Monday, 2013-11-25

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ajalkaneis it normal that an application I've successfully ran with SDK in the emulator does not show up in the application grid?00:34
ajalkaneI mena, not the thumbnail of minimized application, but the application icon00:35
ajalkaneMainly I'm interested in testing how the icon looks like00:35
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thesignalhi, i'm about to finish everything for the harbour, but i still can't get rid of the follwing warning:10:13
thesignalfile:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/PageStack.js:111: TypeError: Cannot call method 'connect' of undefined10:13
thesignalwhat could be the issue? here's the source code:
Nicd-ä/w 2410:14
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artemmathesignal: didn't run your code, but I see you push a lot of Qt.resolvedUrl( and similar10:29
artemmathesignal: are you sure they always result in a valid URL?10:29
artemmaI think resolvedUrl can process strings only, so could these be objects instead? Or just not value pathes10:30
thesignalhm... i'll take a look artemma, thanks10:32
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thesignalartemma: i found the problem, i had the first page which was Ohm.qml which only sets the initialpage to another page. in this other page, i had also defined "application window { initialpage: ..." after i removed that everything worked11:18
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thesignalhm... how do i create a rpm package for the upload to the harbour? it has to use the arm sdk, right?11:37
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coderusthesignal: everything inside11:59
thesignalcoderus: already found out. i switched to the arm toolchain an made a full deploy12:00
thesignalnow i have some rpmss12:00
thesignalund the one without dev and dbg i'm going to upload12:00
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artemmathesignal: good12:05
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artemmathesignal: make sure you do clean before building for arm, otherwise all i486 binaries can be packages12:06
artemmapackaged* in12:06
thesignalartemma: ty will do12:06
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coderusajalkane: question still valid?12:26
coderusthesignal: did you packages 86x86 icon? :)12:26
coderusif not your application will be declined :)12:26
ajalkanecoderus: yes, it is still puzzling me :)12:27
coderusajalkane: icon will be showed after emulator restarts12:27
thesignaldamn, forgot that, thanks guys12:27
coderusthesignal: you need to hack sailfishapp.prf or just wait for SDK update, it will happen soon12:28
ajalkanecoderus: ah, thanks. Will try in the evening12:28
coderusajalkane: currently need some installation trigger refreshing icons cache, but it missing on emulator.12:28
coderusajalkane: so you can try to restart homescreen, or just restart emulator12:29
ajalkaneI guess restarting the emulator is good enough12:30
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thesignalcoderus: hm? you mean it won't package the app with the correct icon even if i replace the imagefile?12:33
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coderusthesignal: sure. it will be packaged to 90x90 folder anyway. sdk update need to package to 86x86 folder12:43
thesignalcoderus: i don't understand, so will it be rejected anyway?12:43
coderusthesignal: yes. nobody will repackage your package correctly for you :)12:44
thesignalcoderus: is there somewhere a howto for that? i'm not used to rpms or similar12:45
coderusyou need to modify SailfishOS/mersdk/targets/SailfishOS-armv7hl/usr/share/qt5/mkspecs/features/sailfishapp.prf12:46
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coderusthesignal: its enough :)12:47
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thesignalcoderus: thanks, did it :)12:48
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artemmathesignal: I've put 86x86 icon to 86x86 folder. Was not able to see it in the emulator, but kind people on IRC (mainly Jonni I think), confirmed that it worked fine on the device12:58
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artemmacoderus: hacking prf is possible, but.. I find it hacky to change the SDK internals, I just copy-pasted most of that prf to my .pro12:59
artemmathough you can argue that "correcting" SDK is fine as it's gonna be corrected on the next SDK release anyway13:00
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thesignalartemma: right. i hope the next sdk update comes soon ;)13:00
* artemma never liked too much name-based magic via sailfish app CONFIG anyway13:02
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coderusartemma: because of it you cant see icon in emulator. if you edit only arm target prf your i486 build will be okay13:35
coderusartemma: after updating SDK everything will be restored :)13:36
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artemmacoderus: indeed, that would help. Probably I should have edited pro then13:56
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artemmaGot a rejection comment from harbour: your own QML imports must be named: harbour..Mixpanel13:58
artemmaI have a custom module that I register and import via import Mixpanel 0.113:58
artemmaShould I make it work as "import harbour.Mixpanel 0.1" or "import harbour.flashlight.Mixpanel 0.1"?13:59
artemmaanybody here with access to harbour checking script to see what it actually checks?13:59
artemmamy package and binary names are harbour-flashlight if it matters14:00
kontioartemma: harbour.flashlight.Mixpanel it should be14:00
artemmathanks kontio14:00
kontiosince QML does not allow the -, we can't have harbour-flashlight.Mixpanel... so it should be harbour.flashlight.Mixpanel...14:01
kontiolike that we can ensure you use your own imports and not something from Meego or other deprecated Qml imports, which might be available from Nemo, but we don't support...14:02
Skorpyhey, I need to save little data and it should available when the app is restarted. how do I do this?14:04
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Skorpyah, LocalStorage I presume14:07
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artemmakontio: I will obey to harbour scripts, but to be honest I have hard time understanding why harbour cares about my internal imports14:14
artemmayou know, I can have some text files or templates for whatever I like14:14
artemmaSkorpy: somebody was posting here a link to an elegant GConf plugin from nemo14:15
