:02
morpogI have the files, I want to exchange them with new ones :-)16:02
Jonnimorpog: well you can always binarypatch the qmlMozEmbedTest not to use qrc as main.qml and make it point to your externam main.qml :)16:03
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morpogAh well, I'll need to ask rozkov for a build tutorial on sailfish sdk or mer sdk, or get him to do another build16:03
morpogJonni, not worth the work and I would need to do alot of googling till I would be able to do this. Plus asking dumb questions in here ;)16:04
YanielElleo: how is your ogre3d port? someone asked about it earlier today16:05
ElleoYaniel: I'm currently struggling to get it to play nicely embedded in QT16:06
morpogThanks for help guys!16:06
Elleoit can be used outside of QT of course, but then it doesn't interact nicely with all the swipe gestures16:06
Yanielis the repo available somewhere?16:15
ElleoYaniel: the main big bug (beside the QT stuff) is that certain textures don't load correctly16:19
Elleoa couple of the samples crash too, but most run16:21
Yanielthanks, I'll keep that link around in case someone asks again16:23
Elleogreat :)16:24
ElleoI'm trying to put together a nice simple QT Creator project so people can dive right in without having to faff around too much16:24
Elleobut there's still a lot of work to do16:24
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devg@Stskeeps - sorry I had to log off without notice... it builds with SailfishOS SDK installed in /home/$USER, but I am getting make errors where timestamp is in future... looking in to it now18:51
lbtdevg: this is a bit of an issue with Virtualbox occasionally18:53
devgsuggestions to resolve it would be great!18:54
lbtwhat distro do you use?18:56
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vityahello guys. Can some1 tell me why should I download all qtcreator distro except simple sailfish modules for developing application? I mean qml components, headers, sources etc18:57
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vityaI have 2 qtcreator distros now (qt4.8 and qt5) and now I should install third?18:58
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Yanielsailfish uses a virtual machine for building18:59
Yanieland for the emulator18:59
vityaIt installs with qtcreator distro ?18:59
Yanielthose are integrated in qtcreator in the sailfish sdk18:59
lbtdevg: ah .. got it - it looks like we're not running VBoxService in the VM18:59
vityaokay then. Thanks.18:59
vityaBut it would be nice if I could download them separately18:59
lbtvitya: hey18:59
Yanielsure would be18:59
lbtvitya: we're working to get the code into mainline19:00
vityalbt hey!19:00
Yanielwell, it's still an alpha release after all19:00
devglbt - so i need to go into MerSDK VM and start it?19:00
lbtwe think it will be there for 2.8 release19:00
Yanielit can be expected to be a bit clumsy19:00
vityaokay :)19:01
vityaThanks for help guys then!19:01
lbtdevg: if you could - /usr/bin/VBoxService -v -f    will run in the fg and tell you about time sync19:01
vityaKeep code this miracle :)19:01
lbtvitya: np - it will converge :)19:01
devglbt: ok ... i guess i need to do it in MerSDK VM... there is no such file in my machine's /usr/bin... please let me report the findings in a few minutes19:02
lbtyes, in MerSDK VM19:03
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lbtdevg: thanks for mentioning this - I'll add it to our TODO list for beta19:06
devgthere is also another bug that i need to file19:06
devgi could not find the link... should i put in mer bug tracker?19:07
lbtroughly what is it?19:07
lbtsome bugs should go there, others are more Jolla fixes19:07
lbttechnically the time one is a nemo bug :)19:07
devgbuild was successful... but deploy is not able to see the emulator (connection time out) even though IDE has proper icon19:08
lbtsame bug then I hope19:08
devganyway, the previous bug was build failing because i installed SailfishOS SDK in /opt instead of /home/$USER19:08
lbtyeah, consider it reported19:09
devgoh! Thank you!19:09
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Yaniellbt are you write bug reports all this time? Or does iekku just get a pile of printed IRC logs to parse on her desk every morning? :D19:20
lbtYaniel: hehe ... it mainly goes on my TODO list so I don't have to read bug reports :D19:21
devgi just noticed mersdk is based on rpm19:24
Yanielmer is19:25
devgif its bases on redhat or centos, we can use chkconfig to start VBoxService on startup19:25
Yaniel(or rather nemo?)19:25
devgor do I need to start this service only once to get the house in order?19:26
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lbtno, it is a standalone distro19:27
lbtno chkconfig19:27
lbtwe use systemd internally and I need to write a service file for it19:27
devgoh ok...19:27
Yanielwell that should not be much of an issue either19:27
devgi've still not managed to deploy once... its not able to see the emulator (even though IDE does) and the connection is timing out19:28
devgconnection to emulator19:28
devgany suggestion where to look?19:28
Yanieldoes ssh work?19:29
devgssh to mersdk does19:29
devgi have not tried for sailfish emulator19:30
lbtdevg: did you try known issues19:30
devgno. let me try. it may be related to public key not being copied19:32
devgplease give a few minutes...19:32
lbtmore likely to be DNS issue :)19:33
devghow come?19:35
devgits running on the same machine19:35
lbtemulator can't do reverse resolv on ubuntu since they moved their resolver - so ssh fails to reverse lookup19:35
lbtit's on now or something19:35
lbtseveral workarounds - vbox has a proxy setting - for now I plan to turn of UseDNS in sshd19:36
lbtit's a more general solution and we only ever allow host->VM logins19:36
devgwhat distro have you designed the SDK for?19:36
lbtand they told me it has to work on Windows and Mac too ... :)19:37
Yanieldevg: "tested on ubuntu X.Y and fedora Z"19:37
lbtyeah - and "the version of Debian lbt runs" and a few others19:38
devghehe... when you said it maybe an ubuntu specific issue (moving the resolver), then i thought you guys were working on some specific distro of linux19:39
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Yanielasking the distro tends to be quite common when people report problems...19:40
devgwell... it just saves a lot of development time and sets the expectations right... I am trying to run example code since yesterday and still haven't been able to run them... if the exact distros on which testing was done were mentioned in release notes, it would at least set the mindset right19:43
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devgfrankly, I could not have figured out it was a reverse resolution issue19:43
Yanielwell, ubuntu and fedora are stated on the webpage19:43
devgi do not know these systems so well... and hence a huge barrier for me to make something.19:44
devgi guess i should have a look at relase pages again... it was quite late when i downloaded SDK :P19:44
devgi am on Kubuntu 12.10... so umm... i guess its ok as this is an alpha version19:45
devgand apologies for not going through the release notes and FAQs first... let me do that19:46
lbtdevg: mainly has a lot of them - I thought you'd seen it19:51
devgyup...half of them...19:52
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devglbt, Yaniel: <SDK>/qtcreator/MerProject/QtCreator.ini  is wrong. It needs to be <SDK>/share/qtcreator/MerProject/QtCreator.ini20:01
devgon the known issues page20:01
lbtfixed - ty20:05
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devgso i was asked if i can ssh into sailfish emulator20:09
devgyes i can.. i used the settings from tools > options > devices. Interestingly the current state mentioned over there is unknown even when i have a ssh login working20:10
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lbtdevg: so you can ssh in now? All working properly?20:15
lbtok - back to work then :)20:15
devgbut i am still not able to deploy from QT20:15
devgconnection is timing out even when testing. SSH are working from terminal but i guess not from inside QTCreator20:16
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devgyay!! I was able to deploy! I noticed connection from terminal on my machine was taking a lot of time to connect. So I increased the Connection Timeout value to 20 seconds in Tools > Options > Devices and now it works!20:20
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