Tuesday, 2013-11-26

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twobobso.. err.. I got mer image built - I think?00:27
artemmawas operating with git project from sdk console by mistake :)00:28
artemmasubmodules didn't work00:28
twobobI for sure got the SDK built anyway, was just wondering what should my next steps be...00:29
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twobobsomeone said that the silfish OS isn't "ready to ship" yet...00:29
specialI hope it's ready to ship, since it's shipping on wednesday :)00:30
twobobfair enough.00:30
twobobI guess my question should be "how do I now build provisionally sailfish for amv7l"00:31
artemmaQtWebKit 3.0' is not  allowed?????? Just noticed this harbour warning00:31
artemmano web browser module allowed? Srsly>00:32
artemmaokay, then it doesn't make sense that I am sitting porting my wikipedia app to new reqs now..00:33
artemmahalf done though. Except for this webkit of course00:33
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specialmight be worth trying developer-care for that, I guess00:38
specialor the mailing list00:38
ajalkanespecial: harbour problems to developer-care@jolla.com ?00:39
specialI think so?00:39
ajalkaneOk thanks... I dispatched to care@jolla.com. Respamming.00:39
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ajalkaneAnd a sleepy time00:40
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twobobis there some docs I could read ?00:42
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artemmawell, if QtWebKit is not allowed than it's not allowed (read: they think ABI is not stable enough)00:49
artemmaI am just surprised00:49
artemmaand now I think I recall somebody posted that it's not allowed indeed00:49
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artemmatwobob: it's all too raw for now. SDK FAQ + mailing list is your friend00:50
specialthe QtWebkit ABI should be pretty stable now, since it's being nearly abandoned by upstream.00:50
artemmaspecial: I think there are old and new webkits in Qt.. didn't really study it. Maybe one of them is allowed00:51
artemmayeah, exactly00:51
specialit's not a faceless corporation, there can be discussion and flexibility.00:51
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artemmathat is exactly why I trust it will be solved soon, but it's too late for launch date anyway :)00:52
artemmaand at 3AM that's my only concern, general good can wait a little :)00:52
artemmaAnybody interested in trying a [primitive] Wikipedia? - http://bit.ly/wikipedia300:55
artemmashould now satisfy new requirements except for this QtWebKit import00:55
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twobobhmmmm so its like hard float by default or something?01:03
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twobobsigh. that's a shame01:08
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twobob---------------------------------------- finished: Syncing target repos SailfishOS-i486-x86 - exited with status 401:33
twobob - File './oss/noarch/sdk-target-configs-0.50-10.15.2.jolla.noarch.rpm' not found on medium 'http://releases.sailfishos.org/sdk/latest/jolla/i486/'01:33
twobob - Can't provide ./oss/noarch/sdk-target-configs-0.50-10.15.2.jolla.noarch.rpm01:33
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twobobits not wrong.01:40
twobobit aint there... hmm01:40
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twobobso am I being really stupid, or are armv7hl and i486 the only targets supported OOTB01:48
specialwhat else are you expecting?01:49
twoboberr I was aiming to build this for armv7l and eventually try it on armv6l01:52
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twoboband I understand if they are stupid expectations01:53
specialwell, mer and nemo build against armv7l and armv6l01:54
specialso there's no reason sailfish couldn't, other than that it doesn't01:55
twobobI have mer built armv7l (as far as i know)01:55
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twobobI mean the kindles /could/ run hardfloat stuff01:55
twobobthey just dont right now01:56
twobobthus it would mean totally flashing them, rather than say - injecting an alternate kernel post runtime01:57
twobobkexec style01:58
twobobdunno. maybe I can convince them to load hf over softfloat with some ugly libc hack. I'll ask our resident gurus.01:59
* twobob is just the monkey02:04
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twobobhmm. I was rather hoping that the SDK allowed for actually deploying the operating system itself.02:30
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twobobso enough prevaricating about the shrubbery... I am going to grab myself an android tablet from china to test this out on02:45
twoboblibhybris seems to to be pretty mature now. any tips?02:45
wmarone_hope you get the gpl sources for the chinese tablet?02:46
twobobI have requested them yes02:46
wmarone_well, now you're on the bit I suggested02:47
twobobsorry. I am suffering from Early AM syndrome..  what do you mean by that?02:49
twobobI have the emulator running happily and splattered out a hello Sailors02:49
twobobthe device will be gles capable and has a moderately decent gpu02:50
twobobundoubtedly I wont get an x11 capable driver out of them, but was rather hoping the "QT" aspect would get around this02:51
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specialthere is no x11 in sailfish.02:51
twobobor libhybris would at the very least provide something workable02:51
twobobindeed. I was thinking of Tizen at that point02:51
specialhybris can take android graphics drivers and provide everything necessary for wayland02:51
twobobwell thats interesting actually. because I have wayland working on the kindles02:52
specialusing egl or shared memory?02:52
twobobsigh. perhaps - somewhere down the line I will make an arm7vl target of this and shove it on a kindle02:53
twoboblord knows it needs a better OS02:53
twobobhmm.. good question.02:53
twobobIm gooing to say shared mem02:53
twobobbeen a while since I looked at the code02:54
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twobobIll drag it up02:55
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twobobokay so using compton03:01
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twobobgot that working natively.03:05
MFaro-TusinoI am having a bit of trouble with my cpp file. I've wanted to create some global variables in my AppName::AppName(QObject*){} but I can't seem to call them - can someone tell me how I am supposed to use it? (First time I've ever used C++)03:15