artemmaright now I would go for for it if I was into storing a bit of data. Though right now it's not yet clear how to package extra modules for your app14:16
kontioartemma:  Not all modules have a stable API. Before promising compatibility, we must first make sure that we can promise the API is of high quality and will not change... but we want to allow your own ones... but for that we need it to be named that way so we can verify (and almost be 100% sure that it is yours)...14:17
artemmaSkorpy: or if you go for a LocalStorage, you can copy-paste implementation from my Wikipedia -
kontiodon't use any nemo QML module, we wont allow it for the Store for the time being14:17
artemmakontio: I trust that you gave a thought into it even if I don't understand it14:18
Skorpyartemma: thanks. gonna take a look at that.14:18
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w00tartemma: we can't identify the difference between your import, and someone else's import - so we require you to name them specifically so we can14:20
artemmaon the other hand this import seems to be really the last rejection reason. So now I fix it and chances are flashlight is live for the day one! :)14:20
kontioartemma: we had many discussions on how to do it... from not allowing any own imports to not give a sh1t, I guess everything was discussed... and this seems at the moment the best solution...14:20
artemmaw00t: I think I need to wrap my head around that you take script imports in qmls the same way the linked libraries in .pro14:21
kontioartemma: and get rid of QtSystemInfo and QtGraphicalEffects14:21
artemmakontio: that was fixed already14:21
kontioah ok, then that was an old rpm, we tested...14:21
artemmaharbour was reviewing old code and there was no way to pull it back (at least I failed to find a way)14:21
artemmaI've sent an email to dev care, but apparently my messages indeed go to black hole there :)14:22
artemmaanyway, new version should be there in minutes or whenever I finish testing14:22
kontioyeah the software around harbour also is still simple and does not cover all corner cases... we are also still improving it... so it does not allow to submit a new version, if the current is still in review...14:23
artemmakontio: interestingly it allowed me to upload new binary and status became "QA, draft available" :)14:23
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kontiosending to devel-care does not help much, afaik there is not much of a possibility to side load the rpm either...14:25
coderuskontio: can you reject my persecute from harbout for now?14:27
kontioartemma: our store testers are soon out of office, but I know the store queue is very short atm, so if you submit tonight, we will be able to look into it tomorrow morning...14:27
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kontiocoderus: I can't but, I can ask somebody to do...14:28
artemmaI guess so kontio, I still need to complete fix and test it, optimizing for harbour testers time14:28
coderuskontio: thanks =)14:29
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kontiocoderus: I was told it's already rejected atm... sorry I can't verify my self...14:32
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artemmadamned, somehow can't import harbour.flashlight.Mixpanel while addImportPath seems to be correct.. investigatin14:39
kontioartemma: I think Qt now expects it to be in a subfolder harbour/flashlight/Mixpanel  from where the addImportPath points...14:44
artemmayes, that's what I am doing14:44
artemmabut I must be missing something really basic as now I cannot make even old import Mixpanel 1.0 working after moving it to a new folder14:45
artemmaQt doesn't expect all components of the dotted path to start from capital case, does it?14:45
artemmalike Harbour.Flashlight.Mixpabel14:45
artemmaor should qml dir have fully qualified module name inside?.. unlikely14:46
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artemmaimportList:  ("/usr/share/harbour-flashlight/qml/components", "/usr/bin", "/usr/lib/qt5/qml")14:48
artemmaand then module "harbour.flashlight.Mixpanel" is not installed14:49
thesignalartemma: i got rejected becuase of the name of the app i think14:49
thesignalName Ohm is not valid! Allowed format is '^harbour-[a-z0-9\_\-\.]+$14:49
thesignalso where do i actually change the name?14:49
artemmawhile I can perfectly see /usr/share/harbour-flashlight/qml/components/harbour/flashlight/Mixpanel/Mixpanel.qml in emulator14:49
artemmathesignal: that I passed fine aleady14:49
artemmathesignal: both your package and binary name should be harbout-ohm14:50
thesignaldo i change this in the project settings?14:50
artemmathesignal: harbour rejection message should actually tell the reason14:50
thesignalyeah: must be the form harbour- they say14:50
artemmathesignal: don't have time to explain now, but you need to change .pro for binary name and .yaml/.spec for package name. and make sure package deploys to proper folder14:51
thesignalkk, ty14:51
thesignalartemma: one more question: do i have to adjust the "Files" section where for example "/usr/share/Ohm" is mentioned? or will it do that automatically?14:52
artemmapackage name change should be enough14:53
thesignalkk, thanks14:53
*** b0bben has quit IRC14:57
artemmaah, stupid me! I moved location of Mixpanel.qml file, but not associated qmldit14:59
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artemmaokay fix is done and works, building the release15:10
artemmaA-and update submitted!15:16
artemmaFingers crossed as usual15:16
artemmakontio: do you think testers went home already?15:16
kontioartemma: yes... but if you sent the rpm to ML, then I can run the script already...15:18
artemmajust a link maybe?15:18
*** ericcc has joined #sailfishos15:18
kontioartemma: also good :-)15:19
artemmaI mean ML is totally fine, just don't want to pollute it with yet another flashlight related message that is targeted to one person anyway15:19
kontio:-) looks good from test script point of view... nothing to complain... I quickly install on device...15:20
artemmathanks, kontio !15:22
*** ericy has quit IRC15:23
kontioartemma: looks good, app installs, icon is visible... app seems to work... I would assume it should be ok to pass now (but I can't speak for the Store testers :-))15:25
*** miksuh has joined #sailfishos15:27
artemmakontio: thanks a lot!15:32
kontiou'r welcome15:32
artemmawe'll see when testers have time to have a look at it15:32
kontiothank you for the efforts15:32
artemmahopefully they notice the big label on screen that tells to use it in dark environment15:32
kontioas said the queue is short atm I would expect it to be looked at tomorrow morning...15:32
