Monday, 2013-03-18

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GentSirWell, I've got the SDK installed now03:54
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GentSirDon't know if this is the question for here. But if Sailfish will work on a Nexus 4, will it also work on an LG Optimus?05:37
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JonniGentSir: if community ports it - then yes, if community doesnt port it - then no.06:13
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GentSirlbt, you around?10:22
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lbtGentSir: usually :)10:26
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GentSirlbt, i'm not sure if the SDK has any dependences I'm not aware of or if the emulator just isn't launching right. Are there any "demo" applications I could build in the sdk to test it out?10:27
Yanielyou need to have virtualbox installed10:28
GentSirYaniel, I do have virtualbox installed10:28
lbtGentSir: what distro ?10:28
lbt  may help too10:29
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GentSirlbt, I'm using Debian Wheezy10:29
GentSirCrunchbang, if the distro really matters10:29
lbtsimilar to me then10:29
lbtubuntu has a few quirks10:30
GentSirYou're on Ubuntu?10:30
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lbtno, Debian10:30
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lbtanyhow - say what's wrong10:30
GentSirCrunchbang is based off Debian Wheezy. Was based on Ubuntu about 2 years ago10:30
GentSirlbt, I'm building it again so I can get the error message10:31
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GentSirI hit "start sdk" and MerSDK is running in virtualbox. Build Project returns this under Compile Output:
lbtTools ->options ->Mer ->Test Connecion10:33
GentSirOh, whoops. I saw the issue on the page you linked10:34
GentSirSays it can connect under than dialog as well10:34
GentSir"If deployment fails with: "Could not connect to host: Timeout waiting for reply from server." then there is a problem with VirtualBox and DNS resolution. To fix either ssh in to the emulator as root or press right-ctrl+F2 and login as root/nemo. Then echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf inside the emulator. (right-ctrl+F1 to get graphics back) "10:34
GentSirThat was under a bullet on that page close to the bottom10:35
GentSirTried again and it built fine. Guess you just have to wait a minute after starting MerSDK in VB to build10:36
lbtyes, boot usually takes a few seconds10:37
lbtwe have fixes for that DNS issue10:37
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GentSirlbt, seems to be working fine. Are there any "demo" applications available? Even stuff that just shows off the api or qt10:39
Yanielthe component gallery?10:39
lbtyep - Welcome -> tabs at top right10:39
lbtI think you have examples for both component gallery (which is also pre-installed - the propellor) and a photo app10:40
GentSiralright, thank you10:40
GentSirAny Sailfish specific tutorials or other resources available? The site is a little bare10:42
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GentSirsorry, found it10:44
lbtno - it's an area we need to work on10:44
lbtI would like to find a way to use the Qt tutorials on the device/emul too10:44
GentSirWhat do you mean by using them on the device?10:47
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GentSirlbt, I like the "bread crumb" style buttons on the top left to go back through menus10:55
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Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: the dots ?10:57
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, yes. It reminded me of the bread crumb navigation used in file managers10:57
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Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: not totally true, you cannot click on one of the dot to be taken to that entry10:59
Sfiet_Konstantinhowever, it is nice to have it as an indicator of the position, and as a back button10:59
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, yes, it is pretty neat. Looks like I need to learn QT and brush up on my C++, I've only used C11:00
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: Qt please :P:P:P11:00
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: C++ is hard11:01
Sfiet_Konstantinbut Qt makes it easy11:01