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twobobtl; dr extern03:38
twobobor even http://www.learncpp.com/cpp-tutorial/42-global-variables/03:39
MFaro-Tusinothanks twobob03:47
twobobit is worth noting that in most instances you wont actually need them,....03:49
twobobbut you'll figure that out Im sure03:49
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thesignalgood morning, i want to build the rpm for arm, and i Fatal: deploy must have a valid --device, i already did deploy it yesterday, but i can't remember what i did to get rid of the error :)07:38
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thesignalas far as i know, there is no arm device avaiable for deployment atm07:43
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thesignali'm an idiot, i only had to switch to "delpoy method arm" -.-07:46
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jukkaeklundthesignal yes :)07:53
thesignali still get the rpm build error:07:54
thesignalFile not found: /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/icons/hicolor/86x86/apps/harbour-ohm.png07:54
thesignali already added the png to the project, also edited the line with 90x90 (so it should build the pkg correctly)07:55
thesignalwhat else does it need?07:55
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zuhthesignal: either editing the SDK's internals or waiting for the next SDK update (or installing the icon yourself to 86x86 maybe). There's prf's that are the base for generating the Makefiles, those will install the icon to 90x90 so the packaging doesn't find it at 86x8608:10
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thesignalzuh: i have already edited this file SailfishOS/mersdk/targets/SailfishOS-armv7hl/usr/share/qt5/mkspecs/features/sailfishapp.prf08:12
thesignalis there another?08:12
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zuhYeah, sailfishapp_qml.prf08:12
zuhsame location08:13
thesignalzuh: thanks, found it08:14
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thesignalzuh: i still get the same error... i already closed qtcreator, cleaned, restarted sdk08:18
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thesignalor is there still a mistake in the make file, if so, can i generate a new one?08:20
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artemma-bbOh, blackberry got an IRC client08:22
zuhRemoving the makefile is the safest bet, but you should probably get a new one by switching the build target back and forth08:22
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thesignalzuh: thanks, but still no luck. the makefile still gets generated with 90x90 paths, something else to edit?08:33
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artemmaCan you nest flickable inside of flickable?08:50
artemmaI need to use SilicaWebView, but I really don't want it to take whole screen (search field is to be on top), so I need to attach pulley menu to the parent item08:51
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artemmaunfortunately if I just put SilicaWebView inside SilicaFlickable, pulley menu seems to attach to inner web view, not to outer flickable08:53
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artemmaah, never mind, some layout calculation mistake08:53
zuhthesignal: hmm, all I can think of then would be that the prf inside the running target are not changed. Not sure how those are synced into the vm though08:55
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thesignalzuh: thanks anyway, i think i'll have to wait for the update. this is really annoying and i've already wasted some hours08:56
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ajalkaneanyone have idea why Harbour would say "Invalid website"? The link is valid, but is there some characters that are not allowed in url? Like tilde or _?08:56
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kaltsiajalkane: try putting http:// in front of the url if not already there09:03
ajalkanekaltsi: there is http://09:04
kaltsiok :P09:04
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kaltsiajalkane: what kind of chars do you have there.. I can't seem to produce an invalid url as long as it has the http(s)://09:07
kaltsiit doesn't seem to like space char09:08
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artemmaHmm, SilicaWebView inside SilicaFliackable keeps eating touch swipe events. Sometimes :/09:35
* w00t hears "touch" and starts twitching again09:38
w00trainemak: ^09:38
rainemakartemma, do you need SilicaFlickable as well?09:39
artemmaweb view needs not to take whole screen09:39
artemmasearch field aka browser url bar to be on top of it09:39
artemmaso menu needs to be attached to the host of both search field and web view -> host is to be SilicaFlickage09:40
artemmaAlso does anybody know what do I do with WebView constants if importing QtWebKit is illegal?09:40
artemmaI shouldn't just use hard coded integers instead of WebView.LoadSucceededStatus, should I?09:41
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artemmarainemak: I some some code in SilicaWebView about boundsBehavior, pullDownMenu, etc. So I get it correctly that SilicaWebView was envisioned to confer the whole page space just like normal SilicaFlickable?09:49
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ajalkanekaltsi: the url has nothing fancy. The more "special" chars are ~ _ and some numbers.09:51
ajalkaneno spaces09:51
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ajalkanehmm... would it barf if I have sailfish in the url09:54
thesignalartemma: is that your github repo, the wikipedia app?09:54
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ajalkaneand one more detail, the error comes when I hit Submit to QA, not before09:54
thesignalthanks for putting that up, i took a look at your .pro file and was able to fix my issue with the icon path09:55
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artemmaAnybody into trying a fresh wikipedia app? - http://bit.ly/wikipedia409:57
artemmathis time could be satisfying new standards :)09:57
artemmathesignal: you may like pulling right now, I just pushed few fixes09:58
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thesignalartemma: how do i run it in the emulator?10:00
artemmaimport and Run :D10:00
artemmathat is unless I messed up something10:00
artemmaah, you mean RPM? That's for real devices10:01
thesignalPackage already exists: %package harbour-wikipedia10:01
thesignalselect by default was: debug -> as rpm -> src10:01
thesignalis that the right repo?10:02