artemmacurrent implementation doesn't really work in sunlight15:32
thesignalartemma: i'm still fighting with the sdk. i'm stuck at Error on file "/home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/*.desktop": No such file or directory15:33
kontiowho needs a torch in sunlight :-)15:33
*** lpotter has quit IRC15:33
artemmakontio: yeah, I guess the last two week testers weren't slow, probably whole pipeline was halted waiting for the new requirements15:33
artemmakontio: testers might :)15:33
locusf'Sailfish.Silica.theme 1.0' is not allowed15:34
locusf'Sailfish.Silica.theme 1.0' is enough to use the Sailfish Silica Theme.15:34
*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos15:34
artemmayou know if they try running app in daylight it won't work15:34
locusfso what is wrong with it?15:34
kontioartemma: yes that was the reason...15:34
*** zsombi has quit IRC15:34
kontiolocusf: that is a typo15:34
*** fawzi has quit IRC15:34
kontioit should be: 'Sailfish.Silica 1.0' is enough to use the Sailfish Silica Theme.15:34
kontiobut mail was already out when we noticed the mistake15:34
artemmathesignal: I guess the file is really not present on the build machine :)15:34
artemmathesignal: ssh to build machine and check where .desktop is actually put15:35
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artemmathesignal: I guess you went for modifying .prf file in the SDK. Somewhere inside there should be INSTALLS statement that tells where .dekstop is deployed to15:36
thesignalartemma: and that needs to be set in the spec file to the same path?15:37
artemmathesignal: there are two steps in deployment process.15:38
artemma1) .pro file deploys files to build machine to wherever INSTALLS tells inside /home/deploy/installroot on the build machine15:38
artemma2) .yaml/spec pick files from the build machine installroot and package to RPM15:39
*** Pali has quit IRC15:39
artemma3) yes third step: RPM actually gets installed to emulator/device15:39
artemmayour error message is about step 215:39
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artemmaRPM package doesn't find file where .yaml/.spec expect it to be located in the build machine installroot15:40
*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos15:40
artemmatwo reasons possible: 1) file is really not there (correct INSTALLS) 2) .yaml expects the file at wrong place (correct .yaml)15:40
coderusthesignal: you need to rename files in your project dir15:40
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos15:40
coderusdesktop and icon15:40
*** andreibechet has joined #sailfishos15:41
thesignalartemma: i think it might be the yaml file, i thought just selecting the desktop file with "add" was enough15:41
coderusthesignal: you need to rename desktop and icon files manually15:42
thesignalcoderus: i have renamed them, desktop and icon, both to harbour-ohm15:42
coderusrun qmake15:42
coderusclean project and run qmake15:42
artemmathesignal: I would open .yaml in the text editor, not sure if I trust the Qt Creator plugin, it used to overwrite my good stuff in the past15:43
thesignalartemma: which is the correct one? the one in the root of the projekt dir or the one in rpm/ ?15:44
artemmathesignal: why don't you just ssh to sdk and see where the files really are in the install root. Since you are messing with it anyway without the official SDK, you'll anyway need to go to ssh earlier or later :)15:44
artemmathesignal: it doesn't matter, they should just match15:44
thesignalcoderus: this doesn't help15:44
*** jpetrell has quit IRC15:44
thesignalartemma: i did ssh to it15:45
artemmathesignal: I can copy-paste you my lines if it helps15:45
artemmadesktop.files = harbour-flashlight.desktop15:45
artemmadesktop.path = /usr/share/applications15:45
*** ahiemstra has quit IRC15:45
artemmaINSTALLS += target icon desktop mixpanel qml15:46
artemma- '%{_datadir}/applications/%{name}.desktop'15:46
*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos15:46
artemmathesignal: if you are doing it first time ever, maybe you didn't add desktop to INSTALLS at all?15:46
thesignalartemma: that could be... just a sec15:46
artemmaah, I forgot, you played the pro modification card, so .desktop is there15:47
artemmaprf* modification card15:47
thesignalartemma: where is "desktop.files" in?15:48
thesignalor where should it be15:48
artemmahey, check whether .desktop is anywhere on a build machine install root at all15:49
*** krnlyng has joined #sailfishos15:49
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC15:50
artemmashould be in usr/share/applications i think15:50
thesignalartemma: i did find *|grep desktop, and it found usr/share/applications/Ohm.desktop15:50
thesignalbut not the new one, harbour-ohm.desktop15:51
thesignali think it is still there from a previous install15:51
artemmaokay, then failure is on step 1) Installs deployed wrong thing15:51
artemmathesignal: I think new build always cleans that folder15:51
artemmathesignal: are you sure you changed TARGET?15:51
artemmaLooking at pro content desktop.file is $${TARGET}.desktop15:52
thesignalartemma: i didn't know i had to change the target15:53
artemmahow did the ret of staff work then? :)15:53
artemmaI think TARGET in involved into quite many paths in .pro15:53
thesignalartemma: idk :)15:54
thesignalbut changing the target to harbour-ohm helped nothing15:54
thesignali have to tell you, i haven't changed anything before, until i had to rename the app15:54
thesignalthis was all genereated by qtcreator itself15:54
*** martyone has quit IRC15:55
artemmarun quake again15:55
thesignalthen i changed the ohm.desktop to harbour-ohm.desktop in the .pro file, and harbour-ohm.spec too15:55
thesignalqmake ran, deployment failed15:56
coderusthesignal: just create new project with valid name and add sources and resources15:56
locusfgaah my dear bluewhale is going to take a long while to fix :/15:56
locusffixed my other 2 though15:56
thesignalcoderus: hm, maybe i should really just forget the old stuff and create a new project15:57
*** ericy has quit IRC15:57
thesignalbut is it the project name which should ne harbour-ohm?15:57
artemmathesignal: ys15:58
thesignalhm ok, i'll create a new project then15:59
thesignalartemma: thanks for your help15:59
artemmagood luck15:59
thesignalcoderus: and thanks for the idea15:59
*** MMori has quit IRC16:01
kontioartemma: I have bad news for you... if the flashlight app is on and the cam app starts, the device crashes... I don't think we can let that in like that...16:06
artemmahmm, I wonder how is it possible, I just ask camera to seek focus16:07