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GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, isn't Qt used just for the interface and C++ for the logic? or am I missing something?11:01
Sfiet_KonstantinQt is a toolkit11:01
Sfiet_Konstantinit makes the use of C++ easier11:02
Sfiet_Konstantinby providing quite a few nice stuff11:02
Sfiet_Konstantinlike containers11:02
Sfiet_Konstantinit also provides display11:02
Sfiet_Konstantinlike everything displayed in sailfish simu is done by Qt11:02
Yanieland threads11:02
Sfiet_KonstantinYaniel: threads, networking, sql, xml parsing11:02
Sfiet_Konstantinso many stuff11:02
Sfiet_Konstantinfinally, it is able to understand a script language, called QML11:03
Sfiet_Konstantinthat si something that is used to describe UIs11:03
GentSirI see. So you write everything in Qt/QML and it then compiles to C++?11:03
Sfiet_KonstantinQt is powerful11:03
Sfiet_Konstantinit helps you to write logic easily11:03
YanielQML does not compile (AFAIK)11:04
Sfiet_Konstantinand ui, but QML is better for ui11:04
Sfiet_KonstantinQML is interpreted by Qt11:04
YanielQt is a C++ library so that compiles11:04
Sfiet_Konstantinit do not makes the UI slower though11:04
YanielGentSir: QML is a bit like HTML11:04
GentSirI see. Sorry, I have zero experience with Qt or QML11:04
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: no problem11:04
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Sfiet_Konstantintechnically, you should start studying QML11:04
Sfiet_Konstantinit is fun11:04
Yanielyou can always learn :)11:05
Sfiet_Konstantinit is rewarding11:05
Sfiet_Konstantinit is easy11:05
Yanielit is fast11:05
GentSirlbt mentioned javascript for the UI, how does that fit in?11:05
Sfiet_KonstantinQt is C++, a bit more tedious, but you have C background, so should not be a prolem either11:05
Yanielyou can tweak the QML with javascript11:05
GentSirI see. I'll have to get learning11:06
Sfiet_KonstantinYaniel, GentSir you can write apps with only QML and JS :P11:06
Yanielor even write your entire logic in JS11:06
Sfiet_KonstantinTweetian was like that11:06
YanielI did that once too11:06
GentSirI have a little experience with Android development, but I'd really prefer Sailfish as it's based on MeeGo11:06
GentSirand I think the dalvik java implementation is a horrendous slow mess11:07
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: that's true11:07
Sfiet_Konstantinbut did you see the native SDK ?11:07
YanielI hear you can use C these days though11:07
Sfiet_Konstantinit is said to be pretty ok11:07
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, it doesn't integrate as well with the API as using java does11:07
GentSirIMHO, it's a pain the as to use the NDK11:08
Sfiet_Konstantinhowever Qt for android is based on the NDK11:08
Sfiet_Konstantinand packs quite a lot of features11:08
GentSirQt for android? I'll have to check that out as well, even if it's just so I can use it on an actual device11:08
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: wait for Qt 5.211:09
GentSirMy best mate has my old N9 at his place still, I'll have him ship it down and see if I can't hunt up a sailfish image for it11:09
Sfiet_Konstantinwell even in Qt 5.1 you already have a preview11:09
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: sailfish image will come for N9, but not now11:09
GentSirIt would be helpful just to see Qt on an actual mobile device11:09
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, I know they exist...11:09
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: well, maybe11:10
Sfiet_Konstantinbut community have to build it11:10
Sfiet_Konstantinwon't be hard i think11:10
Sfiet_Konstantinexcept for closed bits11:10
GentSirYes, I understand why that's required11:10
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: but it can be done11:10
Sfiet_Konstantinwe will have that image one day11:11
Sfiet_Konstantinand it will be awesome11:11
Sfiet_Konstantinbecause, even on the iconia tab it is awesome11:11
Sfiet_Konstantin(iconia tab w500 = one of the worst hw ever :P)11:11
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, yeah, I saw in one of the channels that you have it on one11:12
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: wait a bit11:13
GentSirI used to use a Nokia N9 as my main phone11:13
Sfiet_Konstantinyou will see better :)11:13
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Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: both N9 and iconia have the same fate IMO11:13