artemmahmm.. looks like I checked in corrupted .yaml. Arrgh, QtCreator keeps corrupting it and sometimes I miss it10:06
artemmahmm, no, checked in .yaml seems to be correct10:07
artemmaworksforme :/10:08
artemmathesignal: I won't be working on it now, but tell if you figure what the problem was10:09
artemmaI know :)10:09
artemmathesignal: QtCreator corrupted your .yaml on project import or on target switch10:09
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artemmait corrupts .yaml on everybody's computer, not just on mine :)10:10
artemmaSo revert .yaml to repo version and rebuild10:10
thesignalhm, i removed .yaml, clean, rebuild but it complains it can't parse the specfile10:11
artemmadon't remove it10:11
artemmarevert to repo version10:11
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thesignalartemma: reverted it, but rebuilding doesn't help, just a minute10:16
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artemmathesignal: sorry, won't help now10:18
artemmabut tell if you solve it10:18
thesignalartemma: somehow i copied reverted to the corrupted yaml file, compilation works now, but it keeps telling bash: /opt/sdk/wikipedia/usr/bin/harbour-wikipedia: No such file or directory10:22
artemmathesignal: you deploy by copying binaries10:23
artemmachange it to deploy by rpm10:23
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thesignalartemma: that did improve it a bit :D File not found: /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/harbour-wikipedia/qml/components/AppStoreKeys10:28
thesignalbut i did ./init.sh in the repo10:29
artemmathat is fine, should still build10:29
artemmathese are my private keys for app store10:29
artemmapublic repo will use demo project keys10:29
thesignalsent 11 bytes  received 66 bytes  51.33 bytes/sec10:29
thesignaltotal size is 153301  speedup is 1990.9210:29
thesignalCommand failed: A filename to install is required10:29
artemmaread error messages10:29
artemmasomething that actually tells "error"10:29
artemmaI guess it's exactly AppStoreKeys not found10:30
thesignalyes, i told you before10:30
kaltsiajalkane: ok sorry I don't know what happens after you submit it.. could you e-mail to developer-care@jolla.com with details of the problem?10:30
artemmasorry, don't have a good solution that would work both for my private build and public build10:30
artemmathesignal: for yourself you can just delete that file from .yaml10:30
artemmathat line*10:30
artemmaor create that fake dir10:31
artemmaif you com up with a good solution, tell or better do a pull request10:31
* artemma is waiting for the submitted wikipedia rejection in order to submit the proper one :)10:32
thesignalartemma: worked thanks10:32
artemmacould somebody tell harbour people to quick-reject the currently submitted Wikipedia app? :) kontio, maybe10:32
*** ericy has quit IRC10:32
kontioartemma: ok...10:33
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos10:33
artemmafor flashlight app on the other hand I still have approval hopes, waiting..10:33
artemmait's still in QA10:33
*** lizardo has joined #sailfishos10:35
ajalkanekaltsi: yeah I e-mailed in the night. Hopefully solution comes soon, Thanks.10:38
thesignalartemma: okay if i push? i never used git with someone i wasn't sitting in the same room with ;)10:39
*** sledges has joined #sailfishos10:40
artemmathesignal: I have never done pull requests, so don't know the process. I guess you need to fork into your own repo, submit change to there and then create pull request on the web10:40
thesignalartemma: k, i'll try that10:41
artemmaanyway, don't worry about breaking stuff. You won't have rights for corrupting my repo :)10:41
artemmaand it's git anyway, so everything is revertable10:41
thesignalyeah right, but just for my curiousity i'm trying it the other way :D10:43
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*** Pat_o_ has joined #sailfishos10:47
artemmakontio: thx. I can see Wikipedia rejected10:48
artemmasubmitting new one now10:48
kontiook I hope w/o webkit :-)10:48
kontioresp qtwebkit10:48
artemmawith SilicaWebView now10:48
*** Eztran has quit IRC10:48
artemmait seemed to have issues, but somehow they were autosolved..10:49
artemmaSo now I have two apps in harbour: wikipedia and flashlight10:49
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos10:49
artemmaPlus urgent flashlight fix ready if they decide to reject flashlight due to that crash if you use flashlight and main camera app simultaneously (hope they won't reject though)10:50
artemmawaiting mode now :)10:50
WntHow long has it taken for you guys to get an approval or reject information after submitting an application?10:51
*** otep_ is now known as otep10:52
*** b0bben has quit IRC10:53
thesignalWnt: about 1-2 hours10:54
thesignalbut I#m sure it depends on their workload ;)10:54
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artemmaWnt: I had 13 days :)11:00
thesignalartemma: did you get a pull request? i'm not sure it worked11:00
artemmabut most of this time they were deciding on the policy11:00
artemmathesignal: no email, but on github I can see a second contributor with "invalid-email-address"11:01
artemmaand one commit11:01
artemmabut zero pull requests11:01
thesignalartemma: had to submit a message, there should be one now11:02
thesignali think if you add or follow me, you would see my email11:02
artemmaand that was actually me probably.. just one commit from me went for a wrong address…11:02
artemmaah, that time I used git from sdk console by mistake :)11:02
thesignal:) kk11:02
artemmaokay, now I can see email abt pull req11:03
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos11:03
artemmawill check later, thx11:03
thesignalartemma: i think you have to merge only the things you need, because i also commited the deletion of the AppKey line...11:04
artemmawell, then I'll reject the request :)11:04
artemmamaybe with comments11:04
thesignalit should be possible to merge only the stuff you want11:05
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artemmaFlashlight app submitted 20 hrs ago.. Off for lunch, will see status when we are back11:06
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WntI have a very simple QML application in the review. It was just rejected after being 10 hours with the submitted status11:20
*** artemma has quit IRC11:21
WntAnd now it's in review again. The problem was the Icon declaration in my .desktop file. It should not contain absolute path11:21
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*** simbrown has joined #sailfishos11:24