artemmakontio: do you mean that flashlight starts first, then starts camera and device crashes?16:08
artemmathen it looks like a camera bug not ready for any other app using camera already. Say, Intagram or Facebook starting own camera would have same problem16:08
kontioartemma: if I start flashlight app first, then and flash on, then start the cam and take a picture, out of 5 times it crashes 4 times the whole device...16:09
artemmaI don't think anybody would start came while flashlight app is producing light, but camera app should be ready for some other app using camera anyway16:09
artemma4 out of 5 is almost the share of time flashlight keeps camera locked searching for focus..16:10
*** Xruxa has quit IRC16:11
artemmaoh  well, then I guess I am at mercy of harbour thoughts on whether anybody would start camera when using flashlight16:11
kontioyeah, we need to discuss that... sorry...16:12
artemmaI think it's more likely to be a camera app bug, but I maybe it doesn't matter much who exactly is guilty if a combo crashes16:12
artemmakontio: BTW regardless of my app, you may then like to recheck the other camera intensive apps as they can have absolutely same clash with system camera app16:13
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos16:13
kontioafaik there is no other app which might use the cam...16:14
artemmawhat about android ones?16:14
artemmalike facebook16:14
artemmakontio: sure I hope you will decide in the end that nobody will use camera when looking for his keys with a flashlight, but if you don't, it would be very kind of you to let me know16:15
kontioI don't use android apps on my phone :-) I don't need that many apps... all I need I have native...16:15
artemmathen I can deactivate flashlight when user exists full screen16:15
artemmabreaks the super-cool cover page control, but, well, if there's no other way16:16
*** IgorSK has quit IRC16:16
*** zhost has joined #sailfishos16:17
*** niqt has quit IRC16:19
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC16:31
*** miksuh has quit IRC16:34
*** PMG has quit IRC16:35
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC16:35
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos16:38
*** otep_ has joined #sailfishos16:40
*** otep has quit IRC16:40
*** ericy has quit IRC16:42
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos16:46
*** miksuh has joined #sailfishos16:58
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos16:58
*** PMG has joined #sailfishos17:01
*** jjanvier has quit IRC17:02
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos17:05
*** master_o1_master has joined #sailfishos17:07
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos17:07
*** jjanvier has quit IRC17:07
*** b0bben has quit IRC17:07
*** master_of_master has quit IRC17:08
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos17:16
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:16
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*** sdjayna has quit IRC17:20
*** piee has quit IRC17:27
*** piee has joined #sailfishos17:32
*** roric has quit IRC17:33
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos17:35
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos17:38
*** kvt has joined #sailfishos17:41
*** ericy has quit IRC17:57
*** Kabouik has quit IRC18:01
*** artemma has quit IRC18:01
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos18:01
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos18:13
*** andreibechet has quit IRC18:16
*** Kabouik has quit IRC18:20
*** zsombi has joined #sailfishos18:21
*** nsuffys_ has joined #sailfishos18:24
*** nsuffys has quit IRC18:24
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos18:28
*** freedomrun has quit IRC18:29
*** ericy has quit IRC18:30
*** krabador has quit IRC18:40
WntI have the sailfish_n9_0.0.2 (Sailfish OS SDK version) running on my N9 and I have a very simple application I created with the Sailfish SDK. What is the simplest way to get my Application running to the N9 Sailfish SDK?18:41
*** faenil has quit IRC18:43
*** Pali has joined #sailfishos18:43
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos18:43
*** fawzi has quit IRC18:45
*** krabador has joined #sailfishos18:46
WntI can SSH in to the device when it's running the Nemo based Sailfish SDK environment so that propably is the way to transfer and install my application to the device18:47
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos18:48
WntBut how can I build a rpm package for a ARM target with the SDK?18:48
locusfWnt: currently the way to go is to use "Deploy" command in the SDK to create the ARM RPM18:48
locusfWnt: it is in the build menu18:50
Wntlocusf: Thank you!18:51
WntAnd it seems that the "Deploy: Deploy Method ARM" must be chosen from the Build and run kit selector18:54
*** andreibechet has joined #sailfishos18:55
WntGot the application icon to appear in the launcher, but the application UI won't start18:57
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos18:58
locusfcheck your journalctl19:01
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:02
locusfI mean use journalctl -f -a19:02
Wntthe problem seems to be that the binary installed by the rpm is not compiled correctly: "/usr/bin/HelloWorld: ELF 32-bit LSB  shared object, Intel 80386"19:02
locusfand then tap on your application launcher19:02
locusfsurely you gotta rebuild it then19:02
Wntwhile for example "/usr/bin/file: ELF 32-bit LSB  executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV)"19:02
Wntok, I assumed it does that for me when doing the deploy :)19:03
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos19:04
*** twobob has joined #sailfishos19:04
twobobso I am looking to implement this on eink19:04
twobobI checked with the #mer folks and they didnt seem to think that it was the stupidest thing they had heard...19:05
*** rashm2k has quit IRC19:05
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos19:05
twobobbut the 256mb mem cap and the 800mhz processor might be a pain19:05
twobobSo I jumped to and started nosing around but its not blindingly obvious where to start19:06
*** ^SQl^KinG^- has joined #sailfishos19:06
Nicd-sailfish isn't released yet19:07
Yanieltwobob: mind clarifying a bit what you are trying?19:07
twoboberr. shoving this or Jolla on a kindle19:08
twobobKindle touch actually19:08
Nicd-you can take a look at porting mer and nemo on it19:08
Nicd-it will make portin sailfish easier when it is released19:08
twobobso step 1) do mer19:08
twobobon that19:09
Nicd-since sailfish is basically mer + nemo middleware + sailfish ui19:09
*** ^SQl^KinG^- has quit IRC19:09
twobobso grab the platform mer SDK and x-compile it for armv7l19:11