Sfiet_Konstantinpoor HW, nice device to tinker with11:13
GentSirNo, the N9 was a great phone in its heyday11:13
Sfiet_Konstantinneed optimisations to make stuff run on them11:13
Sfiet_Konstantinhowever, iconia also had a poor HW11:14
Sfiet_Konstantinunlike N911:14
Sfiet_Konstantinand iconia is ugly :P11:14
GentSirI considered the N950 the holy grail of smartphones. It was beautiful11:14
Sfiet_Konstantinthere is no much differences between Awesomeness and total fail11:14
Sfiet_Konstantinwhen you look at those two cases11:14
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: we already talked about N9 vs N95011:14
Sfiet_Konstantinit depends of you11:15
GentSiroh yes11:15
GentSirThe decline of hw keyboards is sad11:15
GentSirI had a G1, then a Droid 1, using an Atrix 2 right now, and I'm considering an LG Optimus or Nexus 4 next11:15
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: or a Jolla phone11:16
Sfiet_Konstantindefinitely a Jolla phone11:16
sledgesN9 has one of the most amazing haptics non-HW keyboard. It feels as if you were typewriting!11:16
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: +1011:16
GentSirsledges, agreed. best sw keyboard ever11:16
sledgesand if you put sound on, other's think you're actually typewriting :D11:16
sledgesmasterpiece of engineeringa11:17
GentSirThe android sw keyboard feels like it's in time delay sometimes. I can type out on it and then watch it key in the presses 2-3 seconds apart11:17
GentSirIt's awful11:17
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm waiting Jolla on that11:17
Sfiet_Konstantinquality of SW kbd11:17
Sfiet_Konstantinon the tab it is aweful11:17
Sfiet_Konstantinbut it is the tab and a not-yet-beta image11:17
GentSirBut I'll be buying a jolla phone as soon as one is released. Assuming the price point is reasonable and I can get it to work on US AT&T11:18
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: I think it is ok to make it work on ATT11:18
Sfiet_Konstantindoes the N9 worked on ATT ?11:18
Sfiet_Konstantindon't know that much actually11:19
Sfiet_Konstantincarriers stuff11:19
GentSirover GSM it did11:19
GentSirbut that's it11:19
GentSirWhich is why I eventually moved to the G1 and Droid 111:19
GentSirI loved Meego11:21
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello Morpog_Mobile11:22
Sfiet_Konstantinvid is being encoded :)11:23
GentSirThere was a nokia phone my mate had with a display on top and hw keyboard on bottom, looked like a stereotypical blackberry phone. I'm trying to think of the name of it11:23
GentSirI know it ran Symbian11:24
Morpog_MobileGreat! Have lots of time watching it, as i got ill :-(11:24
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: anyone of these ?11:24
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_Mobile: :(11:24
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_Mobile: good luck for getting back in shape :)11:24
GentSirThe E71 looks very similar. His was black11:25
GentSirYes, that's it11:26
GentSirYou guys are going to get sick of my love for hw keyboards11:26
Sfiet_Konstantinnice phone11:26
Sfiet_Konstantinone of the best phone11:26
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: my first nokia love was the E7111:26
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Sfiet_Konstantinthen the N950 and the N911:26
Sfiet_Konstantinbut yeah, E7x were pretty  good11:27
GentSirI would've loved an N95011:27
Sfiet_Konstantinpretty pretty11:27
GentSirHe used his E72 as a daily phone for a couple years11:27
GentSirMy dream phone would be something in the form factor of a N950 but with updated hardware11:28
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: it is the dream of many11:28
Sfiet_Konstantinbut I find landscape hwkbd not that practical11:28
Sfiet_Konstantinthe one of the E71 was the best I experienced11:28
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, no, the best is the one of the E6311:28
GentSirI typed on the E72 a few times, it was nice11:28
Sfiet_Konstantinthis one was crazy11:28
GentSirI'd take a phone in that style11:29
Nicd-I want someone to make a phone like the old Nokia Communicators11:29
Nicd-with a high dpi touch screen and full keyboard inside11:29
Nicd-and maybe a small touch screen on the outside which doesn't have to be that nice11:29
GentSirNicd-, how about something like this integrated into the outside?