Venemohey guys11:41
VenemoI have a question: how do I lock a non-Silica QML app to landscape mode?11:41
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*** Pali has joined #sailfishos11:50
*** aknight has joined #sailfishos11:51
aknightVenemo: i heard you were having issues with orientation?11:53
Venemo[12:41:32] <Venemo> I have a question: how do I lock a non-Silica QML app to landscape mode?11:54
Venemoaknight: ^11:54
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos11:54
aknightVenemo: have you tried setting Page::allowedOrientations ?11:54
aknightoh non-Silica11:54
aknightVenemo: you rotate your content11:55
Venemoyes, a cross-platform app11:55
aknightthe compositor doesn't rotate your app or resize your window in landscape, so you need to do it yourself11:56
Venemocan I tell the compositor to do that?11:56
aknightVenemo: not the sailfish compositor, currently it is not supported11:57
Venemookay, so I have to add a rotation inside the app itself?11:57
aknightVenemo: wayland does support a buffer transform flag (so you can tell the compositor to rotate your window), but it is not implemented in sailfish11:57
aknightVenemo: correct.11:57
Venemookay, so I ifdef for sailfish and add a rotation to the top-level QML element11:58
Venemothis is the most ridiculous thing I've ever done11:59
w00thow did you handle the rotation on the n9?11:59
Venemow00t: on the N9, landscape is the default, on Symbian there's a native function call, on Blackberry it's an entry in an XML file12:00
aknightVenemo: not really, a lot of platforms don't resize the window12:00
Venemothe other thing is, is there a file picker dialog in SailFish?12:00
w00tnot at present12:00
aknightVenemo: is this a qml app?12:00
Venemoaknight: yep12:00
aknightVenemo: oh that's what you said... yeah i think what you described is fine :)12:01
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos12:01
*** r3d has joined #sailfishos12:01
Venemois there something that works like the DocumentGalleryModel in Qt4 then?12:01
aknightbasically a flag telling the window to rotate the contentItem or not12:01
*** a_meteor has joined #sailfishos12:03
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos12:04
VenemoDocumentGalleryModel was a thing that let me display stuff from the user's content on the phone, ie. I could specifiy that I want all pictures and then I could implement a custom picture picker12:07
Venemois there a similar thing on SailFish?12:07
TheBootroowho's in charge of QA on Harbour ?12:07
TheBootroocan someone review my app CityBike'me12:07
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos12:08
artemmaA-and my first app got approved just now! In your closest app store tomorrow! Waiting for flashlight approva nextl12:14
*** zhost has joined #sailfishos12:14
artemmakontio: thanks for the help!12:14
artemmaWnt: My flashlight is 21 hrs in QA by now, latest Wikipedia round took just an hour12:15
artemmaor two12:15
artemmaI wonder what the current count of approved apps is. Would be cool to know if my app is, say, the 21st one approved :)12:17
TheBootrooartemma: i did a JCDecaux citybike app, using OpenStreetMap layer, in QA since yesterday, awaiting approval12:18
artemmagood luck, TheBootroo!12:18
TheBootrooi submitted yet 2 days ago and was rejected, but i did a MASSIVE update (new cities, maps, zoom, better graphics, better perfs, offline caching), so i resubmitted it12:19
kontioartemma: the wikipedia app, our testers reported that the scrolling sometimes somehow does not work... in future we might reject such applications, maybe you want to look into that for a future version, original text from tester: "'I've noticed only one thing, in the wikipedia apps there is a problem with scrolling down or up , sometimes it is not working - how often? -not always , but every second, third scrolling, something many time have to try12:20
kontioto scroll"12:20
artemmakontio: scrolling is exactly the result of WebKit quick-fix, I noticed it too sometimes :(12:21
artemmathat is a side affect of that SilicaWebView tries to be much more than just a WebView wrapper so they start fighting for touches with the surrounding SilicaFlickable if any me thinks12:21
TheBootrooartemma: that exactly why i did my own geocaching component in pure QML instead of using one of the numerous web api, to avoid using webkit12:21
artemmakontio: I think I'll implement a dirty hack later, when get device in hands to kill extra stuff from SilicaWebView12:22
Venemoso, anyone know a way to make a picture picker on SailFish, or the Qt5 alternative of the Qt4 DocumentGalleryModel?12:24
artemmakontio: and sure not always good scrolling needs to be fixed anyway. It's only the launch date that is special, I plan to hack it somehow later12:24
*** ericy has quit IRC12:25
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos12:26
veskuhVenemo, platform has image picker. Do not know if it is whitelisted.12:27
TheBootrooVenemo: shouldn't be too hard to do using FolderListModel and custom delegate (namely SilicaGridView with some Image in it, take a look at MediaGallery example maybe)12:27
veskuhVenemo, the MediaGallery example in SDK uses DocumentGalleryModel for images12:28
VenemoTheBootroo: this is not a silica app12:28
Venemoveskuh: can you give me a link to it please?12:28
TheBootrooVenemo: yes it is12:28
TheBootrooVenemo: and afaik, atm only dialogs in Silica toolkit are Time/Color/Date picker12:29
VenemoTheBootroo: no, I don't use silica in my app12:29
*** narchie has joined #sailfishos12:29
VenemoTheBootroo: so it's not a silica app12:29
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos12:29
TheBootrooVenemo: oh ok, so why asking on #sailfishos ?12:29
TheBootrooVenemo: go ask on #qt-qml you'll ahve more luck12:29
VenemoTheBootroo: because I'm trying to make it work on SailFish, that's why.12:30
veskuhVenemo, pickers are in sailfish-components-pickers. docs are not out yet. The mediagallery example is included in SDK. Under Welcome -> exampels12:30
Venemoveskuh: ok, thanks!12:31
*** jjarven has quit IRC12:31
TheBootrooveskuh: nice find12:32
kontiois the developer of sailkeychain-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm around here?12:32
Venemothanks guys, see ya later12:40
TheBootrookontio: are you doing QA ?12:40
kontioTheBootroo: let's  put it that way, I support the guys12:42
TheBootrookontio: my app just got rejected and i'm not sure why, i have a long explanatory msg talking about icons and desktop12:42
TheBootroobut i'm pretty sure my rpm has icons and desktop files12:43
