Monday, 2013-03-04

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Rantwolfhi there.00:03
Rantwolfanyone got an answer for me, what about carddav on sailfish-os?00:04
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JarnoHi there. Where's the best place to report a bug in the SDK installer?02:08
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khertani'm currently porting an app from harmattan to sailfishos, what will you use to replace a long click contextual menu in the sailfish os ? it s a menu that appear on a list view item ...13:23
veskuhkhertan, there is context menu in silica too13:24
khertanveskuh, indeed :)13:25
khertanveskuh, thx13:26
veskuhnp. I guess you found this already:
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khertanif i use a clip: true in my SilicaListView my context menu when long clicking on first items of the list is truncated :
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khertanbut if i don't use clipping : the listview overflow on other items14:16
khertanany advices ?14:16
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khertan_hello all !16:41
vgrade_khertan_: nice16:43
khertan_i really like the components16:45
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khertan_they are easy to use16:45
khertan_and small details are really well think16:45
vgrade_link added to
khertan_BackgroundItem for example16:45
khertan_with 2 hours of works i should be able to publish a first release :)16:46
khertan_unfortunatly i didn't have two hours more today :)16:46
khertan_thx for adding the link16:47
vgrade_khertan_: how long to port so far?16:48
khertan_that just a mockup of some main screen16:49
khertan_some are missing16:49
khertan_10min to read the docs16:49
khertan_8min to remove workarround used with harmattan qt components16:50
khertan_2min to use sailfish components16:50
khertan_but there is nothing to change in the python code, as it s already running on Nemo Mobile16:51
vgrade_sounds good16:54
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robi_are there any instructions on how to install SailFishOs to target device, or how to prepare an sd-card image?18:44
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Jonnirobi_: no, target device has not been released yet, only the SDK :)19:21
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robi_Jonni_: ok, is anyone working on supporting any of Arm based devices? I would like to join and help.19:26
robi_I meant Jonni:19:27
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lpotterthere is that kind of work being done in mer19:29
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dr_danhello.   im bit of a newbie to mer/meego/sailfish.   perhaps someone can tell me if there is .IMG file for SailFishOS on the Raspberry Pi?20:38
Stskeepsthere's not - right now what's out is a SDK for application development20:39
Stskeepssailfish builds on mer core and nemo middleware, so you can try for example mer on raspberry pi20:39
dr_danok.   so we are a bit ways off from a full up OS that can be used on the rpi?20:40
Stskeepsin due time, maybe20:40
Nicd-hmm... raspberry pi car computer with sailfish ui...20:41
dr_danIMHO  utilizing the media penetration of the rpi could do wonders to getting the OS out there for public to get its hands on it20:41
Stskeepsi do agree20:42
dr_dani can think of all sorts of rpi hacks that SailfishOS might be a good fit for.   yes car computer.   or homebrew tablet.   ( yes it would be a thick tablet.  lol. )20:44
Stskeepsi like your thinking, you shold hang around more20:44
dr_dansure.   n/p020:44
dr_danoops   errant  '0'20:44
dr_dando peeps from Jolla come by here?  or is it mostly lurkers?20:46
Stskeepsi'm chief research engineer at jolla and many other engineers here too20:47
Nicd-aka His Holiness20:47
Stskeepsno :P20:47
dr_danoh cool!!    i just got done watch Marc at MWC201320:47
dm8tbrwe prefer 'Jolla and friends'20:47
dr_danhe was in an Engadget interview20:48
ajalkaneYou should see some video of Stskeeps with all his geeky beardness. Marc is nothing compared to that ;)20:48
dr_danlove Marc's hair20:48
Nicd-sorry Stskeeps, you're right, it was His Highness20:48
ajalkaneHair's good and all, but still only a substitute for geek beard. Best is of course RMS-styled beard+hair.20:49
dr_dananyways,   im Dan.   I used to work for Intel in San Diego about the same time Marc was over here.   Im a SW Test Engineer.   I test drivers and peripherals.20:50
Stskeepsajalkane: beard's just so i look older20:50
Stskeepspeople take me more seriously with my outrageous ideas20:50
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ajalkaneGrow it longer and you'll get more geek points even if people don't know what you've done :)20:51
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dr_dan@stskeeps:   i have a bunch of raspberry pies around and was hoping to get some half-baked version of Sailfish that would run on one of them.   so I should start with 'mer core' for raspberry pi and see if Sailfish will build?20:57
Stskeepsstart with mer core - remember that r-pi isn't a touch device so you'll always want to start lower down20:58
Stskeepsand then work your way up - our stack right now is qt4 based but will go to qt5 eventually20:58
dr_danroger that20:58
Stskeepsand qt5 is best for r-pi20:58
dr_danok sure20:58
Stskeepsmer contains qt5 :)20:58
dr_danwell im off.   i stop by later this week and let you know.20:59
Stskeepssee you20:59
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xlagsQuick Q from a newbie here, will Jolla OS browser support WebRTC? Apologize in advance if this has already been answered.22:32
Yanielno need to apologize22:35
Yaniel+ I don't remember anyone talking about that22:35
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