*** Bloob has quit IRC19:11
Wntok, now I can run the file on the device but running it gives an error: "/usr/bin/HelloWorld: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"19:11
Wntldd /usr/bin/HelloWorld also lists " => not found"19:12
Wnteverything else seems to be there19:12
twobobLD_LIBRARY_PATH ?19:14
twobobforce it?19:14
Wnttwobob: "echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH" gives no output19:16
twobobI am suggesting you use that in the call19:16
Wnt"ldd /usr/bin/silicacomponentgallery-qt5" does not list and it runs fine from the ui19:17
WntIt was prepackaged to the image I installed on the device19:17
twobobLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/lib /usr/bin/HelloWorld19:17
StskeepsWnt: 'on device', you mean emulator?19:17
twobobokay well I am just a nnob saying what I would do19:17
Wntand 'find /usr -iname ""' gives no output19:18
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos19:18
WntStskeeps: by on device I mean the sailfish_n9_0.0.2 (Sailfish OS SDK version) running on my N919:18
StskeepsWnt: ah, that's nemo + lipstick homescreen isn't it19:18
Stskeepsno promises anything app wise will work there19:19
Wntthe prepackaged component gallery runs fine there :)19:19
*** ericy has quit IRC19:19
WntDon't know how that image was created and which version of the SDK was used to create that19:20
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos19:22
Wntthe login banner shows "SailfishOS (armv7hl,testing)"19:22
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos19:24
twobobwhat does readelf -d /path/to/thing say?19:24
twobobdoes that in fact have the lib as a reuirement?19:24
twobobI would strace the call -then grep that for the lib path19:25
twobobthats what I would be19:25
*** martyone has quit IRC19:25
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos19:25
*** kostola_ has quit IRC19:26
*** kostola has joined #sailfishos19:27
*** piee has quit IRC19:27
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos19:28
*** furikku has quit IRC19:31
*** piee has joined #sailfishos19:32
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos19:32
*** cnuke has quit IRC19:36
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos19:36
*** mike7b4_on_x230 has joined #sailfishos19:36
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos19:39
*** zsombi has quit IRC19:40
*** xowap has quit IRC19:42
*** edgar2 has quit IRC19:42
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos19:47
*** ericy has quit IRC19:49
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos19:54
*** mike7b4_on_x230 has quit IRC19:58
*** mrmlz has joined #sailfishos19:58
*** roric has joined #sailfishos19:59
ajalkaneaye... really simple question. SDK has 90x90 png icon, but I have an shadowy memory of people talking about 86x86 being the size that must be used. Is it so that 86x86 is what should be used for the icon? Couldn't see anything about it in SDK FAQ20:00
Jonniyes next sdk release will have 86x86 and harbour qa expects 86x8620:02
Wntajalkane: some information available at
ajalkaneThanks guys20:03
ajalkaneSDK shows "default cover" if I don't have cover property set... is it safe to assume in real device it will be the apps view like in harmattan, or is there not live previews supported and I should put something there?20:04
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos20:06
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos20:08
Wntajalkane: If I understood things correctly the default cover is supported, but it's recomended to define a active cover for all applications:
ajalkaneWnt: thanks... I think I'll go at first with default cover and perhaps once the QA fighting has been done I'll look if it makes sense to improve it20:12
*** rashm2k has quit IRC20:14
*** rashm2k1 has joined #sailfishos20:14
*** b0bben has quit IRC20:15
*** Finleida has quit IRC20:16
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos20:16
*** TheBootroo_ has joined #sailfishos20:17
*** cnuke has joined #sailfishos20:19
*** xowap has joined #sailfishos20:21
*** xowap has quit IRC20:29
*** xowap has joined #sailfishos20:29
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos20:32
*** pixraider has joined #sailfishos20:32
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:38
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:49
artemmaReading about changes of properties in QtQuick 2.0 Good stuff there. readonly properties, default ones -
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:57
* artemma is stuck in a typical programmer's problem: Naming. How would you call a filter that passes enabled/disabled calls to the underlying switch when something is active, but makes sure switch is exactly disabled when something is not active animore21:02
M4rtinKDetonator ?21:03
artemmaThere seems to be a bug in my app or sailfish camera or in between that crashes phone when both camera app and flashlight are used simultaneously. So I want to make sure torch is off when app is deactivated21:03
artemmadetonator is more like one time thing21:03
artemmaI am looking for something like water filter that remembers to close the tap when master goes out of house21:04
artemmaand remembers to open it again (if it was open earlier) when master is back21:04
M4rtinKwell that's pretty much a mutex21:04
M4rtinKor to be more precise a critical section21:05
M4rtinKguarded by a mutex21:05
M4rtinKwll only one of them can be on at the same time21:06
artemmaoh.. for water to flow we need master pretense and his wish to keep water flowing, yeah kind of mutex21:06
M4rtinKeq in the critical section21:06
artemmamore like binary and21:06
M4rtinKor mechanical safety interlock21:07
artemmamutex more like frees object when, well, nobody uses it21:07
artemmaI think it's AND operation I am looking at, but somehow I want to express it in a term of filters or some other layering words21:08
artemmathat is a necessary evil abstraction layer that is to be removed when camera or my app is fixed (on a live device)21:08
artemmacan I call it a TriggerFilter?21:09
ajalkaneartemma: why not call it Guard and make the name imply what it guards against21:09
artemmaAnd element is a trigger isn't it?21:09
artemmayeah, Guard sounds logical21:10
artemmadoes Guard name imply it will remember the old value (to be applied when the master comes back to the room)?21:10
artemmaprobably yes21:11
artemmaokay, that will be then a TorchGuard on top of a PulsingTorch on top of a Camera on top of a CameraFocus that actually gets activated :)21:12