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos12:43
kontioTheBootroo: which app?12:43
TheBootrookontio: the app is CityBike'me, but package has old name : Velov4Sailfish12:43
*** Venemo has quit IRC12:44
*** piee has quit IRC12:44
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #sailfishos12:44
kontiocitybike_me-0.3-1.armv7hl.rpm  ? ok you installed the icon to 90x90 folder... unfortunatelly our SDK suggests that, you have to change that to 86x86  ./usr/share/icons/hicolor/86x86/apps/harbour-<app-name>.png12:45
*** jpetrell has quit IRC12:45
kontioand size of icon should also be 86x8612:45
kontioand in .desktop file, just add "Icon=harbour-<app-name>" no path12:46
kontioand .desktop file must be:12:46
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:47
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos12:48
KhertanAtworkkontio, if you are doing QA ... you can mark ownNotes as failed ... i wasn't able to remove the QA status12:52
*** piee has joined #sailfishos12:52
KhertanAtworkkontio, everythings is packaged in /opt12:52
KhertanAtworki ll wait until i can test it on my own device :)12:53
Wntand the Icon=<blah> in the .desktop file should not have ".png" in there?12:54
KhertanAtworkWnt, normally no12:54
kontioKhertanAtwork: I can't do that, but will forward the request12:54
kontiono .png, otherwise the icon is not found12:54
KhertanAtworkkontio, thx ... so they didn't loose time ...12:54
artemmaKhertanAtwork: /opt is wrong (u can use it for local testing with deploy binaries method only), /usr should be used12:55
kontiosince a desktop system can choose then the format if it is let open...12:55
KhertanAtworkartemma, yep i know, but someone (didn't remember who) suggest me to put in /opt12:56
KhertanAtworkbut that was a long time ago12:56
artemmaKhertanAtwork: My wikipedia app just got approved and I think it uses quite sane structure. You can copy stiff from there - https://github.com/amarchen/Wikipedia12:56
KhertanAtworki should probably try to repackage it if someone can test it12:57
KhertanAtworkartemma, thx12:57
artemmaexcept that packaging script will not package due to missing AppStoreKeys, just delete line about it, I'll fix master version later12:57
kontioKhertanAtwork: we already rejected ownNotes yesterday... because it's a python app12:58
kontiowe currently can't support python12:58
kontioin the store12:58
KhertanAtworkkontio, oh ? really ... even if it s embedded in c apps ?12:58
kontioKhertanAtwork: thp would now about the details, what we evt. will allow in future, but I guess he is busy atm12:59
*** ericy has quit IRC12:59
KhertanAtwork(that s not the case in the version i submitted i ve dynamically linked to py2.7)12:59
*** ssirkia has joined #sailfishos13:00
KhertanAtworkkontio, but if i statically link it, shouldn't be a problem13:00
*** a_meteor has quit IRC13:00
artemmaFlashlight in QA for 24 hrs now and testers' workday is probably over soon...13:00
KhertanAtworki didn't doubt all jolla people are quite busy :)13:00
artemmaAnd tomorrow I guess they will have a day off13:00
KhertanAtworkkontio, i ll wait a bit, no urgence to be in the store the first day :)13:01
kontioartemma: no some slaves we keep to do the rowing :-)13:01
fluxI think it would be a bit irresponsible if the version on tomorro's phones would not have been locked ago a week or weeks ago ;-). but hey, perhaps jolla lives on the edge!13:01
artemmakontio: I need just one slave, only the one rowing on my apps :)13:01
flux(and the fixes for updates don't make themselves)13:01
kontioKhertanAtwork: please discuss with thp, static build might work, but can't promise, w/o checking with others13:02
*** DarkSim has quit IRC13:03
*** martyone has quit IRC13:04
KhertanAtworkkontio, i ll ask him, i use a fork of his works pyOtherSide :)13:04
Nicd-kontio: are python apps eventually going to be supported?13:04
Nicd-I sure hope so13:04
fluxis python qt5 solid enough for that to happen?13:05
KhertanAtwork Nicd- oh i didn't think they can't support python ... they have thp in their team :p13:05
kontioNicd-: yes, thp is working on the details, but no ETA yet13:05
KhertanAtworkflux, no need of pyqt513:05
KhertanAtworkflux, we can avoid pyqt or pyside and using python from qml13:06
*** Pali has quit IRC13:06
KhertanAtworkflux, thp call it pyOtherSide :)13:06
KhertanAtworkand that s works pretty well13:06
KhertanAtwork(even on harmattan)13:06
*** jukkaeklund___ has joined #sailfishos13:07
TheBootrookontio: i'm trying to fix the .yaml13:07
*** MFaro-Tusino has quit IRC13:07
kontioTheBootroo: ok, there is an other issue, the QtCore import in qml... we can't allow that currently, how heavy do you depend on it?13:08
TheBootrookontio: fixed the import13:08
TheBootroowhat do you think about this http://pastebin.com/FaRVp7b513:08
TheBootrooi need to deploy binary, desktop, icon, and some qml/js (i can put them in resource though)13:09
Nicd-kontio: nice13:09
TheBootrooin fact yeah i'll surely put all qml files in QRC13:09
TheBootroois that allowed ?13:09
kontioTheBootroo: qml/js can go to /usr/share/%{name}/ or go to qrc13:10
*** jukkaeklund_ has quit IRC13:10
TheBootrookontio: how does packaging script know where it takes the files to install13:15
ajalkaneAye, someone fixed harbor and I could submit the app13:16
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos13:16
TheBootrooi mean how does it know that '%{_datadir}/icons/hicolor/86x86/apps/%{name}.png' is  <my pro dir>/harbour-<my app name>.png13:16
kontioTheBootroo: in the .yaml file the "Files:" section, defines which files to package to the rpm...13:16
ajalkaneUps... forgot to change the Icon line to what is wanted nowadays. :P13:17
*** stephg has quit IRC13:17
TheBootrooyep i know, but it doesn match local/installed files, only installed ones so how does it match with the local ones ?13:17
kontiook I didn't understand your question... and 2nd part came too late13:17
TheBootrooe.g '%{_bindir}/%{name}' will make it copy the binary or just create a <app name> dir under /usr/bin13:18
TheBootroohow can i know the syntax to respect ?13:18
kontiokaltsi: ^ can you help me out here :-) the question from TheBootroo ^^13:18
kaltsiwhat do you mean match with local ones?13:19
TheBootrookaltsi: i mean how the packaging tool takes the file from the project dir to put it in the right place in the package for it to be installed correclty13:20
w00tTheBootroo: you use INSTALLS in qmake to put things where they need to go13:20
TheBootroohow can it know that '%{_datadir}/icons/hicolor/86x86/apps/%{name}.png' is the icon file and that it's the <my project dir>/harbour-<my app name>.png that it must copy over there ?13:20