Sfiet_Konstantinyota phone ?11:32
GentSirAn eink auxiliary display could list notifications, directions while using a mapping app, etc. All sorts of cool stuff11:32
Sfiet_Konstantinsmartphone episode 311:32
Sfiet_Konstantinrevenge of the clamshells11:32
GentSirOh god. As long as it has a hw keyboard!11:33
Nicd-bring back the brick form factor of communicators11:33
GentSirNo, not a brick11:33
GentSirI'm not focused on "as slim as absolutely possible", but I want a good form factor11:34
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos11:34
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: not me11:34
Sfiet_KonstantinI hate the 2mm smartphones11:34
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, I had never heard of the Yota Phone. That looks like exactly what I was thinking of11:34
Sfiet_Konstantingive me the formfactor of the N95011:35
Sfiet_Konstantinjust what i want11:35
Sfiet_Konstantinit has the perfect shape11:35
Sfiet_Konstantina bit rounded to fit in hands11:35
Sfiet_Konstantinnot too big11:35
Nicd- <311:35
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, my atrix is in an otterbox case and the size is fine with me11:35
Sfiet_Konstantinnot too small11:35
Sfiet_KonstantinNicd-: <311:35
GentSirYou're making me jealous, I've never had my hands on an N95011:35
Nicd-mom used to have that11:36
Sfiet_Konstantini dreamed about that when young11:36
Sfiet_Konstantinbut they were expensive as hell11:36
GentSirEh, I'd need a screen bigger than that. But I love the size of the N95011:36
*** mikhas has joined #sailfishos11:37
Sfiet_Konstantinactually, for me, it is the shape of the N95011:37
Sfiet_Konstantinmore plastic polycarbonate11:37
Sfiet_Konstantinor a nicer aluminium casing11:37
Sfiet_Konstantinand a screen of 4.2'11:38
GentSirAs I said, making me jealous11:38
Sfiet_Konstantinand better kbd layout11:38
Sfiet_Konstantinthat's all11:38
Sfiet_Konstantinactually, a N950++11:38
GentSirMy atrix has a 4.3" screen, I consider around that size perfect11:38
Sfiet_Konstantinthe Galaxy S2 have 4.2 isn't it ?11:38
Sfiet_Konstantinbecause size of SGS2 is okish for me11:38
Nicd-Sfiet_Konstantin: mom worked with nokia related stuff11:39
niweberno aluminium cases please11:39
Sfiet_Konstantinbut not the shape11:39
Nicd-Sfiet_Konstantin: we got to play with the phone of course11:39
Sfiet_KonstantinNicd-: lucky11:39
GentSirBut the trend is towards even bigger screens11:39
niweberthe n950 had so bad rexeption due to aluminium11:39
Sfiet_Konstantinniweber: true11:39
Sfiet_Konstantinhowever plastic feels cheap11:39
GentSirI like the carbon fiber style cases11:39
*** jpetersen_ has joined #sailfishos11:40
Sfiet_KonstantinI want a good looking phone, consistant look for HW and SW11:42
Nicd-if someone made a 9210 style phone with a full qwerty, retina screen and some small screen on the outside, I'd buy it in a heartbeat11:43
*** jpetersen has quit IRC11:43
Nicd-has even room for a good battery and the main screen won't get harmed easily because it's inside11:43
Nicd-it's the perfect concept11:43
GentSirNicd-, I'd pay a lot of money for a device like that11:44
Morpog_MobileI forgot that puking makes you feel better......11:44
GentSirEvery phone now looks pretty much the same, it's boring. No innovation11:44
sledgesMorpog_Mobile, :D now what kind of party have you had on Sunday? :))11:44
Sfiet_KonstantinNicd-: retina screen means nothing ;)11:44
Nicd-Sfiet_Konstantin: well, a high dpi screen with good color and contrast performance11:45
Sfiet_KonstantinNicd-: better :)11:45
Nicd-could just say "good screen"11:45
*** maninc has joined #sailfishos11:45
Morpog_MobileFamily birthday, lots of bacteries and vituses around :(11:45
Nicd-maybe a slot for a N900 style stick for poking the screen with11:45
*** lizardo has joined #sailfishos11:45
Morpog_MobileSo not the pattx i would been looking for actuslly ;)11:46
Morpog_MobileDsmn vkb, i need sailfish on this11:47
Morpog_MobileMaalit is so much better zhan android vkb11:48
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_Mobile: sure ?11:48
Sfiet_Konstantinsometimes it fails11:48
Sfiet_KonstantinI think it misses adaptative recognition, like increasing press areas of important letters11:48