ajalkanewell implicitly yes... to me in programming it implies preserving state when conditions change and restores it when conditions are suitable again21:12
artemmayou can solve any problem by introducing one more layer of abstraction. Except for the problem of too many abstraction layers :)21:13
artemmathanks, guys!21:13
ajalkaneI think you have just enough layers for a simple application. Still some way to become some silly over-architectured EE app :P21:13
*** xowap has quit IRC21:14
*** ericy has quit IRC21:17
ajalkanecoderus: Is Persecute open source? I'm mainly interested in daemon + UI separation. Had some troubles doing it with systemd for Nemo21:18
artemmaI'd be also interested in how you make daemon start on system boot up (my most popular N9 project that would be good to port needs daemon or scheduler)21:21
specialI don't know what the habour policy on daemons is, but21:22
specialnemo has plenty of examples of how to do a systemd service that runs on boot21:23
*** leinir_ has joined #sailfishos21:23
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:23
artemmaso you can somehow register it then21:23
* artemma isn't really knowing much about *nix and system registrations21:23
*** MMori has joined #sailfishos21:23
*** leinir has quit IRC21:23
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir21:24
specialusing the one I'm working on now as the example21:24
ajalkaneartemma: basically you make systemd configuration files, pretty much like corresponding ones for Upstart for N9. Though I had all kind of weird problems. I'll try again when I have a real device to test.21:24
artemmaso you just copy such config file to proper dir and that is a registration21:25
artemmasounds good21:25
specialtake out the Restart=always or I'd be mad at you, but yes21:25
ajalkaneIdeally... Though I have to say I turned from a naturally suspicious old man to an ardous hater of the "get of my lawn" systemd during the process21:26
specialI've come to like systemd quite a bit while using it21:26
*** sledges has quit IRC21:26
ajalkaneI hope I'll reach that zen-like state through practical torture one day. Meanwhile, I'm gathering my strength for the inevitable battle.21:27
*** piee has quit IRC21:27
twobobremember - there is no level  zero21:27
*** piee has joined #sailfishos21:28
specialajalkane: it does take some time to get used to.21:29
ajalkaneTrue that, Lennart smashed me staright to level -1021:29
M4rtinKI've actually seen Lennart with my own eyes ! :)21:31
M4rtinKtwice already21:31
ajalkanewere you oogling from safe distance with binoculars?21:33
M4rtinKBTW, he will be on DevConf in February in Brno :)21:33
M4rtinKwithout doubt announcing some other very controversial initiative :)21:34
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos21:35
ajalkaneIt'd be funny to have Lennart, Linux and Theo De Raadth debating some hot controversial topic21:35
ajalkane* Linus21:35
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC21:36
ajalkaneI think I might be willing to pay seeing that more than your average stadium-level concert21:36
* ajalkane is derailing again... I'll shut up and try to make a sailfish app21:37
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:39
M4rtinKwell, hist talks are always packed, that's for sure :)21:40
ajalkaneso to upload to harbour I need to name the package in some special way? Is it just editing .yaml file and setting (in QtCreator in this case) the "Sources" to "harbor-%{name}-%{version}.tar.bz2" ... or is there more to it?21:43
artemmaajalkane: sort of yes, but many things have to go in concert21:45
artemmapackage name and app folder and binary name all need to be harbour-myapp21:45
artemmaalso you'll need to change Icon line in .desktop to new format (is in ML)21:46
ajalkanegots the ML posting... but it did not have harbor related stuff. So binary name too should have some special naming. I guess there's no place where this is yet documented?21:46
artemmathere are two ML posts21:47
artemmaeverything should be harbour-myapp :)21:47
ajalkaneI have Iekku Pylkka's from 21st21:47
*** arcean has quit IRC21:48
ajalkaneI guess Karl Granström's is the other (6th of november)21:48
artemmaprobably. there were only two with concrete reqs21:49
*** Blizzz has quit IRC21:52
*** amizraa has quit IRC21:52
*** amizraa has joined #sailfishos21:53
*** Eismann has quit IRC21:55
artemmaokay, TorchGuard is ready and tested,now integrating to app21:58
ajalkaneSo in .desktop file we should have Icon=<AppName>.png21:58
*** amizraa has quit IRC22:00
*** amizraa has joined #sailfishos22:00
artemmano ".png"22:00
ajalkaneartemma: ok thanks22:00
ajalkaneAnd AppName should be harbor-<Real AppName> ?22:01
*** spider-mario has quit IRC22:02
ajalkaneargh... any open source project out there where I can look for harbor approved files?22:02
artemmau r welcome, it's good if others don't hit the same issues. I was getting help from others. Jonni , aard_ , kontio - many actually. Chances are I will actually have app ready by launch date thanks to them22:02
artemmaajalkane: yes harbour-myapp22:02
artemmaI actually have one demo prom just for that, but.. it's not up to date22:02
artemmaI can answer questions however22:03
ajalkaneartemma: that'd be great, where's that harbour-myapp?22:03
artemmaajalkane: that project is not up to date22:03
artemmathe goal was to create minimal complex project, i.e. with one QML test22:04
ajalkaneseems like each time I get an answer to one question I come upon another question :P22:04
artemmaand it's just fine.. for the oldest sdk release and I ignore .yaml22:04
artemmaI think now you went trough almost everything22:04
artemmamake sure icon actually is 86x8622:05
artemmaand that you do not import anything forbidden22:05
artemmaand if you import your own modules syntax MUST be import harbour.myApp.MyModule22:05
artemmanot just import MyModule22:05
ajalkaneok thanks... I guess I will try with these instructions and best guesses and hope for best!22:06
artemmagood luck22:10
TheBootroo_is Michal Blazek on this chan ? if yes, what's his nick ?22:10
artemmaajalkane: you can also ask ppl on this channel to try your app. Some sailors have access to harbour check script and can run it against your generated RPM22:11
artemmaI would have never passed so quickly if not that22:11
ajalkaneThis app is just something to try Sailfish, I'm not gonna bother the busy Jolla peeps with trying this :)22:13
ajalkaneBut I do hope I can help other people with similar problems when I get it right with the good folks helping here22:14
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos22:15
*** Hartzi has quit IRC22:18
artemmaAnybody with a real device here willing to try my app?