kaltsithere's a "buildroot" directory that is considered by 'rpmbuild' to be the root of the target .. the stuff is copied under BUILDROOT/usr/bin/foo etc13:21
*** Pali has joined #sailfishos13:21
TheBootroow00t: no INSTALLS in the template project, and things gets installed correclty, it that sorcery ?13:21
TheBootrookaltsi: so rmpbuild takes everything that is in my project directory to copy in in package ? O.o13:22
w00tTheBootroo: libsailfishapp's prf files set up default installs for you13:22
kaltsiah that way.. no there are some INSTALLS .. where w00t said yes13:22
TheBootroothe SDK is outdated maybe ?13:22
TheBootrooi should make it differently now ?13:23
*** f3an0r has quit IRC13:24
kaltsiwhat's the actual problem you are facing now?13:24
*** niqt has quit IRC13:24
TheBootrookaltsi: i don't know how to setup the yaml file correclty to install binary and icon and desktop where needed13:25
*** piee has quit IRC13:25
TheBootrooi don't want to deploy anything else, cause QML/JS/data are in QRC13:25
ajalkaneTheBootroo: take a look at artem's wikipedia project https://github.com/amarchen/Wikipedia13:26
TheBootrooso what should my YAML and PRO files look like13:26
ajalkaneoh QRC, well there's no example about that13:26
TheBootrooajalkane: basically it means less files to deploy13:26
kaltsiTheBootroo: the yaml file you pasted looks fine to me13:27
TheBootrookaltsi: should remove the qml line if using QRC13:28
TheBootrooat elast13:28
kaltsiif you have nothing to copy from the qml dir then yes13:29
TheBootrookaltsi: so only icon, desktop and binary13:30
TheBootroobut what suprises me is that original yaml didn't have a line for binary13:30
TheBootrookaltsi: so should i remove the one i added13:31
kaltsioriginal as in the template yaml? I think it has /usr/bin13:31
TheBootrookaltsi: yes but it doesn't have the binary filename, only the bin path13:32
TheBootrooso rpmbuild guess by itself ? "oh there is a bin dir so here  i copy the target bin "  ?13:32
kaltsiyep in that case it copies everything it finds under that dir just like with the qml dir.. only the directory is in the yaml13:32
kaltsithe target bin gets installed under /usr/bin so it is (should be) there, otherwise it'll just add the empty /usr/bin directory there13:33
*** Taduro has quit IRC13:33
TheBootrookaltsi: so how could i avoid it copy things i don't need ?13:34
kaltsithe sailfishapp.prf defines INSTALLS += target qml desktop icon .. in principle you could override that definition if you for example want to omit qml13:36
kaltsibut I have to admit, even though this is quite simple Qt .pro file stuff, I'm not very familiar with that part13:36
w00tINSTALLS -= thing_here13:37
*** itbaron has joined #sailfishos13:37
*** ericy has quit IRC13:38
kaltsiw00t: that goes after the CONFIG += sailfishapp line in your own .pro file, right?13:38
veskuhTheBootroo, don't put CONFIG+=sailfishapp. Instead just grab the useful bits from .prf file13:39
TheBootrooveskuh: oh very good idea13:39
artemmaokay, flashlight got rejected (that crash of camera app + working flashlight combination), submitted a fix (disables flashlight whenever you deactivate the app). kontio thanks a lot for advance warning! - otherwise I wouldn't be able to have fix ready by now13:39
veskuhTheBootroo, I just had to do same as I'm porting one app and was wondering why it packed all files insted of the ones I defined.13:39
kontioartemma: :-)13:40
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos13:40
*** fawzi has quit IRC13:41
TheBootrooveskuh: this file is in mkspecs or something like that ?13:41
*** jmlich has quit IRC13:41
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos13:42
artemmaTheBootroo: sailfishapp.prf setup default INSTALLS. You can search for it inside SDK target folders13:43
TheBootrooartemma: ok13:43
artemmaTheBootroo: or you can just copy-paste stuff from my lately approved app - https://github.com/amarchen/Wikipedia :)13:43
*** suy has quit IRC13:44
TheBootrooif i set INSTALLS correclty should i remove files from yaml  ?13:44
artemmaI pretty ignoore sailfishapp (failed to fix it in sdk for unknown reason) and reimplement stuff it's supposed to do manually13:44
artemmaINSTALLS puts your stuff to the build machine13:44
artemma.yaml picks it up from build machine and packages into RPM13:44
artemmaso they should match each other. INSTALLS should put stuff to where .yaml expects it to be13:45
artemmacheck wikipedia's src.pro and .yaml They might be self explanatory enough13:46
*** zhxt has quit IRC13:46
*** suy has joined #sailfishos13:46
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos13:47
TheBootrooany change one day to replace all that stuff with one and only one QBS file ?13:48
TheBootrooi have to admit i rarely use QMake anymore since QBS 1.0 is out13:49
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos13:52
*** xowap has quit IRC13:54
*** Eztran has quit IRC13:54
*** b0bben has quit IRC13:59
TheBootrooi have error on the x86 emulator on deploy : Project ERROR: Could not connect to MerSDK Virtual Machine. Timeout waiting for reply from server.13:59
TheBootroobut it should work as package was built on the Virtual machine so it's up14:00
WntSuper "Congratulations! Your app has been approved by QA" :)14:01
TheBootrookaltsi: ^14:01
kontioWnt: which app?14:01
ajalkaneTheBootroo: just try again, I just got the same error but trying again it worked14:01
kaltsiTheBootroo: what's your host environment?14:02
TheBootrooajalkane: i tried many times, and restarted the vm and emu 2 times each14:02
TheBootrookaltsi: linux ubuntu 32 bni14:02
TheBootroolike my other computer at home, and the other worked14:02
kaltsihmp I've never seen it in ubuntu :p14:02
Wntkontio: Planning poker14:03
TheBootrookaltsi: oh and the package seems installed but no icon14:03
TheBootroojust the name14:03
kaltsiTheBootroo: did you do the deploy as binaries or as rpm?14:03
TheBootrooto see what is inside the rpm generated14:04
kaltsiif you .desktop file has the Icon=appname without the full path then this version of lipstick has a bug that causes it not to always refresh the icons14:04
artemmakontio: could you, please, try https://bitly.com/flashlight15 ? Tester tells reboot problem still happens, but flashlight should be turned off when you deactivate the app :/ So how can you have camera and flashlight working together? Or do I fail to deactivate flashlight on app deactivation?14:05
TheBootrookaltsi: how can i force refresh ?14:05