Sfiet_Konstantinlike e11:48
*** mbouksim has joined #sailfishos11:49
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*** niqt has joined #sailfishos11:52
*** lukedirtwalker has joined #sailfishos11:55
* niweber prefers swype11:56
*** jpetersen_ is now known as jpetersen12:00
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*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:51
GentSirWhat is going to be the main method for apps to store data? Such as how Android primarily uses sqlite12:52
*** sonach has joined #sailfishos12:53
*** miksuh has quit IRC12:54
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: what you want12:56
GentSirWas wondering if Sailfish was going to be using a database like sqlite, or what would be the main method of storing data for apps12:58
StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: good video12:58
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: you can use SQLITE12:58
Sfiet_Konstantinthere is even sqlite access from QML12:59
Sfiet_Konstantinbut cache can be stored in another place12:59
Sfiet_Konstantinyou can use text file12:59
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: :)12:59
StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: what resolution is the device?13:00
Stskeepswondering why homescreen is faster than on exopc13:00
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, flat files are great for simple stuff. I just like sqlite because it's a great standard13:00
Yanielsqlite is great for some stuff13:00
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: I feel it to be _very_ fast13:00
Sfiet_Konstantinand I have meego graphicssystem for homescreen so13:01
fireglowthose LED imitations look great13:01
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: well you have both, so ...13:01
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: good work for this boot speed13:01
Sfiet_Konstantinseriously, I was not expecting everything to work in 10s13:01
Sfiet_Konstantinwifi / all homescreen13:01
YanielI'm a bit disappointed13:02
Yanielthe sw keyboard does not seem to scale with screen size13:02
StskeepsYaniel: the sw keyboard was a bit of a special case for this emulator image13:02
Sfiet_KonstantinYaniel: SDK _alpha_13:02
Stskeepsso don't take it at face value13:02
Sfiet_Konstantinnot final image at all :P13:02
Yanielstill :)13:02
Sfiet_Konstantinit is fast13:03
Sfiet_Konstantinfinally, when yesterday night, I got drivers to work, suddenly, the device became so fast13:03
Sfiet_Konstantinsorry for the camera shake btw13:03
*** vgrade_ has joined #sailfishos13:04
Stskeepsno problem, i'm sure you were excited..13:04
Yanielit barely distracts from the main subject so np :D13:04
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: :D13:05
Sfiet_Konstantindid you see the tee shirt I was wearing with the reflexion ? :D13:05
*** kjokinie has quit IRC13:05
Sfiet_Konstantinthat's the most important stuff on the vid :D13:05
Yanielaround what time=13:05
Sfiet_Konstantinclose to the end13:06
Sfiet_Konstantinwhen I was playing with accelerometer13:06
Sfiet_Konstantinwait I'm watching it to see if I'm doing stupid stuff :D13:06
YanielI don't have audio now but around 6:00, "what is happening?"13:07
YanielX restarting?13:07
Sfiet_Konstantinit is theme changer13:07
Sfiet_Konstantinambiance changer sorry13:07
Yanielguessed that13:07
*** kjokinie has joined #sailfishos13:08
*** jjarven has quit IRC13:08
Yanieldat shirt :D13:09
Sfiet_Konstantinthe one that iekku gave to me13:09
Sfiet_Konstantinthanks iekku :):$13:09
*** miksuh has joined #sailfishos13:14
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos13:24
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos13:35
Sfiet_Konstantinedited the wiki page for sailfish as well :)13:35
Sfiet_Konstantinso any Iconia tab W500 user might be able to test that. But I gess they won't be much :D13:35
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, I had never heard of the tab before...13:36
*** mbouksim has quit IRC13:36
Sfiet_Konstantinnobody heard of that tab13:36
Sfiet_Konstantinit was a windows 7 tablet13:36
Sfiet_Konstantinto challenge the iPad13:37