*** PMG has quit IRC22:18
artemmaplease, check that flashlight is turned off when app goes to background. Also try turning flashlight on and THEN try taking some photos with the phone camera several times. Such combo used to crash whole device earlier22:19
artemmakontio: ping22:19
artemmaaard_: ping22:19
artemmaJonni: ping22:19
artemmawhoever: ping :)22:19
Skorpyjust two more days to get my hands on the device :|22:20
Skorpycan't wait22:20
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos22:24
M4rtinKwell I'm basically just waiting for the Harbor to stabilize first :)22:25
ajalkaneLucky you! Just two days and I can walk past the magnificient pop-up store :)22:25
*** Hartzi has joined #sailfishos22:25
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos22:25
M4rtinKand I don't have anything ready anyway and don't want to rush it22:25
ajalkaneIt'll be interesting to see how much people there are in line22:25
ajalkanebtw. what's the best way to get screenshots from the emulator for use in harbour?22:29
*** jotik has quit IRC22:31
ajalkaneargh, I guess the most pressing question as last... how do I build ARM architecture RPM with QtCreator for uploading to Harbour? I get red balloon selecting the ARM target22:31
artemmaM4rtinK: BTW I had a look at your app with Harmattan controls on Android22:31
*** pixraider has quit IRC22:32
artemmaajalkane: choose Mer target in Projects. Then Clean -> Build -> Deploy22:32
M4rtinKartemma: thanks!22:33
ajalkaneartemma: deploy ie. "Run" I gather... but I have red balloon and the run arrow is disabled when I have mer ARM target22:33
M4rtinKartemma: it actually wasn't that hard to build the component22:33
artemmanope. exactly Deploy22:33
artemmalook in menu22:33
*** jotik has joined #sailfishos22:34
artemmaM4rtinK: I am looking forward for Silica on Android :D22:34
M4rtinKartemma: but making it properly resize when screen is rotated & of course all the Python stuff was the harder part :)22:34
artemmathough good Silica port needs to solve the design issue with Menu: when/how/where to show it22:34
ajalkaneartemma: got it, thanks... some error but I'll try looking at it first22:35
M4rtinKwell, it is declarative, you can just convert it to something else as appropriate :)22:35
*** ericy has quit IRC22:36
artemmaM4rtinK: possibly just showing it on a Menu button press will be good enough, though it could be unexpected on Android to have menu where system drawer is22:36
ajalkaneDeploy gives "Fatal: deploy must have a valid --device" ... but I guess there's somewhere now a valid RPM to upload to harbour?22:37
artemmaOf course another option is to get rid of PulleyMenu completely and implement some custom Menu just for Android or other pullless devices22:37
artemmaajalkane: nope. It should tell success and show message box with the list of files created22:38
artemmasomething went wrong, read messages22:38
*** xowap has joined #sailfishos22:38
*** TechieElf has joined #sailfishos22:39
*** piee has quit IRC22:40
ajalkaneDo I have to add some ARM emulator device or should the deploy work "out of the box" with the SDK?22:42
artemmajust sdk should be fine22:42
*** Pali has quit IRC22:42
artemmaI never had such error message22:42
artemmahmm.. when you created a project you configured it for mer as well, right?22:42
ajalkaneyeah I did22:42
artemmaof course you did, otherwise you wouldn't have ARM target in Projects22:42
artemmasorry, don't know what happened, maybe read messages in Compile tab22:43
*** xowap has quit IRC22:43
ajalkaneUnfortunately the only real error message was the one I pasted. Well, I'll try restarting the SDK22:44
ajalkaneStill, only getting this:22:47
ajalkane00:46:18: Deploying rpm package...22:47
ajalkane00:46:18: Starting: "/home/arto/.config/SailfishAlpha2/mer-sdk-tools/MerSDK/SailfishOS-armv7hl/deploy" --pkcon22:47
ajalkaneFatal: deploy must have a valid --device22:47
*** rashm2k1 has quit IRC22:49
ajalkaneAlso I get "Clock skew detected" messages, but I assume they're nothing out of the ordinary22:49
*** tmxnst has quit IRC22:50
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos22:53
*** zutto has quit IRC22:53
*** Zotan has quit IRC22:54
ajalkaneuh okay lol... I had to select "Deploy method ARM" instead of "RPM" and then it worked.22:54
ajalkaneAs always, just click and try until it owrks. Too much thinking just gets you in trouble :P22:55
TheBootroo_ajalkane: i had the same issue, took me hours to figure the problem (i tried cleaning generated files, recreating ssh keys, reinstalling virtual box, resetting sdk....)22:59
WntFinally got my own app running in the Nemo + Sailfish enviroment on my N9. Needed to get the libsailfishapp rpm with the SDK using "sb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper remove --clean-deps libsailfishapp" and "sb2 -t SailfishOS-armv7hl -m sdk-install -R zypper in libsailfishapp"23:01