kaltsiusually emulator restart has helped14:05
TheBootrookaltsi: not here14:05
kaltsibut I guess you have restarted it already14:05
kontioartemma: I tested 15 already...14:06
artemmakontio: how does it crash?14:06
artemmaEven when flashlight is not actually producing light?14:06
kontioartemma: it's now harder to reproduce, but still happens...14:08
artemmaSo flashlight not producing light, but crashes?14:08
kontiospecially when apps are transittioned...14:08
artemmahmm.. there should be just Camera object instantiated and that's it..14:09
kontiolet me try14:09
artemmaah! Got an idea? Does it happen only if you start camera right away after deactivating flashlight?14:09
artemmaThere is a possibility I call unlock only after the light cycle is over (that can be 1.5 sec)14:09
TheBootrookaltsi: seems i can't build RPM for ARM14:10
kontioartemma: I had the flashlight "power button" (the big white in the app) set to off, minimezed the app, then launched cam app, then switched between the apps, after maybe the 2nd time it hit...14:10
TheBootrooVM is locked by Zypper14:10
TheBootroodunno what to do14:10
artemmachecking code..14:10
artemmaso bg button was off, you were just switching between Camera and Flashlight and in several secs it happened?14:11
artemmahmm, that pretty much means I just kept camera stack loaded (as in just created Camera object and that's it). Quite a serious system error then..14:12
kaltsiTheBootroo: usually this does not help, but could you shut the vm's down and restart ubuntu too.. which ubuntu btw?14:12
kaltsiand which virtualbox version14:12
artemmaokay.. maybe I could create an ugly hack and actually destroy Camera object on app deactivation..14:12
TheBootrookaltsi: ubuntu 13.04 32 bit, vbox 4.214:13
TheBootrookaltsi: i got Timeout exceeded when accessing 'http://releases.sailfishos.org/sdk/latest/jolla/armv7hl/repodata/repomd.xml'14:13
kontiofyi: https://harbour.jolla.com/faq (atm you can just see it if logged in...) I hope that clarifies some stuff... if you have any ideas how to improve or what to add, please drop us a note at developer-care@jolla.com...14:13
TheBootrooafter minutes14:13
TheBootrookaltsi: i think it may come from the corporate proxy14:14
kaltsiwhere did you get that from?14:14
TheBootroohow to configure it inside vbox ?14:14
TheBootrookaltsi: in QtC messages14:14
kaltsido you have a proxy that needs to be set.. we don't support that :(14:14
kaltsiit's not tested at all.. there's a ton of places where it should be set though14:14
*** ericy has quit IRC14:15
TheBootrooso i'll to wait tonight before i'm able to compile the new version14:15
kaltsiit needs to be configured in the emulator for users root and nemo.. and in the build engine it should be configured inside the scratchbox2 targets14:15
TheBootrooand how can i force refresh the lipstick cache for icons ?14:15
kaltsirestarting it, if it doesn't work then it is a bug.. is your icon a png btw? do you get the default template app icon?14:16
TheBootrookaltsi: my icon is png, 86x86, and i have no icon at all in launcher only text14:17
TheBootrookaltsi: i'll try settings my proxy in maintenance tool and check for updates14:19
kaltsiTheBootroo: that won't work14:19
jukkaeklund___artemma, thanks for the wikipedia example got my app uploaded now finally14:19
TheBootrookaltsi: yes it works, downloading SF emu update14:19
kaltsiTheBootroo: that proxy setting is only for the update tool14:19
artemmajukkaeklund___: you are welcome. What was your app issue?14:20
TheBootrooseems there was an update to do before being able to use 86x86 icon14:20
kaltsithe only update for the emulator is that it tries to do a "zypper refresh" when you start it up :) if you have installed the "1310" installer14:20
TheBootrookaltsi: yes i have issue about zypper being blocking the VM14:20
kaltsithat's probably because it wants the proxy setting14:21
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos14:21
TheBootrooand has i can't connect to internet it blocks for Infinite time14:21
kaltsiit tries to refresh the repository metadata14:21
jukkaeklund___artemma, just the same stuff with icon size and naming conventions14:22
* TheBootroo is compiling/deploying on new emulator14:22
TheBootroostill error Project ERROR: Could not connect to MerSDK Virtual Machine. Timeout waiting for reply from server.14:22
kontiowho is doing harbour-mtgcounter-0.2-1.armv7hl2.rpm ?14:23
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos14:26
kaltsiTheBootroo: sorry, all I can say is that if you are behind a proxy, that scenario is reported to fail, but it's not been tested at all so I don't have first hand experience from the expected problems/failures14:27
kaltsiand the icon not showing up is a known bug in lipstick that should be fixable for you by adding the full icon path in the .desktop file as in the current sdk template project.. but that is not what we ultimately want and the next sdk update will work better in this regard14:28
ajalkaneyay! Got my first rejection! Luckily quite fast process14:28
*** jukkaeklund___ has quit IRC14:29
kaltsiajalkane: yay :)14:29
aard_ajalkane: seems to be easy to make you happy :p14:29
TheBootrookaltsi: can you test packaging my app on you side to check it works without proxy ?14:29
ajalkaneI'm easily amused14:30
TheBootrooi can send you the project in PM14:30
TheBootrooajalkane: i'm better than you : 2 rejections in less than 24h !!14:30
kaltsiTheBootroo: what would you like to test about it?14:32
TheBootrookaltsi: check if rpm for arm are built correclty and install the icon on the device as wanted14:32
TheBootrooi don't have arm device and can't even build arm package atm14:32
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos14:32
ajalkaneargh... so did I have to edit some sailfish.prf file in the SDK to test 86x86 icon path?14:34
*** amccarthy_ has quit IRC14:35
*** amccarthy has joined #sailfishos14:36
*** Shaan7 has joined #sailfishos14:38
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos14:42
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos14:47
*** ericy has quit IRC14:54
KhertanAtworkTheBootroo, better than you ... rejected because i use python !15:02
aard_KhertanAtwork: will come at some point, but right now we can't support it15:03
KhertanAtworkaard_, yeah yeah i know ... i don't blame for that15:03
KhertanAtworkjust joking15:03
KhertanAtworknot in hurry ... so during this time ... i play implementing python import from qrc in pyotherside15:04
aard_imo it's better to be careful about what we let in now, than in a month tell develpers that they quickly need to update, or we'll have to delete it :)15:04