GentSirThat would be why13:37
Yanieliconia sounds familiar13:37
GentSirI'm no fan of iOS, but win7 on a tablet is an awful idea13:37
Sfiet_Konstantinyeah, there are other acer tablets13:37
Sfiet_Konstantinon android13:37
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: it is13:37
Sfiet_Konstantinfirst thing i have done when getting that tablet13:37
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, sell it to a dumb rich kid and get a better one?13:37
Sfiet_Konstantin(by the way, i got it for free, from recycling some stuff that was not used in a company)13:37
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: no13:38
Sfiet_Konstantinjust get android on it13:38
Sfiet_Konstantinand then, mer13:38
Sfiet_Konstantinand more recently, fedora and sailfish13:38
Sfiet_Konstantinandroid is too limited on that tablet13:38
GentSirI had an Asus Transformer 2 I liked13:38
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: and BTW, if you got that kind of crap, you have to have fun with it13:38
vgrade_Sfiet_Konstantin: nice work13:38
Sfiet_Konstantinit is limited, that's why it is awesome13:38
Sfiet_KonstantinI mean, more challenge to get interesting stuff running on it13:39
Sfiet_Konstantinvgrade_: :) thanks13:39
Sfiet_Konstantinvgrade_: thanks for your help13:39
Yanieland more rewarding13:39
GentSirI have an Atrix 2 still alive and kicking.13:39
YanielSfiet_Konstantin: now I have sound, could you fix the panning please?13:40
Sfiet_Konstantinpanning ?13:40
Yanielthe audio is much louder on the right side13:41
Sfiet_KonstantinYaniel: lol I filmed with a N913:42
Sfiet_Konstantindon't know if i can fix13:42
vgrade_Sfiet_Konstantin: np, my weekend work,
Yanielwell, fortunately that is just a small problem13:42
Sfiet_Konstantinvgrade_: seen that :)13:42
Sfiet_Konstantinseems to be pretty awesome13:43
vgrade_Sfiet_Konstantin: I'm loving QML13:43
Sfiet_Konstantinbut you are not yet using the recommanded fonts in the lists do you13:43
Sfiet_Konstantinvgrade_: everybody loves QML :)13:43
vgrade_Sfiet_Konstantin: lots to learn though13:43
Sfiet_Konstantinvgrade_: it is already quite good :)13:44
vgrade_started with the harmatten version so replacing things with sailfish components one by one,13:44
Sfiet_Konstantinvgrade_: i see13:44
vgrade_a great way to lean QML13:44
Sfiet_Konstantinno prob then13:44
GentSirI've been looking at Qt/QML tutorials and the such13:45
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: start with the rectangle13:45
Sfiet_Konstantinanimate it13:45
Sfiet_Konstantinclick on it13:45
Sfiet_Konstantinthen go with Sailfish components13:45
GentSiryeah, i saw that tutorial13:46
GentSirI don't know how well Qt will integrate into my desktop though13:46
*** niqt_ has joined #sailfishos13:46
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: which desktop ?13:47
*** zhxt has quit IRC13:47
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, Qt is 2 things, the so called "widgets", perfect to write desktop apps (integrates well) and QML that is more for mobile stuff, but integrates less13:47
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, Openbox on Debian Wheezy13:48
Sfiet_Konstantinsoon, (Qt 5.1) there will be Qt Quick controls, that merge these two worlds13:48
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, Qt apps will look like Qt apps13:48
Sfiet_Konstantinthat's all13:48
Sfiet_Konstantinopenbox do not impose a theme13:48
Sfiet_Konstantinunder gnome, Qt apps looks like GTK ones13:48
Sfiet_Konstantinand under KDE, they look like KDE ones13:48
GentSirNope, but I mostly use gtk stuff. I can probably set the qt theme to match my gtk one though13:49
GentSirI love Openbox because it's minimal and stays out of my way so I can work13:49
Sfiet_Konstantinyou can, qtconfig provides that13:49
*** Pali has quit IRC13:49
*** niqt has quit IRC13:50
*** SKonstantin_tab has quit IRC13:52
*** SKonstantin_tab has joined #sailfishos13:52
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC13:56
*** jukkaeklund has joined #sailfishos14:00
*** raju__ has joined #sailfishos14:01
*** sonach has quit IRC14:02
*** ash786 has quit IRC14:05
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC14:17