ajalkaneTheBootroo_: makes one feel like totally smart :P23:01
TheBootroo_ajalkane: hehe23:03
TheBootroo_Wnt: wanna try my app on you SFN9 ?23:04
TheBootroo_not yet approved but it should very soon, i did a huge udpate23:05
WntTheBootroo_: that url gives a "The request was unauthorized" error23:05
TheBootroo_no way to share a harbour page ?23:05
*** zutto has joined #sailfishos23:08
*** ericy has quit IRC23:10
*** sledges has joined #sailfishos23:10
*** ottulo has quit IRC23:13
*** andreibechet has quit IRC23:14
*** andreibechet has joined #sailfishos23:15
*** RoKenn has quit IRC23:15
*** jstaniek has quit IRC23:15
*** ottulo has joined #sailfishos23:17
ajalkaneargh... harbour says invalid website, yet it opens23:17
ajalkaneI'll give up for now23:18
*** ajalkane has quit IRC23:18
artemma*** ERROR: No build ID note found in /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/harbour-wikipedia/qml/obj/main.o23:21
artemmamust be old style main.cpp23:22
w00tartemma: where is that from?23:23
w00tsounds like that's coming from rpmbuild23:23
artemmaRPM packaging23:23
artemmaextracting debug info from /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/harbour-wikipedia/qml/obj/main.o23:23
w00tartemma: did you mix debug and release builds?23:24
artemmaw00t: doesn't say anything to me23:25
*** DarkSim has quit IRC23:25
* artemma is really tired to see QtCreator corrupt my .yaml on almost every save! Is there a way to kill the autoupdating plugin somehow?!23:26
w00tcorrupt in what way?23:26
artemmalike overwriting half of file the wrong way :)23:26
w00tplease demonstrate next time it happens :)23:27
artemmaplugin is not ready for sub packages so it tends to rewrite content into one package always23:27
artemmaand sub packaging is the only way I can keep my internal programmer sane23:27
artemmayou know src project and test project are to go to different packages23:27
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos23:27
w00tok, so by "wrong" you mean "it doesn't package it the way I want"23:27
w00tdid you write to the ML about this already? (sorry if you did, but I get a lot of mail)23:28
artemmaPlus some files I need to put to fake package to remove harbour-unacceptable stuff from main package23:28
artemmaw00t: no, I mean it takes file with sub packages and rewrites it as if there's one package23:28
M4rtinKand that's why I'm looking forward to a Sailfish OBS target somewhere :)23:29
artemmaw00t: sorry, but I don't think ML will help.  When you'll do examples with sub packages, you'll do it anyway23:29
w00tartemma: writing to the ML says "I am having pain with this", and I can point the right people at that mail23:30
M4rtinKnever really liked QtCreator anyway :)23:30
artemmaand meanwhile nobody will care. After all .yaml works, I just need to keep reverting creator's "corrections:23:30
artemmaw00t: you are correct, but lately I feel like I am already writing there too much and honestly that;s not the most burning issue23:31
artemmait's annoying, but I'd rather prefer device not to crash when both 3rd party app and system camera app are trying to use camera :)23:31
artemmaI'll probably write about plugin at some point23:32
artemmahopefully public bug tracker will be opened some time soon23:32
M4rtinK+1 to that23:33
artemmanow back to "Found two copies of .debug_types section"23:33
artemmachanging to new style main.cpp didn't help23:33
artemmadeleting old hell knows from where main.o helped :)23:34
*** TheBootroo_ has quit IRC23:40
*** chriadam|away is now known as chriadam23:44
artemmafunny, I corrected 90x90 in sailfishapp.prf to 86x86, but Makefile generated keeps putting in 90x90 somehow23:47
artemmacached somewhere?23:47
artemmaah, sailfishapp_qml.prf has it23:47
artemmahmm… what's the difference?23:48
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:48
*** Blizzz has quit IRC23:48
*** Eztran has quit IRC23:49
artemmastill, 90x90 icon path keeps being added from somewhere23:49
*** ericy has quit IRC23:50
w00tartemma: one assumes qml deployment also, one doesn't, iirc23:50
artemmatemplate = aux..23:50
w00tartemma: if you run qmake -d -d -d (send it to a file.. it's very verbose) you'll likely get an idea of what's messing you up23:50
artemmaI don't know where quake is in SDK23:51
*** r3d has quit IRC23:52
*** triggerhappy has joined #sailfishos23:53
artemma /home/mersdk/.config/SailfishAlpha2/mer-sdk-tools/MerSDK/SailfishOS-i486-x86/qmake: line 2: exec: /Users/artem/SailfishOS/bin/Qt cannot execute: No such file or directory23:54
twobobqmake team fortress edition23:54
*** freedomrun has quit IRC23:54
artemmaoh well, I just remove sailfishapp then or deploy a copy of icon manually23:55
artemmastill strange though23:55

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