KhertanAtworkaard_, i agree15:04
KhertanAtworkaard_, i ll wait until i got a device to test my apps ... too bad most of the code is ready and working in emulator since a long time ...15:05
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ajalkaneYay, approved :)15:45
locusfme too, 3 apps approved :)15:45
*** Xruxa has quit IRC15:50
*** roric has quit IRC15:57
*** roric has joined #sailfishos15:57
ajalkanehehe that's good. I'll settle for one, it's nice to have something for the launch even if it's just something silly15:58
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AzelphurHey folks, trying to figure out what's going on with sailfish itself, is the source code available? Is it built to run on any devices yet?16:12
KhertanAtworkajalkane, locusf ... grrrr ..... they  didn't accept apps linked to python yet ... and still haven't receiv email to bought device16:14
KhertanAtworkpfff that s not a good day16:14
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos16:15
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*** ahiemstra has joined #sailfishos16:26
artemmakontio: can you try http://bit.ly/flashlight16 ?16:27
artemmaOr anybody else with a real device16:27
kontioartemma: sure16:27
artemmaNow I destroy Camera object on app deactivation and recreate it back on activation16:27
artemmahopefully not loosing the connections on the way :)16:27
artemmaso there's small chance light won't be happening anymore16:28
*** Taduro has joined #sailfishos16:29
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stephgAzelphur, the core of sailfish is entirely open (see merproject.org)16:33
stephgwhat's called the hardware adaptation (low-level drivers, and also the UX) are currently not16:34
Azelphuryea, I just figured that out, seems there's an open source UX for it anyway16:35
Azelphurso I'll just go that way :)16:35
Morpog_PCAzelphur, then #nemomobile is the channel you are looking for ;)16:36
kontioartemma: this seems so far ok, it didn't crash yet, and I did to do the same stuff I did before which crashed it for sure... but yes also in a dark room the flash light does not stay steady, so it blinks in irregular intervals   (but you could advertise that as a battery spare feature ;-))...16:36
AzelphurMorpog_PC: yea, I got directed there from #sailfish, sounds promising :)16:37
artemmakontio: are you trying to say that flash started behaving worse now (less light?)16:37
artemmakontio: or was it the same a before?16:37
artemmaas* before?16:37
kontioi'd say it's less stable than before16:37
artemmaonly when you switch between cam and flashlight?16:37
kontiow/o really measuring it :-)16:37
artemmaor also if you start flashlight and stay in it?16:38
*** nwoki_away has joined #sailfishos16:38
artemmawhen you stay in it, there should be no change16:38
kontioalso when starting16:38
*** Azelphur has left #sailfishos16:38
*** nwoki has quit IRC16:38
kontiono when I enable with the big white button... and just keep it... it blinks16:38
kontioit did that before, depending on the light16:39
artemmaokay, that is probably same as before.. me thinks16:39
kontiobut I think it does more than before16:39
kontiomy impression16:39
artemmathanks a lot, I'll do the harbour build then now16:39
kontiomight be16:39
*** twobob has joined #sailfishos16:39
artemmaI sure will tune the values when I get actual device to hands16:39
artemmaor possibly real torch api will be supported earlier16:39
artemmakontio: BTW, you can now add info to your crash report16:40
kontiook Store QA quys are already OoO... but queue is short curently...16:40
artemmaapparently it's enough to keep Camera in searchAndLock mode and the bug is fully fixed if we destroy Camera object. Just calling unlock() is not enough16:41
*** jmlich has quit IRC16:41
kontiook will add that to it16:41
artemmathanks a lot, kontio16:42
artemmawe'll see how it goes16:42
kontiosure u'r welcome :-) yes16:43
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TheBootroo_kaltsi: i'm home17:21
*** krabador has quit IRC17:21
TheBootroo_kaltsi: i've packaged my CityBike'me app for ARM and resubmited for QA17:22
TheBootroo_awaiting approval now17:22
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos17:23
TheBootroo_kontio: can you review my app now ?17:24
TheBootroo_i've fixed all the issues that were notified17:24
*** lbt has quit IRC17:26
dm8tbrTheBootroo_: kontio is not the person reviewing the app. it will go through the queue now. He only helped out by giving people direct feedback.17:27
TheBootroo_dm8tbr: hum ok17:28
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szopindoes the emulator have all qt libraries in place, getting libQtDeclarative.so not found17:41
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos17:46
dm8tbrare you trying to run some old qt4.x / qml1 stuff?17:46
*** szopin has quit IRC17:47
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* w00t sees Bluewhale by locusf19:45
faenillocusf, run, ruuuuuuuuuuuun19:48
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qwazixis there a way to disable the vkb on a certain textField? Setting inputMethodHints to None doesn't do the trick20:42
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aknightqwazix: is enabled: false an ok approach?20:45
qwazixehm, not really20:45
qwazixI am trying to create a calculator, with custom keyboard20:45
qwazixbut I still want all the other functions in the field to work20:45
qwazix(IIRC setting inputMethodHints to none in BB10 did the trick)20:46
qwazixmaybe a way to hide the keyboard on focus?20:46
aknighti'd agree that there should be an IMH for that... but preventing focus is probably the best option to try20:48
aknightin other words, ignoring the QFocus event20:48
qwazixbut then I reckon I won't be able to navigate the cursor in it20:50
qwazixvia my custom buttons20:50
qwazixanyway, I'd still need to hide/show keyboard on demand (for advanced formula entry) if you know something about that20:51
aknightqwazix: i don't know about the cursor as I haven't tried it. but you could do enabled: false and make a fake cursor which you place with positionToRectangle()20:52
aknightqwazix: Qt.inputMethod.visible20:52
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:53
qwazixinteresting approach. I'll see. Maybe another trick is to create a real vkb layout and load it on the fly with my buttons, and get all keyboard functionality for free20:53
qwazix:nod: re: Qt.inputMethod20:53
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