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*** mikhas has quit IRC14:20
*** jpetersen has joined #sailfishos14:23
*** mikhas has joined #sailfishos14:23
zetazvgrade_ hello14:37
zetazI have just seen from Sfiet_Konstantin tutorial for iconia on the wiki that he made changes to  /var/lib/environment/nemo/60-emul-ui14:37
zetazbut you didn't on the ExoPC14:38
Sfiet_Konstantinzetaz: know what, I dunno if it is useful14:38
Sfiet_KonstantinI remember having doing that14:38
zetazI just tried to do it on my PC14:38
zetazby default it has : EGL_DRIVER=egl_gallium14:38
*** VDVsx has quit IRC14:38
zetazwith that is 'almost' works14:38
zetazIf I change it to egl_dri214:38
Sfiet_Konstantinzetaz: try with dri2 ?14:38
zetazthen it seems X11 launched correctly, but I only have the cursor, no application14:39
zetazif I touch the display, in the "top" command over ssh, I see lipstick using CPU (otherwise it is idle)14:40
Sfiet_Konstantinzetaz: which HW ?14:40
zetazso it seems that everything is running, but without displaying it14:40
Sfiet_Konstantinzetaz: stop lipstick, launch it with terminal14:40
zetazPackard Bell Butterfly Touch14:40
Sfiet_Konstantinah, that one14:40
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, that's strange14:41
Sfiet_Konstantinit should be exactly the same as the exopc14:41
Sfiet_Konstantinintel stuff14:41
zetazI need one minute to change again to dri2 (I reverted to gallium to see if it confirm it was due to this)14:41
*** meegoexperts has joined #sailfishos14:41
Sfiet_Konstantincomment the Environment=QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_SYSTEM= from lipstick.service14:43
zetazok, it has rebooted14:44
zetazmouse cursor and touchscreen work, but black display14:44
Sfiet_Konstantingallium ? dri2 ?14:44
Sfiet_Konstantinas user, systemctl --user stop lipstick.service14:45
Sfiet_Konstantinand then lipstick14:45
zetazSfiet_Konstantin with dri214:45
zetazI typed "killall lipstick"14:45
Sfiet_Konstantinno, it restarts after being killed14:45
Sfiet_Konstantinstop it in a clean way14:46
zetazthe screen made a glitch, then I saw the sailfish background for a second, and it is now black (not even the cursor)14:46
*** poo_family is now known as hexo14:47
Sfiet_Konstantinturn the display on ?14:47
Sfiet_Konstantinpower button ?14:47
Sfiet_Konstantinand also look at the output in terminal14:48
vgrade_zetaz: try loggin into nemo user nemo/nemo14:48
zetazyes, the power button shows turn the display on, stupid me...14:49
Sfiet_Konstantinzetaz: ...14:49
zetazSfiet_Konstantin : what is the clean way to stop lipstick ?14:50
Sfiet_Konstantinlog into nemo/nemo14:50
Sfiet_Konstantinsystemctl stop lipstick.service --user14:50
zetazah, it is a service !14:50
zetazit is stopped now14:51
zetazI have the usual "cross" cursor of X11 on a black screen14:51
zetaztrying to restart it now from terminal14:51
Sfiet_Konstantinjust type lipstick14:52
zetazIt seems to be running14:52
Sfiet_Konstantinany output from term ?14:53
zetazthere are some messages, but I don't see any error in it14:54
Sfiet_Konstantinwell then ok14:55
zetazI launched the components demo, I still not have the "glows". So that was not it.14:56
zetazSfiet_Konstantin, thanks for the help14:56
Sfiet_Konstantinmaybe ue gallium everywhere14:57
zetazI will give it a trial. But I don't see any "gallium" related package in zypper15:00
zetazI could reuse the one that was availlable by default15:00
Sfiet_KonstantinI really dunno right now15:01
*** mbouksim has joined #sailfishos15:01
zetazI have a lot to learn about X and video drivers...15:02
Sfiet_Konstantinzetaz: me too15:02
Sfiet_Konstantinand it is a mess15:02
*** meegoexperts has quit IRC15:13
*** jayrulez has quit IRC15:17
*** niqt has joined #sailfishos15:26
*** niqt_ has quit IRC15:29
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*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos16:59
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Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, nice video couldn't reply earlier, that illness really hit me hard17:18
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: rest well17:18
Morpog_PCthx will try to..17:19
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin \o/ Sfiet_Konstantin :)17:21
*** martyone_ has quit IRC17:21
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: :)17:21
Sfiet_Konstantinnow waiting for a more complete image17:22
Sfiet_Konstantinsoon i think that i will be able to use it as a real device17:22
sledgesas well as helping making it happen altogether ;)17:22
Sfiet_Konstantinnot a dev gadget anymore17:22
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges :) that's the idea :)17:22
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:25
SKonstantin_tabHum ...17:27
SKonstantin_tabJust missing a twitter client here17:27
Morpog_PCtwimgo from nemo?17:27
Sfiet_Konstantinwhy not17:28
Morpog_PCthat tweetian port from veskuh?17:28
Sfiet_Konstantineven if i would love a better one17:28
Sfiet_Konstantinwill give twimgo a try17:29
sledgesis silica api friendly in terms of tying in apps with Sailfish feeds screen?17:30
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: not sure17:30
Sfiet_Konstantinbut i have seen dbus methods17:30
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos17:32
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: thanks for twimgo17:34
Sfiet_Konstantinwill do the job for now17:34
Morpog_PCgreat :-)17:34
*** mikhas has quit IRC17:37
*** mhall119 is now known as mhall119|lunch17:40
*** miksuh has quit IRC17:52
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*** PasNox has joined #sailfishos20:47
PasNoxHi all20:47
PasNoxI'm having a archos g80 tablet, and i'm asking myself is there is a port / plan to port sailfishos on this thing ?20:48
Sfiet_KonstantinPasNox: ARM tablet isn't it20:51
Sfiet_Konstantinso not now20:51
PasNoxSfiet_Konstantin: sailfish is x86 based ?20:52
Yanielfor now20:53
PasNoxah ok :/20:53
Yanielor rather20:53
Yanielthere is only an x86 image around so far20:53
Yaniel(the emulator)20:53
PasNoxso jolla phone are intel processor ?20:54
Yanielno idea20:54
Yanielsomething mer runs on ;)20:54
*** SKonstantin_tab has quit IRC20:54
*** SKonstantin_tab_ has joined #sailfishos20:55
PasNoxi speak as if jolla phones were already on the market ;)20:55
PasNoxwhat is the release date ?20:55
Yanielaround christmas is my latest information20:55
Yanielwith some details being revealed before summer20:56
PasNoxgreat, thanks.20:56
PasNoxhoping i will not buy a blackberry before that ;)20:56
Yaniel(but I may have misunderstood things)20:56
*** jluisn has quit IRC20:58
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*** LyzardKing has joined #sailfishos22:14
LyzardKingI need some help setting up sailfish sdk22:15
LyzardKingit says no valid kits found22:15
*** jayrulez has joined #sailfishos22:15
Yanielwhat have you done so far22:23
*** mvogt has joined #sailfishos22:25
LyzardKingjust installed won't create a new project...22:25
LyzardKingall done on a fresh ubuntu 13.04 install. I only installed ubuntu-sdk for now22:26
*** zenvoid has quit IRC22:27
LyzardKingwhat are the dependencies? probably I'm missing something22:28
*** andreibechet has quit IRC22:30
LyzardKingI have that it? no qt dependencies?22:30
Yanielbecause the code is compiled and run on a VM22:30
lbtLyzardKing: we've not tried it on 13.04 yet22:30
*** libregeekingkid has joined #sailfishos22:31
LyzardKinglbt: I'll try another 12.10 it was working fine...22:31
lbtLyzardKing: I'd be very interested in any problems you encounter22:32
LyzardKingI'll let you know in a moment if it's starting...If it does, where could I report bugs or problems and so on?22:33
lbtfor the alpha report them here or on the mailing list22:34
LyzardKingIt works! this time it did actually let me create a project...22:35
lbt*g* good22:35
LyzardKingI'll start coding a bit and I'll be back soon.22:36
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos22:39
LyzardKingthanks, I will.22:39
*** SKonstantin_tab_ has joined #sailfishos22:47
SKonstantin_tab_Sfiet_Konstantin, ping22:47
Sfiet_KonstantinSKonstantin_tab_: pong22:47
SKonstantin_tab_It was for notif on the tab22:53
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC22:54
*** LyzardKing has quit IRC22:56
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